I wanted something simple; easy to work; east to read; easy easy easy. Now i have to go and use it everyday.

Bought for my wife, who has tried others, clip-on and wrist band. This is the only one that worked for her.

After initial setup (well documented in instructions), you don’t need to touch a button. It resets the daily step counter at midnight each day automatically.

I did have some of the same issues mentioned in the negative reviews and, when i dropped it, the wiring disconnected and it no longer worked. However, customer service was very accommodating and immediately replaced it. For the price, it suited my needs and was much easier than carrying around my cell phone with a pedometer app.

I bought one for myself and one for my girlfriend. I read the other reviews, but found it was not hard to program at all. You need only to follow the directions. Granted the type on the face is tiny, but once you know what you are looking at, it is easy to navigate and set up. Not fancy, doesn’t connect to your computer, but does a good job of what it is supposed to do – count your steps and provide calories burned, walking time, etc.

It’s definitely a good product and it does everything that i need it to do. I’m very happy with it, although the instructions are a little complicated. Other than that it’s a decent product and i recommend it. I just personally believe it should be a little bit cheaper. But again, it’s a great product.

Perfect for my needs in tracking my step activity for the day and calories burned and miles walked. Large clear numerals makes it easy to read without squinting. Could use backlighting making it easier for reading in dimmer lighting conditions but that’s a minor thing. Easy to program and, being low profile, takes up almost no space on ones belt if they choose to clip it there. Also like that it calculates total steps taken in a months time.

It resets itself too easily, wearing it on my waistband driving, the seatbelt caused it to reset. Not being the brightest bulb in the box, it took a couple of these mishaps before i realized the culprit, so i take it off when i get in the car, but then i often forget to put it back on. Other than that, i like it alright.

  • Great little device for the price
  • Great after initial setup
  • Recommended unit if you do not have the latest smartphone.

3DActive 3D Pedometer PDA-100| Best Pedometer for Walking with 30-Days Memory. Accurate Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Distance Miles/Km & Daily Target Monitor.

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ACCURATE FITNESS TRACKER – Records Daily Steps (Walking and Running), Distance Travelled (Miles/Km), Calories Burned and Activity Duration. With a Silent 3D Motion Sensor, Steps are Counted Accurately.
  • EASY TO OPERATE – Large Dual Easy-To-Read Screen, can be Clearly Read – perfect for Adults & the Elderly. Can be Clipped to Waist or Pocket or just Drop it in your Pocket or Bag for Comfort.
  • 30-DAYS MEMORY – Records 30 Days of Daily Activity, keeping you Motivated to Stay Active. Automatically Resets at Midnight, Ready to Track your Everyday Steps, Distance, Calories and Duration
  • BATTERY INCLUDED – Automatically puts the Sensor to Sleep to Preserve Battery Life when no Movement is Detected. The CR2032 Battery should last up to 1 year
  • HIGHLY ACCURATE. Works Vertically or Horizontally. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Perfect size, very easy to set up, great readout for aging eyes and comfortable to wear. I rank this as one of the best buys i have made from amazon.

A small, useful gadget that sits clips securely on my belt, is unobtrusive and gives me the information i require. The set-up was relatively simple, but it took a little time to work out how to edit the information (i wanted to alter my initial daily step target), but in the end i was able to figure it out. I like that it resets every day at midnight and offers the time on the normal display. All in all, i am delighted with the unit and recommend it to anyone with no sophisticated smart phone (like me) who needs to know how the exercise regime is progressing.

Good unit with 30 day memory. The clip is difficult which is why i gave it 4 stars. We put a lynard on it and my wife wears it around her neck – works perfectly.

The pedometer worked great and the customer service is stellar. Due to a mistake i made (it got wet), and nothing wrong with the device, it stopped working. The customer support person was so helpful giving suggestions, then, when it still would not work, they send me a new one. Again, this was user error, not a problem with the pedometer, but they still replaced it.

It has everything i need and easy set up. Would recommend for anyone just wanting the basics on step counting and calorie counting tracker.

I bought this product and returned it due to my impatience setting it up. I repurchased a simpler 3d step counter only and will be reviewing it shortly after use. I’m very impressed with 3ds customer service and willingness to please. Highly recommend buying from this company.

This device helps me to measure in miles as well as steps. I find i am exercising more because i can track what i am doing and improve where i am slack. Great device and recommend it to all people who have a desire to walk and improve their quality of life.

I have been using the 3d active pedometer for about two weeks. Apart from one question regarding resetting, it has worked very well, and is the first such device i have used that seems to actually be accurate and reliable. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a non-wireless, straightforward pedometer. All modes function as advertised. The level of available customer support (email, videos, printed instructions, etc) for this inexpensive device is very impressive. The setup clarification i needed was answered promptly via email by customer service.

This is a great product and does a wonderful job of tracking steps, calories, time and miles. I think it is more practical for those of us who cannot afford a fitbit. It keeps 30 days worth of information, which can be manually entered to any tracking system.

Read the instructions, watch the videos and take off. Really like how unobtrusive they are (though the cat likes to hit the reset button occasionally). We have found them to be very accurate. Can’t wait to see what they show us at the end of the first 30 days.

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Pedometer has great options. Daily steps are automatically zeroed out over night along with the other accumulators. The unit can be reset to all zeros if you want to but it states that all numbers will revert to zero at the end of the month/start of the new month. I just put it in my pocket to record daily activity. It does have a clip on the back you can clip to your belt/pocket/collar etc.

Clear instructions, works simply. One that i had bought previously from a different supplier wound up in the trash. Best of all (it was a surprise to me, didn’t read the description very well) i receive two. Now my wife and i are in competition to see who gets the most steps.

At first i found the setup a bit confusing, but it took maybe 15 minutes to get it right. The seller helpfully emails a pdf of the instructions, so don’t worry if you lose the little booklet. I am using a weight loss program that has daily step goals, but didn’t own a fitness tracker and didn’t necessarily want to carry my phone all the time, especially @ work, to track my steps. With a shirt and pants, i clip to my pants, with a dress i clip to my bra or a pocket and it’s either totally concealed or very hard to notice. Once i calibrated this right (stride length of 30′ for my 5’3′ but leggyish self), it was way more accurate than my phone and it definitely motivates me to get my steps in because i can’t tell myself the phone must have missed a few steps so i totally did walk enough, right?.

I needed a pedometer without bluetooth but wanted memory and customizable capability. This pedometer does it perfectly. It is quite accurate, the display is large enough to read, and the setup isn’t difficult. Be sure to read the setup instructions prior to doing it, it’s much easier that way. It’s not too big or bulky, the built in clip is of good quality. I did buy a leash to keep it attached if the clip fails but it doesn’t seem to need it. I compared it with my older, simple pedometer and the step count was quite consistent. It’s a very nice pedometer for the price.

A bit hard to program as if delay a bit have start over. Took my senior mom an hour to do it over & over. More reliable than s fitbit for those just wanting strps/distance.

I purchased the 3dactive pedometer a couple years ago and have been happy with it. My son wanted one also for hiking, and i couldn’t find it anymore on amazon. I ordered another one, but there were problems with it. Bought a couple more with the same results. Finally, i googled the 3dactive pedometer and found it listed on amazon. My son is also happy with it. I highly recommend this product.

Works well after you get it set up. The setup is tedious and it’s easy to make a mistake. Requires user to enter some personal info. Distance measure depends on stride length.

Without her light hearted friendly calm professional attitude, i would have crushed this thing with my bare hands. I read the handout, watched the video. Deirdra i sincerely hope your company is aware of how valuable you are. After my 1 hour of trying to program, i was about to go full blast on amazon and facebook. You turnef my experience around. However, the product is not all it is built up to be. Need magnifying glass to program. Ive taken the battery out and reverted to my cheap jenny craig product.

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Well this only lasted a few days past the return date. Received aug 30th it is now oct 12th and it’s dead. Tried replacing the battery it wasn’t the battery. Tried to reset, no response at all. I should have gotten something better you live and you learn. . I have revised this review based on the fact that the manufacturer contacted me and stated that they would gladly replace the item. Customer service is hard to get so i am revising the rating to a 4 based on their desire to help me. Hopefully they will actually replace the item with a working item.

I received my 3dactive 3d pedometer pda-100 promptly and set it up easily. I’ve used it daily ever since. After tweaking my stride length a few times, i now have it calibrated perfectly. In a measured 2 mile walk the pedometer showed 2. Nicei am enjoying its small size and firm clip. Thanks for offering a convenient, accurate, and reasonably priced device. It’s a true bargain(it probably needs a shorter name though.

Its the best pedometer i have used. I have keep track of my steps for years i play a lot of golf and it helps me track a much i walk when playing. I use every day, it has turned into to a habit and helps me stay on track.

Built in belt clip is very secure. Would rate higher but it is way too easy to reset the daily step count by accident if you lean against it for a period, happens to me frequently. Even so, bought another one after i damaged the first one i had. Followup: was contacted by customer support. They suggested the 3dtrisport model which i have been using for about 10 days without a single reset. About twice the size but buttons are more recessed than 3dactive. Seems just as accurate, and has a separate belt clip which allows the pedometer to be positioned with the reset button in a more protected position.

None of the difficulties noted in other reviews. Registers in the house, in sock feet. My iphone pedometer won’t register well if i’m barefoot or in socks. Also, iphones have a battery unsuited to walking in below-freezing temperatures. The phone’s circuitry shuts it down if you fire up that illuminated screen to check steps and it won’t restart for 5 minutes. This pedometer uses a button cell. Button cells are good for 20 below to 140 above. And the non-illuminated screen conserves charge as well.

I was really pleased with the ease of setting this up. The bonus was that it calculates miles gone and calories burned, and keeps a history of your prior days’ steps. I didn’t expect any of that.

This pedometer started going blank two months after we got it. The customer service rep was outstanding and told me it was a rare problem and that there was an 18 month warranty on the unit. She immediately offered me a replacement or a refund. Maybe i just got a defective one. Their customer service is very good.

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