Lanyard not great and the case is a little cheesey but i am satisfied and i would buy this again.

Just the right size to slip in your purse so you can take it on trips,or wear it around your neck while exercising.

I like the cover on it and it is easy to use.

This is a very good pulse ox, i have tested it with multiple hospital equipment and the numbers are identical it terms of accuracy. I work in ems and use it almost everyday multiple times a day. Have never had any issues using it. The pouch they give you fits on a regular 5’11 belt perfectly the smaller sized ones. The pouch is very protective and high build quality but the velcro that closes it is trash and i’ll probably need to change it soon. My only gripe about it is that the case that it comes with is straight garbage. It falls off all the time looks very unprofessional i’ve been called out on it by patients multiple asking if my equipment is in working conditions lol. Accumed make a better fitting case, other than that this is a five star pulse ox for sure.

So far its been working great.

We use the pulse oximeter occasionally and along with the compact size, the unit is easy to use. Comes with lanyard, and bumper cover for protection. This unit takes fast and accurate readings. We’re very happy with the purchase.

Great for work in the clinics.

Comments from buyers

“Great value!!!!
, Gets the job done, everytime.
, Doesn’t Work OH YES IT DOES!!!

Purchased for my daughter, who is in nursing school, as a christmas gift. It has the ‘little extras’ that several other models didn’t (but you pay for it of course). She’s pleased so i’m pleased–and glad that the turnaround time (i. , ordering-to-receiving) was fairly quick too.

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This pulse ox is working well and cute.

But i just got it yesterday and i tried it on my own fingers and it didn’t work well. I am going to take it to work and try it. If it doesn’t work then i will return it.

Like the fact you can get it in various colors (makes it easier to identify mine from my coworkers’), the long neck cord, and the cloth carry case. Oh and the fact that it came with its own batteries. The rubber/plastic cover however has a lot to be desired. It didn’t really quite fit right on mine and made it harder to use, so i just leave it off. It was simple to put the batteries in, it’s easy to use, and i love the fact that you can just easily switch out the batteries when they die and that they are simple aaa batteries that you can get anywhere.

The plastic covering keeps falling off the meter. It is difficult to look at one’s own stats. Not sure how accurate it is.

Love having this to keep an eye on my 02.

Operator error installing batteries but it works great now. I use this daily since a bout of pneumonia landed me in the hospital. Had no idea how important my oxygen level is until then. It’s a very valuable medical tool and i plan to buy another one.

This pulse ox is perfect for me. I use it at work multiple times a day as i get vital signs for the doctor.

It will help me on my new job.

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A friend told me a person with asthma should have this around or.

Works great nice to have one handy.

Good price and just what i needed to keep track of my grandfathers o2. Only complaint is the silicone cover is useless.

My daughter has heart problems so i needed one of these that could travel so we could check her any where.

When i started using oxygen i was told to get this because you will be using it often.

My husband is fighting cacer in his mouth and has had pneumonia a couple of times so i need to know his oxygen level is. And it works fast and is correct. We tested it with the one his nurse has and it works great. In fact his nurse is going to buy one hers r lf. So th a nk you for making a great product at a good price.

I need this to check on my oxygen levels, since i have copd and it is imperative to breathe in the oxygen and not fall from the 90’s.

The reading displayed quickly even with patients who typically have more difficult time due to cold hands and have decreased circulation. Most of my patients were able to read the display. I prefer the display to face the patient when hand is out flat verses the clinician to increase independence with self monitoring o2 saturation and hr. I like the sleeve, strap, and carrying case as well as the variety of colors.

The pulse oximeter works well. It gives the results quickly and seems accurate (at least the pulse monitoring is correct). The covering is a good idea to keep the unit clean. Previous oximeter from a different company did not have that. This fits our personal needs quite well.

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It provides me with the information i need to keep track of.

Very slow to give the o2 rate.

The oximeter meter works great sure helps when i need a break from the oxygen for awhile when it says i’m doing ok with 90 or more percent.

The only thing is the pink silicone jacket keeps falling off of one side of it, and it makes it cumbersome. As far as accuracy, i can not comment on, but it seems i’m pumping enough oxygen to my cells or blood.

Easy to use, great for my copd needs.

I’ve used this for a couple months now, it works great.

It works just as it should and i of course love the pink. I’m a medical assistant and all of the patients comment on it when i am doing their vitals.

Just a little slower to read than the more expensive ones, but works better without the silicone cover.

I bought this for my mother as she is a newly diagnosed with copd. She uses it to monitor and ensure she does not need to use oxygen. This is a great product for the value. The company has great customer service as they have followed up with me to ensure the product was received and how we liked it. I would suggest this company and product to all.

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