This is a high quality medical instrument. I purchased this for a friend going through clinical rotations. His feedback was extremely positive. The various modes made it easy to determine oxygen and pulse quickly, especially for his pediatric patients. The case and carry strap made it easy to keep in a lab coat or pocket. Display was easy to read and customize depending upon the mode needed.

This does exactly what i needed it to do. It reads accurate (same as doctor’s office). It comes in a nice protective pouch and is easy to use.

For medical reasons i need to monitor my oxygen saturation levels. They vary widely during my physical therapy sessions, and at other times as well, so i need to be on top of the data in case i need an emergency inhalant to aid in my breathing. (tmi?) i took this to a physical therapy session to calibrate my oximeter with theirs. So i’m relieved to find that this one is accurate.

I’ve been wanting a pulse oximeter for awhile to keep track of my pulse because it runs high and i take pills to control it. This one is really nice and has different viewing angles and nice graphs also. Reading come up pretty quick and are accurate.

Although the display will orient according to the angle of the unit, it’s still rather difficult to read. Ideally the display should be vertical (reading in line with finger). Pulse rate graph is a nice gimmick but the average rate number displayed is best. For the price, it works, and so it’s a keeper.

This product was very easy to setup and use. My husband has emphysema and is often out of breath. With this meter we know whether he is truly short of oxygen or just tired and out of breath. It lets us know whether to head for the hospital or just have him do a breathing treatment at home.

The pulse oximeter arrived in excellent condition, properly packed for shipment.

This product arrived in very good condition and on time. Prior to seeing a heart doctor, i had heart rate issues. Prescription from doctor fixed that problem. I use the meter to check the accuracy of some machines in the gym i go to use daily. This little gem is quite useful.

  • Easy to use and carry!
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Perfect for home use

AccuMed Pulse Oximeter, Sp02 Finger Blood Pulse Oxygen Monitor, w/Carrying case, Lanyard Silicon Case & Battery CMS-50D (Blue)

  • ACCURATE OXYGEN SATURATION AND PULSE RATE READINGS IN ONE DEVICE: The Pulse Oximeter fits all finger sizes from kids above four years old to adults as it measures the level of oxygen in the blood and reads the pulse rate in just eight to ten seconds. It is crucial to use the device in a stationary position and not while in motion for precise readings.
  • FAST & CONVENIENT READINGS: SpO2 and Pulse Rate are graphed on the bright LED display. The LED display cover prevents ambient light washout, making readings crisp and clear. Average time for a reading is 8~10 seconds.
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Equipped with two AAA batteries, the oximeter automatically powers off when not in use and delivers up to 24 continuous hours of battery life.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing only 50 grams, every AccuMed oximeter comes in a convenient travel case that protects it from scratches when carried on its own or inside your gym bag or backpack. Attach the included lanyard to the case or directly to the oximeter for easy reach anytime.
  • DESIGNED FOR HOME USE, EXERCISE OR TRAVEL: While the AccuMed Pulse Oximeter is handy for detecting vital signs, it is not intended for medical use but rather for situations where you need to know your oxygen level before and after your workout or sports such as running, hiking or cycling, or while traveling in an aircraft.
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Easy to use and i like the bright led readout. Big numbers and i like the option to add heartbeat wave graph or not. You see your o2 % and beats per minute. I have piece of mind and more control of my personal health with this meter.

The displayed reading seems very finicky and variable. It is quite sensitive to which finger is inserted. If yo leave your finger in for a while, the reading changes.

I use this on my mom who has advanced alzheimer’s and hospice comes out to see her. I always compare my equipment with there equipment so i know if i’m keeping accurate vital signs. This is accurate the nurse and the pt both loved mine over the one they had and asked me where i bought mine you bet i told them.

Was comparable to the one in the doctor’s office. The changing of the screen readability/rotation is a bit irritating though. Never did figure out how to keep the display in a consistent direction.

I like that it is easy to read and lightweight. However the instructions for inserting the batteries were wrong. So it took me a while to realize that. I was going to return it because i thought it was not working.

I was looking for an affordable pulse oximeter for my mother that was easy to use, good on a budget, and could fit in her pocket. The accumed covered all of those points. The company seems to have quite a few models out there with good reviews so i picked up what looks to be the latest one. With how expensive they used to be for personal use she was a bit skeptical but double checked the results when at her doctor’s and is now pretty happy to have this on hand.

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This little gadget works great. I bought it for my grandma to keep track of her o2 levels after a hospital stay. They had to use an ear monitor for her in the hospital, because the finger one wouldn’t pick up. This one picked up on the first try and told us everything.I tried it on myself to make sure it wasn’t just coming on to come on, and my levels were different from hers.

I really like this pulse oximeter. It has a great grip and is comfortable. I have it for working as a cna and nursing student and it is very versatile that it works for both. I’m just sad that my case is missing.

Very handy with pulse and oxygen levels, results in seconds.

Product arrived on schedule and is as advertised.

Arrived on time and works perfectly, according to home nurse who checked it out along with her own. Have had no problems at all, except to remind my wife to use the darn thing.

The unit itself is incredibly reliable, and i tend to believe it more than the main units that i bought it to supplement. It’s basically foolproof, and i months later i’m still using the original batteries. The only complaint i have is that the acrylic screen cracked when a patient flapped his arms and hit something solid, but that’s beyond the scope of this piece, and to be honest it still functions fine afterwards with its new battle scar. That being said, i gave up on the silicone case. It was too sticky for either my pockets or the pouch, and after a few weeks it had stretched out, and would no longer stay on the pulse ox. Fortunately i consider that more of an extra than a vital component. I rarely use the pouch anymore either, but that’s due to preference. The pouch and the lanyard both work well should i decide to use them.

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I’ve had this little pulse ox for nearly a year and love it. It’s a steady little worker, so easy to operate and interpret that my small children use it with ease regularly. As something to add to the medicine cabinet for those inevitable sick days, this value can’t be beat. When using with very small fingers or children, use their thumb or middle finger to get a more accurate reading.

I was skeptical at the price, so after i received it i took it to the clinic where they test me every month. This unit had zero deviation on readings and either led or lagged the expensive monitor by about 1 second at worst. The nurse was amazed at the price and we tried to make it mess up by changing breathing and we couldn’t trip it up.

Although the prime reason for purchasing this device as passed after only limited use i can say that it appears top notch.

I would also recommend it to others. The product arrived in a timely fashion and in excellent condition.

It’s just as accurate as the professional meter at the doctor’s office. It includes a soft silicon cover for added protection. It has a rotating display like a smart phone. The colors can be read in sunlight.

Very impressive product with several unexpected great features. It works very well and we are completely pleased.

It was a gift for someone who needed to monitor their blood oxygen, and they are very pleased with it.

I wrote earlier that it was hard to change screens but if you tilt the screen towards you it shows the heart rhythm screen. I wrote before that you had to put your finger in and out several times until you got that screen i was wrong. Not a bad device for the price.

I bought this for my mother who needs to check her oxygen level and heart rate a few times a day. She was able to read the numbers clearly and she likes that it turns on and off automatically.

There is nothing did not like about this pulse oximeter. The display was large, clear, and rotatable. I would recommend this for anyone in the market for an oximeter. I may purchase this in the future for gifts.

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