I like this product, it works well and with the clip it stays put. I’ve bought several for friends there so good.

This is pretty large which is ok if you don’t have a ‘muffin top’ and/or pouchy stomach. But because it is large, it clips on easily and the numbers are easy to read.

One of the first pedometer that actually counts my mincing steps. Even on days when my knee pain is awful this little pedometer seems accurate within 3-4 steps which is the best i have ever had. It doesn’t need elaborate setup or charging cables. Just clear the steps to zero and start walking.

It seems even to count steps when i walk in place. The count isn’t exact, and i haven’t done an exhaustive test of the counting accuracy, but it’s pretty close and enough to give me a good idea. The clip is sturdy and secure, but i like that it has the attached small leash with a metal clip to attach to a pocket for added security in case the main pedometer clip were to work itself loose with movement or with my just not attaching it properly in the first place.

Simple easy to use, my 90 year old mom can use it no guess work.

Have been using it for several months with no complications. I even wore it into the pool and it continues to count accurately 8 months later. I like how simple it is without all the added stuff that isn’t accurate. Will continue purchasing this product.

ACCUSPLIT AX2710 Accelerometer Pedometer-Steps only

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Counts up to 100,000 Steps
  • Accurate at any tilt
  • Over 1 year battery power-an unheard of feature in pedometers with accelerometer sensors
  • Certified Accurate for Research
  • 5 Year Limited Dual Warranty (No Proof Of and Proof of Purchase)

Use it to track my activity, measured by walking steps. The pedometer works very well including being quite accurate.

Pedometer seems very accurate. I would have preferred one that had memory so i would not have to reset every day. Settled on this particular model because could not find one with that desired feature and because i am familiar with the accuracy of accusplit.

It is stopping and resetting by it self.

I believe it accurately clocks my steps, and i love the attached clip that i can attach it to my pants and not worry about the pedometer falling out of my pant pocket into the toilet or elsewhere. It’s wonderful and such a great incentive to increase my steps every day.

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This worked fine for a work group i joined – we were trying to hike up the pacific coast trail in virtual fashion. This pedometer was plenty good enough; i entered my steps manually on a website.

Seems to be highly accurate and is the best one i’ve tried yet , and i’m 62 years young.

Slim design, rugged case, and reliable accuracy, make this user-friendly pedometer perfect for everyday fitness monitoring.

The best pedometer for steps-only that i’ve ever encountered. I am able to use it from the time i dress in the morning until i sleep at night. My only regret is that it’s not waterproof. Then i’d never have to remove it whenever i take a shower.I have banged it on a daily basis against the kitchen sink and the sucker keeps on working. I have dropped it numerous times on the floor (accidently of course) and the sucker just keeps on working. I bought another one in case i misplace or lose the first one. If you don’t have a tether for it, get one. This little gem is too great not to use on a daily basis. I’m a retired baby boomer dinosaur and this is so easy to use.

This was just what i wanted. I was only interested in counting steps, not heart rate or anything else. I also like the safety leash and would not have ordered a different one if i knew it came with it. I know this pedometer is durable because the one i had came off (didn’t have the safety leash) and i couldn’t find it. After a few weeks i did find it in the yard after several days of rain. It had a lot of dirt on it but it was still working.

This has even gone through the washer and still worked. Low price for a simple pedometer.

My mother is actually the one who uses this pedometer. She had the same model for a several years, but it got damaged or lost. She liked the ease and accuracy of hers, so she wanted to replace it with the same model. She didn’t want to upgrade to a newer kind that had a bunch of functions not necessary to her lifestyle. Amazon was the only place she could find this one.

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ACCUSPLIT AX2710 Accelerometer Pedometer-Steps only : This was a replacement for one that i had received from whi (women’s health initiative ), so i knew what i was getting. This also replaced the efoshm fitness band which i returned. This product is compact, easy to use and read and does just what it’s supposed to do: count steps. I wish it had a cord that was adjustable to wear around neck or wrist , since my first one was lost having fallen out of my pocket. I don’t recommend wearing in a pocket, as i also forgot about it and it ended up in the wash. I retrieved it in time to soak in a bowl of rice and return to its working self.

In a previous review i did on the omron tri-axis hj-324u, i stated how it was good only for scheduled straight out walking and not for your daily steps. This ax2710 is much more accurate in your day to day steps. I spent the last two days chipping mother nature’s last two ice storms here in central pa along with shoveling away these very heavy loads – plus i spent several hours running my snow blower and shoveling the past 18′ of snow/ice layered in our alley and this ax2710 appears to have recorded about 85 to 90% of the steps (as compared to my iphone pedometer app). In my recent review on the hj-324u, it only recorded a fraction of the actual steps i took. As i said in that review, i want credit for the much higher cardio steps i am taking while shoveling heavy snow. The ax2710 is not perfect, and i doubt any pedometer/accelerometer can be, but it’s at least getting closer. I find wearing it on my belt using the built in belt clip works best for actual scheduled walking and hanging it from my neck with a lanyard works fairly well with daily walking while you are about doing your chores.

I have tested it walking around the house, at work, up and down stairs and on the treadmill. I counted steps while doing all of this at different speeds and it was accurate plus or minus a couple. No need for anything more than this basic step counter.

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I use it everyday if possible. After only 6 days – combined with dr.

I am delighted with my accusplit step counter. I have compared it with my previous accusplit as to accuracy (number of steps permeasured mile), and it is very close. The new thinner package is better for me, but it seems to have a smaller clip opening which makesme wonder if it will eventually break–like my older unit. At this point, i am very pleased.

This pedometer is very sensitive and counts every step. It came with a battery, pedometer leash clip, instructions, and is easy to use.

There is no setting or resetting. It is one button to zero it out. It is very accurate at least for my stride. I would recommend it to my friends.

This is the third pedometer i have bought from amazon recently. The first two were shipped back because they were defective (i could not even get them activated). Was about to give up on finding a pedometer but decided to give it one more try. And amazingly, this model works right out of the box.No annoying setup instructions to follow. Push one button and you’re golden.

For the money, this is an excellent pedometer. If all you want to do is count steps, this is an accurate counter. I check it periodically, and it is always very close or right on to my steps. Full disclosure: this is the second one i have purchased. The first one i purchased about 18 months ago, and it still works. I was always careful with the plastic clips on the back until last week, when i was in a hurry and attempted to fit them over a thick belt (normally, i hook them over the top of my pants or on one of those tiny pockets on jeans or tactical 501s. In either position, the pedometer still is accurate). The clips cracked, so i immediately ordered another ax2710. I have been placing the pedometer inside those little pockets i just talked about, and it still has been working, so i plan on leaving it at work for those days i forget to attach the pedometer before leaving the house. The picture you see talks about a five-year warranty, but cautions you to save your receipt.

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