Wanted a simple stop watch to take to sport car racing events and found this watch on amazon. Was surprised the same watches in different colors have different prices. Bought the red watch since i liked the color and also since it was the lowest price. Have the watch in my cart for a couple of days prior to completing my full order. The price went down from the day i put it in the cart and amazon told me and shipped at the lower price. Very happy wih this purchase.

Perfect for swim meets where you have to take multiple splits in events with multiple swimmers. You get a lot for under $20.

Great stopwatch, love the memory feature, but same problem as previous reviewer. Just received the stopwatch today (apr. 2, 2016) and free warranty expired last month. This is unacceptable unless amazon plans to honor the 5 year warranty from the actual date of purchase.

Great brandreceived on time and product is as reliable as always. Not too big and battery life is greatthanks.

Very good stopwatch at an affordable price. I use it daily at the gym for my workouts and it always works great. Not much else to say about this stopwatch other than it serves its purpose at a great price.

This stopwatch comes highly recommended by real baseball scouts. It is simple, reliable, and accurate. It has large buttons and an intuitive interface.

  • Great stopwatch but TERRIBLE warranty set-up.
  • The stop watch to buy.
  • Fast and comfortable

This stopwatch is the real mccoy. Used by professional baseball scouts all over the world. Put it in your hand for about 10 seconds and you’ll see why. The pros: durable, very large display, fits in your hand comfortably for either a right or left hander. Long comfortable lanyard so you don’t lose it. There is really nothing to complain about about this watch. The cons: none, unless you think it’s too expensive. I would reccomend this to anyone interested in baseball scouting and plan to buy another as a backup in case i sit on mine or someone spills beer on it. Althought, it’s so well built it would probably survive.

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My husband wanted a stopwatch and this fit exactly what he wanted.

Bought for my son who is a collegiate baseball coach and he loves it.

I wanted to like this, but the shape just didn’t feel good in my hand, which is a personal preference. Otherwise it worked fine for an inexpensive stopwatch.

They are still shipping old stock. I purchased this april 2016 and it was manufactured october 2012. These are running in the package so expect to have 3-4 year gone from the stock 5 year battery. Also, fyi: it has a 10 hour time range but the lap times won’t count past 100 minutes. Otherwise, stopwatch seems to work well.

Features of ACCUSPLIT AX725 Dual Line 16 Memory Pro Stopwatch

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ACCUSPLIT Exclusive Ergonomic “X” Performance Case
  • 16 Dual Split Memory (Cum/Lap) with Split Counter and Memory Review
  • Special Million Cycle Switches operate cleanly, precisely & reliably every time
  • An Exclusive AOS feature is the Twin Master Control Left-Right button operation
  • 5 year Lithium battery (CR2032)

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Arrived as schedule, no issue.

4 stars because of 2 minor reasons. 1)the plastic clip thing on the lanyard has cracked making it less secure and 2) the left most button has started to develop a little stick about a month after heavy use. Those aren’t very important however and may not happen to you, so i’d go for it. It works dang well, and it’s water resistant so no matter how wet i get at the pool i’m never worrying about it.

Reasonable price, very good features. You get the total and split times for each lap. The memory feature is nice since you can go back to review all the split times. There is no need for the 50 memory 740 model. Solid construction, large readout.

This product is just what i needed for my job.

I have used to help swim time at my daughter’s swim meets and it is a very good stop watch. Highly recommend this to anyone.

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Keeps time perfectly, is very durable, and instructions are pretty easy to discover (thought not immediately self evident). I use it a lot for laps, and my one complaint is that the numbers scroll through in backward succession (e. , laps 4, then 3, then 2, then 1), which isn’t as convenient when chatting with fellow coaches about the splits, which are generally discussed in ascending order.

ACCUSPLIT Exclusive Ergonomic “X” Performance Case

Does exactly what i need it to.

Reasonable price; easy to use; easy to read display.

This is the stop watch to get if you are interested in all your split times as well as your final time. My second one (battery on 1st lasted over 5 years)i like the simplicity. It is hard to make a mistake since the left and right buttons do exactly the same thing. The numbers are large enough to read even with my swim goggles.

The digits are large and it is easy to use.

Stopwatches don’t have as many uses as the used to now that we’re in the day of fully automatic timing for track and field. But, they’re still handy now and then for meets and, especially, for practices. Spend five minutes learning the basic functions and enjoy for long use. The clicking on and off is very solid.

This stopwatch is very easy to use. You just press either the left or right button to time – press and press again at the finish to read the elapsed time. For splits, you just press, press after completion of the 1st lap and the stopwatch will show you the cumulative time as well as the lap # on the top row and the lap time on the second row. Press again after the completion of the 2nd lap and so on for up to 16 laps. You can review in reverse chronological order the times for each lap by pressing the middle button. It is much easier to use than the robic stopwatches that i use for swim meets. So, thumbs up for the functionality and ease of usenow the awful. I received the stopwatch from amazon yesterday (november 19, 2014). The 5-year warranty had already expired in june, 2012.How can that be when i just purchased the stopwatch so i should have a 5-year warranty starting yesterday???.

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16 Dual Split Memory (Cum/Lap) with Split Counter and Memory Review

Takes a while to get used to holding down the split/start button for the reset.

Works great and having two start buttons is helpful. The read out is clear and it seems to be very durable. The date on the back of mine is 5 year limited warranty with free service through sept 2017. I bought this in april 2016 so they are really giving me more than one year for the free service and then from oct 2017 to sept 2021, the fee is $10. Honestly though, i don’t know what could go wrong if you keep it dry. It’s only a few dollars to replace the battery and i don’t think the battery life is a warranty item so i’m not taking a star away because of the date and warranty timing. What does happen though is that the buttons get pushed when the stopwatch is in my bag. I often find the time maxed out or the watch still running when i pull it out of my bag. I previously had an ultrak 340.

Everything ok with the product.

A little overly complicated to do split times, and it’s annoying that there is no way to ever turn it off, but it has such a small battery draw that it will last at least a year anyway.

I was not happy to receive a used watch that had times already set in it. My husband went through and checked all the settings and said it works correctly, so we decided to keep it.

Special Million Cycle Switches operate cleanly, precisely & reliably every time

An Exclusive AOS feature is the Twin Master Control Left-Right button operation

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