Our phones do all this, but i still like it better on a watch. Been tracking steps and wearing at night. So much info, for so such a low price, gotta love electronics todaysuperb visuals, easy to see when walking, vs. My phone, enter security code, open app, etcwere spoiled, what can i sayamazing value for the price, great description above.

I have used the tracker for 1 day only so i’m not giving feedback on durability yet. Tracker arrived on time and was as described. Removing the band to expose charge port is a bit tricky. Band has to be pulled slightly downward and it’s not easy to pull off. If display doesn’t light up when plugged in to charge, remove it and plug it in upside down. There is zero info in the manual about navigating the tracker screen. I’m still trying to figure that one out. Swiping moves to the next screen but that doesn’t work all the time. Might need some practice and getting used to. Tracker paired easily with app that needs to be downloaded to phone, no problem there.

Fitness trackers are the latest fad. Even middle schoolers are wearing them. I like them because they encourage me to walk more, as i like to see how many miles a day i walk. This can also see the amount of sleep you get, and your heart beat. This watch was easy to set up, once i figured out the instructions. It’s comfortable to wear and easy to read. But i’ve noticed that it is not very accurate with the mileage. Distances that i know are a mile away measure more like. It’s very frustrating when you hike a known distance (5.

This is a good deal for the money, unlike the other “off brand” trackers that i’ve used, this one actually worked with the app. It has some great tracking capabilities, which i can’t testify as to the accuracy – but it does give you a general idea. Sleep qualitystep trackercalories burnedmessage notificationwaterproof, fitness trackerit works with android and iphone. It stays charge for about 3 days and takes 2 hours to charge. But, not as good as the fitness tracker that it looks like.

This is a great fitness tracker. Works great with easy to download and setup app. Love that this one is waterproof which many are not. Tracks sleep, steps and many other activities.

Very easy to use, perfect for everyday life. I bought it just to see how much i walked every day, and the addition of sleep was fun. It looks good and is very easy to set up once the app is down loaded to your phone. Smart and good value for money, i recommend.

AIBODINI Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Tracking Sleep Monitor Pedometer Smart Bracelet Bluetooth IP67 Waterproof Color Screen for Adult Kids iOS Android Phone

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    by entering your model number.
  • ☆Health Assistant☆Sleep detection record your sleep quality. Monitor your health day and night
  • ☆Pedometer & sport☆ Fitness tracker based on the number of walking steps, the height and weight of the APP individual, calculate the total number of calories burned and the day’s journey. Record movement and consumption for a period of time at any time
  • ☆Message Notifications☆ Get Call, SMS and SNS notifications on your fitness tracker, never miss any important message.Large color screen display,the message is at a glance. (Wechat\qq\Facebook\Twitter\WhatsAPP\LINE\KakaoTalk\message\email\calender)
  • ☆Key Features☆ IP67 Waterproof, you can go to swimming with the fitness tracker, no worried about water intake, but not in hot bath. Supports heat calculation for you, time mode, find your phone, call reminder, camera control.
  • ☆Device support☆ Support: Android4.4 and lOS8 4 versions of mobile phones. Easy to charge with a built-in USB plug, last for 3-7 days after 1-2 hours fully charging
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I really like this watch so far. I’m a fitness tracker nut, and i’ve tried many. This one works flawlessly so far. I am always most concerned when downloading the app to my phone – that seems to be when the cheaper trackers reveal their potential flaws. So, though apprehensive, this one worked very easily with my android device. I used this tracker along with another that i’ve been using to compare the stats and info, and they seemed to mirror each other, which only made me more confident in its accuracy. The only downside for me is the screen size – its just a bit narrower than i would prefer, but i know that’s the trending style of trackers.

Works good, matched to my samsung phone, works just as described. Good value for the money, very attractive fitness band.

The biggest advantage is waterproof, you can exercise without a mobile phone. This bracelet is not easy to disassemble, so for most people, you may be dissatisfied. But i like the look of this watch – very elegant. Fitbit watches have a history of one year or less, so i am interested in seeing how long it lasts. If you are an avid exerciser, this is the right watch for you. I have two, i prefer ions, because i am a digital person and want to know all the statistics.

I bought this for my son as a gift. With the help of this device, he lost 82 pounds in 4 months. He uses a pedometer to make sure he is walking enough. The app calculates his calories and tracks his blood pressure (he uses blood pressure equipment) to monitor his sleep and his heart rate. This purchase is very good value for money.

It’s no fit bit but then it costs a quarter of the price. The quality is actually pretty good. I had one heck of a time getting the band off to charge it but after i did it the first time it loosened up a little. The screen is sharp and easy to read. The touch controls work well. The app isn’t too bad and the watch connects easily. The blod pressure function actually seemed to work but i’m not sure hows that’s possible. Some have complained about it counting steps when you move your arm – all wrist trackers do that otherwise you’ll have to get a hip clamp model. Does it do everything you’d want in a fitness tracker?.

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This is a great product, i have a week of products, it has a lot of benefits; it accurately provides the calories burned by my daily exercise steps, my sleep counter and accurately provides my heart rate. The battery is not charging for a long time, but it is still a good product. I was surprised at the durability. I’ve been recommending this to friends.

I have a similar fitness tracker, but this one was a gift for my mom. She’s not tech savvy, so i wanted her to have one that was easy to set up and use. She brags about it all the time and let’s me know how her sleep was the night before and how many steps she’s at for the day.

Super basic fitness tracker. Keeps track of steps, calories, heart rate, sleep along with calls/message notification and is waterproof. And of course it displays the time/date. The fitness tracker is reasonably well made and feels comfortable around the wrist. Battery life is pretty good and is chargeable via usb. Overall a solid, budget fitness tracker.

This is a great fitness tracker for the money. It had all the features i want, the app is easy to use and the tracker itself is comfortable to wear, even for people with very small wrists like me. Right away, i have tracked my sleep quality, blood pressure, heart rate, steps. It also tracks my fatigue and gives me an overall health rating. I really appreciate the wrist band that adjusts to a very small wrist. Many times watched are just too big for me. This isn’t a name brand fitness tracker, and i just started using it so can’t say how long it will keep working, but it is a great option to more expensive name brand trackers. The only complaint i have is that it is hard to get the band off to charge the tracker. I felt like i was going to break it, but half the band does detach and half with the tracker plugs in to charge.

This is a decent, basic activity tracker. It tracks steps, heart rate, etc. It’s really easy to use and pretty much a basic pedometer that does a few extra things. It fits well and the band is comfortable to wear. It’s rubber, so i don’t worry about it getting wet, but wouldn’t submerge it.

If you are a serious athlete trying to track all sorts of splits and stats to use with the latest apps, then you probably aren’t looking at an ‘off-brand’ fitness tracker. But if you are here wondering if you can save a few bucks and still get all the bells and whistles – the answer, not surprisingly, is no. This won’t give you the features and the syncing ability of your apple, samsung or garmin watches. It will, however, give you all the basics you need to track your movement and push towards healthier goals. The instructions are definitely not ‘english as a first language’ so it takes some playing around to get used to the features. The notifications don’t translate a lot of what might be texted (emojis etc. ) so my son ended up turning off notifications from his phone. It performs well as a watch, pedometer, stopwatch, sedentary reminder and fairly accurate heart monitor. There are only 3 face types, so limitations in this area are another difference between this and the ‘big boys’. Certainly a good entry level fitness tracker.

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AIBODINI Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Tracking Sleep Monitor Pedometer Smart Bracelet Bluetooth IP67 Waterproof Color Screen for Adult Kids iOS Android Phone : For the price its not a bad option if you just want something simple. The instructions are not very helpful and using the touch screen on the device sometimes takes several touches to respond. The instructions say nothing about it checking blood pressure, but that is an option on the tracker itself. I dont sleep with it on because it’s not the most comfortable. It’s a little bulky is size. The overall product is fine for under $30. It fits that price range expectations. It could be more user friendly but it’s simple enough to figure out.

This strap looks beautiful and is very well worn. I like my black strap, it is a very light tracker, very fit and perfect. Very comfortable, i often forget that i took it, so far i have forgotten that i am wearing it and falling asleep. This is not the case with any other band or watch that i have.

Very easy to use, sync with my smartphone via the app. In addition to showering and swimming, i have always maintained this state and it is very comfortable. It stays the same, i don’t have to worry about it falling. Tracking movements and sleep is very helpful. I highly recommend this one. So far a really good experience, value for money, good quality and does what it says.

My husband and i have tried this fitness tracker. We can’t believe the comfort and size of both of us. This is a great fitness tracker.This is a heart rate monitor, pedometer, calorie counter, stopwatch and sleep tracker. Connect to your phone with bluetooth and it takes only 2 hours to fully charge.