These wristbands look just as nice as the original ones. The colors are great and the bands are easy to change. I also found the bands to be a bit softer and more comfortable than the original fitbit ones. I would definitely recommend them.

I now see it as a blessing that my fitbit 2 band broke. I had only one: dark turquoise and it was nice, butchoices are mine. I had no idea that i could change them out. I am wearing the purple one as i write this. If fits more snugly than the issued one and feels good on my wrist. As i am a late-blooming fashion lover, i will enjoy changing the band to coordinate with various outfits. The buckleis metal rather than plastic and holds tighter. So you get all the colors shown, you get a little tool to help change the band (my dear hubby did it for me, but he said its easy), you even get various color clasps: silver, gold or black with the little hook thing to coordinate.

These were better than expected, they’re not flimsy, the colors are vibrant, not muddy, the buckle seems secure, band secures flush to unit without gaps or wobbles. Very good price, you get ten of these for what one band of the real thing would cost. I think they almost look better than the real thing.

I wear the grey one all the time.Black is nice to have, and the white, well, is very white. Wish we could pick and choose the 3 that went into the bundle, because i liked some of the other colors/textures too. 🙂 these bands, from what i can tell, are very similar to the fitbit bands as far as quality. They clip in and out easily to the fitbit itself. I’ve purchased a couple others (for different colors), for cheaper, and they don’t fit quite as nicely.

So, i got my fitbit in january, and i’m not that tough on it, really. The first band broke within 2 months of having it, so i contacted fitbit and they sent me a new band. That one broke within a month. So i figured i might as well order a pack of bands, that way i can change out the colors and if they break no big deal. Let me tell you, these are better than the original bands that i received, and the colors are fun. The price is right, and if you lose one or if it breaks, is it really that big of a deal when you have 9 more?.

They work just like the band i received with my fitbit. The original band broke after 6 months, so i needed a replacement quickly. These came quickly and i can change them to work with my outfits.

AIUNIT Compatible Fitbit Charge 2 Bands Applicable for Fitbit Charge 2 Accessories Bands Small/Large Wristbands for Fitbit Charge 2 Bracelet Strap Band Suitable for Women Men Boys Girls

  • The fitbit charge 2 band with grid texture design is the best for fitbit charge 2 tracker(tracker is not included)
  • There are two sizes for fitbit charge 2 accessory bands. Large for 6.7″ -8.1″ wrist, Small for 5.5″ – 6.7″ wrist
  • 3 extra cool buckles black, gold and rose gold for your choice. Stylish for you to coordinate with your daily outfits
  • What will you get in the gift box? 10pack fitibt charge 2 wristbands, 3pack extra fashionable buckles, and 1pack tool
  • Service: Unconditionally refund or resend with any quality problems, friendly customer service. Please search “AIUNIT Fitbit” for other accessories offered by AIUNIT store.
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The bands are exactly how they are advertised. I am very pleased with the price and quality.

They fit just like fitbit ones do. I knocked off a star only because one of them doesn’t want to attach properly. Otherwise i would recommend these.

All bands appear to work well. Main issue i would have to say is that i did not get exactly what was pictured in regards to colors. I got an orangish yellow band instead of the light blue band pictured in lower right hand of picture.

These are absolutely awesome and look exactly like the stock bands that come with the fitbit, i originally bought it for the darker color bands, but i find myself wearing the pink one more than anything. The quality is excellent for what you pay per band, only downside is that i’ve noticed the little retention loop for the holding leftover band digs into my skin a bit when i’m sleeping, but this is mostly because i sleep on my side and hand is under the pillow.

Fit my fitbit perfectly and i love the color choices. The price is amazing for what your getting.

I love this product i have so many choices to choose. I will differently purchase more from this company.

I am very satisfied with the qualit. And adjustibility of my new bands. I would highly recommend them.

So many to choose from and so easy to change out.

I actually ordered and received these bands prior to receiving my new fitbit charge 2, but i knew i would want more than just the black that i ordered. I was pleasantly surprised at how accurate the colors in the pictures are. (actually the pink band is a little more vibrant than what is depicted). I have a larger wrist and these fit very well and are super comfortable.

So far i really like these bands. They are a bit thicker than the original fitbit band (i included a photo, the purple one is the band that came with my fitbit, the blue one is one of these bands), which makes them a little more bulky and stiffer than i wanted, but otherwise the quality seems worth the price. There are some flaws on the ends of a couple of them which i included in the photos, but it doesn’t affect performance and i can’t imagine anyone would really notice. Overall, i’m happy with them and would recommend them.

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I like them, although i wish there was a medium option, smalls are almost to small, large is way more band than i need for my 6 inch wrist.

AIUNIT Compatible Fitbit Charge 2 Bands Applicable for Fitbit Charge 2 Accessories Bands Small/Large Wristbands for Fitbit Charge 2 Bracelet Strap Band Suitable for Women Men Boys Girls : I believe these bands are a higher quality than the fitbit brand. The brown is kind of an off color, but all the others i have received have been good colors. The quality of the band is very high and i feel as though they will last quite some time.

These bands that are compatible with the fitbit charge 2 are wonderful. They are a bargain cost wise, come in lots of great colors, are easy to install on your charge 2 and look just like the ones made by fitbit. They are well worth the cost.

This was to replace my broken band which was the original that came with my fitbit. Fits perfectly and looks great. The magnet is strong, i’m not afraid of it coming loose. Love the breathable band since i have sensitive skin.

The magnet slips loose while wearing. Also it can be annoying as it catches on the metal of grocery carts and lawn chairs. It also is difficult to take off.

I was really afraid these wouldn’t fit right on my fitbit, as i had ordered one before that didn’t. They all fit perfectly and snap into place. Unbelievably good quality for such a low price. I will buy this brand again if i ever need more.

These bands are easy to change, and very fun to mix and match. The colors are beautiful also. The darker colors i don’t wear often, so iwould like to see some brighter colors like yellows, greens, oranges and maybe even watermelon, or peach.

Love these as they dress up my fitbit. People notice these when i wear them.

Love the fun colors and amazing price. They fit perfectly and look great. I’ll definitely be back for more.

I figured at this price, despite the good reviews, these would look and feel cheap. On the contrary, these look and feel just as rugged (if not more so) than the original oem band my charge2 came with. Rather than spend $9 on a replacement band, spending $12 on ten replacement bands is an incredible deal. While i primarily will be using the black band, once it gives out, i’ll have other neutral colors (gray, charcoal, dark blue, white, brown, etc) to replace it with, and when i’m out walking in public, i will change it out with one of the bright-colored bands for two reasons. 1) increased visibility while walking in the dark, and 2) should the band somehow fall off or get snagged on something without me noticing, the bright-color will be easy to find in the grass or along a trail as compared to the black band i normally wear. Given this band actually feels better on my wrist than the original, i don’t suspect it will ever be a problem until i manage to wear it out over many months or years. These bands were a great decision.

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I liked how easy they were to change, and that i didn’t have to wear the same color all the time. As far as the bracelet type, i’m not sure if you mean the metal bracelet?. If you just mean the ones that look like a watch band, yes i bought a small and it fits a small wrist.

The bands started off good, then the metal latch on the band fell off without any hard use. I put on another band and the same thing happened. I have been using the grey band now for a while and it has been okay. I gave it 3 stars only because they gave me so many bands. All i have left is the bright colors.

I have the gold one on, so much lighter, and it let’s air in so your arm sweats less. Love it😀 will order some other colors, too.

My original band broke so i need a replacement. The choice of colors is great allowing me to change it up if i feel like it.

I’m on my second pack, splitting them with my girlfriend. We like the colors and the quality is better than the original fitbit bands. As you might expect, they stretch out over time, so you’ll probably have to buy new bands eventually.

My fitbit band broke but i did not want to spend the money on a new one. I bought this set and they are working great. Only complaint is the metal clamp underneath on one side does not sit flat so occasionally will scratch my arm but no big deal.

Fit my fitbit charge 2 perfectly. My only complaint is that the lighter colored bands pick up stains quickly from my clothes (jeans, sleeves, jacket). I haven’t been able to get the stains off once on there. The darker colored bands do not have this problem.

I just love the way this looks and feels on my wrist. It adjusts easily and looks great. Customer service contacted me to make sure i was happy and if i needed anything or if i had questions.

The colors are really bold, and the white is a really nice, clean white. I almost wish i could just order a set of all white ones. Also, the size is accurate – large really is large.

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