It looks nice enough, but i can’t get it snapped easily. I’m hoping that working it will wear the holes enough to work more easily. The seller has been very, very helpful with this.They sent me a replacement and it’s perfect. I have to move to a rating of 5 stars.

Works like a charm with no odd smells or weird places of wear, and has now officially lasted longer than the “official” fitbit replacement band i bought elsewhere. In my prior experience, name brand parts usually work better than knock-offs or oem parts, but here — the reverse is true. It’s been going strong since i picked it up a few months ago.

The band is very similar to factory color is fantastic. It looks dressy almost gold. I would buy this color again. I did buy the replacement bands with the sliding band collar. You are constantly trying to secure the excess band and keep it secure.

Looks and feels just the official fitbit bands, for a fraction of the price. My only complaint is that the inside connector price where it attaches to the fitbit is plastic, rather than metal. That said, i don’t know that this will be an issue or not, as it seems just fine for now after only a few hours of wear.

I really prefer this band as it was on my fitbit flex. When i upgraded to the fitbit alta it came with a thicker band i could not get the little prongs into the proper holes. I hard to get a pointed tool and make the holes larger. . Also the band is thicker which means it is heavier.

So easy to use and fits well. It does wear off (the color) after a few weeks. I’ve bought a few of these and have to buy new ones occasionally since they color comes off. Still, i really like them and would recommend them.

It is true the clasps can slip open, but i have solved that problem by using a rubber faucet washer (small, black, unobtrusive) to keep the snap band from opening. The washer is always in place on the side of the band with the holes. When i snap the band together, i just roll the washer over the clasp. I never worry about the band slipping off. The buckle band is too bulky for me.  ak c-111 fitbit alta bands, replacement with metal clasp, small, purple.

I am so happy i found this on amazon. I’ve had my fitbit alta since june 2016 and wearing it every day (and night) has caused my original black band to finally break. I have the blush leather band, the plum band and the turquoise band (the last 2 were given to me as gifts) but the black is by far my favorite. When it broke, i looked online at fitbit. Com and was saddened to see that the replacement bands now come with buckles. I went to a department store to see if they had the replacement bands in black and they didn’t have the fitbit brand but had another brand that can be used with the fitbit alta. I bought the black one and was not happy when i got home and saw that it too had the buckle. I took a chance and looked on amazon and found this.

  • Good- needs a stronger clasp
  • Get what you pay for
  • Great replacement for original band

AK for Fitbit Alta Bands, Replacement Fitbit Bands for Fitbit Alta/Alta HR with Metal Clasp

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Personalized your Fitbit Alta hr. 2017 / Fitbit Alta fitness tracker – AK replacement Fitbit Alta band TPU wristband
  • Made of TPU – this Fitbit Alta band with connector is durable and long lasting, available for both men and women when sport, dating, meeting etc.
  • Available in large size and small size – AK Fitbit Alta (hr.) bands / Fitbit Alta bands fits for 5.5 inch – 8.1 inch wrist
  • More color choices than original Fitbit Alta band / Fitbit Alta hr. band, black, blue, blush, green orange ,purple, red, slate, teal, white, yellow
  • AK Fitbit Alta hr. band / Alta band compatible with Fitbit Alta hr. 2017 and Fitbit Alta 2016 – for Fitbit Alta hr. 2017 / Fitbit Alta 2016 only
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Great, but my fitbit broke and i sold the band.

This band looks and fits just like the bands that come with the alta when purchased. It’s held up great, but the only issue i’ve had is that the back part of the silver clasp falls out every now and then (the flat silver part that faces the outside of the band and has the inner prongs to fit in the band holes falls out); however it typically stays on just fine when clasped and the sliding ring to hold the ends in place is on. I’d would recommend and purchase more in the future.

When this product originally arrived, the clasp would not stay in the band. It kept slipping out, but i had purchased this same item a couple of years ago and had no problems, so i wrote the company and explained the problem. They quickly sent me a new band and i have zero problems with it. Thank you for a great colored band and for finding a quick remedy to the issue with the one originally received.

I ordered the blush color band and i love it. It is fairly close to my skin color, so it doesn’t make the band as noticeable and ugly as they sometimes can be. This is the second time i have purchased this color as the first one did stain really easily (different seller i think). I will try to be more careful, but at this price i don’t mind buying a new one every 6-12 months.

This band is a great color, kind of a blueish/green grey color. The band is flexible and comfortable to wear. I rated it a 4 star because the silver connector was not securely pressed all the way in. I was able to press it down with some force but i’m a little worried it may come loose again.

I got this as a replacement to an original band that was coming apart. Replacing them is quite easy and they fit perfectly. I like all the options for colors you can choose from too. It’s like i have a brand new tracker now. Very happy with this purchase.

Seems to be of good quality. Fit the fitbit alta perfectly and securely. Note that these are slightly smaller (shorter) than the stock bands you are replacing. I ended up having to use the next to last hole so my silicone band that keeps the straps together just barely has enough room. I am hoping that they stretch a bit with wear to be more comfortable.

It is a little less than an inch smaller than the fit-bit brand, size large. It also didn’t have the strap holder on it like the original band. Its works fine, just a lil snug for my taste but doable. And i took the strap holder off my old band and slipped it on this one. Over all, good so far (about a week).

I have read alot of reviews about these being bad products. They are wonderful bands great color selection great fit. But to those who are up set that they have broken after a certain period of time need to remember they are only $5 so if they break no big deal get another. If you want a better band then you will have to pay much higher prices.

Love my fitbit and wear it 24/7. Got a leather one that “looked” better. It left indentations on my wrist and was heavier and bulkier looking. So i ordered this replacement that is the same as the band that came with the fitbit and it is so much better. As it is comfortable to wear my fitbit again. Not clasp to leave indentations, not heavy, and the area where it clips on is the same as the band so it looks less bulky.

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Update: immediately after my review, this company sent me out a new band and asked me to send them some pictures to help them solve the issue. I find that to be amazing customer service. I changed my star rating and i am about to buy a new color. First review: i have to give this low stars because i received it and it is defective. One side looks pinched so it will not slide on. I was very excited to get this band so i am pretty bummed. I do nit know if i want to reorder or if i want to try a different band.

Initially, the band was very challenging to fasten the quick release snaps when it was around my wrist because the holes were tight for the post connectors. For the first week, i needed to disconnect one end of the band from the fitbit, attach the band together straight at the quick release snaps and then wrap it around my wrist to reattach the band at the fitbit connector. After the first week, the holes were enlarged around the connectors enough i can now fasten it as one would a regular watch band on the wrist. The connector is now good to disconnect & reconnect. I have owned used this product for almost two months and it still connects firmly on my wrist.

My original fitbit band broke so i hopped on amazon to see if i could find a cheap replacement. . These are so great, i ended up buying a second one to have on hand if/when the band breaks again. Is just as durable and works just like the original band.

Have had this and worn it every day for months. I can’t tell a bit of difference from the original fitbit band. So glad i found it as the fit bit bands are totally overpriced. Great price, great product, great service.What more could you ask for?.

This is the best band to get for your fitbit; skip the one without the beads you clasp, it doesn’t feel as though it will stay clasped. This one is solid and i have had no issues with it other than when i first got my fitbit it was hard to clasp; i have gotten used to it. The large is larger than i expected but i did not want to go to a small. I love my fitbit and this band.

I broke the band on my fitbit and was looking for one that was the same as what was on it. This band is exactly the same. I am very happy with my purchase.

I originally had the fitbit brand of the purple shade but after a year it kind of fell apart so i ordered this one as a replacement. The purple color is nearly identical. The band is basically the same except for it being a metal connector (the part that slides into the fitbit), it’s plastic. It still stays on perfect thoughmy only complaint is that the metal clasp is not the strongest. It stays on most of the time, but occasionally the band will just kind of fall off randomly when i’m doing things around the house.

Ok for the price but not quite on par with authentic fitbit bands. Clasp is copper (not stainless steel) and the chrome coating will wear off exposing the copper. Also sizing a bit different so expect to be off by a hole or two compared to the original band. Silicone band itself seems good but it does stain easier than original.

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Just as good as the fit bit brand.

Works exactly how i need it to. See, when i grocery shop,my hand is too still on the cart. So my fitbit wasn’t regestering my steps. I’m ther every other day, so i had to figure out a way to get these steps to count. Once i had my new larger band, i strappedit on to my ankle and my steps have been accurate ever since.

Great band – went on easily. Has the same downfall of all nonbuckle bands – if you don’t make sure it is well fastened it can come off later. I bought the small band and it fit as it said it would — i measured my wrist first and if easily fit.

I love this brightly colored band as an addedcolor for my fitbit. It is made in the same styleof the original bands.

This new band for my fitbit is a beautiful color, and is quite sturdy. However, with it being more sturdy than the band that came with my device, it’s not quite as comfortable. I’m hoping that by wearing it every day it will soften up. Without knowing what size i needed, i ordered a large. I probably could have gotten away with a small one as it overlaps about 5 holes on my average size wrist.

This was the color my wife wanted in the 10 kit bands we purchased first. Plus she rather the clips on this one than the traditional hook latch on most watches.

The band i got was good quality and looks like the original fitbit band. However, because i went with the light pink color, it became dirty after less than a week of wearing it. My jeans and anything dark i wore rubbed off on it. We’ve tried soaking and cleaning the band, but it doesn’t come completely clean. Bummer, because i really liked the quality. I feel like it snaps and stays on better than the actual fitbit band that my alta came with.

This is the third replacement fitbit alta band i have purchased from seller ak. It is an exact fit for my sons fitbit and we could not be happier with the product quality, shipping speed from fba amazon or price. Thank you and i highly recommend ak as a seller and this product to anyone that needs a new fitbit alta band.

It works perfect with my fitbit. My only complaint is after wearing for a long time now i notice it is slightly less comfortable to wear all day and night than original bands.

I like the original band with the prongs pushed into the holes rather than the traditional watch closure. When i ride a bike, or run on a treadmill, i like to wear the fitbit on my ankle to track my exercise. I order the large and wear it on the smallest setting on the wrist and largest on my ankle. The new band is slightly smaller than the original and its a little too snug on one setting, but too loose on another. It may stretch out over time. It’s a good band – plain and simple.

The bands are great from this supplier. I have bought 4 different colors since december. I buy new bands not because they don’t last but because i am ready for a change. The only problem with the band is the colors are never what they say. I just ordered what was labeled as red and it’s really pink. I am keeping it because it’s cute but i did prefer red. It happened with the gray band, it shows as a light color gray and the band was actually a very dark gray.