I’m extremely allergic to nickle and also prefer gold jewelry. So the worst combination ever. I’ve been looking for a gold band for my gold fitbit alta, and without being able to find one that was a reasonable price and labled “nickle free” i decided to start purchasing cheaper gold bands and testing them until i found one that didn’t make my wrist fall off. Luckily, this band was the first i ordered (i ordered it late saturday night and received it monday morning. Amazingly quick shipping) and it will be the one i keep for as long as possible. The magnet is strong, the gold finish is beautiful, and the clips that secure the band to the fitbit are strong. An added bonus: no nickel allergy symptoms. I’m going to be monitoring the band to see how the gold finish holds up, as in my experience pieces of jewelry like this tend to have the gold finish “rub off,” but to be honest, after a week of working out, forgetting to take it off in the shower (twice) and having to scrub hotsauce off of it during a cooking mishap (oops). The gold finish has held up beautifully. For 10ish bucks, it really can’t be beat.

I wore this until the color started to look weird. My favorite part is sometimes it would unzip things because the magnet is that strong.

I like the magnet mesh bands because they are the most comfortable bands for me to wear with my fitbit watch; and the different available colors to choose from.

Makes my fitbit look like jewelry. And because it is magnetic it doesn’t fall off.

I’ve had this band for about 1 month & so far it has held up. I don’t wear it often (switch it out with other bands frequently) but it hasn’t rusted or tarnished. I get a ton of compliments as well. I am pleased with this product and would order again in multiple colors if need be.

Perfect for dressing up the fitbit for evenings out. Customer service is fantastic. When i had an issue, they were right on it.

I received the band the other day. I attached it onto my fitbit to see how it looked. I love the easy adjustable band and the way the magnet clips it closed. I have not had a chance to wear it for any length of time – but i am highly satisfied with the look and the fit of the band.

Beautiful blue cobalt color. Only issue is that it does loosen up but not much. It will stick to anything metal. But for the price i’m glad i ordered this one instead of the leather band.

  • Beautiful but not sure it will hold up to everyday wear
  • LOVE This Beautiful, Classy Band for My Fitbit Alta HR
  • Great upgrade!

AK Metal Replacement Bands for Fitbit Alta Bands, Adjustable Magnetic Closure Stainless Steel Wristbands for Fitbit Alta/Alta HR/Alta Ace

  • AK replacement stainless steel fitbit alta hr bands/alta bands metal fit well with both fitbit alta hr 2017 and fitbit alta 2016, Perfect fitbit alta bands/alta hr bands replacement to replace your original fitbit bands. Not include fitbit alta/alta hr fitness Tracker
  • Adjustable Magnetic Closure Clasp – AK Fitbit Alta HR Bands / Fitbit alta bands in small fits for 5.1 inch-6.7 inch wrist. Large size fits for 6.7 inch-9.3 inch wrist
  • Unique Fully Magnetic Closure clasp design – no buckle needed, just easily stick and lock your fitbit alta bands , make your fitbit alta/alta hr stay securely and graciously when you doing outdoor, indoor and sport activities
  • Made of Stainless Steel Metal – this Fitbit Alta Metal band with connector is durable and long lasting, available for both men and women when sport, dating, meeting etc.
  • ONE YEAR Warranty, replacement or full refund without return, please feel free to contact me via Email if you’re not happy with our products
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I love it super comfy and stylish however the 1st month you own it the chain will pull out your wrist hairs if you aren’t used to wearing a watch lol.

This band gets so many compliments. It is so easy to get on and fit perfectly to your wrist. I do have to adjust a few times during the day. The finish has worn off a bit after 3 months of use.

My wife wears this every daylooks great and does it job very well.

I am curious to see how long it will last before the color starts to fade. I have a very small wrist and this band fits me, but just barely- the magnetic plate reaches all the way over to the other side of the fitbit. If you have an extremely tiny wrist, i would rethink getting this band. Also, the band loosens throughout the day as you move your wrist, so you will need to keep adjusting it if you want an accurate heart rate read; that being said, the magnet is very strong, i have gotten stuck to metal a few times since receiving it. These things don’t really bother me as i tend to fidget with my jewelry anyway. Overall, quality item and very cute- i received multiple compliments on this band the day i bought it.

Very comfortable, much nicer than the ‘rubber’ bands that come with the fitbit. Looks nice and i get compliments repeatedly.

I like wearing this band at work and out to special events, as it’s dressier than the plastic band my alta hr came with. My only complaint is that i have small wrists, and i have to wear it on the tightest setting at all times and even then it’s a bit loose. I would prefer to have a little more range, to tighten the band a few more centimeters.

This is the first choice for my new fitbit alta and simple to put on. But watch the magnet near credit cards or hard drives, flash drives and so on. My wrist is 6 1/2 inches and the pmesh brand is very nice and easy to do a perfect fit with this. I also bought this in small but need four links out of it.

The magnet on this is really strong. The only issue is that it will sometime stick to other metal objects if you happen to set you wrist on them. Otherwise the band is really comfortable and stylish.

Easy to remove and change bands. Only negative is the magnet – be careful you may notice you are carrying around a paperclip from your desk.

Excellent product for the price. I get compliments all the time. Make sure you take the plastic film off the magnetic part of the band.

I had read the reviews and was a bit nervous about it being too big, catching on clothing, magnet being too strong, but have not had any issues at all. 5″ wrist and it does not fall off. Magnet is very strong though have not had any issues using laptop. Band is very comfortable and looks great. I bought it in black too and both are easy to attach to fitbit, easy to get on/off wrist, and nice looking. I get compliments on them daily; so glad i purchased.

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Bought the rose gold color band as a way to dress up my fitbit a little for work. It was easy to swap the bands on the fitbit and the color was subtle and not too flashy. The magnet fastens it together but sometimes the magnet will drop down the band a little so you have to readjust it.

It’s perfect it fits great the magnetic clasp works very well. I still can’t believe how great the quality is. Super great company and product.

This band was really easy to attach to my alta hr. Greatly improves the appearance over the rubber band. Easy to fasten on my wrist too which i really appreciate. Can snag on some clothing but not too bad. If you are looking to make your fitbit look like more than just a fitness tracker try this.

I’ve been wearing this for about 2 months now and have received tons of compliments. It gives my fitbit alta a classier, business look for when i’m working in my office. I’ll switch this out for a different band if i’m working out, it feels too nice to exercise with. I saw a review that said it would catch on sleeves, it does a little bit but not too noticeable – in a sweater it will snag easier, but definitely not a major flaw.

Makes the fitbit fashionable and it fits much more flush to the skin so that readings are more accurate. The magnet is quite strong and the band is comfortable and breathes as it is mesh. I plan on buying other colors as well.

I have smaller size wrists and just fits over my hand. If you have larger hands you may not be able to get it over your hands. Once over your hand you have ample room to adjust. Would purchase again if available in different colors, good buy.

I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the color, a little too gold for my liking (i ordered the rose gold). The quality of the metal is nice, it looks good on my wrist & i like the light weight of it. The seller stepped up immediately when i voiced my concern. I received a refund right away. I will now be ordering the silver color that i know i will love.

I love these magnetic bands. For someone who has arthritis in their hands, these bands are perfect. I simply could not press the band together with the silicone bands, my arthritic thumbs could not close the snaps. With the magnetic band it just slides on and clasps itself together and it stays in place.

I’m not sure why a lot of fellow consumers are reporting that the band can only be used on hands that are 8. 5 inches or smaller but perhaps they have not used a magnet beforethis band is so simple and honestly the answer to all of my ‘classy but easy fitbit band’ needs. Looks great for the office and can easily be taken off in the wee hours of the morning for a shower before work and slung right back on immediately after once the cold water has woken me up reminding me it’s monday yet again. I like that this band makes me look stylish and still allows me to stay fit, and tell my mom that yes- despite spending 40 hours a week behind a corporate desk i did still get some fitness in- all in my business casual.

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Have to tap several times to get time and status to show.

Have showered in it several times and have had no issues with the peeling off the ‘gold’ color yet.

It looks nice, and definitely a great buy for the price. My biggest issue is that it snags most of my clothing and i ended up having to cover the outside in clear polish to stop the snagging. What i do like is the quality – the metal isn’t showing signs of wear and i wear it daily – and i like that the magnet holds well and doesn’t get loose.

I received this lovely band in today’s mail. I ordered the rose gold in a size large. The band went on very easily and then was simple to adjust to my wrist. The band/bracelet is very smooth on my skin. It’s flexibility makes it feel almost silky. The magnetic quality of the entire band allows for super simple size adjustments. I haven’t noticed any slipping of the band as some have, but i’ve only had it on for several hours.

This band is above and beyond awesome. The colors are amazing and the idea of easily removing or loosening by magnetic means is awesome. I will be back to buy more colors. I am so happy wth this rather than the ugly rubber band that came on my fit bit alta.

So much better than the buckle model that i had previously. It opens wide so you can just slide it over your hand to take off or put on.

It is easier to get on/fasten, and lies flatter than the original band, so it doesn’t catch on things. The only problem is that it does tend to stick to metal things my wrist comes in contact with.

Just doesn’t stay as tight as i’d like it. I constantly have to readjust throughout the day.

Editing this because i just discovered that the band will open completely. The magnet will pass through the side opening so my comment about not being able to comfortably slip it over my palm, while accurate, is kind of irrelevant. My only concern now is that the metal is showing wear after a week of use. I love the way this band looks.It is super thin so looks quite elegant and it was easy to take off the original straps and put this one on my alta. The only reason i am not giving it 5 stars is because it is a bit too small. If the widest part of your palm is more than about 8. 5 cm) around, you will not be able to wear it. I struggled to get it on (mine measures right at 8.

The magnet is very strong and i received many compliments. The only complaint is that the magnet is also very strong on the outside and would catch on all types of metals in my life lol. I felt like a walking magnet.

Magnet portion stays tights. It doesn’t all of the sudden get loose and fall off.

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