It make’s me want to walk more to get the step counter up to my goal. For some reason having it on my wrist keeping track of my step’s has given me a push to walk more then i have been so i count that in itself a awesome reason to have thisit charges really fast with in 5 minute’s it is fully charged. Then setting it up couldn’t be easier.I just followed the step’s and downloaded the app on my iphone and it was good to go. I didn’t realize that having this tracker on would aleart me if a message is sent to my phone it vibrates and you see the message on the screen. Plus it tell’s time haha so i would for sure reccommend this fitness tracker to everyone.

Happy with the product would like to have a more detailed manual that explains the functions in detail. Support was 5 star also awesome.

Works well and i actually prefer it over my previous fitbit. My fitbit was causing pain up my arm because it’s constantly tracking my heart rate and for some reason i’m sensitive to it. This one however, only tracks it when selected to do so, therefore i can wear it all day and all night with no pain.It has excellent battery life, clear display, and is super easy to charge. It’s accurate, lightweight, slim and cute. I got the navy blue and it’s so pretty. Excellent quality for the reasonable price.

This tracker is very easy to use. It took me less than 3 minutes to download the app and synced the device. The sleep feature is my favorite since it monitor your sleeping pattern. It is great to know how much deep sleep i had and correlate it with my next day energy level and activity. The steps, calories, and miles walked, together with the bpm are all recorded in the app and can be linked to ios health app. The incoming calls and messages alerts are perfect for me. Do to my busy schedule i like it when it vibrates and i may read it on my wrist. Its a great efficient product.

This action watch is awesomei prefer metal and rubber buttons (like a watch) because they feel safer. It has a screen that provides quite a bit of information, but you can also modify it in the application. You can long press it to track the data for a particular exercise. It also provides sleep results that i’ve never really been interested in before, but now i like to see my results in the morning because i’ve been having sleep problems, and the app helps me understand why (based on deep sleep cycles). According to the time it says i don’t sleep and wake up, it looks pretty accuratemy skin dries easily.

I’ve had this only about 12 hours. Can’t wait to see how the sleep tracker works. I’ve had the first fit bit charge for a while and needed an upgrade. Since it really only tracked steps. I have been looking at the fit bit charge 3 for about a month but just could’nt get myself to pay over $100 for it, this is to me, just as good and much more affordable. My only complaint would be that the time seems to only be military. I can’t figure out how to change it even though it gives you a 12 and 24 hour time setting, it’s still the same. I think it would be cool to have the weather on it like the fit bit, would be a nice feature. But overall i would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a more affordable option.

I have been a user of fitbit for a long time. This fitness band has the same features fitbit has for less price and the band is more durable than a fitbit one. The app is great and it allows me to keep track of my movements accurately and sleeping habits aswell.

I had a similar one before, but this is better than before. The battery is very durable. To count the steps is very accuracy. When you real do an exercise, it can count the step, but if you only wave your hand, it doesn’t count.

One cannot say whether i am wearing a $130 fitbit charge 3 or this fitness tracker. The display is big and colorful. It has everything a fitness tracker needs – steps, calories, sleep, heart rate, training sessions. Its tracking is accurate as it can get and i can sync data onto my phone and see records for a day, week or even a month. Its amazingsome of my friends have $100+ fitness trackers and this one costs lot less but looks and performs exactly the same. Really happy with this buy and i will recommend it to anyone is looking to buy a budget fitness tracker.

I broke my fitbit charge, and i decided let me try something else. Got tons of features and makes a great christmas present.

This is my first foray into fitness watches. I did try a few android watches briefly but i returned them quickly because they were huge and heavy on my arm. This one is a good size and very lightweight. I have big wrists and i had no issues at all with fit. It charges directly into the usb which was easy. I am still learning all the features. It adjusted to dst with no issues. One thing is that it is definitely navy, not purple like it looks in the picture.

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I gave this a 3 star review because the app that supports it (jyoupro) is largely non-functional. The unit is perfectly fine for the purpose i bought it for. I don’t notice i have it on when i am wearing it at all. It’s a small learning curve to figure out how to navigate the different options on the unit with the one button but otherwise fine. I was able to pair the device with two different phones (iphone and galaxy). My main complaint is that while the phone pairs with the tracker, it does not seem to update or sync correctly with the app on the phone. Sometimes my steps are not displayed in the app when i pull it up. It does not appear to retain history as when i go back to previous days there is no data.

Overall, this is a deal on a tracker that allows notifications on your wrist. I can’t speak to the longevity of the battery life, but will update later when put through some tests. I love that it’s waterproof, so i can wear it consistently throughout the day. I don’t have to worry about sweat at the gym, showers, watching dishes, if it’s raining, all the those things. It’s incredibly lightweight and easy to forget it’s even on my wrist. Pairing is absurdly easy when you download the app. If you’re looking for a budget fitness device, this is a major go. Perfect for an entry device to the market, or a kid that wants something, but isn’t the price of a fitbit.

I wanted something for heart rate and alerting when my phone is not in reach. This watch exceeded the expectations. It seems pretty accurate for heart rate, you can access the settings from the watch or the app. The only thing i would like improvement is taking the band off, its kinda tough, and options for colored bands. From the reviews and q & as, there are none. For the price and what i use it for, works great.

The battery life on this is too good. More than 10 days since charged first time, but still have a couple of bars left. It connects quickly with i-phones. Heart rate monitortor works very well. Very sharp hd colorful display. It has more options that i expected. The perfect tracker for a cheap price.

I have used a fitbit for years. It finally wouldn’t charge properly so i had to purchase a new tracker. I was not super excited about the fit bit as it seemed to do the job. Did some research and decided to try this tracker for 1/5 the cost. The app is easy to use and allows you to track not just steps but exercise. It also tracks your sleep and heart rate. It also has call and sms notifications. Also the charge lasts longer than my fitbit. I purchased a charm to dress it up and it is exactly what i was looking for. My only issue is that it doesn’t alert you when you hit your goal in steps. Though it could be that i have not turned something on.

I found this fitness tracker to be a great way to monitor the day-2-day activity and health with little to no effort. The setup & pairing was pretty easy and the appereance of the app looked impressive. I mostly liked the way the tracker needs charging, we could connect it to any available usb socket out there. I would definitely recommend it for friends & family.

This is a good watch for everyday use (i wear it to work at my office job). I really like being able to track my steps as i am trying to get more healthyi got the black watch as it is a color that goes with everything. It is comfortable to wear even while sleeping (so i can track my sleeping schedule). The band is adjustable and has many holes to make it different sizes (i use the third from the smallest setting and have 11 holes larger available on the band). The only thing slightly negative i can say about it is that to charge the watch, you have to take the band off to plug into a usb port. It would be better if this would have a micro usb or such to not have to take the band off (as it is hard to remove). Luckily, the charge does appear to last a while (has been going a week now on the same charge and is still at 3/4 full).

Charged for about 10 minutes when i received it and now i’ve been using it for 8 days and it still has a little less than half the battery. It was easy to connect to my iphone. It tracks your activity very well only thing is that your phone always has to be with you so it tracks your activity more accurately. You get notification when you get a call or message which is also a great thing.

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Reviews from purchasers :

  • First time experience with a fitness tracker
  • Excellent product. Does everything what it says. Absolute Value for money
  • Best waterproof fitness tracker !!

Overall, it’s a decent tracker for the value. It seems to hold a charge well, and the fact that it’s waterproof means i don’t have to take it off to wash the dishes. It seems to be relatively accurate for a step count (as good as these things can be). The device plugs into a usb charger (no cord required) to charge, which sounds like a good idea (one less cord / cable to hang on to), but it’s a little finicky. It seems to charge better in my husband’s apple charger than my samsung charger. Unfortunately, it only works with the jyoupro app, which means i can’t pair it up with the other fitness apps on my phone (map my walk, samsung health, etc. It also doesn’t come with any instructions beyond the quick start guide, and the manual in the app doesn’t contain a lot of information. As a result, i haven’t figured out how to use some of the features on the tracker. (for example, i haven’t figured out how to have it track my heart rate from the tracker during an activity – i have to open the phone and tell the app to track my heart rate – something that’s not practical during a workout.

I didn’t have amazon prime but it arrived the second day of purchase. Tried it on immediately ( after charged for 5 minutes) and love it.Isn’t it an amazing that this thing is ready to use within 5 minutes by charging?it counts your heart rate, steps, kcal, distance. Pretty accurate because i have a treadmill and the tracker matches with my treadmill calculation, maybe less than 5 steps up and down. I need alarm because i wake up for night shift. I sleep with my daughter and the alarm on my phone always wakes her up ( poor thing), but this little guy is going to save my family’s sleeping schedulea big plus: it is waterproof toothe picture was taken during my work from (1:00am – 8:00am). I sit there most of the time and it hurts my back after hours, so i set “sedentary reminder for 45 minutes interval.

It’s a great value for the price. The only drawbacks i’ve found is that i’ve scratched the cover a couple times already, and i don’t find the sleep tracker reliable. It told me i was in a nice deep sleep in the morning when i was simply laying still while my toddler daughter rolled around and kicked me in bed. But, i didn’t buy it for the sleep tracker. I wanted to begin tracking my fitness levels with the pedometer and heart rate. I wanted something that would integrate with the apple health app. The price was right and i am satisfied with my purchase.

The quality is very good, very fashionable, after i bring it, i love sports more.

I got this as a present for my girlfriend as it was inexpensive, offered in a color and style that i thought she would enjoy, and seemed to cover all the basics of a fitness tracker without the unnecessary bells and whistles. It has a very simple, easily understood interface with the capability of syncing to your phone through the app (i believe it is possible to sync with apple health and whatever is the android equivalent). It can also get notifications from your phone. One feature i was pleasantly surprised to find was the ability to take a remote selfie (i was not aware that was available until after my girlfriend tried it out). Overall, i think it’s a good value for what i paid.

I don’t have much need when it comes to fitness tracker so i picked this one. It’s very light and simple which suitable for all daily activities. First, it has nice colored display with really nice screen. All the functions are watch, step tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate minitor and the one i like the most is phone and message notification. The heart rate monitor is relatively slow in respond but fairly accurate. I wish the instruction paper has more information about how to use the watch because not until the 4th day i knew how to use the setting function. Just simply long press until the options show up. The battery is quite impressive. It last for around a weeks wearing nonstop. Also, it’s waterproof so i have comfortable wearing it in the shower too.

Excellent product at this price with all these features that fitbit brands have available on it. Its light-weight, sleek and decent looking fitness tracker which has lots of functionality (tracking steps/calories/mileage/heart rate, training sessions). You don’t have to use all these features everyday but its good to have them. Easy to setup with home button. You can also sync it with your cell phone to get updates and set your date/time on the watch, view records/data after weeks/months stored. Battery life is long so you don’t have to keep charging every day, plus can use any usb charger. You can install an app on your phone to get more usability, get notifications, take selfies. Its a good startup fitness device/tracker for kids, seniors who would use it as a fitness tracker and don’t need too many bells and whistles. Overall its a great gift/product and i highly recommend it. Love the functionality at this price.

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I currently own a charge 2 and i also have the akuti fitness tracker. They both look really similar except its actually quite different in many ways 🙂 overall its a great tracker and much cheaper than charge 2pros:1) it has awesome colors. Its so colorful and fun to use the akuti fitness tracker :)2) it is super easy to charge: there are no proprietary charger, so you can use any usb charger you like3) the data that it collects is very comparable to what fitbit charge 2 collects ( i wore both of them for a month)cons:1) you can’t really change out to other kinds of bands (if that is your thing: metal bands, fabric bands, etc)2) there isn’t a community for you to compare your data with, or to connect with others (if that is your thing).

I honestly decided to get this fitness tracker because of it’s functionality as a watch & a step counter and the price is not too expensive. The other features are really just an added bonus. Pro:accurate time/date: the time & date displays as accurately as my phone, so i can depend on it as my primary watch. I find myself looking at my phone less. Clear home screen: the home screen shows the battery level, date/time, step count. The blue highlights the time & step count. Home button: i’m glad that the home button is so responsive, but honestly the home button is everything. It toggles the screen on and it switches between the many features. With a 3 sec hold, it allows you to enter the training mode or the settings. Long battery life: i am honestly impressed by how long it last on a single charge.

I used to have a fitbit but it didn’t fit me well so i gave it away. Then i found this simple tracker online. It turned out to be a better device (or at least to me it is). The wristband is comfortable and water resistant. Battery lasts longer (i’ve kept it on for 2 days and still half left) and app setting is user friendly. It also has this sedentary reminder so i don’t forget to move around after a while. Great design for ppl like me who often sits in front of computer for long hours.

 i am very satisfied with this watch. I always wanted to have a watch that could test my body’s metrics, but it was too expensive to buy on the market. This price is very suitable, and the functions are very complete and easy to use. This watch is also used with an app to learn about your body with data.

This tracker was offered as a warranty replacement for a different tracker i previously purchased for my son. It does exactly what the description says. It’s easy to set up and easy to use. It is being worn daily by my 9 year old son and has held up perfectly. Great quality, especially for the price. I must add, the customer service for the warranty exchange was outstanding. Fast, fair and so easy to work with. I would order from this seller again without hesitation.

This fitness tracker does it all. Track steps, distance, calories burned, training, heart rate. You can also connected via bluetooth to your phone for additional capabilities such as text messages. The app is also great in that you can check your history and adjust the settings to your preferences. I did a side-by-side comparison with this tracker and compared it to a namebrand fitness tracker. It work just as well without the name brand price. The only thing that can be improved would be able to increase the text size. That’s only for people like me who need reading glasses. I can still read it without it’s just an improvement that would be beneficial. The battery life is also amazing.

I bought my wife this fitness band for anniversary december 2018 and she loves it. She has lupus and like to track her vitals and sleep patterns. She said best gift she has ever gotten and so useful.Plus my daughter in college seen it and i got her one for christmas 2018 so i just got 2 this month december 2018. Now my 12 yr old wants one so i’ll be ordering another within a week. Awsome product my family adores it.

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