I purchased this to upgrade from a fenix 2, which i have owned for a year. The fenix 3 has a few improvements over the fenix 2 such as the addition of the glonass navigation system, ability to get notifications while in gps mode and download various watch faces. Have had to pair the watch a few times with garmin connect to have weather show on the watch. Otherwise, enjoying the watch.

Took a long time to decide upon buying this refurbished watch. I was on the fence between this fenix 3, a new fenix 3, or a new fenix 3 hr. I am totally impressed by every aspect of this watch. Looks and works like brand new, at a fraction of the cost. I excerise about an hour a day 6 days a week and battery lasts roughly a week, fully recharges in 1. I also purchased one of the old style hard chest hr monitors for twenty dollars. This serves my hr monitor purposes adequately and is more accurate than the wrist based ones anyways. Overall very impressed with all this watch has to offer. I previously had a suunto core watch, which originally cost more than the garmin and i had to get it warrantied out twice.

Don’t waste your time with the sleep tracking feature. It registers awake when you’re asleep and sleep when you’re awake. It does not compare favorably with other sleep tracking devices. I used this for about a week and sent it back. Positive feedback is the gps works well in open-sky conditions. Like all gps devices it requires an unrestricted view of the sky to get the best results. It’s like wearing a small dinner plate on your wrist. I put it side by side with the apple watch and it dwarfs the apple watch. I’ve used a lot of bluetooth and wifi devices, but unlike the fitbit products that have wifi dongles for windows support that provide wireless syncing of data, this device required me to connect via the usb cable/charging cable.

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This watch has been out for a couple years now. The current price of ~$234 is what i picked it up for, when i believe it went for ~$500 at initial release. I ordered the fitbit ionic gps watch and sent it back because it was the opposite of simple to use. This fenix 3 is incredibly simple to use. I wanted something that would tell me in real time my current running pace and how long i’ve been running. This watch does that, but after a run you’re also able to go back on the watch and see just how fast each specific mile was. It gives cadence strikes per minute as well, as well as info on elevation, etc. The button layout is very intuitive and easy to master, and the interface and button-ology make sense. The different digital watch faces you’re able to choose from should mean everyone can find a watch face display they like. I have mine set to analog and believe it looks quite nice.

I took my chances with a refurbed unit and so far after a few runs i absolutely love it. The functionality is unbelievable and saved me a couple hundred dollars. I bought a refurbed garmin 405 6 years ago and it’s still running strong. Out of the box, the watch looked absolutely new. I couldn’t find any external scratches or other damage.

I love my garmin much better than fitbit and far more durable than the apple watch, mine has taken a beating and has yet to have an issue. If you need a good gps and fitness tracker and dont need all the fancy tec like face book and other useless apps , great for hunting, hiking, fishing , and all other out door applications, i swim and fish with it and have never had an issue both in a pool , salt and fresh water this product is great i only regret not spending the extra money for the hr for the heart rate monitor.

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Before purchasing the fenix 3, i had been using the polar m400 to track my runs. I decided to upgrade to a watch with more features and longer battery life because the m400 would not have lasted through an ultramarathon or let me charge it on the go. I’ve been using the fenix 3 for about a week now and it’s amazing. The battery life is exactly would other reviews i’ve read said it was and the navigation features are incredible. I feel so much more confident exploring new trails and roads in my city now that i can map them out beforehand and have that information on my wrist throughout my entire run. I haven’t run an ultra with it yet, but i’m sure it’s going to do great. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an ultrarunning watch who doesn’t want to (or can’t) pay an arm and a leg for a fenix 5 or suunto 9.

This isnt a review for the fenix 3 itself, as there are plenty of reviews out there for that. Im specifically rating and commenting on the refurbished aspect. To clarify, this refurb is from garmin and comes with a 1 year warranty. This isnt a 3rd party refurb. The watch looks brand new along with all the accessories. If your debating on going new or refurbished, go refurb. What i recieved is 95% as good, if not 100%, for almost half the price.

Here are the specifications for the Amazon Renewed Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Fitness Watch Gray:

  • Omni-directional EXO stainless steel antenna, with GPS/GLONASS satellite reception, has the ability to track in more challenging environments than GPS alone
  • Fitness training features like VO2 Max and Recovery Advisor (when used with a heart rate monitor)
  • Outdoor navigation features like 3-axis compass, altimeter and barometer, TracBack and Sight’n Go
  • Battery life: up to 20 hours in GPS training mode; up to 6 weeks in watch mode
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Reviews from purchasers :

  • Functional and EASY to use
  • Very nice watch for the cost! Very pleased!
  • Factory refurb, 1 year warranty, looks brand new.