Perfect replacement for my 310xt that finally went kaput.

A big improvement over my trusty 305. Smaller/slimmer, battery seems to last forever, and easier to read.

I have had this garmin for about four years now and love it. Initially my wife got it for my because i was doing triathlons in addition to my regular running. This watch since to my bike and can be used on the swim. To be honest i haven’t used it much in the swim outside of races simply because all my swim training is done in the pool. I love the garmin line of training watches. Some of my favorite features are the ability to create individual workouts, load them on the watch and then execute them with just the push of a button.

Easy to upload data to computer.

The main power button stopped working. Bought this refurbished one.

I like it,i mainly use it for running, however it is too slow to reflect the changes in my rhythmother problem is that is difficult to see the actual time while you also check for distance, rhythm, etc, may be i have not figure it out how to set it.

Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS-Enabled Sport Watch (Renewed)

  • High sensitivity receiver
  • Tracks time, distance, pace (or speed), elevation (via barometric altimeter)
  • Can be used for swimming, running and cycling
  • Battery life up to 20 hours

Great for the money and a fantastic watch.

The functionality of this is very similar to previous versions. This links up to satellites fast, very impressed.

I prefer the 910xt, as i have purchased a second, as a backup. I aspire to a 920xt, but do not see an extraordinary benefit over the 910xt, so far, even though the color screen is cool. I migrate my data and analyze it on training peaks – very valuable for a strict 12 week schedule. The newer 935xt , while technologically sophisticated is a big human factors step backwards with a round case, which, centuries ago, were based on dials and round gears. It makes no ergonomic sense, these days, with rectilinear data arrays, so i will scoop up all the 910 and 920 stuff i can find til they’re gone since they are way more readable as the case design is based on rectilinear displays. I will train with the 910xts all the way up to worlds next year.

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The refurbished version was the way to go, it is in perfect condition. Don’t forget to turn it off after using it, i made that mistake and was wondering why i had to charge it after one use.

Great tool for multiple sports. It has 4 screens that can easily be scrolled through. Each of the 4 screens is fully customizable. You can anywhere from 1 to 4 info fields on each screen and you can choose what info to display in each field of each screen. There is a very long list of info values to choose from. I was able to figure out how to operate it without the instructions so it is fairly intuitive for a watch with so many features.

I bought this watch refurbished because i am just getting started in triathlon. Its a good watch for what i do, nothing fancy, basic swimming, running and biking. I dont use the heart rate monitor. The watch does seem a little buggy sometimes, ie i have to push the on button a few times for it to turn on. Also, it communicates, with the ant stick, but, the garmin online account doesnt always update for some reason. All in all, for the price, and my level of training, its fine. As i progress, i guess i will use more of the watches features.

The interface is almost identical to the 310xt. It does a good job of smoothing the pace (the 310 is sensitive to arm movements so when you raise your arm to look at the watch the pace changes). The tri sport features are a nice touch. For a gps watch it is a respectable (not terribly bulky) size.

Original charger came in the packaged , and the watch works perfectly. The size is ok, not too big.

Awesome device, and refurbished. Yes, it’s a black and white display and you can’t connect and synch using bluetooth, but who cares?. So far not a single problem with it. Used it for a 55 mile ultra (14 hours of tracking) and battery was still going strong for hours afterwards (don’t know how long it will really last as i have not had an event or activity that was longer. Have used it for open water swimming too and have not had any problems either and seems to track distance reasonable well.

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This is absolutely the most amazing watch ever. I’ve had several over the years, and this one is the easiest to set up and use, easiest to see. I love that for each activity, you can set up four different activity screens with different data fields. No more counting strokes or laps.

Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS-Enabled Sport Watch (Renewed) : The price is right for this marvelous sport watch.

At smartphone age, it seems aged, but you will get used to it and it has plenty useful utilities and its really reliable. Garmin connect (software) has some good options but it is behind of others popular apps like runkeep, it should have link with it. It does have link with strava. I am using it for 1 month after 4 years using nike+ smartwatch. It seems a good benefit/cost ratio.

Not sure if the newer ones are better but there’s a couple things: you can’t fully put in the pool size or change some of the settings. I haven’t used it for multiple sports yet – that will be the big test.

The screen is large enough to be seen while running; yet, small enough so it doesn’t feel awkward on my wrist. The interface is easy to use. One for me and one as a gift.

Used this for about 6 months love it for swimming because it’s really difficult to judge distance in the water. Fairly accurate in the lake usually with in. Does not track well for hiking with lots of switch backs in the mountains does well for running in the city.

Great watch, met my expectations. It was refurbished but it was in perfect conditions, great packaging and very good product.

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So far, watch has performed as expected. I have used it in all three sports and have received good results.

I bought this watch to replace my garmin forerunner 305. The first thing i’ll say is that refurbished watch is indistinguishable from a brand new one. I’ve been using this watch for a week of triathlon training and so far i am happy with it. Below is a list of pros and cons from my experience so far. Pros:* considerably less bulky than the 305, though not as streamlined as the vivoactive or 920xt. Fairly comparable to the polar v800, size-wise. The buttons are also configured exactly the same as the forerunner 305 (which is nice for me)* nice-sized screen, easy to read display. Screen might be slightly bigger than the 920xt, slightly smaller than the vivoactive. * very easy to switch between sports. Auto-multisport mode is extremely convenient for triathlons and even allows you to track transition time.

Easy to use, light weight and awesome for open water swims. For long runs it has a nice feature that notifies me when to change pace.

Received the watch in two days, awesome shipping time. Inspection upon arrival was perfect. The box included all accessories. After a test swim and run, the tracking was spot on and seems very durable for a refurb. Great watch at a great price.

I was worried it might be too large, but it feels fine on the wrist. It acquires signal quickly and does not lose track in deep redwood canyons. Battery life is good for 3 half day hikes. The altimeter though is pretty unreliably compared to suunto and casio watches. I wonder if it is due to water impacting the sensor?. And for a watch that has a swim mode it is disappointing that the display floods and later fogs up just after sitting in a pool. The made the display unreadable and took 2 days to clear. (there is a gap between the glass cover and the lcd. ) i wanted to take the watch snorkeling, but i certainly don’t want salt in there.