Pros -great battery – lasts over a week unless you gps track activitiesgreat gps tracking that will show you a map of you activity and track your calories based on the gps info and your biometrics (height,weight, age, etc)waterproofharder to change watch facesapp is a little bit complicateddoesn’t seem to sync to myfitness pal very well. Some functions can sync but struggling to get the food to sync to the garmin app. Doesn’t sync with some other programs great. Overall great waterproof activity watch.

Note that you cannot pair two bluetooth items at a time. You can’t wear the chest strap and have the watch paired with your phone. I’d also like to see a feature like pebble that allows you to respond to texts. Other than that this watch has stood up to a lot of abuse. Not all wrist heart rate monitors are created equal. The one in this watch blows pebble’s out of the water. Note that wrist hr monitors are not comfortable at all and vary when you’re skin is wet.

It’s great so far, the gps is very accurate, and it has a wide variety of preloaded activities to choose from. You also have the ability to add new activities through the garmin app. It automatically syncs all of your data to the app. The sleep monitor has been a very useful feature as well. Battery life is excellent (4 to 5 days between charges). You are able to selectively choose which apps have permission to send you alerts, so the watch is going off non-stop. I wish the design was a little easier on the eyes, but it’ll work for now. I got a refurbished one and just couldn’t beat the price for the features it has.

I bought the forerunner 235 first but returned it. Ended up returning it for two reasons;- primary reason was that after a week the heart rate started varying quite a bit, like 20-30 bpm more than it should have been at. This went on for a couple days. Didn’t want to troubleshoot since its was a refurb, and why keep it if having problems that soon. Hopefully this won’t happen with the vivoactive. – for the vivoactive hr the interface is simpler, has a touch screen, and has more activities. The odd thing with the forerunner is they arbitrarily limit the activity options, whereas the vivoactive has ones like swimming, walking, and even yard work. I really don’t get the why the limit on so few activities on the forerunner (eg no walking, no hiking, no swimming) when it costs nothing to enable them. If this was an option i couldn’t figure it out. I think the forerunner has more data views and menus, which only makes sense if you want or need all that data on the watch.

I’ve owned this watch for about 10 months now. There are two reasons why i’m not crazy about this model. It’s too big to wear with long sleeve shirts on a casual basis. But more importantly, the heart rate monitor is not accurate. More than once during a physical exam the nurse measured my hr at 67 bpm while the watch had a readout of 92 bpm. Naturally it puts my workout stats into serious doubt, including calories burned. That means i have not burning nearly the amount of calories i thought i’ve been burning. I guess i’ll have to buy a dedicated heart rate monitor chest strap. If i had to do all over again i’d have purchased the original slim vivoactive with the chest strap.

A little wider than other similar products out there that monitor fitness, but built with a ton of features you will not likely find outside of garmin. If you are comparing this watch to the fenix 5 series, you will find that for the most common things you do in your daily life and exercise regime, this watch will be all you will ever need. It tracks just about every exercise you can imagine. There are tons of exercise apps available at the garmin connect iq store that takes mere seconds to download to your watch. The colors are rendered nicely. This watch will bluetooth connect to your cell phone to let you know when it rings or receives txt messages. It reminds you to get off your butt and move if you have been sitting for a protracted period of time. It will track the quality of your sleep and monitor your heartbeat. It will assist you in locating your wheels.

  • Return was accepted no problem and we promptly go a replacement that has been perfect and had been in the pool for over 20
  • Great replacement for Microsoft Band owners
  • Prefer this watch over the Forerunner 235
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I’ve had the vivoactive hr for a little over a month now and i’m really enjoying it. I had a microsoft band (v1) and i really liked the band but it was giving me a rash and they discontinued the product line so i chose this as a replacement. I still miss some features of the band but the vivoactive hr is a really good replacement. It has a similar set of sensors and does everything i need it to do. Here’s a quick list of what i like and don’t like:pros:- waterproof. I wore it in and out of the pool for a week on vacation and it was great. – strap is more comfortable than the ms band- automatic sleep tracking is great. You might have to edit the first couple entries until it gets used to your movement- garmin connect app is pretty good though i have trouble getting it to consistently recognize my installed connectiq apps- connectiq apps and watch faces are awesome. Shoutout to actiface, it’s greatcons:- my wrist seems to be between 2 notches in the strap so it’s either a little too tight or a little too loose, but it’s not a big deal really- stair counting doesn’t seem to work all that great. I go up and down the stairs in my house many times a day and it only seems to count about a third of the trips i make up the stairs.

If you’re looking for a high quality fitness tracker with minimal smart watch capabilities, this is it. I wanted a designated fitness tracker with a few smart watch features, not a smart watch that kind of worked with fitness. Plus, that battery life is amazing, lasting about a 9-10 days before charging with daily use.

But the first one was new and is still running after 3 years. This refurbished one has had some issues with the battery maintaining a charge. My first one is running still and it had a batter issue – after 3 years. Just reordered the fenix 3 and i still like the garmins. The vavoactive is still the most affordable and reliable one. This was just a bad one but refurbs aren’t all bad. Amazon makes it reliable because they will guarantee what came from them.

I feel like buying refurbished is sometimes a gamble but i’m glad i did with this product. It looks new out of the box and i’ve had zero issues with it. Depending on use the battery has lasted me 3 to 7 days. The shorter time periods are when i was tracking day long hikes and long runs for consecutive days. It seems pretty durable and i wear it all the time, including in the shower and for swimming. It hasn’t had any issues keeping water out. It also charges very fast, from less than 10% to 100% in under an hour. Gps tracking seems very reliable in comparison with my phone, which i previously used for activity tracking. Heart rate tracking does a pretty good job as well compared to my chest strap. Elevation is decently consistent but is always a bit off from elevation profiles given by strava/runkeeper, etc.

Garmin hit a home run on this watch. I’ve had several smart watches/fitness watches, the pebble, lg g watch round, garmin viviosmart hr, gps running watch. Using the ‘face it’s garmin app you can set a custom screen. You can get phone alerts, monitor daily steps, flights, hr as well as turn on gps for tracking runs. Battery life is amazing especially when compared to general smart watches. Great companion to run with phone to control music or run without with dedicated gps.

Features of Garmin Vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch, Regular fit – Black (Renewed)

  • GPS smartwatch with a sunlight-readable, high-resolution colour touchscreen
  • Built-in sports apps include GPS-enabled running, biking, swimming and more – no phone connection required
  • Customize with watch face designs, widgets and apps from our Connect IQ store
  • Receive smart notifications and smart coaching from Garmin Connect when paired with your phone

GPS smartwatch with a sunlight-readable, high-resolution colour touchscreen

I had a fidbit charge 2 for close to a year. I liked a lot of the features, but having it stop tracking whenever i worked out hard enough to sweat was extremely annoying. I tried the garmin vivosmart briefly, but returned it because of problems connecting to the gps. I ‘ve had the vivoactive hr (i bought refurbished) for a couple months now and am quite happy with it. Aside from being waterproof, which means it keeps working even when you sweat, i find the hr monitor much more accurate than the fidbit charge 2. It is bulkier, but added surface contact makes it more accurate as there is less interference from light. I have switched my primary goal from steps to intensity minutes. There have been some glitches after updates on the intensity minutes but, over-all, it has been an extremely useful feature. When there has been a glitch to the intensity minute recording feature, there are user-defined heart rate zones to track intensity minutes with a little more math involved. There are all kinds of apps to customize your watch.

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To clarify, the watch i bought is a refurb, and everything i am about to say holds true even for those not coming straight from the manufacturer (barring obvious shady dealers). This is a great watch to have if you are looking for anything from a fitness tracker all the way down to just a watch for your everyday. The notifications widget is particularly useful for those needing a physical reminder they have an upcoming appointment, as the watch vibrates on your wrist in order to grab your attention. The media controls are not working as well as i would like, but they work nonetheless. Of course, the fitness portion of the watch is the showstopper, with a greatly accurate heart rate monitor, step counter, and gps function, which is best if paired with the connect app. Also, the waterproof feature of the watch is a fantastic plus for anyone wanting to be up to date on their notifications when at play in the water, or at the least wanting to keep a running time limit on how long they are in the shower. All in all, this watch is a sturdy, tried-and-true must for anyone ranging from fitness enthusiasts to everyday working-people.

I have a slightly irregular heartbeat so i searched for months for an affordable monitor. This does the job really well and i’m hooked. Plenty of additional apps let you take advantage of programs that don’t come with the watch by default. Calculator, gps position, maps, etc. You might have to be a little savy to make some of them work well.

I’ve had this watch for about 3 weeks. I’ll start by saying i got it pretty much for the run tracking and it does not disappoint. Tracks well, gps connects fairly quickly, and the app on my phone is really nice for reviewing statistics. Only problem i’ve had is connecting the phone to the app but with patience, it will eventually connect. I can wear it to church and not feel like i’m wearing a ‘fitness watch’.

The function and fit of this watch are average to above average with the waterproof is very convient. The battery life without gps is above average and actually a great benefit. The biggest negative is that the screen is easily scratched and damaged. For the price you pay, it should be a higher quality screen and i should not have to buy the screen protectors. For this reason and this reason alone i would not recommend this watch. The screen will disappoint you.

I didn’t like this at all at first and thought i’d be returning it. But it actually does what i’d wanted it to do. Be a stopwatch with gps and heart rate monitoring. You have to enable the lap button on the settings which is a bit clunky but not terrible. The screen is dim in low light. It seems to do a great job of monitoring heart rate all day and the gps seems quite accurate. It also tracks sleep, links pretty easily to my phone, automatically sends data to my phone, links data to myfitnesspal app, and also allows incoming calls and texts to the watch. I called myself to test that but couldn’t tell if i can actually talk as if on a phone on the watch. I don’t believe it can call or text out and there are very limited apps, but i didn’t get the watch for those reasons. This is a pretty nice fitness tracking device.

Built-in sports apps include GPS-enabled running, biking, swimming and more –

I have been using this device for several months now. It is the best watch i have had. Previously had the vivosmart, the vivosmart hr, a ifit watch and now this one. The profession that i work in had many hazards and this watch has been trough them all. It is durable and does exactly what i needed it to. The availability to customize the apps on the watch and the ability to adjust what i see makes the watch more practical for everyone. The gps feature was one of the reasons i bought the watch and it works great and is as accurate as any other gps i have had. I would recommend this device to anyone looking for an activity tracker.

I like this watch, for a few reasons, it does it’s core job well and holds a decent charge about 8 months into owning it. However, it is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to hike in the wilderness unimpeded by a sense of direction, using the gps mapping feature even the clumsiest navigator can get back to where they started. It also tracks exercise, sleep, heartrate, and has support for push notifications, however, not dying in a desert is worth all that and more.

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Good morning gentlemen amazon,on february 3 i bought a garmin vivovoactive hr gps smart watch, regular fit, color black (reconditioned certificate) with which i am very fatigued with all its functions and i have been very useful in my ongoing activities. But on march 11, it started with weird behavior, the percentage of loading the equipment from 100% low very fast until you reach 0% in less than 24 hours. One week later you are not taking charge and do not turn on. How can you help me with this case?greetings cortiales,julio torres,[email protected]

I really appreciate this watch for it’s simplicity, very good battery life, and the pretty solid connect app and website. Refurbished is a good deal too. Battery life does go down much quicker if you’re doing gps tracking but it’ll survive a long day hike. I am aware that optical heart rate monitors can’t be perfect but wow, this one has proven to be borderline useless during activity for me. To be fair it’s ok at tracking my resting heart rate and sometimes works well enough for walking. It does sometimes work during heavier excercise too, where the wrist isn’t moving a lot. Even then it sometimes takes 10 minutes to lock on to my heart rate. More often it’s doing something like showing a heart rate of 94 after i just powered up 500 vertical feet with a 25 pound backpack and my hr is actually more like 150. I’m sticking with it but i am going to be ordering a chest strap heart monitor.

I have had this watch for a little over a year and tomorrow i am running a marathon, the watch just died. The screen is so dim it’s unreadable and the touchscreen no longer accepts input. It was good while it lasted. I was considering getting another one but i might try a different brand as this one did not have the longevity that the price warrants.

I went through 3 fitbit charge hr’s in 18 months. I work bike patrol in a hot climate. Should have gone with waterproof tracker first try. I wear it in the shower and rain, no issues after a month. The screen is dim, even with the back-light on max. Its lcd, not led so that may be a big issue for some. I like the e-mail and text alerts. I like the ‘find my phone’ feature too.

Customize with watch face designs, widgets and apps from our Connect IQ store

We ordered 1 and it failed when it went for a swim. Touch screen stopped working. Return was accepted no problem and we promptly go a replacement that has been perfect and had been in the pool for over 20 hours with no problem. Both looked like new, so i am not sure what happened with the first one.

Best value watch for fitness enthusiast (on a budget)months of constant and rigorous use without a single issue. Heart rate monitor is very accurate, on par with the best watch hrms out there, and many chest-straps. Gps functions are very cool, and exactly of the caliber you’d expect from garmin. Can’t do everything apple watch does, but you can get notifications, accept calls, look at calendar, control phone’s music player, etc. Battery life lasts forever (2 weeks on a full charge. Totally waterproof so no need to take it off except for charging. And the app that comes with it is great, especially compared to many other tracking apps out there. Definitely geared towards someone serious about fitness, but it actually doesn’t look like a dorky tracker band.

For the money he’s really good multi-sport heart/activity monitor. I have had garmin 205, 310 and other. For the money this was the best unit although it does not have all the features of the 310x such as for swimming. However account laps quite well, the heart monitor seems very accurate, and for running and biking it is perfect. Under $200 for a refurbished i actually bought one for my wife as well. Links with the garmin connect app to give you a maps and almost all the other data that i would want. Especially if you’re a data freak, this has been a pretty good unit.

Receive smart notifications and smart coaching from Garmin Connect when paired with your phone