Bought for my wife and the item has been working great, the color is a very dark purple, so it looks more like black but that is not a problem. Always stays connected and syncs when the app is opened. Tracks continuous heart rate.

I’ve been using this refurbished fitness tracker for a week and i absolutely love it. It’s been super helpful with monitoring my activity levels and sleep patterns. I love the software and how it links to myfitnesspal as well. Very easy to use, and the battery lasts really well. I charge it while i’m in the shower and haven’t had it drop below 75% all week.

The app is awesome, easy to use. The watch physically looks amazing and durable. My only complaints are that it doesn’t work well for cycling. They don’t have a quick option for that, which is a bummer. We also noticed some variance on the mileage tracker while we run. I have a path that i have mapped that is 2 miles. When we walk, it reports 2 miles, but when i run, it thinks it is a longer distance, reporting 2.

I bought this model for my daughter’s 8th birthday. So far it has been a good watch. I too have a garmin (garmin vivoactive hr) and it is neat being able to compare our steps with one another. She’s had the watch for about two weeks now. I was afraid it would be too bulky for her wrists, but it’s not too bad of a fit. She’s slightly above average in height and weight. So this adult sized fitness tracker fits her well enough. She hasn’t swam or showered in it yet, but it’s nice that we have that option. The color of the band is supposed to be purple. At first, i thought they sent us the wrong color.

This item appears new and has performed as expected. Delivery date met, packaging was secure.

Love the bluetooth phone connection that gives alerts and messages.

Heart rate (history visible on device up to 4 hours), steps counter etc. I like itthe only thing is that steps counter increments while i’m in the bus as well – but i think it’s unavoidable in major number of similar devices due to pedometer sensor work.

I researched a lot of fitness trackers, and i must say the vivosmart hr is exactly what i was looking for. Planning on buying a second one for my son.

Got to give them your information yo use otherwise it would be 5 star.

Reliable battery , heart rate and calories were unusually bit high, problem with weather it stops,like very much water resistant, overall very satisfied.

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I like it, seems to work okay. Not as user friendly as the fitbit hr. I’m still learning all that it does. It has a lot of nice features.

I received my garmin vivo on feb 24th and had really been loving it since now. Let me also add that i purchased mine refurbished. When i first opened it i was a bit digusted by the color. I believe it was posted as plum, and i was expecting more of a purple looking band, but it’s a very dark shade. I got used to it after a while though and am not taking this into account when rating it because the color doesn’t affect how well it works. Anyways, until now everything on here had been working prefect. Everything is synced well, bluetooth working, i get my weather, my notifications, all my activity info. But then all of a sudden i stopped receiving my notifications. This is a bit of a big deal for me because it was so helpful for me when i’m in class and can just look at my preview message to see the importance of my phone vibrating. I’ve tried resynching, restarting everything, but still i don’t get them.

Holding up to getting wet great, unlike the 4 fitbits that i went through because they all stopped working the second water touched them. My only complaint is inaccuracy on stair climbs and that i find the garmin connect app to be more difficult to navigate than fitbit.

Before this purchase i went through two fitbits in less than a year due to band issues. My son-in-law and daughter always purchase garmin and suggested this refurbished option. It is one of the best purchases i have made. The band issues i had with fitbit do not exist and i am happy with all of its features. I did not think the notifications were necessary but was proven wrong. The garmin arrived quickly, was a good price and is a addition to my to my fitness journey.

I wear my garmin all the time. It is comfortable and easy to put on. It keeps track of most of my exercises. I owned one that didn’t have an easy to put on band. I have a very small wrist and this band worked well. I use a stationary bike and it doesn’t keep track of that.

I find that it does not track my steps accurately. I have been another fitness tracker for probably a year and wanted an upgrade. Just doesn t have the phone and text features. The step tracking on that one is more accurate. I even wore them together on same wrist and was almost half of this one. The company sent me an update so maybe that will help. I turned off the sync for the steps to my fitness app and are just putting in manually.

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This watch does everything it is supposed to do. It counts steps well, except when pushing a stroller. The heart rate works well, but when i am running it shows my heart rate to be lower than it actually is. I am pleased overall with the functions this watch offers.

Garmin Vivosmart Heart-rate Activity Tracker (Certified Refurbished) – Purple : I am very pleased with the accuracy of the pedometer and i also like how i can keep track of my heart rate. I was easily able to use garmin connect and pair my watch to my my fitness pal account.

I tried several fitness tracker watches before this one and this really is the best. The battery lasts at least a week. Through the app you can customize what info shows up in your wristband, including the weather. The heart rate monitor and step tracker seem much more accurate than the other ones i’ve used. The step tracker is sensitive enough to count steps, but not so sensitive it counts every twitch of the hand. It’s comfortable and fastens like a normal watch so it doesn’t come undone and is easily adjustable.

Her old coco smart screen wasn’t working so i had to get her the new one for her birthdayshe loves it.

I spent a lot of time researching fitness bands, from the least expensive off brands to the top model fitbits. Finally, i landed on this one and i couldn’t be happier. The display looks nice and is even more functional than i expected, the app provides a ton of information, and so far the band seems to be fairly accurate. I don’t expect the heart rate monitor to be spot on every moment of the day, but from what i can tell it provides a good daily/weekly picture of your resting and active hr. For $60, i don’t think you can do much better.

Much more affordable than the fitbit. And, in my opinion has been more reliable.

Heart rate monitor is very accurate. Text message and notification display is nice. Connects easily to iphone 7.

I can’t believe i waited this long to switch to garmin. After my third fitbit fell apart, i decided to try this. My garmin has more feathers and works so much better.

The shipping and price were great, i bought it for my wife, we haven’t had it long. It has all the functions i would want and set up was easy once i realized that i should read the instructions. Following the instructions as i said, set up was easy. I have other garmin products and like them all, they are made well and good functionality.

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I only just got this tracker, so i don’t have much to say about how it performs yet, but: i want to leave a review to note that the purple color is barely distinguishable from black. I returned the first one because it was black, but when i got the second, i had to look at it under bright light and squint at it for a few minutes, and even then i wasn’t 100% sure it was purple. It’s a very, very dark purple–darker than the images here make it look. Now i wonder if i just didn’t look at the first one closely/long enough–but who should have to do that at all?so if you get one and it looks black, take a really, really good look. Or just order the black in the first place and be done with it, because nobody who sees this thing at a glance is going to think it’s any other color. I’ll try to remember to update this review when some more time has passed and i can talk about how it actually works. Update: i’ve used the vivosmart hr for nearly three months now. Overall, i’m pretty happy with it. I take the calories burned with a grain of salt, and the same with the heart rate (especially after my doctor’s nurse took it and came up with a completely different number), but it still gives me a sense of how hard i’m working, and it’s worth having a more accurate step/stairs count than my phone could give me, a way to track how much time i’ve put in all week, etc. Its ‘move bar’ annoys me enough to get me to go walk around (or even walk in place, if necessary) to make it happy, which means it’s served its purpose.

Worked well for a year and then it stopped working 😕.

I had the garmin vivofit before i bought this one. I actually lost the vivofit at a concert, so i wanted another garmin, but i did not want to spend a load of money on a brand new one. I decided to go certified refurbished because this device isn’t a) a phone, so it would work pretty much the same, and b) i just needed something to replace my old fitness watch. This does the job beautifullyit is sleek and compatible with my phone. I am so happy that i did not decide to buy a brand new one because this one works as if i had just spent $120 to buy a brand new one. The touchscreen works amazing, the product looks clean.