Ordered a fitbit charge 2, at an incredible price, from another site for workouts with a small band; however, when received, it had a large band and did not fit properly. Since this was a product they didn’t normally carry, a replacement band could not be sent and i didn’t want to return the fitbit because of the band, i did some research and found these bands to replace the one erroneously received. Loved the price and the design on the band. Plus it’s a perfect fit for my fitbit. Now, i can change the bands to match my workout wear. Ordered on wednesday and the product was received on saturday. Hopefully, i won’t have to reorder any time soon but if i do. I will definitely reorder from this seller.

Get lots of compliments on the gold and pinkish (rose gold) bands. I tend to like expensive looking jewelry, but i’m stuck on my fitbit so in order to ‘dress it up’ i purchased these. Lots of complements, but even if i didn’t receive compliments, i would still wear them. They really dress up the fitbit at such a low price.

The band is not as luxurious as the pictures but it fits very well. It’s more of a plastic feel than the rubber one that came with my fitbit. However, it seems to be just as durable. It’s great that there’s three of them. Came on time and the funny smell left after a day.

I ordered these small replacement bands. There was a tiny defect with the metal buckle on just one of the three bands. The seller was excellent to quickly replace the band and it was delivered within a couple days. The bands have a beautiful color with a nice metallic sheen (on the bronze and champagne), perfect fit, similar texture and diamond design as those manufactured by fitbit. I love theseamzpas fitbit charge 2 bands, small large adjustable replacement accessory wristbands bracelet for women & men (#special:bronze+champagne+gray, small).

This fitbit replacement bands are a great value for the price. The size is good, and they lock securely into the fitbit ‘brain’ — so i’m really happy with them. The only reason i hesitated to give 5 stars is because the texturing on them can make it difficult for the buckle to slide so i can fasten them.

Would have given 5 stars but one of the bands connection piece was too misshappened to use and the light pink colored band wears off around the edges. I have had these new bands for several months and feel they do withstand “wear” well seeing as how i am very rough on them and wear them almost constantly and expose them to an absurd amount of hand washing and hand sanitizer (medical field). They are quite a bit stiffer and do not soften up with wear, but they are not uncomfortable by any means. I would purchase them again.

Amzpas for Fitbit Charge 2 Bands, 3 Pack, Small Large Adjustable Replacement Accessory Wristbands Bracelet for Fitbit Charge 2 Women & Men

  • Multi-color Optional : Various colors available to dress up your Fit bit Charge 2, looks effortless day to night. Metallic colored added fun for your look.
  • Soft Material: Crafted from Premium TPU material for added durability while ensure stain-resistance, and maintaining maximum comfort.
  • Security: the metal clips makes the bands easy to install and remove, and would lock onto your fit bit charge 2 seamlessly, to protect it from falling off.
  • 2 Sizes: Small size for 5.5″ – 6.7″ (140mm – 170mm) wrist, Large size for 6.7″ – 8.1″ (170mm – 206mm) wrist. You could adjust your bands according to your wrist circumference properly.
  • 1 Year Warranty: free replacement or full refund without return for any quality problem during the warranty. If you have any problem whatsoever with your purchase, simply contact us via Amazon message and we will take care of it.
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Fit as expected and arrived as described by the seller. The only reason i do not give five stars is because the clasp on the pink band looked like it was glued but still works just fine.

The champagne and bronze colors are very attractive. Service was excellent by the seller. The black band didn’t fit right and the seller agreed to send replacements right away even though i was outside the amazon return window. Will definitely purchase again from this seller.

Two out of three of the bands get an a+, but the third band is what brings my review down to 3 stars. Overall, i love the look of the bands and the three different color options. Two of the bands can be put on and taken off without any difficulties. However, the third is nearly impossible to take off my fitbit when i want to change it out. I still can’t remove one of the sides and am afraid if i try any harder that i will break my fitbit. What is also unfortunate is that i can’t find a simple way to contact the company to see if they can fix the problem with this one band. I don’t want to send the other two back, but i might have to in order to get my money back for the faulty one.

I ordered small and they didn’t fit well. I informed them avout my issue and they replied in less than 30 minutes. I will be ordering mkre in the future.

I am not a person to place reviews but i do read them. I honestly believe these are better quality than the actual fitbit brand ones.

I wanted some metallic colors of bands for my fitbit. I was afraid the metallic look would flake off or look cheesy (after all, it is plastic), but after a couple of months of use the bands are holding up well and don’t seem to be discoloring. Actually, they seem to be staying clean longer than some of the other plastic bands i have bought. The diamond pattern is a nice change from the regular fitbit plastic band pattern and looks a bit spiffy. The champagne color goes with a lot of colors, and the bronze is quite nice, too. I’m hoping that more metallic colors and maybe some pastels will be available soon. I have had no issues with the bands or the hardware on them. The only thing i’ve found with these plastic bands is that when i first wear them they are stiff and the band seems to stick out a bit from my wrist, but after a few days of wear the plastic starts to curve and the band fits better.

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I love the diamond shaped design on these bands. Even though they are still silicone and sweat ready, they look a little nicer when dressed and paired with jewelry. The bands are a bit stiffer than the original and the watch itself will sit flat on your wrist, but the curve of the band sits up a bit off your wrist, thus more air flow under the band. I wasn’t sure i liked that at first, but i find i like the ‘air flow’.

The bands are good, the gray and the blush are the same material as the original fitbit band. However, the blush is just a plain light pink, not blush, and i worry that it will get dirty really quickly. Also i am not interested in wearing a pink band. Additionally, the champagne color is a different material than the gray and the pink. It is a lot stiffer and made of a plastic-ey material. I ordered a size small, the bands are slightly longer than the size small fitbit. All in all these bands look and feel nearly like the fitbit band (besides for the champagne one) but i am upset about 1. The plastic feeling of the champagne brand.

The look and the texture are exactly like the originals. However, the band is not as substantial. It’s not flimsy, but not as thick. Only time will tell how well these hold up. Also worth mentioning is that these are about 3/4′ shorter than the originals. For me, this wasn’t an issue, but for someone on the out or inner clasp connections, this could be a problem. The clasp that locks to the fitbit charge 2 actually seems better than the original. I have not had any disconnects, like i did with the originals. It’s only been a few days and i haven’t had any kind of issue with skin irritation.

While they are pretty and all, they are a bit tighter than the original fitbit bands. They are a little tougher to get off too. This is not a deal breaker but something that i’ve noticed after 3 months of wearing them.

I got the champagne/bronze/black pack in small. They fit my wrist well, without too much extra strap hanging off. I like all the colors, but bronze (almost a rose gold) is my favorite and goes well with my lighter skin tone. It is more visually subtle than the previous matte black band i had, and it is more classy for wearing to work. The material looks like it will not be affected by sweat or getting wet. It’s received multiple compliments.

Amzpas for Fitbit Charge 2 Bands, 3 Pack, Small Large Adjustable Replacement Accessory Wristbands Bracelet for Fitbit Charge 2 Women & Men : A great product for the price. Fits my fitbit charge hr 2 securely and straps seem quality (though a little stiff at first). The gold has a nice, high-quality-look sheen. Seems true to fit for “small” size. My only concern is the metallic buckle looks like it might tarnish over time or make my skin green.

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These arrived promptly and look beautiful. I no longer have to wear a purple band no matter how i am dressed. The band’s are super easy to change. The price was so economical that i worried that i would be happy. I’m more than happy, i’m delighted.

I was originally going to purchase a metal, bracelet like replacement band for my new fitbit — when i stumbled upon these awesome bands. They have a very rich look about them and have a metal like sheen. Due to the fact that they are rubber though they will not turn color or peel and are water safe. I was able to get three bands for less than the cost of one metal bracelet style band and they are amazingly easy to install.

I bought these to swap out my turquoise band. Especially when dressing up i don’t find the turquoise band dressy enough. My favorite ou’d the three is the champagne color. If this wears out, i would buy again.These are hard to put on, just fyi. You may need to find a video on youtube your first time. I have to let my husband replace them because they bend my fingernail. They are sturdy and will hold up.

I love my new fitbit charge 2 and wanted to be able to change the bands for variety. This pack gave me 3 different colors at a good price. So far they seem fine and are much like the band that came on my fitbit. I did go online to learn how to change the bands because i was having trouble understanding how that worked.

. The paint on the band is smudging off (day 1 the corners of the piece that holds the extra band after the fastening to the second band was already worn off, day 4, more paint has worn off) but it appears i go through my bands quickly so i just need something that holds my fitbit to my wrist and since it’s a 3 pack, hopefully for the next year or so.

The three colors i chose are beautiful in person and very much match the picture i saw on here. They were easy to attach to my fitbit as well. My only complaint is that one of them developed a bubble in the band near where it gets connected to my fitbit and i’m not sure if taking that piece off and then putting it on again will help or not.

Still wearing the rose gold one, but looking forward to switching over when this one wears out. Good looking without being expensive. And so far, this one has not broken like my fitbit band did.