It has everything what i needed heart rate or sleep monitor. And plus it’s kinda waterproof. The best part is it has strong battery. I didn’t even count it but it works more than a week which is amazing these days. And i also like screen size, bright and easy to see it.

Decent fitness tracker in the market. I browse all the reviews and video comparison to make a decision to buy this one. Affordable price and well designed multi functions. Works great, and sync with it app works even better. I considered flex 5 or casio pro trek, but for a lighter user like me just for running and biking this is good enough.

I bought this smart watch for my mother in-law , this is a present for her birthday. She said it was great, she love it sooooo much. She use it to track her heart rate, sleep condition, also steps and calories. It help her to keep weight and health. And she use it go to swim yesterday, it was awesome. I’m very happy she like it. Maybe i’ll buy it again for myself.

I like that the fitness tracker is comfortable. I could not keep it on at night to monitor my sleep patterns. . I didn’t like it on my wrist while i slept. I was able to sync it to my phone. I really don’t know if it is accurate in regards to steps but it is a good reminder to move. It requires charging every 3 days, less than advertised. I could not adjust the brightness of the tracker on my phone, it constantly stays at 5-the brightest. I cannot see the time, steps, etc. In the sunlight even though it is supposed to be able to be seen in the sunshine at the brightest setting. I mainly got this because of the waterproof ability because i paddle on a dragon boat.

I downloaded the app after receiving the watch. I noticed that it had around a 3 star review. Immediately i became scared that i bought a useless product. It told me to sync the watch on bluetooth. The watch did not have the same name as the manual said. I spent a bit messing around with different bluetooth devices until finally i found the watch. When i opened the app for the first time it crashed. However, after everything was said and done i managed to get the app working and the watch functioning. It works smoothly compared to before. I do have some trouble with it, and so i only recommend this watch for those who can get passed the initial issues.

I got this for my husband and he was so excited about all the featured it has. The mobile app is good, and the pedometer seems to be accurate. There was a light that kept coming on when he would toss in his sleep, but there is a way to disable that feature.

 the shipping speed is super fast. I buy it as a gift for my son because he wants a watch for a long time. It can monitor the heart rate, sleep, and even sms alert. I have to say it’s a fantastic product for this price.

This attractive looking fitness tractor has a waterproof screen. It has a heart rate monitor and a sleep monitor. It can be synced with your phone so that it will vibrate when you have a callone charge through an internal usb plug will last 6-8 days. It also has a 60 day money back guarantee,.

It takes longer to use after charging. I liked it, and so did my son, who took it two days later. You don’t need to turn on your cell phone to know how much exercise you are doing every day. The bluetooth function is unknown because the child has no mobile phone.

I got this tracker for my swimming classes. I just learn to swim this year so i’m trying to improve my speed and check my heart rate during my swimming. I also use this tracker while i’m sleeping and i found out some nights i only sleep 3 hours of deep sleep, because this device track your sleep quality. During the day help me to keep moving to reach my 10,000 steps per day. I will recommend for your holiday gifts. The tracker is well made and very durable. I use a lot and does not have any scratch on the screen. Easy to connect to your smart phone. I like the usb charger that is attached to the screen.

This is my first sport watch, and it works great so far. It is good substitute for those more expensive sport watch, because it covers many amazing functions. The heart rate counts accurate, and i usually use it when i exercising in gym. Furthermore, this screen is soooo cute.I design this watch a smart way for charging. Feel surprised, five star, thumb up.

I got this as a gift to my ante. I am worry about her health and want her to be fit. I can help her to track her work out log and help her to get track the heart rate. It is also very easy to use just couple taps and done. My auntie like to use it now. It helps her to track how many steps that she have been walked each day. I love that she likes my gift.

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I have always wanted a fitbit watch/fitness tracker, but i didnt want to pay the price of an actual fitbit brand watch. I thought i’d try this one since the price is affordable and it does the same thing as a fitbit. I’m glad i did because this is such a great purchase. It does everything that i hoped it would do. It does take some time to get used to the navigation, but easy to learn. Here are the specifications for the Aneken Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Watch Activity Tracker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【IP68 Waterproof & Color Screen】- Aneken fitness tracker is sealed by IP68 Highest Level Waterproof material. You can use it even when diving. The 0.96-inch color screen offers HD visual effects. The screen 5-level brightness allows you to see the text clearly under sunlight and avoid dazzling light in a dark environment. Warning: Affected by the water pressure and obstacle, the sensor fails to correctly track the personal heart rate under the water. It could not be used for “hot bath”.
  • 【Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Monitor】- This activity tracker can monitor heart rate for 24 hours automatically and continuously. You can check all-day dynamic heart rate curve graph on the app”VeryFitPro”; Comprehensively analyze data such as sleep duration, sleep depth and wakefulness sleep, guide you to improve sleep quality.
  • 【CALL / SMS / SNS Notification】- It will vibrate to alert you if the phone receives a phone call, SMS text. Simply connect the bracelet to your smartphone via Bluetooth and set up in the app, open the “SNS Alert” function in the app, you will never miss a call and message. Note: Due to the screen size limit, only the first 64 characters will be displayed.
  • 【Long Standby Time & Strong Compatibility】- Specially designed by a built-in USB plug to charge directly, no cable needed, one single full charge gives you about 6-8 days working time (on the normal mode); Device widely compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, System: IOS 7.1 or above, Android 4.4 or above.
  • 【Satisfied Guarantee】- Aneken fitness tracker supports 60 Days Money Back, 2 Years Replacement Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any quality issue for this smart band or you are not happy with your purchase.

This fitness tracker is wonderful and quite comfortable when worn on hand. It can track your steps and heart rate constantly. You can set the time to remind you sitting too long and ask to move. It is quite good function for me since i always look at the computer for a long time and do not move causing me feel backache. In addition, it is also a great companion when you work out. It can tell you whether the heart rate is too high and ask to slow down your exercise.

This wrist bend a sleek and lightweight fitness tracker that stands as one of the best i have used. It was a replacement purchase of my fitbit charge 2. The functions are quite similar except the price is much better. I would give it a solid 5 star for the functionality also the fashionable design’s. This fitness tracker will help you improve your fitness while looking great on your wrist. The battery life lasts about 5-6 days after a full charge.

Easy to check heart rate and steps throughout day which encourages more activity to meet goals. You can check your results easily. I got this one for my brother since i’ve been very pleased with a similar product. This works great and cost so much less than the fitbit that everyone talks about. Compatible with any bluetooth device too. I would highly recommend this product for encouraging exercise.

I bought this one for myself so i could track my heartbeat, steps, sleeping quality, etc. It has as many or more options than the more expensive name brand fit trackers for about a quarter of the price. I also like the look so much i’ve done away with my watch and use this as a watch and alarm. I would definitely recommend it.

I brought this bracelet for tracking my walking, sleeping, exercise and heart rate everyday. The most amazing feature of this product is the battery. I have been using this for more than one week, only did one time full charge the first day i got it. Until now, it still has more than 50% battery. I used ‘apple watch’ before, it needs battery charge every night, which actually make the sleep tracer function useless. I assume the battery of this fitness tracker could last more than half month with just one time full charge. Now i used it to trace my walking, sleep and heart rate daily, and with the running and bicycle model, i could calculate the total calorie everyday. Also good for using the alarm and reminders. It will remind me to walk around if i seat for one hour. The text message and coming phone reminder or alarm works great too.

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This is the first fitness tracker i bought on amazon and to be honest it brought me great surprise. The ui design is impressive and has many functions, like monitoring heart rates and steps. Meanwhile, it saves me trouble from taking my iphone everywhere since it can display messages from whatsapp and facebook. And i love the app coming together with this tracker. It can transmit my healthy data to my iphone and evaluate my healthy state. I believe this is the best product i can buy with such a moderate price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • very strong battery
  • Keep you moving all day, perfect gift!!
  • A good companion when work out

I bought this tracker because i had a fitbit that i liked, but only i got a year out of it before it fell apart. I didn’t want to pay that price again for something that doesn’t last, so i took a chance on this fitness tracker. I love the look of the tracker, and i like the display. I found it easy to pair with my phone (motorola z3), and it has decent battery life. But the one thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars. How does a digital tracker that has everything but the kitchen sink, not have the date?. I do not carry my phone with me all the time, so i have always relied on my ‘watch’ for the date. Other than the date issue (that drives me batty), i’m happy with it.

This watch is good for keeping track of how much you’ve exercised, heart beats per minute, and your sleep. When you first look at the watch it tells you the time and the temperature outside. The second screen tells you how many steps you’ve taken. The third screen tells you your current heart beats per minute. You will have to install the veryfitpro app on your phone to set the various alerts. You can set alerts for: phone calls, sedentary alert (reminds you to move), and alarm alert (alarm clock). I’ve used the sedentary alert and the alarm. The watch vibrates for it’s alarms. The sedentary alert does not work very well. I set it to remind me to move after 30 minutes but i’ve sat at my desk for several hours and it has not vibrated to remind me to move.

I got the watch for my teenage girl. It’s reasonbly priced and gets work done. It allows her to see message alerts easy and clear and counts calories for her. Two most important things my girl is looking for in a smart watch. I’m sure it has more features that she needs to discover on her own. It doesn’t break a bank and makes my girl very happy.

This is an excellent starter tracker. I know several people that bought trackers and they are sitting in a drawer because they decided they didn’t want to do that after all. So i wanted to make sure it was going to be something i would use. I had a few issues to start with. If i decided i wanted something more advance, i would check this company first. The charger is something that will make people with more expensive trackers jealous. Snap off one wrist band and plug it into any usb port. So you can charge it anywhere. The charge lasts about 5 days. The tracker is doing what i wanted.

I have a fast heart rate naturally and it way underestimates my heart rate by 20-30 bpm. I also am not happy with the sleep tracking as yet. It’ll get part of a night, but ignore the remainder of the night. It tracks, apparently, based on your arm being still at least 30 minutes. I generally do sleep fairly still, so i don’t know why it can’t catch that. I’m debating on returning it, but i’m trying to figure out if there is another product i should get instead. I also cannot stand the veryfitpro app. It’s horrible and not very user friendly. *note: with exercise, i found this actually ended up being as much as 50bpm off target too low. I also found i could only use the original 3 fitness modes, with the other 11 greyed out in the app.

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It has arrived very quickly and the information about packet tracking is also accurate. He likes walk as fitness active. This fitness tracker can count his steps as well as his heartbeats. It is easy to connect to smartphone , friendly to both apple and android. One good function he like is that it can alert him the latest information in real-time. The band is very comfortable.

Text messages are a bit hars to read being they come in vertical but at least it lets ya know when ya have one. Steps i think track a little more than it should. I deal cards at a table and i pretty sure it was tracking movement not steps. Bands are a little difficult to pull off but not horrible.

It is my first fitness tracker ever. I’m getting it to remind myself to start working out. This fitness tracker also tracks how i sleep as well. It tells me how long have i been deep sleep and light sleep it gives the exact time. This helps me to understand why sometimes i don’t feel well rested. It also tracks my heart rate as well. It is quite convienent i just have to tap on the screen to track everything whith this tracker.

I wear this watch everyday and night. Plus miles and calories i burn in a workout. It also has the ability to connect to your iphone. I get notified when i get incoming calls and shows text messages on my watch. And i love the pretty colors. Very impressed for the price.

It was a nice shopping for black friday. I ordered late night and got it next night. I had thought to buy fitness tracker for a while as i was trying to loose weight.

I’ve purchased plenty of watches in the past, this one works the best. It seemed to be the most accurate, which is what everyone wants and needs when searching for a fitness watch. I can’t have my phone on me in my day job so having a key watch like this was very important to me. I highly recommended this one to anyone that’s on the manhunt for a great fitness tracker. -accurate numbers-doesn’t lag-24 hour heart rate monitor.

I purchased one of these (very similar, not sure if from same seller or even exact same brand but they used the same app), a year ago and was very unhappy with it. Had to constantly put it in the charger just to make it turn on because it would constantly shut itself down. It never monitored my sleep, and i had to keep re-syncing it and even uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Fast forward to january 2019. I received it 1/12/19 charged it up that evening and started wearing it the next day, 1/13/19. I am pleased to say that today 1/21/19 is the first time i have had to charge it. It works way better than the previous one i had. I also believe the app may have been updated too.

I love the part that it tells to get up and do exercise, if you are sitting for too long. You can definitely change on the app how often you want to be reminded. I gave it to my son and he loves it.

I like this fitness tracker, especially for the cost. The battery life only last about 24hrs on a full charge when the metrics state 6-8days. Shows message, what’s app and phone call details too.

Originally brought this one for myself, but husband took it; instead of wearing his watch, he wears this one daily, and really likes it. It tracks his heartbeat, steps, sleeping quality etc. We go over his sleeping data almost daily.

Based on the device reviews, i bought this. Should have paid more attention to the 3-star app reviews. Constantly having to hit face of device to get it to turn on and then toggle through time, then heart rate, then steps. Barely stays lit long enough for me to see it. App has to be synced from phone to update the activity from the device. I wanted a clean, easy way to track my steps, but this is very cumbersome. Today was 4th day of seeing if i could adapt to it. I walked the treadmill 2 miles, then synced. Finally app updated my daily steps to match device, but it wouldn’t update steps on the weekly view. Decided to charge device thinking it was low and maybe that was the problem. Now the green lights on device won’t stop flashing. I’ve had enough and i’m returning.

This is an amazing fitness tracker. Once it’s charged, it can last up to 3 days. It’s an very simple tracker for kids or old people too. I am planning to buy more for my parents, as they donot need to use too many things.