After a few rounds already learning more about my game.

Before i jump right in, i am a mid handicapper and by no means an expert. Set up and installation: this was a breeze, download the app, register, attach the sensors and then pair them. Total process is about 10-15 minutes. Usage: too many features to go into but i let’s start with the gps. I love the fact that i can be on a hole and you see a top down of the hole with hazards. You always get the distance to the front of the green, middle and the back. (new feature allows people to tag where the actual hole is for others). This thing keeps so much useful data to help you understand how you play. This way you know where you need improvement. Just before you tee off, open the app, play around and place it in your pocket and it will do the rest.

I don’t like having to carry my phone but i pre-ordered the clip on sensor, everything else i love.

I love this, at first i was hesitant on buying this because of some reviews but i went ahead and took a risk. One of the bigger things brought up was having to play with phone in pocket. I’m a female and 9/10 i’m playing in a skirt and i have the iphone 8 plus. I’m now playing smarter and have shaved off a few strokes. So far i’ve only played 3 rounds with it but i can’t wait to play more with it.

I really like this system, i start my round and don’t look at it much during play but it really helps me to focus on my game and to work on the weakest parts – like approach shots for me. The visuals are awesome and i find it very accurate.

Have only played 2 rounds with it so far and based off of my first round i was already getting club suggestions in the second round. Made me feel more confident in the club i had in my hand. As i play more round the yardage will get more precise and it will be even better. So far i am extremely happy with it.

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Arccos users know the exact distance to any point on the course, learn precisely which club to Use in every situation and identify Actual strengths and weaknesses of their game
  • Developed in partnership with Microsoft, arcos Caddie uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized club recommendations and optimal strategies based on your performance data
  • Arccos Caddie is hands-free and fully automatic. Unlike competing products, it requires no tagging, tapping or other annoying disruptions to a player’s routine
  • The low-profile sensors are 50% smaller and lighter than the original arcos System and feature a permanent Battery that is designed to last five years and are fully guaranteed for two years
  • Accessible via a free iOS or Android app, arcos Caddie is Compatible with iPhone 5S and above, and Android devices running marshmallow and above that include a Gyroscope and accelerometer

I would recommend these to anyone of at any level. On the course, you get distances to the front middle & back of the green with both actual and effective yardage. After the round you can view your stats for the round, any hole and club. You can go back in history and view any other round in your history. If you had a particularly bad round or just a practice round, you can exclude it from the stats while keeping the record for reviewing. The only drawback is the sensors eventually work loose to the point you can loose one on a swing. I tried silicone rtv adhesive. Electrical tape, works but the edges come loose quickly. The solution for me was to use 1.

My wife got me the arccos system as a christmas present a couple of years ago and i loved it pretty much from day 1. I love the stats and data it provides and how it’s helped me be smarter about club selection and figuring out how i should spend my practice time. I also love going back and re-living my rounds whenever i’m not able to get out on the course. In fact, i love arccos so much that when my clubs got stolen out of my car recently with the arccos sensors attached, i had to buy it again (hence the review title) as i just can’t go back to playing without it after having it these past few years.

Love this system gives me great insight on what clubs to hit, what i need to work on.

I would recommend this item.

I’ve played 4 rounds with this system so far and can already see how this will improve anyone’s game. It took like 5 minutes to set up and download the course and then you just play and it records all your shots. Then after the round, you get a ton of stats back that are super helpful. Have gotten my club distances dialed in and constantly using the rangefinder to get plays-like distances during the round. I’ve just unlocked the caddie feature so i’m sure that’s a game-changer too. My only question is why did i wait so long to get this??.

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Originally i saw a demo of this product at a trade show but it had not shipped yet. The demo at their booth was amazing. I fell in love with it from the first experience i had. I finally ordered it and have used it for at least 5 rounds and i love it even more. It showed up in this beautiful packaging. The instructions can’t be any easier. The sensors are extremely accurate and on point. The club tracking and caddie features are extremely helpful and then you get these awesome reports to give you better ideas on club selection and preparation for the next round. Every golfer should own these sensors.

Cannot believe how simple this is to use and how effective it has been in upping my game. I enjoy golf, and have a good swing from playing field hockey my whole life. My challenge has been some days i crush the course, and others it crushes me. With this device, i feel like i have a personal caddie and will never look back. This product is a must give this holiday season.

The way it automatically keeps score and the way it works with the apple watch.

This is a pretty good product for golfers that want to have better course management, improvement club selection, and who are into statistical data of their rounds. Setup is pretty easy as you just open app add clubs and scan the sensors for each club. When using, you have to keep the phone on at all times, with location on as well in the left pocket or right pocket if you hit left handed. Make sure you have a power bank handy in case your phone uses up battery if you have other background apps running simultaneously. Other gps apps that use nfc is cumbersome as you have to authenticate each club before you hit. Arccos is automatic so when you get your club and setup for hitting it is detected till the next club is used at the new spot of the ball. In order to enable arcoss caddie you have to play about 90 holes to activate it. It would be nice to have an option/feature of voice feedback from what the caddie says on your next shot rather than taking out your phone and looking at the screen on what it shows you. Note: they also have a new device where you can leave your phone in your cart and this other arccos sensor clips to your belt and tracks your clubs.

This product is great for tracking shots, distance and keeping stats. It’s almost perfect, but i would like for y’all to add score keeping for players playing with you. This app keeps your score, but you also need to keep a score card for every else score. The swing u app is perfect for keeping everyone’s score. Also, it’s need a way to add penalty shots, right now i just have to manually add a shot if i have to take a drop.

Great app for learning both the yardage of your clubs and distance to pins. I am a very average golfer and am learning how to measure my swings and understand the associated distances. This app is a recorder on the course.

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors : At the time i thought of buying this product, i thought it was a gimmick. However, i took a chance, and i’m so glad i did. If you are serious about your game, and want to know your weaknesses to accentuate areas of improvement. This is the best game improvement program out there. I have used this 3 times, and it has already shown me where and what to work on. It forced me to go to the course and practice, not just hit balls. We all have the friend that really can’t play, but always tells you where you are weak. Well this is that friend, but it actually knows what it’s talking about. I have already shaved 4 strokes off my game.

I had some accuracy issues upon initial use but made some config amendments and i’m sharing them to help others. All of the advice is specific to android users:- if using an ‘app optimizer’, in my case this is ‘greenify’ – whitelist/ignore the arccos app- download and install ‘gps status’- turn off ‘battery optimization’ for arccos. This will keep the app running in the background. The app does use a significant amount of battery, this isn’t a criticism, it’s to be expected as it’s using gps and bluetooth. Because of this, if you’re playing 18 holes, i’d recommend taking a portable battery charger with you. Apart from the shot tracking (as i’m always forgetting how many shots i’ve played), being able to pinpoint a specific target on each stroke is one of the best features, that basically acts as a range finder with better accuracy and super helpful. The range finder can also act as a ball finder, if you know you hit the specific club x yards, you can pinpoint it on the map, cross reference this with where you think you hit it and you can narrow down where the ball’s landed to a 10m radius which equates to fewer balls lost. The analytics are incredible, knowing if you have a tendency to hit the ball left, right, short or long and to have this per club is priceless. Some shots don’t get registered but this is minor as you can add them on the go.

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(but doesn’t work at night, twilight). Slightly annoying to look at the screen when you have to keep putting the phone in your front pocket for the swing, then pull it out in order to see the distances, etc. Helps a lot to use with apple watch.

I played with several gps based products to improve my golf including garmin g series, and ios based golf gps apps, all promising to have individual club tracking and shot saving ability for the rounds of golf. While the garmin product worked, it was both cumbersome as each club used needed to be entered after each shot, which was distracting during a round, and it did not track putts, as that required an upgrade to the watch to place sensors on your putter (which cost more than the entire arccos system for 3 sensors) so i never tested the garmin sensors. The multiple ios apps that i tried were expensive, requiring a monthly or annual subscription, and also did not register clubs and required constant adjustments to track shots accurately. Once i got the arccos system, everything worked straight oout of the box. Easy setup, and the app gives me all the stats to really help my game. Shot tracking is perfectly accurate, putts are tracked, and can be easily adjusted on a phone or iwatch during a round without too much work. After 3 rounds my club yardages were fairly accurate and the recommended club was usually dead on. The course overview and shot tracking is the best of any app that i have used. It’s easy to navigate, has attractive graphics and the data is in depth enough to give you new insight into your tour stats. I will never use another system now that i’ve found arccos.

I have dabbled with various swing sensors that i’ve used at the range but never used something like this that tracks actual gameplay. A buddy had a garmin watch which he showed me that does some similar stuff. After comparing watches to this system, i decided to try the arccos and pair with my apple watch. Installation and pairing went smoothly and i was done in about 10 minutes. I played my first round yesterday and the app easily found and downloaded the course i was on. I started the round on the first tee as the instructions said and i was off. The gps function worked flawlessly. We compared the numbers to others using 18birdies and watches as well as laser rangefinders (i have one of those as well). The front/middle/back distances were spot on and the ability to zoom in and get distances to the pin was very nice (assuming you could see the specific location of the pin). I will say that while this helped, i still used my laser range finder to get more precise.

I have only used arccos 3 time so far – each time, i have received an email with some items they want to make sure are working well. First round – they saw that i had to add a number of shots (maybe 10) on the first round. They had some suggestions about checking sensors – which i did and found no problems. Then i found that my microphone holes on my iphone 6s were clogged – i cleaned them out carefully with a toothpick and most shots are now picked up. Second round – they noticed that my iphone seemed to use a lot of power over the round. They suggested a couple of things which were not an issue, but i found that my iphone was in ’tilt to open’ mode and thus was on a lot during a round of golf. I turned that off and i am no longer using mofe than 50% of battery for a round. Third round – they noticed that i added a lot of extra putts. I simply hit a lot of really great putts today that finished very near the hole.

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This is the best thing to happen to golf in a long time. I’ve tried many other devices such as launch monitors and gps to get an idea of how far i hit my clubs. Arccos does everything better. I can look back at my round to see how far i hit a club on a specific hole. I can plot my distance to carry a hazard. The more i play, the more accurate arccos becomes.

I bought golfpad two months ago, used it for 10 rounds and all the tapping and tagging – forget it. Arccos is, hands down, the best golf improvement tool on the market. It’s like having a real caddie. It’s true “turn on and go play” technology. Start a round on the app, put it in your pocket and that’s it. It’s counting everything and it’s accuracy is unparalleled. If you have a smart watch, it’s even more interactive. It took no time to set the whole system up, clubs paired and ready to go. The post round analytics go far beyond just telling you your score. I improved eight strokes between my first two rounds because the analytics made it clear is was using the wrong club selection for my approaches.

Provides accurate distance and maintains decent stats on your club usage. Only downside is the drain on the apple watch, but it has become better over the last round played. Started with 100% battery and ended with 14%. Looking forward to getting more play and better stats as time goes on. The app and website interface are great as well.

Purchased for my husband to surprise him just for fun. He said it really helps him focus and improve his scores each time he plays. They look and fit perfectly and we have yet to find a course that isn’t on the app, private or community.

Apps a little clumsy but love the product.

Very easy to use and gives you great statistics.

An amazing idea and the most useful info on shot statistics. Plus, it comes with an accurate gps golf program to see the course while playing and record scores. Once it starts giving caddie recommendations based on my shot history including wind and elevation consideration, you see how ambitious this product is. Because of that it is complicated and distracting while playing. Editing shots at first is cumbersome and battery usage is way too much but i’m getting familiar now so it is getting better. Bottom line – i needed real world distance expectations for each club and this is the only way to get it.

Love the arccos cobra connect smart sensors and the smart caddie. I hope they add a range function eventually or a practice mode to help review swing patterns.

Really nice to see your round depicted graphically with all the distances. Still learning how to interpret all the stats but the information is great. It doesn’t really get my putts that well but it’s ok, i can generally add them manually.

I’ve been using the 1st generation arccos system since 2015. The system is not perfectly accurate but is best in class and has given me great insights over the years. Using the system does require a level of attention that i would say is a less than the effort of using a scoring app. (you basically validate your shots after each hole and usually just make sure the # of putts is correct as that’s the hardest thing for the sensors to pickup, or you can just review after your round if you have that kind of memory). The new arccos smart sensors has a load of improvements. Arccos has continually improved their hardware and software and listen to what users suggested. Customer service has always been exceptional in response time, help with troubleshooting and replacement of sensors that has issues. Even 4 years after my purchase. I’m sold on their future products on their service alone. If you’re someone who wont accept anything except flawless performance of the system to track your entire round unattended, this is not for you.