This is a great band– i’ve been wearing it constantly since i got it last week. It now counts even my steps when biking, which i love. I was conflicted about the number of stars because while it does what it is supposed to do, it’s unnecessarily huge. My boyfriend asked me the other day why i had a house arrest anklet on. I think i read another review before buying this that said the same thing. I think this product could use a lot less fabric to make it more unobtrusive. It could probably use about half the fabric. Hence, the 3 stars, because i can’t really wear it without thinking about it like i could the wristband.

I work out in the gym and it wasn’t registering my time on the stationary bike. I bought this for my ankle and it shows up in my app that i have worked out.

Best thing i could have got. I walk a lot and play pokémon go at the same time so this works amazing keeping my hands free. I also work as a surgical tech and cannot wear watches or jewelry of any kind but i want to track my steps so this is great.

My only issue is that it looks like an ankle monitor that the law requires. I’ve even been asked, jokingly i think?. Would be great in different colors or even printed fabrics. Otherwise i love it and will probably wear it more when weather cools off and i wear longer pants.

Been using all week during my trip to universal & disney. Using my fitbit arm for my magic band and i wear bracelets on my right arm.

I bought this for my spin classes and because i was so frustrated that i wasn’t getting “credit” for steps when i was spinning and when i would walk around the house picking stuff up, with my hands full, it didn’t could either. The steps were very important to me as i was/am recovering from a really bad ankle injury and i am trying to build back muscle and gradually increase my steps. My fitbit has been a c great way to measure mummy progress. So, i purchased this ankle strap to use with my blaze hoping to get a more accurate reading. I’ve had it for several months now and it has worked beautifully. I, too, turned it around with the mesh side toward my ankle, so i could get a heart rate reading. However, the past two weeks i think it’s getting sweaty and not reading correctly. Earlier this week we were doing tabatas and i was working hard, totally out of breath, unable to talk and my fitbit said my hr was in resting mode. I’ve never had this issue before a few weeks ago. I’m not sure why all the sudden my ankles sweating and/or it’s not accurately reading my heart rate anymore.

  • Fat Ankles
  • Wearing my Blaze on my ankle had made a huge difference in meeting my step goals.
  • I am so much happier with this and it counts steps accurately and you

I wish it had a mesh back as well so the heart rate monitor would work. I push a cart around at work so with this ankle band i get more accurate step counts. I love it despite the teasing about my parole monitor.

It was exactly what i was looking for except for it’s ‘look’. It looks too much like an ankle bracelet worn for the purpose of electronically monitoring a convict. Would be much better if it was made in other colors for that very reason. I would have given it five stars otherwise.

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I bought this to replace the metal band that has a broken sharp link that i had bought to replace the silicone band that comes with the unit because i have too sensitive if skin to wear it. Fits great around my ankle (then realized it’s going to look like a judicial ankle monitor), only issue i have is that it will not be able to read heart rate while in this band.

I bought this as a gift for my mother. She walks all day at work, but can’t wear a watch/fitbit or any jewelry. The ankle band enables her to wear her blaze under her work pants. She has the band on so the blaze touches her skin through the mesh part. Throughout the day her ankles swell on and off so the fit needs to be adjusted or else the blaze doesn’t touch her skin anymore to read heart rate and such. This one has buttons and she says it’s comfortable, but it would be better with velcro so she wouldn’t have to adjust the fit so often.

Perfect for the fitbit blaze. I can still track my heart rate if i turn the ankle band around and put the blaze in the mesh part backwards. It’s also big enough to fit a big ankle/leg which was my concern with other ankle bands that never fit quite right.

Features of B-Great Ankle Band for Men and Women Compatible with Fitbit Zip/Fitbit Charge 2 3/Fitbit Blaze/Fitbit Versa/Jawbone Up Move/Moov Now/Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker

  • Help your steps be counted more accurately while your arms not moving under some circumstances such as ridding a bike, carrying bags or pushing a shopping cart
  • Wear around your ankle and give your a more accurate counts than that go with the wristband
  • Soft, lightweight and comfortable fabrics well made, fits well on your ankle and no band rash, can be clean by washing machine
  • Package include only one piece ankle band sold by B-Great, not include tracker or other parts

Help your steps be counted more accurately while your arms not moving under some circumstances such as ridding a bike, carrying bags or pushing a shopping cart

I’m a massage therapist so i can’t have a watch on. Now i can wear my fitbit verse and get all my steps in for the day. I wear my watch with the sensor sticking out and the ankle band inside out and it can even get my heart rate.

I really like wearing my fitbit on my ankle when i have longer tights or jeans, etc on. It records my steps more accurately than on my wrist. Probably not so much with the warm weather.

I got this to use with my fitbit versa while on the stairmaster since my hands are stationary and keeping it on my wrist doesn’t log my steps. It works great for logging steps, but even when i have the back of the fitbit on the mesh side tight against my ankle, it does not accurately log my heart rate at all. In turn, it does not accurately log my active minutes or calories burned. I will not continue to use it.

This arrived quickly and just as pictured. I learned that with my fit bit blaze unless you were swinging your arm it did not count your steps–so if you are pushing a stroller or grocery cart or even just holding your phone your fit bit on your arm doesn’t count steps accurately. I googled it and apparently this was an issue. I found this product on amazon and was skeptical but couldn’t resist due to the price. I am so much happier with this and it counts steps accurately and you get used to it, so it doesn’t even bother you on your ankle. It fits great and i’m a bigger gal.

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I love your band i received, however, i only wish it was not quite so large but it works great. If you don’t want your fitbit on your arm then this is a lifesaver.

My sister had this fitbit bandand really liked it, so i finally purchased it. The step count is so much more accurate than wearing it on my wrist. I like to enter the fitbit competitions, so want step accuracy. When i pushed a grocery cart or carried things in my arms, it would not register my steps. Don’t have that problem now with this ankle band. Don’t even feel that it’s there and am happy with my purchase.

Wear around your ankle and give your a more accurate counts than that go with the wristband

I’m getting step counts closer to what it should be. I didn’t realize the wristband didn’t count steps unless your arm was moving until i read some complaints so i tried this ankle band and i love it. I’m on my feet a lot and walk after dinner so i’m happy with my fitbit again because of this ankle band.

My job requires me to wear boots, and i was hoping this would fit around my leg just above the top of my boot. Unfortunately the band is not long enough, so it doesn’t work for what i really wanted it for. It is great for using when i wear short shoes, since it does give a more accurate reading of actual steps.

Does it hold the fitbit blaze when working out?. Will it register your sleep if you wear it on your wrist as night?.That was a bit disappointing because i thought this was similar to the fitbit one sleep wrist band. It still works when it’s on my ankle & i’m walking on my treadmill desk & typing.

Item came a day early which was a great surprise. I did not like the idea that you were suppose to detach the bands from the watch to put it in the little mesh compartment so i just laid my whole watch (band and all) onto the band and snapped around my ankle, under my socks with the heart rate sensor against my leg. This worked perfectly for me. Am contemplating cutting a slit on the other side of the mesh part and slipping the watch all the way through but do not want to damage the band. Now i just need to go for a normal walk instead of just around the house (recovering from surgery).

I had the version before this one. It had velcro instead of snaps. Absolutely loved it and used it all the time, particularly when i was going to be using my hands/arms a lot, like when pushing the grocery cart.

This is great for my fitbit blaze. Also i got sick of wearing my ugly fitbit, and with it on my ankle i can wear my regular watch now.

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Soft, lightweight and comfortable fabrics well made, fits well on your ankle and no band rash, can be clean by washing machine

My blaze fits right in the mesh pocket, and with it strapped to my ankle, my tracker counted more accurately than if i had put it in my pocket or something. I have to walk leaning over, so if i wanted my steps counted, i needed this strap. I’m so glad i found this handy item.

My ankle is a little fatter than some people. It fits just around my ankle. I may have to add some velcro to the end of it. I should get a more accurate reading.

I wear it inside out, so the velcro does not scratch me. I have not tested to see if this will pick up my heartbeat, but i read that it does. My fitbit blaze fits nicely in the pouch. I have fat ankles (10 1/2 inch around) and it still fits.

It bothers my arm to wear my fitbit so i was thrilled to find this band. I love my fitbit and now i can use it again.

I’ve only had this ankle band a few days but so far am very pleased. I wear it technically inside out, so that the reflective band is against my skin, so that it will read my heart rate and it seems to be accurate. I would recommend and am considering going back to buy a second one as backup while my first is in the wash.

Worked great for my fitbit flex. Cant wait to use it when riding my bike.

Just what i was looking for. No more missing steps when pushing shopping carts. Also seems to pick up about 50% of cycling. Not sure why i’m not getting a step for each rotation but it’s certainly better than the wrist one.

Package include only one piece ankle band sold by B-Great, not include tracker or other parts

I had a similar one for my fitbit charge 2, when i upgraded to my fitbit blaze i knew i needed another one of these. I use it all the time, especially when i run with my jogging stroller because i noticed my workouts never were i thought they should be turns out because i was pushing a stroller is wasnt as accurate. This fixed that issue for me, and i use it when i grocery shop as well, cause why not?.

Really helps you count your steps more accurately than on the wrist. I do wish it came in other colors. This one looks like i am wearing an ankle monitor for house arrest. One of my high school students even asked me about that when my pants leg came up and she saw it.

I work at a restaurant and am not allowed to wear jewelry/watches. So i scrambled to amazon, and found this guy. The comments led me to have hope. To start, you do not need it to be tight. I cut off my circulation by one button to try to get a heartbeat. So, i went lose-y goose-y and it works perfectly. Second, as others have mentioned, i turned my fitbit around in the pouch (the inside of the fitbit facing outward and the face on your skin, and it reads my heartbeat fine. Definitely excited it works.

Comfortable and easy to use. For the fit bit versa my wife and i wear them inside out and the heart rate monitor works through the mesh.

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