These work fine for my fitbit. They are study and protect the unit and they look nice.

For those with small wrist still using the fit bit flex 2 these bands help find your perfect fit. They are some cute designs and colors too.

Wish iโ€™d have gotten her some sooner. Will definitely order more colors and patterns for her to mix and match with school outfits.

I’m using these but don’t love them. The metal clasp bites a little and the pattern rubs off quickly. But for the price they are solid and don’t lose your fitbit. Got the patterns i was expecting.

Colors aren’t as crisp as they show in the picture, but overall i like them a lot. The owl one is upside down for the way i wear them, so that’s a bummer. I mostly got this set for the paws & the leopard print anyway, so i’m happy.

She likes all the different colors.

These are really cute and well made, yet a little difficult to get the watch band inserted into the loops that secure the ‘tail’ once you have it buckled. Once you secure it, you’re set for however long you choose to wear it. I enjoy switching these out and not wearing the same band everyday.

Very cute and unique they make my fit bit look fashionable.

They even created a custom pack for me. Would definitely purchase again.

Great, very durable and easy to put on. Comfortable and cute designs.

I have mixed feelings about these. First, i love the quality and the colorful designs. They are well-made and the watch-like band is easy to adjust. Unfortunately, either the patterns or the thickness of the material (i’m not sure which) make it difficult to see the lights on the fitbit itself. I’m not wearing them as much as i had hoped because of that.

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They look just like the band my fitbit originally came with but cuter. Here are the specifications for the Baaletc Cute Replacement Accessory Band/Wristband Bracelet Strap Compatible Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Tracker:

  • Compatible with Fit bit Flex 2 Fitness tracker and works great
  • Much easier to use than the original band with the buckle closure
  • Available in multi colors, you can match up with your outfits
  • Have plenty of holes on the band for clip, you can adjust size easily
  • Not the original, Fit bit Flex 2 tracker or other accessories not included

I love the different styles. I will def be buying more soon.

People always comment when i wear it.

Exactly as represented, everyone who sees them, loves them.

Colors are not as vibrant as shown in the images.

I ordered these and going by the picture, i thought the silver strap was going to be more of a bluish silver. Its actually a light silver. The other 2 colors, a green and rose are okay ,, the strap is large on my wrist even though i ordered a size small. The original strap that came with my flex 2, seems better made and the hooks that go into the slots fit better. Maybe that is why this comes with a piece of clear plastic you slide on to keep it in place?. I swim everyday and i will have to see how it holds up in the water. The price was good and the shipping was fast.

They are amazing, and now i have some to pick from instead of just one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I Like the designs
  • not afraid of losing fitbit flex
  • These replacement bands are keepers – SO much cuter/more secure than the ones that come with the FitBit! ๐Ÿ™‚
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These are so cute – i get tons of comments on them and takes 10 seconds to change them out any given day for a new look – great price, too. And i feel so much more secure with my fitbit flex 2 with these bands than the one it came with. The ones they come with start out so hard to snap in and out to close, but then eventually get stretched out enough that i was always worrying about them coming off and me not noticing and losing my fitbit. With the buckle mechanism, plus the bands as backup, i feel very secure with these bands, and they’re so cute, to boot.

I’ve had these for a few months now and they haven’t faded or chipped. Giid quality and shipped faster than expected.

They buckle and donโ€™t come off until you take it off ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Ordered wrong item & had to return but they were very nice.

Exactly what i needed, quality is good and designs are cute.

More durable than the original band.

Like the colors and fits well. Would be great if opening for my fitbit would be just a tiny bit smaller.

Great product, i especially like the double tab closure.

I love the options with different colors and designs. Makes it fun to wear my fitbit.

Colors are great, band is very comfortable. Nothing bad to say about them. Listed as a set of 8, but i got 9 – a white one that wasn’t shown in the set.

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