The make the vivofit 2 more like a watch than a clunky sports band. I love the bright colors and also having the ability to put on a subdued color for work. The bands are soft and light weight. The only caveat i would give is don’t wear the band too tight. I think if you do you will probably rip it eventually. I don’t wear my watches tightly, so this is perfect for me. The vivofit 2 fits very nicely in the band and the button works great. This is a winning product for me.

Was looking for a replacement for the oem as the fastening broke and would fall off constantly. My vivofit2 fits perfectly in it. It doesn’t feel as smooth as the oem but it’s not bothersome. The button is 100x easier to push now unlike the oem. The top isn’t perfectly flat with the device but not something that makes it a problem. The only thing that might make it a deal breaker is that because of the material it catches lint from everything at first. The more i wear it the less lint there is since i shower, wash dishes etc with it on all the time.

It fits my vivofit 2 but not as sturdy as the original band and not as comfortable. Reason being it has a metal clasp like a regular watch band instead of a plastic lock-in like the original. I don’t expect it to last as long as the original (2+ years).

These are well made and keep the vivofit 2 on. After losing the first one, i wouldn’t let her wear the replacement that garmin so graciously sent her, until these watchband type came in. They work and the colors are great too. It’s been months and so far, not even one time did it come close to falling off.

My daughter changes bands on her vivofit 2 all the time and she loves these. She’s hard on stuff and none of them have broken so i’d say the durability is very good.

Oh yeah, i am not going to break anymore fingernails trying to close that garmin clasp. My finger is on the branded strap in the small size so you can see length comparison. They are thinner plastic but i am ok with that seems more flexible & comfortable.

Even though i see mixed reviews of this product on amazon. I truly enjoy what i am getting. I see why some reviews mentioned about the smell of the rubber, it does have a strong odor, but i easily fixed it by washing it with soap water and soak it in the water over night. The smell goes away over night. What’s funny is that with this wristband, i can now easier to press the button of the watch, the original one from garmin require more effort to press, however, this replacement version is not the case.

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My garmin vivofit 2 fits perfectly, and i love the security of having the traditional watch band. Awesome price for a range of colors.

  • Better design than the original strap from GARMIN
  • Could have been 5 stars if.
  • Sooooo much easier with a watch type closure!

for Garmin vivofit 2 Bands Cute Silicone Replacement Wristband Bracelet with Buckle for Garmin Vivofit2 Fitness Band

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Looks like traditional watch band and super cute,fit Garmin Vivofit 2 (not Garmin Vivofit) perfectly!
  • Excelletn Silicone material well made, durable, soft and comfortable fit day and night!
  • One size 6.0 – 8.8 inch,fit most of mens and womens wrist and size can be adjustable.
  • Watch buckle/ Clasp will secure your garmin band from falling or loosing, save your BIG loss.
  • NOTICE: Only supplied by OLIVE INC, not the original Garmin wristband, tracker or other parts are not included in the product

Band arrived quickly and was a very good price. The vivofit 2 fit perfectly in the new band and it is very comfortable to wear with a real watch clasp. Can’t tell yet how durable it is over the long term.

The band does look nice and it fits comfortably. However it does not keep the vivofit 2 tracker securely in place – i found my tracker starting to pop out on three separate occasions over the last five weeks of ownership.

I was worried when i 1st felt the band. I was sure it was not going to last long. I am happy to say my 1st impression was wrong. It has held up though everything i have thrown at it. Vivofit2 stays inside band securely, but pops right out when desired. I work in a dirty warehouse coming in contact with many abrasive materials. I am highly recommending the band.

I love this one, it goes on like a watch band and i feel like it is more secure. I love that i was able to find one so pretty, it has flowers and butterflies on it. Arrived on time and in perfect condition and was easy to switch from the old one to the new one.

Based on looks these bands are a 5 star item, however, within 10 days one of them (leopard) broke. I switched to the paisley print on and after about 5 days the colors started to fade to reveal a solid white underneath.

Love the variety of the colors, ease of changing the band, comfort and the strap. But yes they do have a distinct odor. I can really smell it when i rest on my arm when in the bed or laying down. I have to remember to take off or cover it up. It’s not bad enough for me to return but if you are overly sensitive to smells you may want to pass on these.

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Love these replacement vivofit2 watchbands. They are thin and flexible and fit my wrist. The only negative is that some of the patterns appear faded. I ordered a more expensive band but found it bulky, stiff and uncomfortable and it left a gap on either side of my wrist.

I brought this wnd of september and in november some how the piece that holds the band in place has come off. Which was a bit frustrating. So i had to take my ponytail holder and use it to keep my band in place.

It looked nice and fit well. It didn’t last 2 weeks until the clasp fell off while i was wearing it so now it’s in the trash can.

They fit great, they look nice, there’s a great array of colors. After a few days is fades somewhat. But it’s really a terrible, chemical-like smell. The one i have been wearing most often seems to not smell as badly as time goes on. I’ve tried airing them out, vinegar to neutralize the smell, washing them and nothing seems to take the smell away. And, it’s not just a smell that you can smell close up – it’s strong enough that i can smell it when my arm is stretched all the way out. But, i do love the colors and the fit. I love that it’s a watchband style, too.

I have severe arthritis in my hands and found it difficult to remove and replace the original band on my vivofit2. I no longer have those issues and can happily change the band to match my outfits. The colors are beautiful, too, and with so many choices, i’m never without. They are sturdy and comfortable and have no issues with changing to sync or sleep.

So glad i purchased this item.

Purchased as a gift for my husband. He loves how he can track his steps and monitor when he needs to get up from his desk at work and get moving.

Love the ease of the wristband. I wear the small band but even though this is larger, it fit fine. Really like the bright teal that came with it.

Fit the band perfectly, work on my larger wrist. Holds securely, yet fast to switch them depending on my mood.

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I was glad to find a band to fit my garmin. It’s comfortable and fits fine but there is a lot of extra band. My clasp fell off once already but i was able to reattach it. Overall i am very happy with the band.

I’ve been using this since i bought it almost a month ago, and i really love it. I have a small wrist, and it fits fine. I love being able to take it on and off easily. I would recommend this band over the original one that came with the vivofit 2.

The silicone is soft to the touch and the hardware is sturdy. My vivofit 2 popped right into place without much effort. I like having a variety of colors now too. Using the basic black now, but i like the look of the blues and the slate grey. I probably won’t be getting much use of brown since it is not really a color i wear much.

These are soft, easy to put on and fit my tiny wrist. I absolutely love them which goes with my new garmin vivofitbit 2. No more struggling to change my wrist bands.

The only reason i took off a star was the texture keeps me from being able to wear them to bed. And i don’t feel like the device will fall out while wearing it. When i push a cart at the store, i put the garmin in my pocket as it doesn’t pick up steps holding a cart. When i do this, it does come out of the band and it should since you are kind of twisting and wadding it to fit in pocket. I would buy these again if i ever wear them out.

I find myself exchanging the bands more often to match my attire. They are attractive and light weight. Sadly the lavender one is broken and i can’t figure out how to get the pin in to get the clasp to work. Aside from that they work as stated.

I like these better than the actual garmin wristbands, as they buckle comfortable. It’s nice to have lots of colors.

I loved this and used it for two years. Then it needed a battery and i learned that i had broken the case and water got in.

Solves two issues that were difficult with the band that came the original watch. Itvoperates like a conventional band with a buckle vs the awkward turn screw and it holds the watch in place. I had the watch fall out many times and almost lost it. This band is also flexible allowing for snug fit but stretches as you bend your wrist.

Very cute but didn’t last a long time.

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