I purchased this replacement band mostly because of the positive feedback others had provided. The positive remarks were spot on. The replacement band seems comparable to the original garmin band and includes tools to perform the easy band swap. While no instructions were included as to how to replace the band, i easily found a youtube video that demonstrated how easy it is to switch bands. It takes about two minutes to do it yourself. Buying the replacement from this vendor saves significant money compared to the $30 that garmin charges.

Was expecting cheap knockoff but the band is better than the original and actually doesn’t give my wrist a rash from excessive wearing. The straps are longer than the original but i also appreciate that you sent another band for free as a gift. The gift bands color is not what i wear but i felt like that was a notable factor that users might want to know.

My old band was just getting dingy about 2. So i got a new band and new color and i feel like it is a brand new watch.

Breathes really well when running. I actually like it even more than the original band 🙂 (it’s a little more flexible.

I would have given it 5 stars except for the installing of them. You need to hold one end of the tools on one end of screw & the other on the other end to loosen or tighten & the small screws are easy to lose if not careful.

A little more of a stiffer feel than the original band the watch came with but not a big difference. I really like this product and will buy more colors.

Replacement Smart Wrist Watch Accessory Band Strap for Garmin Forerunner 230/235/620/630/735XT/235Lite, One Size

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Package include 1PC Silicone Replacement Band With 2PCS Pin Removal Tools for Garmin Forerunner 220/230/235/620/630
  • Easy to remove or replace the Garmin Forerunner 230/235/620/630/735XT band with the matched screw drives
  • Width: 26mm ;Length: 260mm. Softness is moderate, wear very comfortable
  • Fit 5.11″-8.46″ (145mm-210mm) wrist. Adjustable band for Garmin Forerunner 220/230/235/620/630/735XT
  • Note: the products are supplied by OLIVE INC, not the original

Have had this for a little over a month now & it has held up very well. I typically workout everyday & wear my watch all day & no signs of wear & tear so far. Clasp holds down strap fairly easily too.

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I replaced the wrist on my garmin and this looks great and works well.

The coloring on the band started to come off within one week of wearing it. I got this band since the original garmin band keeper broke right before a triathlon. I also liked the vibrant color and pattern. I wore the watch for my triathlon and during a camping trip a week later. After those two events, the color on the outside was almost completely gone. The band is still useable and comfortable. Luckily the pack came with an extra band keeper so i can switch back to my old watch band if i want to.

I have bought a used garman watch with the white band on it and then i went ahead and bought this product delivered on time quality of the material it’s amazing i’m very happy with this i highly recommend it.

Has a matt finish –not like the original coated band.

I needed the tools to change out a band.

This band switched out easily and quickly. I haven’t had any issues since putting on this new one.

The appearance & overall durability are good. The silicone band that holds bands down snapped this morning. I’ve had this band on here for less than a month.

Great band at a great price. Well built and feels like the original.

It is soft and flexible and i trust it will last longer than the original band. My only complaint is that the piece that straps the excess down slides inward or outward, leaving the excess section loose and flappy.

Softer/more pliable than the original band. I really love it and it’s quite cute. Installation probably took 15-20 minutes, but mostly because i didn’t understand how the band even attached. Now that i’ve done it once, i could probably do it in about 5-10 minutes.

Replacement Smart Wrist Watch Accessory Band Strap for Garmin Forerunner 230/235/620/630/735XT/235Lite, One Size : As others have said i wish i had replaced the watch band earlier, works better than the original.

This is an exact match for the garmin 235 watch band. I only needed the strap retainer, but this one came with two.

I picked up a garmin forerunner 230 off craigslist and it was a lovely neon green that was completely inappropriate for a business setting. Some replacement straps i have gotten have low quality buckles (and i end up scavenging the original) but this one has a buckle of a build quality that is indistinguishable from the original, so i didn’t have to do that. The ‘black on white’ scheme is a bit wasted, the white stripe is on the inside of the wrist and is only visible slightly from the holes in the strap. But that was perfect for me. I kept the original strap for if i feel frisky and the provided tools will make switching it back on a snap.

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Perfect replacement for my forerunner 235. It actually came with the extra strap *and* a bonus securing loop. Since it was the securing loop breaking that prompted me to buy this in the first place, that was a pleasant surprise.

Really like the convenience of the product instructions and parts. They even give you a second part (the part that fails most frequently) so that i can still use my old band. The product​ has held up well.

I can’t speak to the durability yet as i’ve only had it for a few days but this strap is actually softer, which allows it to fit my wrist better while running. It also seems like it has holes more often, which allows me to dial in a better fit. The og strap always seemed to be just too tight or just too loose and wanted to aim away from me.

I always wanted a white band and face with my garmin 235. I love that this fits perfect and now i can have at least the white band.Next time i’m going to get the mutipack.

My original band broke and i purchased this because i wanted an inexpensive band with a design. The design started to wear after 4 months and by month 8, the piece to put the band in broke off. I wouldn’t recommend if you want something to last longer.

Didn’t come with directions, but a video on youtube made it easy to figure out.

I have a garmin forerunner 630. After about 2 years of heavy use, the original band broke. I selected the yellow/black color for this item. At first glance the silicone seems to be a much better fit. It is light, pliable, and very comfortable. I have very large wrists and forearms, and combined with exercise, the pump causes them to expand accordingly. This watch band seems to be more comfortable. Most of my workouts consist of weightlifting, kettlebells (i remove my watch for kb work), yoga, calisthenics, and a little running. At 4 workouts per week plus everyday wear, this will be out to the test. I will be sure to update in about 6 months to review how it has held up.

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This strap is so vibrant and fun – i love wearing it and get compliments every time. Fits the watch perfectly and easy to switch out.

Love vendors that offer products that are a fraction of the cost but are identical to the name brand. Can’t imagine paying full price for a replacement that was the name brand and being any happier.

Bought this band as a replacement for my garmin 235. It came with everything pictured and an extra thing that you tuck the extra strap length into to. That was nice cause that’s actually why i ordered another band, my other bands little holder things broke. Overall feels like good quality. Watched a youtube video to figure out how to get the band off and the new one on. It doesn’t come with instructions. Feels soft and flexible a little more than the original band which is fine. Overall seems fine after a week of wear.

Not quite as good as the original band that came with the forerunner, but totally worth it at 1/4 of the price. It’s a watch band – it keeps my watch on my wrist – pretty simple. The material (rubber) is a little ‘stickier/grippier’ than the original band, but it looks exactly the same. I got about 3 years out of my original band before i had to start duct taping it, so hopefully i can get a couple years out of this one before it requires replacement.

Unfortunately, with both of them the clasp is attached to the band upside down, so the black side is on top. Unlike the original garmin band, where the springs holding the clasp on the band can be pushed in and released,this is not possible with the replacement band, so i can’t turn the clasp around to get the coloured side facing out. Edit: after my negative review, i received two replacement gifts that were done right plus an additional band as a gift.

Fits and works perfect for my garmin 230.

Worked perfectly with the watch. Installation was easy and the band is very durable.

Very similar in color to my original strap and easy to change out. Better design than the original and way cheaper than a replacement garmin band.

Worked great for my forerunner 235.

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