I really like the different patterns. I think the steps are a bit high, but that’s ok. My one complaint is it very hard to get the plastic hooks to clasp.

I love the colors and comfort of the bands. They were a little bit bigger than i was expecting, but that is due to the fitbit one being bigger than the fitbit flex. Once i got past the size, i truly enjoy having the ability to wear it on my wrist and clip it on with its original holder.

The only problem i had is the little loop on the end broke.

These are great bands for my (original) fitbit that i’ve had for 3 years now. They make them with the band now but mine originally came with a belt clip only so i found these and thought it would be a nice alternative. They clip nice and secure, adjustable so you can wear it tight or loose and four colors.

I’ve gotten more compliments on these fitbit one wrist straps. Five stars for looks, but three for the difficulty i had the first few times getting it on. But i’m planning on buying more styles.

As other reviewers state, it can be hard to clasp. If i leave it looser and squeeze from both sides, that usually works. It’s definitely a chore taking the fitbit out and putting it back in, but luckily i only need to charge it once a week or so. I only use it to track my sleep patterns now because the fibit one is not designed to count steps while worn on the wrist, and is always off by a couple thousand steps as compared to my phone’s tracker.

Didn’t like this particular print. Doesn’t look same in person. I like this company though and have many bands from them. They are my preferred vendor for my fitbit.

If you’re looking for a band for your fitbit one. I am 6’3′ and have bigger wrists. This fits great and is so much more secure than the watch style i had before. The watch style actually fell off me a few times. The fitbit one fits in very nicely to this band. I barely feel like i’m wearing it compared to last band. This is the one you want to buy.

Great price for a high-quality silicone wristband holder for my fitbit one. I chose the plain black, and it can adjust to accommodate various wrist widths, and when it snaps closed it is very secure. I can tell the material used for this band is high-end. I sleep with it on, and it is very comfortable. I may just have to look into a fun pattern now.

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This is a clever wrist thingy and made my fitbit work on my wrist, which was nice when i changed my mind about how i wanted to use it. It has a clever part where you slip it in that makes it an even width so it looks nicer.

Easy to put in the fitbit and take it out for charging.

I always forget to unclip my fitbit one from my clothing so i was looking for something that would be visible and functional. This fits great and its adjustable. I also like that its sleek so it doesn’t feel so bulky on my small wrist.

I got tired of having my fitbit escape from the holder (lucky enough to always find) and was afraid to wear it unless i could put it in my pocket. This wrist band seemed like a good solution. I didn’t have any problem getting it to fit into the wrist band or securing it like other users had posted. I have found however, that it is definitely not accurate. I still like it though – i’ll probably just up my goal in order to account for the times when my arm is moving, but my legs aren’t. Here are the specifications for the Baaletc Replacement Wrist Band Accessory:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Wearable replacement band for Fitbit One tracker
  • Include 4pcs band – Black, Navy, White, Gray
  • One size and have plenty of spots for size adjustment
  • Smelless, durable and comfortable fit day and night
  • Fitbit One tracker or other parts are not included in the product

I was hesitant to buy the wrist band as the fitbit one did not originally come that way. ) after doing my research on the ones that are offered now, reviews, etc. Fitbit snuggly fits and looks good in this band. It works well both day and at bedtime. Seller was very good with delivery.

First you push the hard plastic through the slot with great difficulty. Then you line up the two hard plastic nubs over the appropriate slots and push. Nothing happens, they won’t go through. Then take a pair of needle nose pliers, position the nubs over the slots, put the pilers between the slots and squeeze, being careful not to grip your own skin. Once they lock into place, it’s great’ the band works fine, is comfortable and doesn’t come loose at night. I wonder if the guys in china who make this ever tried to use it?. The price was right, but i’d pay twice as much for one that was easy to put on.

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This was very cute, but i had to send it back because i could not get it to close.

Fits my fitbit one perfectly. I love that i now have the option to wear it on my wrist. I was getting tired of putting it on my clothing & forgetting to take it off.I do think that it counts some extra steps with a lot of arm movement, thanks honeylife for this option. Make sure you are buying the honeylife band, i have had others that look the same but do not fit.

These bands are well made and very cute, but they are incredibly difficult to put on your wrist. I returned them simply because i was having issues fastening them. Also, the silicone is so sturdy that it makes it challenging to place the fitbit one into the compartment. I imagine that if you do it a few times, the compartment would get more pliable, but i was unwilling to take the time. If you have someone who can help you fasten these, then you are good to go. If like me, you have only canine assistance, then i would suggest that you not purchase them until they have reworked their fasteners, or until your pups grow opposable thumbs.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love It!
  • Hard to adjust band sizing
  • Good Concept, Poorly Executed

To save money and to stay away from the big, black, bulky watch like options, i purchased a fit bit one. I saved a bunch of money and am able to interchange my wrist band, which is fun. These wrist bands are perfect.

6 months later and i still am wearing it everyday.

I was a bit apprehensive about how these bracelets would work. I got the blue floral set and it looks exactly as pictured. It was a little stiff at first to insert my fitbit one inside, but once it warms up a little it’s more pliable. I love being able to wear it on my wrist as it gives me more options, especially when i sleep. The wrist wrap that comes with it for sleep, isn’t sturdy enough and would slip out. It was a little awkward at first figuring out how to snap it closed, but it’s a short learning curve. I absolutely love them and will be ordering more colors. It’s a cheap easy way to wear my fitbit one and i won’t be washing it by ‘accident’ which is why i wanted another way to wear my bit. I have small hands so the picture might make it look kind of big, but i like it loose and it doesn’t get in the way at all.

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I had a little bit of a struggle getting fitbit in the braclet the first time, but read reviews and others talked about how to get it in the braclet and it worked fine. It fitting tightly assured me it would not fall out.Reads steps more accurately than wearing fitbit on strap.

I really like the color selection, my only issue at this point is that the fitbit one is a bit cumbersome to put in. And i can’t get the bracelet snapped together by myself. I suspect that over time and wear that both concerns will go away.

Great product just that it sometimes hard to close otherwise great.

I was nervous because my daughter wears the fitbit one. She wears these to school and has not had an issue with the fitbit slipping out. It is secure inside the case and the colors are much prettier in person than in the photo. Great buy for a great product.

I love having a band with a reliable clasp for my fitbit one. The band is a little too stiff for my preference.

I purchased this to make it easier to monitor my sleep with the fitbit one. The wrist band you get with the fitbit is awkward at best, and sometimes the fitbit would slip out. This honey life product is good, but it’s a bit challenging to secure the wristband. The nubs on the band that allow you to adjust the sizing are very tough to secure on the band. So, what i did was set it loosely enough where i can slip the band on and off without opening it, cause it takes forever to press those nubs in again. Otherwise, for the price especially, this is fine and works well.

I wanted the purple one with prime shipping, but it wasn’t available as a stand alone items so i purchased the 4-pack. My fitbit one fits in the strap perfectly and easily. I have had a little difficulty getting the strap to latch into the holes correctly, but over a few more tries i am confident i will be a pro. I purchased this because i was annoyed with the sleep strap that came with the one; this strap is very comfortable and the button is easily accessible.

They’re cheap, but nice colors, and they fit the fitbit one. Great price, hard to mark it any lower at this price.