Apart from not having ‘garmin’ stamped on the buckle i really can’t tell the difference between this product and the original that came with my vivoactive hr. It only took a couple minutes to take the old wristband off and install this one. The two screwdrivers provided worked just fine — no additional tools were needed unlike what i read in some reviews prior to buying. I hope this band lasts for the life of my watch, but if not i wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again.

Love it and it’s easy to change. Hopefully sometime they can make a skinnier band. I have a small wrist and it’s big.

Just what my husband needed after ripping his original band.

Feels like your typical chinese product. For the price i cannot complain, but doesn’t feel like the garmin branded one.

Just as comfortable as the original and fits perfectly onto the watch – i do hope it lasts a bit longer though. The included two drivers were a god-send. Without them, it would be extremely difficult to remove and install.

However, it is very thick and rubbery. Not as pliable as the original band. I had to change back because it just fit weird and wasn’t very comfortable. My arm couldn’t breathe very well.

Exactly the color i was looking for to replace my broken band. It’s a lime green and very bright, just like i wanted. It’ll fail after enough time, like all silicone bands, but it should hold up well until then. I’d replace it with the same one again, no questions asked.

The wrist band is awesome but the major issue is the loop band that holds the excess slack band. In two weeks of none stop use. The loop that holds the slack left over band broke in two spots. I just ordered a 5 pack of these little bands.

I like this product particularly because of the screwdrivers that are included. However, the strap material doesn’t seem to be of as good a quality as the original (it’s not as malleable). Also, after two days of changing the straps, one of them sheared off the screw. I had to replace it with my old strap. To summarize, this is a good product but quality is questionable.

My band was good but the little piece that holds the extra length tore. This band is a little shorter than the oem one but still can fit a large wrist if needed.

I bought three of these from three different vendors on amazon. I’ve been wearing this deep purple band for nearly 2 months now and it isn’t showing any wear issues at all. Other bands have color faded on me. I didn’t get a prime offer on this and had to wait a few weeks for it to ship, but it has been worth the wait.

This watch band is about 1cm shorter than standard which means i have very little band left to secure at the end. But it does work and is far cheaper than the garmin offering while appearing to last about the same time. They do get bonus points for including an extra keeper since that’s typically the first part to go. You need two torx screwdrivers to get the band loose and they provide them – however the drivers are little long which makes it difficult to control two drivers while trying to support the watch. This is a quibble since they’d have to develop a more specialized version to handle it. Overalll i recommend this item even though they altered it to be shorter tan the first one i bought from them.

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They are easy to change and you can’t beat the color variety of the other packs that are offered. The quality of the band is exactly like the original. Here are the specifications for the Band for Garmin VIVOACTIVE HR Watch, Soft Silicone Wristband Replacement Band for Garmin Vivoactive HR Sports GPS Watch:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compatible with Garmin VIVOACTIVE HR ONLY – Personalized Your Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Watch with this refined replacement wrist band
  • Adjustable Secure Wristband Design – Free size fits most wrists (Fits 5.51″-8.18″ (140mm-208mm) wrist), have plenty of spots for size adjustment
  • Softness is moderate, wear very comfortable. Compression molding, sturdy and durable. Easy and direct installation and removal
  • Delighted varied color personalize your wristband to fits your mood and outfits in daily life with this brand new color choices
  • Only the accessory band itself and screwdrivers, exclude the Watch device or other parts

I do like these bands, they are really close to the feel of the original band but made from a softer material and it is really easy to change the bands. I love the different colors. They are really close to the colors pictured. I do not like that to two security loop but no place for it to hook to the watch band like the original band does and tends to slip out often.

Ordered the watch band just because the tie down strap on my oem band broke. Band is made of different material. Sticks to things more, example, the watch is now a lint trap. The oem tie down strap had a nub on the inside that fit into the holes in the strap preventing it from moving. This tie down strap does not have that. It is always not as rigid and flexes to much for my liking. I guess my expectations were to high for a made in china product.

Used the tools provides and took about 5 min to change out bands. New bands work great, and best of all the loop has the added part to hook into holes for securing the flap. Does not have garmin on metal part, but for price and quality i will gladly do without.

This is one of those gem-of-a-find when the price seems too good to be true. But this band replacement for the garmin vivoactive hr is a near-identical item that’s only missing the ‘garmin’ imprint on the stainless steel clasp. The material, fit and finish seem top notch and almost indistinguishable from oem. I chose the band for garmin vivoactive hr watch, soft silicone wristband replacement watch band for garmin vivoactive hr (navy) and it’s as comfortable and easy to wear as the original band. And yes, indeed, the clasp is stainless steel and a real topper is that the retention loop actually has the notch to stay in place on the watch band. The band even has the identical pattern as the original item. You can’t ask for much more. . Other than, perhaps more colors??. By the way, i replaced the band because the retention loop broke on my oem vivoactive hr band and i couldn’t find just the retention loop by itself. The price alone makes this worthwhile, but the quality makes it a gem.

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I only needed the little retention band, but couldn’t find that. Nice to have tools included.

Easy to change and has meant i have a strap and retainer again. My only reservation is that the strap has undone itself twice which never happened with the original.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Worth it.
  • An Incredible Replacement Band for the Garmin Vivoactive HR
  • Solid replacement for the OEM band

Equal quality to the original garmin vivoactive strap.

My garmin band is well worn but holding up fine, only the ‘tail retainer’ ring broke. This band is identical in size to the original, but much lower in quality. The rubber is softer and doesn’t feel as good; buckle is made of thinner metal. For now i just needed the retainer ring (there were 2 in the package). But if the original band ever breaks, i will be buying the real one from garmin.

This is the perfect replacement band for this watch. Visually an exact match, but it actually wears a little softer and a bit more comfortable.

The loops that come with these bands have the little nub that locks into the band (like the garmin straps do), hallelujah. Most 3rd party bands don’t seem to have this. These seem identical to the garmin bands in every way (besides the lack of the garmin logo). Hopefully they hold up just as well, but i don’t have the data to comment on durability yet.

When the keep on the bracelet broke, i searched for replacements and found many others had experienced the same issue. With an oem version potentially costing $30, i found this item, seemingly a huge bargain. I noted that some of the reviewers indicated they only received one torx screwdriver (you must have 2) and i did receive both. I found that the segment of the band that was not the part with the clasp was shorter than the one i had (i had the xl version), but might have been enough. I left it in place and only replaced the segment of the band with the clasp and keeper. Replacement was easy except you have to be really (really) careful as the torx screws that screw into the bar that spans the band and secures it to the watch are really (really) tiny. One of mine decided to fall out unexpectedly when removing it and was very hard to locate. Happily, it was located and the band replacement completed. Quality of the band seems very good and fit to the watch as good as the original band. Very minor difference include that the clasp doesn’t say “garmin”.

This band is about as close to the original as you might find. One comment on the size – my original vivoactive hr was an xl band. I took a chance on this one and it fits, but just barely. I think the note in the product listing says just over 8′. If you take the original xl band and compare it to this one, on this one you have five fewer ‘slots’, about an inch shorter than the original xl. If you can live with that, you’ll be very happy with this band.

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I purchased the band but only needed the band loop. No where can you buy just the loop so you have to buy the whole set. The loop works fine however would be great if you could purchase just the loop.

I broke my little band keeper on the strap, so i ordered this replacement. Perfect fit, material and texture(which i love) is identical to the stock strap from garmin. And the band keeper does has the little plastic groove holder.

Great product and fast shipping. They are the small wristband and not the larger wristbands. It would be awesome if the vendor could describe that in the posting.

Perfect replacement bands for the vivoactive hr. When the original broke, i wasn’t sure i would find a good replacement. Believe the reviews, these are an exact match.

I giving this product 5 stars for the overall product and experience i had with the seller. I ordered these as i wanted to have multiple colored bands for my fitness tracker. I received the order and the bands are of good quality and the colors are great and vibrant. I only wish i could use them. I realized when i got the bands that these are for the vivoactive hr and not the vivosmart hr (which i had). I think in my excitement i saw ‘vivo’ and got distracted by the great colors of the bands. I begrudgingly started the return process. The seller was great to work with and the return was not an issue. If the opportunity arises in the future, i would definitely purchase from this seller again.

The original band didn’t break but the little loop piece that holds the excess end of the band did. I looked at the original garmin band and was about to buy it ($30) and then came across this one. It is very much identical and only has one loop instead of two that most of the other non-garmin ones seem to have. It took about 5 minutes to replace and the one difference i note is that it is a little stiffer than the original but it may soften a bit over time. I would buy again without hesitation. I noticed that when you buy a single replacement band, they one have the one loop but the multi-color packages have the two loops. I wanted gray but didn’t want two loops.

I bought this to replace my broken band. This band is almost identical to the oem band that came with the watch with only some minor differences. I went with 4-stars only because the clasp feels a little bit cheaper and looser than the original. The included tools made it easy to take off the old band and pop on the new one. The whole process took about 5 minutes.

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