My only problem is that i wanted only two and the write up did not make it clear that there were two in a package, so i ended up with 4 instead of two.

I lost the first fitbit flex i had because the strap came loose and it fell off in a parking garage after about 2 months. Someone actually found it, but since it had been run over, it was useless. Fitbit was kind enough to send me a new internal device and i had another band, but obviously needed a way to keep it from falling off again. It keeps my band closure secure and doesn’t rub or irritate my skin in the least (i have extremely sensitive skin so that’s saying something). Well worth the few bucks to keep the $100 investment you made in your fitbit.

I love this simple invention. It really keeps my fitbit on. I have talked to several friends and coworkers who have lost their fitbit because it fell off their arm. Why didn’t fitbit think of this?.This would save them having to replace them all the time.

These are good with the flex but not so with the multi colored clip bands – moved away from the hook and would get caught. Otherwise i would use again on a different band.

Bought the black one weeks ago after my fitbit fell off my wrist. I was carrying some things into the house and as soon as i set it down i noticed my band was gone. Luckily it was right by my car. I’ve had no scares since with the bandcuff. It makes me a little pissed at the fitbit people that their band locking system sucks that i have to buy some else’s product to secure theirs.

. We’ve been using the cuff on a replacement fitbit band for about a week. It adds an extra piece of security because the bands are not really made large enough. I just hope he doesn’t lose it.

Never again will i be without this gem. I lost a band or two due to it hitting against my midsection when running or even hugging someone. It does not budge no with this little ingenious gizmo on.

Key specs for Bandcuffs Brand Security Loop for Fitbit Flex, Choose Color/Qty:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Designed specifically for the FITBIT FLEX- it will help prevent loss of your Fitbit Flex.
  • Made of 100% Silicone, NOT rubber, latex, or plastic, and are completely safe for your skin.
  • Tight enough to help prevent the Flex from falling off, but not so tight you can’t get it on or off.
  • Won’t fade, crack, or lose it’s shape.
  • Package Contains: 2 Bandcuffs brand security loops for your Fitbit Flex (Dark Orchid)
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Comments from buyers

“Good gizmo
, This is an easy fix to ensure that your original FitBit Flex wristband
, This has kept my “second” Fitbit from falling off for more than 6 months!

I use this band to cover up my connection on my fitbit. I use a ‘zip tie’ to keep my fitbit on and this band cover up the ‘zip tie’s’ knot perfectly.

Two fitbits have been found in the park near my home where people jog. Glad this was available to keep mine secure on my wrist.

This works very well for my son’s flex who is 6. He was always losing it with the small band we had on it and now that he has this bigger and wider one on he’s not lost it one time. I dreaded spending the $100 on a flex for him because i was afraid he’d lose it and we would never find it so this puts my mind at ease since he so badly wanted to be a ‘fitbit family’ as he calls it.

It was a nice pop of color to my fitbit band. It certainly secured the band, but would sometimes slide a little.

They work well for keeping it on your wrist.

Never did get stretched out.

These are long enough and snug enough that they stay in place. Feel really safe and secure wearing my fitbit now.

Which is good to make sure it doesn’t come off. The packaging used to ship was a waste. Would have been more efficient by putting them all in an evelope.

The premise behind these was great, but the band did not stay where it was supposed to a good part of the time (especially if i was very active). When it is in place it works well, but perhaps some adjustments need to be made to help it stay in place during more active usage.

I am obsessed with my fitbit flex but have had some instances where it would catch on my purse and separate itself from my wrist. I know two other people who have completely lost their fitbit flex using the original manufacturer provided wristband – that’s a $100+ loss. This is an easy fix to ensure that your original fitbit flex wristband does not accidentally come undone. I do recommend that you leave it on the side of the wristband with the holes, attach the clasp, then slide this band over the clasp. The reverse way (on clasp, attach, then slide) is a more awkward to maneuver.

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It’s great, an added safety feature to keep from losing my fit bit.

It is ok , no issuei was chosen to review this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

We have bought several of these band cuffs in different colors for our fitbit flex. They provide an extra security from loosing the fitbit. My cousin lost her fitbit, when she replaced her fitbit, she also purchased one. The cost is worth not loosing the costly little gadget.

After reading reviews that people were losing their fitbit from it falling off i purchased one of these and that sucker isn’t going anywhere. A must purchase, there is no downside to this to safeguard your expensive fitbit flex.

A little difficult to get on to the fit-bit band but once on, it definitely does no go anywhere.

After losing my fitbit in a foam pit at skyzone and not even noticing it was gone, i was able to recover it, i saw the need for something like this. It is smooth, comfortable and actually helps snug the strap onto my wrist about a half size smaller. It also keeps my loose end of the strap under control which has been a minor issue as i have small wrists but need to wear the large band on the next to smallest clasp slot. I haven’t tested its strength yet but from handling and feeling it while putting it on the strap, it feels well made and reliable.

This item worked great for my fitbit flex. It felt more secure and wasn’t worried about my band popping off.

Stays in place and does it’s job. After wearing it for a week and constantly checking it for movement, i was finally convinced it was not going to move and now i don’t check it at all. Totally worth the money to protect your fitbit.

My fitbit flex fell off my wrist a couple of times, and it is not old. I was very lucky to notice when it happened. I was excited to find the security loop for fitbit flex, and it has done the trick. The fitbit flex has not fallen off since. This mall loop secures the end very nicely. Fitbit really should be selling these with the device or telling people to get one, because you will eventually have your fitbit fall off your wrist.

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Def worth the price to keep your fitbit flex on your wrist. I bought my girlfriend a flex and a few friends have lost theirs. I got on amazon and found this loop to hold them on securely. It’s a little expensive but worth it so you don’t end up losing a $100 product.

My father was duct taping his fitbit flex bc it kept coming undone. Not only does he no longer look like a nerd with his glasses taped together it seems to be working just fine.

I just got off the phone with a wonderful customer service person who is replacing my security loop. It was actually my fault – i ordered the wrong one – they could not have been nicer. I don’t know how to remove my earlier comment. This is an awesome product and i highly recommend it. If you see one with a one star – ignore it completely. This is a great product and i did not order the right thing.

I ordered the bandcuff for the flex & i have the charge. I called zoesbox to see if i could make an exchange for my error. They were so awesome and said they would immediately send out a bandcuff for my charge and to not worry about the return of the flex band. It’s so refreshing to experience great customer service from a company. To my surprise, when i received the package, they mailed me a (4) pack of bandcuffs in a variety of colors.

I debated a lot more than was reasonable about buying this silly little band but it is worth it. It works excellent, and saved me from accidentally unsnapping my fitbit numerous times. A little extra effort to pull it over the clasp but it will save you big bucks and anxiety by not losing your fitbit.

Works well, not quite a perfect fit for the amiigo, way more expensive than it should be, but better than losing the fitness trackerit stays in place over the clasp, and has been very durable.

I’ve had this for about a week and i love it. It has not moved or slid on my fitbit once. For the price, it is a great deal and i definitely recommend it. My fitbit did fall off once when i first got it, so this bandcuff really makes me feel secure that my fitbit isn’t going to fall off again. I was hesitant to purchase it since some other reviewers said their bandcuff slid and moved, but i haven’t had any issues.

I am glad i bought this before i lost my fitbit like my sister did.