I truly hated the rubber strap that came with my fitbit, so started looking around for a nice leather one. I ordered this and am very happy. It snapped right onto the fitbit, clicking soundly into place. It is a sturdy leather–double thick and stitched (not glued) around the edges. It is a little slimmer, width-wise, than the original rubber strap, so is more comfortable on my wrist. I’m very happy with this purchase.

I have a small wrist and have tried several types of wrist bands for my charge 2. This has a nice, professional look and has plenty of holes to fit my small wrist–there are even two to spare. In the past, i have had to punch an extra hole so the band would fit. In addition, this is sturdy leather and seems to be holding up well and hasn’t been stained when it got wet.

Worn it for a day and i love it so far. I had no trouble with it being stiff or anything. I am not sure of the material – seems slightly plasticy. I do wish they had a cloth or softer material at the bottom of the strap. That would have made it softer on the skin. Maybe i would have given it 4.

It attaches to metal pieces on the band instead of plastic ones. I bought a regular band in june and it already broke so i replaced it with this one. This one was more expensive, but i believe worth it. The silver attaching part looks nice and i really like the narrower band. I have a very skinny wrist and the wider regular band always hurt my wrist bones and i felt like it looked way oversized on me. This narrower band is much more comfortable and looks better.

It was a little confusing to latch onto my fitbit. In addition, it was really stiff and plasticy when i first got it. I found breaking it in by rolling it back and forth helped soften it. Wearing it everyday has also soften it and it’s held up pretty well so far. I really like the thinner band and i find it fits my smaller wrist pretty well.

The width, narrower and sleeker, of this band encouraged me to try it. I really like the width of it as there is less coverage in the wrist and definitely more comfort. This band allowed the comfort i needed and looks so much more stylish than the fitbit design.

Bought these for my wife who was tired of the solid colors. They are not only beautiful but the band is not as wide. Thank you for such a great product.

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Nice, simple strap for my fitbit charge 2. I have very small wrists and i was pleased that this strap was easily able to fit comfortably. The only reason that it is not getting 5 stars is because the material is very stiff and i would prefer it a bit softer. However, this could end up making it more durable.

This band is so comfortable i don’t even know i have it on. The original band that came with my fitbit (the plasticy one?) was always rubbing my wrist. This leather band, although stiff when i first wore it has become soft and pliable after being worn and is much more comfortable. And the pink is a very soft pretty color.

This band doesn’t fit well – there’s a big space between my wrist and the band where the band connects to the charge 2 fitbit.

Update: once it was broken in a bit the leather band became more comfortable. I also flipped over one of the band holders that has an awkwardly placed thread that was digging into my wrist. Also, the metal does not seem to contain any nickel or cobalt since my skin is doing just fine. It looks nice and is real leather but the metal on top that connects to the fitbit is jagged and sharp on the underside and is digging into the top of my wrist. Also concerning is if the type of metal used since i’m allergic to nickel and cobalt, which is why i bought this leather band.

I’ve bought several bands from other manufacturers where the clasp disconnects or the leather cracks and paint wears off. I haven’t changed this one since i got it. Best quality of all bands that i’ve had. The pink is very soft and goes with everything. Hmm, i think i just talked myself into buying another one.

The product fits perfectly, i wanted a look that was casual but could be dressed up too, this products hits both areas. Here are the specifications for the bayite Bands Compatible Fitbit Charge 2:

  • Materials: Elegant genuine leather Fitbit Charge 2 bands with polished stainless steel buckle. Slim yet strong and supple for comfortable daily use with a stylish look.
  • Design: Fitbit Charge 2 leather bands are adjustable to fit 5.5”- 8.1″ wrists. This Charge 2 leather band comes in two sizes with overlap in between the two options. Small size: 5.5″ – 6.7″ and Large size: 6.7″ – 8.1″ so you can achieve the perfect fit for your slim or large wrist
  • Soft pliable Fitbit Charge 2 leather bands are gentle on your wrist to avoid uncomfortable friction points. The Fitbit Charge 2 slim band will conform to your wrist so you may even forget you’re wearing it!
  • Premium stainless steel connectors seamless fit with the device as original. When you slide the band into your tracker, you could hear a “Click” sound, then “fell apart” issue 100% solve.
  • 1-year warranty for a full refund or replacement without the need to return anything. Order the Fitbit Charge 2 bands with absolute confidence.
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I just got this in today, and so far i love it. I had a different leather band before that i had set to the smallest hole before i had to poke another one in it. Now i’ll keep the old one as a backup for when i’m working outside or doing something messy. This new band is chic and slim, and it still has two holes left in case i need to size down again. For reference, my wrist is about 6′ in diameter.

. Very slimming on the wrist. Already got asked where i found it. Helps that the model on this site was modeling this wristband. Looked good on her which was a deciding factor, lol.

This band makes your fitbit look like a classic wristwatch. It’s easy to install, comfortable and adjustable without being wide and a sweat producing bunch of silicone or rubber. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it. I’m going back for more colors. . I didn’t get anything for free and yes i’m a real person writing a real review.

5 inch wrist so i’m in between wrist band sizes. I was looking for a thinner band & this worked great. The metal part takes up my whole top wrist but lifts it off of my bones on side. This 1 is the most comfortable 1 of 3 i have bought. My skin doesn’t have an reaction to this 1.

Beautiful leather-like band that snapped on perfectly to my fitbit.

I like the slim band but where the leather attaches to the metal it is sharp on all four points. It would definitely snag fine clothing.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent product, don’t hesitate to purchase this.
  • Perfect. Get one!
  • Great stylish and comfortable band

I purchased this to try out the narrower band. I like the leather and it seems quality but i purchased what is called pink and it really isn’t. Be prepared for more of pale creamy color like ivory makeup. To me it doesn’t have any reason to be called pink so maybe i got the wrong band. All it all, i like it and will keep it. I would suggest others try this type of band.

The color is quite cute and the metal parts snap on easily. I feel like the band can be a bit wider since the metal is kinda wide. I have really small wrist so i use the second hole on the watch band to make sure the sleep tracker is working overnight. Hope the leather doesn’t break down since i wear the fitbit 24/7.

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The light pink color is very nice, not too pink. Fits a small wrist very well, although the charge 2 is a large watch/ tracker face, so is kind of emphasizes that. The band is a little stiff at first, but loosens up with time.

I purchased the large and i’m glad i did because it feels like a small. I would recommend the large band so you have some room to adjust. I could barely put mine on the 3rd whole and this is the “large band”. Looks just like the photo, i’ll write another review soon to see how long it lasts.

I have small wrists and the thick rubber band that came with my fitbit did not fit well, was irritating and made me want to give up wearing the fitbit. This band is thin, comfortable and pretty. I’m happy with this purchase.

It feels more like wearing a watch than a fit bit. Much more feminine band than normal fit bit bands are. I have a small looking wrist so it don’t look so boxy on my wrist and my normal band did. The quality and design is very well done. Want more colors in this same style band.

Too small, looks good but very small. I have small wrists, but this is tiny. It’s very nice looking and looks very nice. Update: owner sent me a longer band.

I am so pleased with my replacement band, it fits my fitbit 2 perfectly. Great quality and stylei will highly recommend this band .

This is the second bayite band i’ve purchased in two years and i love it. The first was a beautiful brown leather, and is still my everyday band. This second was just purchased on a whim to change it up every once in a while. It’s beautiful, soft leather that wears well, never falls off, and the band breaks in to be more and more comfortable as you wear it. I’ll continue to buy bayite as long as they are available.

Finally a band that actually fits a ladies small wrist.

Makes the fitbit look like a modern watch and less like a tracker. The band is of good quality (stitching is perfect, leather is one that softens over time nicely. The band also connects to the fitbit very well.