Update: vendor sent a new band. The finish hasn’t rubbed off so far. Old review:finish matches the versa pink perfect, however, the finish started rubbing off at the clasp within two weeks. Under the pink it looks like brass/gold color.

A little tricky to put on the fitbit but it’s really pretty and i do hair for a living and wear it every day while i wash and color hair and it looks just as nice as the first day i got it. Purchased about 2 months ago.

Heavy that it moves while wearing it. I wanted a little fashionable band when i go out but wished i bought a different band. Will see how long this will last.

So i had an issue with this originally but the seller immediately reached out and offered me the pins that were missing. With that being said, if you purchase this, check the entire metal box for the pins. They do come with them but i may have thrown them away, not realizing it. The band is very stylish and i am sure will be just fine.

It fits my fitbit versa perfectly. It’s nice to wear a little classy band instead of the silicone ones.

I have only had this for 1 day — that is the only reason im not comfortable giving 5 stars yet. But, packaging and product were both as advertised. The band was not hard to attach to the versa. The pins are shipped in a small ziploc not installed in the band’s, but are easily assembled. I have a large wrist and am wearing this with all the links in, and it is not snug. In fact, i may even see how it feels with one link removed when working out. As it is, it fits more like a bracelet – which is exactly what i was looking for. It is a dressy alternate to the silicon band that feels bulky and sporty.

It looks good, it’s easy to adjust the size of the band – i take one out when i exercise to make it tighter, and so far seems like a high-quality product. The downside – because it’s a mild pain to switch out the versa bands (i use to have the blaze and it was so much easier), i was looking for a band i can wear 24/7. It looks better than the plastic bands, i can exercise in it, but the big downside is i can’t wear it at night sleeping. It’s a heavier band and it causes my arm/wrist pain at night when i’m sleeping. Other than that, it’s a great product.

Perfect match to the rose gold fitbit color. I have gotten tons of compliments on it and even recommended this to a few friends. Please note after 4 months of everyday wear i have caused a few scratches on the band removing the pink finish and exposing tiny slivers of silver metal underneath.

It was easy to exchange bands. I love the fact that the band is adjustable and the color matches perfectly. It is simple enough to wear to work and glamorous enough to go out without changing bands.

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This band made my silver versa look like a classy watch suitable for office wear for a woman. Unfortunately, if i left one more link in it was too loose, sliding up and down my wrist, and if i took out that link it was just a hair too tight. I’m not sure if it was because of this or the weight of the metal, but i was uncomfortably aware of my watch after a while. Other people might find it a good fit. I also found the band difficult to fasten, as the tongue that has to go through another link is fairly wide; i kept dropping the watch. Often when putting on/taking off a watch i’m in a hurry, like when jumping in the shower or putting on dish gloves. If you don’t mind doing these things with your watch on then it wouldn’t be an issue. Putting the band on the watch was a bit difficult and removal more difficult, as one of the pins seemed a tiny bit long; for a while it seemed it wouldn’t come off without damaging the band or watch. Sadly, i have reverted to the original silicone band and will probably not put this one on again. Edit 11/10/18: after becoming more familiar with how to change versa bands, it is not so difficult.

This band has totally transformed the look of my fit bit versa. It went from ugly and bulky to cute and blingy. I love this band, it is very comfortable and sturdy at the same time. It is very easy to put on the watch, which is something i was a little worried about but i had no problems at all. I received my watch band faster than expected, i definitely will be purchasing from this seller again.

I wanted a band for my fitbit versa that would look good when i dress up. It is attractive and has a nice weight. It was easy to adjust the size and very easy to attach to my versa. I have had several compliments about the band. I highly recommend this product.

On the positive note, it is gorgeous, matches perfect to my rose gold versa, is very comfortable. In the negative side, i have worn it 2 days to work. I use a computer for about 8 hours per day. In just 2 days of only wearing to work, it has already started losing the finish on the bottom. Is not going to hold up to even light wear. Here are the specifications for the bayite Bling Bands Compatible Fitbit Versa Watch:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Chic design for NEW Fitbit Versa Lite and Fitbit Versa.Suitable for 5.5- 8.1 inch wrists.
  • Design: Elegant D-link design with inset rhinestones is light weight and breathable to compliment a svelte wrist, this Fitbit Versa bands is set with rhinestones that sparkle. Fitbit Versa watch bands will add bling to your look with its rhinestones while not being too flashy.
  • Material: High quality stainless steel metal not an inexpensive zinc or aluminum alloy make it a sleek daily companion.
  • EASY TO RESIZE: Six folding clasps in each band mean a perfect fit for maximum comfort. Simply remove a folding clasp to resize the band, no tools needed!
  • 1-year warranty for a full refund or replacement without the need to return anything. Order your versa bands for women with absolute confidence.
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Even though fitbit has improved the feel of their original sport band, i really love this replacement. It totally changed the look of my versa. It does match the rose gold of the tracker perfectly. Resizing is easy, simply by removing links that are multiples of the latch link.

I receive many compliments on my watch band. The color of the band is a slightly off from the watch face, but you barely notice unless you are staring hard under led lights. Links are easy to install / remove. A lot of people ask me what type of watch i have because of this stunning band.

I’ve read other reviews to try and match the fitbit rose gold, this product matches. It is easy to adjust to your size and it looks professional. Thank you for making a product that i can wear in the work place with pride. It was easy to attach to the fitbit versa. The why i’m so complimentary. There are other products out there that do not match and do not attach. So i’m very grateful for a product to stand behind their product.

This is a beautiful band and it matches my rose gold fitbit versa perfectly. The links are so easy to remove. I wish it was easier to swap out the bands but that is due to the fitbit versa design.

This is a beautiful band that really does match the versa. It was easy to install and adjust to size. I’ve worn it for about a week. I sleep and work out in it, and it gets wet when i wash my hands. I haven’t worn it in water for extended periods like in the shower or at the pool or beach, so i can’t comment on that. However, it seems to be holding up pretty well, so far.

It matches my fitbit versa rosegold watch perfectly. It is very easy to put on and the links are easily removed if you need to make the band smaller. It is extremely comfortable to wear and it looks very elegant. It dresses up your sport watch so that you can wear it to events that are more formal. Out of all the bands i bought this is my favorite.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great work and evening band
  • Love!!!
  • It looks good, it’s easy to adjust the size of the

It looks so much better than the rubber/plastic one that comes with the fitbit. I gave it 4 stars, because after wearing it daily for about 2 weeks, the rose gold color is wearing offunder my wrist. I type a lot, so where my wrist sits/rubs on the table/counter while typing, the coloringhas started to wear through to the steel. However, that being said, the weight is great & i get complimentson it all the time. Since the price is good, i am considering purchasing a second one, maybe in silver to wearon the daily, since it won’t show those rub marks like the colored one does. Right now i can live with it & its not noticeable just for casual wear.

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This is a very pretty, well made band and worth the price. It doesn’t look cheap and it turns my fitbit into more of a dress watch. The little bit of bling is classy and not overbearing. My only issue is the sizing. It’s ever slightly too big but when i take out a link it’s just a tad too tight for my liking.

Beautiful band that perfectly matches the rose gold versa fitbit. Not as much bling but still dresses up the watch.

This band is super cute and super stylish. My wrist is small and i’m glad that you can remove some links to make it fit. It’s definitely not for working out because it still slides a little when doing to much movement. It’s really for fashion purposes only.

You can readjust the size & it looks great. Super happy with this product.

Nice looking band, quality good. Just gave fitbit to my son so i returned it, he didn’t want the bling.

Color matches the versa perfectly. I have tiny wrists and had to adjust a lot but still looks classy.

The band is nice and i like the way the watch looks and feels. I work in an office and less than one full day of wearing the band, it has a lot of scuff marks on the bottom of the band. I agree it is a little hard to get the links to open. It would be nice if the band had a regular closure on the band. I will continue to wear it until the band becomes so dull from the scratches that it is no longer usable.

Very nice band to dress up my versa. Wish it were a bit easier to switch between this band and the silicone band; but i really love the look of it.

I have metal allergies but not with this stainless steel band. I also went to the beach and swam with it. Rinsed it with fresh water when i got home and had no issues. I had to remove all the extra links to accommodate my 6-inch wrist. Stands up to lots of wear and tear.

I’ve been wearing this thing for about 4 months, and it still looks new. I often shower in it, and i even did a week long adventure-based counseling seminar in it with full-on ropes courses, and i never lost a stone. It hasn’t faded and it hasn’t irritated my skin (i have really sensitive skin).

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