Love, love, love the look of this band. I get nothing but compliments when i wear it. People ask me what i’m wearing. I laugh and say it’s my fitbit, they say ‘i’ve never seen a fitbit look like that’one small issue is that the lock that keeps the band in the clasp came off after the first day, but i make jewelry and just added a little loctite to it and put it back together. Nothing was actually broken it just needed to be tightened. This may be a common problem since i’m sure they are made quickly. Just reinforce the clasp when you get it. No real biggie though, i mean it was $11. Truly very happy with my purchase. I will probably be buying another judy so i have it when this wears a little.

I have only worn a few days but it’s really a good grip. I don’t think it’s likely to fall off. It’s a little dressier than bands i have had thus far so i like it more for office wear. It was easy to remove a clasp to make it fit more snugly. I would definitely recommend this one.

I received this band yesterday and i was so happy with it until after shaking my wrist, it came off. I took out a link and it came off again while i was sleeping. I put it on this morning and i was putting my hair in a ponytail, it came off again. Can anyone give me a fix so that the links will stop unclasping by itself?.

Nothing really wrong with this band, just don’t like the way it looks. Unlike this picture, on the smaller band the leather part is so tiny i thought “why bother”. The alta face is already so big that when the silver side connectors are attached it looks even bigger. . Too big, i think, for a smaller wrist, buti will keep as a back up.

Got the black leather/silver band. It’s a little loose, but it’s held up for almost 2 months now with no indication that it will fall apart any time soon. I just leave it on all the time, even when i run. That’s the only time it gets a little annoying because it is large on my wrist, but i can deal. Can’t be bothered to take the time to change bands (i. Looks professional while i’m at work, and comfy. Clasp always stays on, so i have no fear of losing it, unlike the plastic band that came with the ulta. I would recommend highly as a quality replacement band.

I was looking for a different/dressier band for my fitbit alta and i have really small wrists so i was concerned that whatever i got would be too big and would spin on my wrist and i wouldn’t get quality results. I really like this band, but it’s about an inch too big still. I am going to keep and attempt to alter the band to better fit my wrist. It seems like good quality and the clasp seems to be pretty good. I do recommend it however small write people be warned.

I really like the look of this band. I also like the secure clasp. Why i only gave it 4 stars – tried it on with all links in place, at first it was perfect, then was rolling around my wrist. After taking a link out (very easy) the band is tight. Not to tight with doing regular stuff but sometimes it gets so tight it leaves marks on my wrist. I’m hoping the leather will stretch just enough to make it a little looser.

Key specs for bayite Leather Bands Compatible Fitbit Alta and Alta HR, Adjustable Metal Buckle Leather Wristband:

  • Replacement Leather Watch Band for Fitbit Alta and Alta HR
  • Tactile and Tough: Made of top genuine leather with adjustable metal buckle
  • Fashionable and fits with different outfits. Premium material for added comfort and durability
  • Watch Band Only. The Fitbit Alta Tracker is not included
  • 1 year Warranty. Replacement or full refund without return

Comments from buyers

“Exactly what I wanted!!!
, something that would make my Alta look more bracelet like. I was a fitbit user first then bought
, stylish band

I can’t believe i finally got a band to fit my wrist and look nice. I am a small person and have a tiny wrist. Although i ordered a small size i never expected it to fit. When it arrived i had to remove one more link. It unhooks just like the lock, then you lift it out. It’s also easy to unlock which if you have a fitbit you know is important. The darn things to need be charged pretty often. So it’s important for them to be easy to take on and off. This one checks all the boxes.

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The latches don’t push completely onto the fitbit. I ordered the small because of others saying the large left the band too loose, but the small was too tight for my comfort. Update: i am updating my rating from 1 star to 4 stars based on the seller’s customer service response. The seller contacted me about my review and offered to send me the larger band at no additional cost. The larger band was much too large but i was able to open up the clasps and cut the sides down to make it fit. It looks great and i’ve received compliments on the look of the band. The only complaint i have, and reason for four out of five stars, is the release tabs tend to rub against my wrist when i’m typing which can get very irritating. The picture shows a band with latch clasps but it’s actually a folding pinch latch.

It is a good looking band that is very easy to put on and take off. It stays latched until you want to remove it. Because my wrists are small, the non flexible connection points on each side of the fitbit makes the size a little large. However i wear it as a bangle and like it that i can slide it up on my wrist a bit depending on what i am wearing.

This is an awesome classy band that one can wear every day even on a night out. The white stitching on black looks awesome and is gender neutral. I bought the large for my slightly smaller than 7′ wrist but that was intentional as i wear bracelets/bangles on the same hand and wanted the fitbit on the ‘elbow end’. That being said it is rather loose but not quite that it turns all the way round.

There was a small ‘burr’on the metal clasp part that kept irritating my wrist. I thought it was pinching me, but on close inspection it was a very tiny burr. I filed it off and have had no more irritation on my wrist. The band is very pretty and is very easy to take on and off the fitbit itself. I have a small wrist and the clasp is fairly long so there isn’t a lot of leather, but it’s still very nice looking and i really like the stitching along the edges of the leather.

I wanted something that looked a little nicer when i was dressed up for a night out or work, while not looking fussy when wearing jeans. I was especially interested in a band that was easy to take on and off, and wouldn’t easily unsnap — in other words, i wanted the exact opposite of what fitbit provides with the alta out of the box. This band is perfect and a great price. Two of my friends with altas saw it this week and are buying one for themselves.

I have a pretty small frame (i thought), so i ordered the smaller size. Even with all the extensions, it barely fits. I’d suggest really measuring your wrist before, and (when in doubt) go up a size; so that you don’t have to wear the extensions. Also, having it fitted kept the band exactly in place – i perfer with more slop, more like a bangle bracelet. Having it fitted, and with my metal allergy to nickel, i got a rash on my wrist within the first couple of days. Not the band to get if you have metal allergies. Do date, i’ve not had any issue with other fit bit metal bands. It’s pretty, but i won’t be wearing it again.

I love the look of this band, but i believe the quality is not there. Believe it or not, i’m purchasing my third band. When it’s new it looks and feels great. I get tons of compliments on it and people are shocked that it’s my fitbit alta. Very shortly after i started wearing it all the time, the pin came out of one of the links. I have special jewelry pliers so i thought that was a pretty easy fix. Unfortunately, the pin would continue to come out. I even had someone else try to fix it. I then thought it was cheap enough to just buy it again. So then i was very happy with my second band. Wore it for 6 months until the band came out of the link part. Again, i tried to take it apart to fix it. It just doesn’t seem to stay for some reason. I looked at other bands online, but i keep coming back to this one because i really do like the look of it more than the others.

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I recently bought the alta after losing 2 flex’s. Because the alta has a similar style band as the flex, i knew the first thing i was going to do was buy a band with a better clasp.*my fashion diva 16 year old even commented on how sweet it was. ;)i am petite and have very tiny wrists, i ordered the small and it’s perfect. Not too tight and not too loosethis band is perfect for everyday at the office and going out. It could definitely handle a workout, but i think i will put the original on for intense super sweaty workouts.

I couldn’t work the origianl rubber band that came on the alta hr fitbit. I shopped for an alternative band and came across this band. It makes the alta hr look so classy.It’s so easy to operate, i love it. Would recommend to anyone needing an update.

It fits well and is just as described. I like the full metal clasps connecting to the fitbit. The plastic broke on my original band and i wanted something sturdier. I would order from them again.

Update — changing from 5 to 3 starsafter wearing this band for a month or so — it pulled out of the metal attachment (i was sleeping with it on to track sleep – after this happened i no longer wore it to sleep). I had to cut it and re-insert it again (there are teeth on the attachment that grip/clam into the leather band. It will eventually ‘rip’ out. It has happened 2 or 3 times since then — cutting away the leather strap each time. Now strap is getting to tight for me to wear and i will need to find something else. I have been wearing it for over a month now and looks good as new. Very well made and very durable. Have even gotten it wet a few times and still looks great.

First off i absolutely love how this looks. People always say it doesn’t even look like a fitness tracker. I ordered this with my fitbit and i was notaware how far up the arm that you wear it so i got a small and should have gotten a medium. I contacted the seller and asked if they sold extrai contacted the seller and they just sent me another one. Wow what stellar customer service.

I really want to love this but it’s hard to open and close. You can take out a “link” to reduce the size but it’s a substantial amount that comes out so it goes from being quite large and slipping around my wrist to being pinchingly tight. Otherwise it seems to be of high quality and looks super cute. I’m sad i can’t wear it.

I have smallish wrists, and i love that i didn’t have to take links out for this, even though that’s an option. It’s very comfortable and in my opinion stylish-not too plain, but not too flashy.

It is my 2nd purchase from this company and i’m not disappointed. Both purchases were bands for the fitbit alta. I am so glad to have these options, as the only fashion band offered at the fitbit site was too expensive. Bayite bands are affordable (i may buy a few more), good looking, and they fit as described. I was able to make the correct choice with the info provided, along with reading some reviews. This band fits my small wrist a little looser than the greek key patterned bracelet, but not enough to be a problem.

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I’ve tried quite a few bands over the years and this one is the best. 3′) and the small size fits perfectly with the link removed. The leather & metal look to be good quality and dressy enough for an office or an evening out. I would not wear it exercising or in the rain. The clasp opens and closes like a watch, which is fine for me, but might be difficult if you have arthritis.

I was tired of the ok but not so attractive silicone bracelet. This is a very nice looking piece of jewelry. I will say, if you are used to the silicone, this bracelet will seem heavy, but at least i know it’s there, and i’m used to big watches. The quality of the leather and fasteners are terrific. I’ve gone back to the site and ordered 2 more bayite replacement bands in different styles and am really looking forward to the same quality. Oh, do pay attention to the sizes they seem to be very true.

I bought this one as a replacement. I also wanted to dress up my fitbit. This band makes the fit bit look like a piece of jewelry. I bought the black braided leather in small. 5 i always have to remove links. It came with links that can be taken out. I only had to remove one and its a perfect fit.

I have a smaller wrist – just a tiny bit over 6′. I ordered three different bands of this brand and absolutely love every one of them. Style a in the black with white stitching – this band fit great, even thought it’s not adjustable. A little loose, but not so loose that it spins around on your arm and gets upside down. I also got the chocolate brown – love that one too. I got a silver, fancier one in the same brand from a different seller. All three really dress up the fitbit alta and are so much easier to put on than the band that comes with it.

I like this as a better looking band for wearing to work. I have had issues with the strap connecting to the metal parts. But i have used epoxy to repair it twice and the repairs work fine. It really looks a lot better than wither the standard rubber band or the all silver or all black metal after market bands.

I purchased this band because i was looking for something that would make my alta look more bracelet like. I was a fitbit user first then bought the new apple watch however, i can’t give up my fitbit. I wanted to be able to wear my alta next to my apple watch and not look too geeked out. I have normal sized wrists; not tiny wrists and not large wrists. I initially ordered the ‘large’ size band for my alta but it was huge. I like the alta to move a little bit on my wrist, to be a little loose and based on other reviews i thought the small would be very small and that’s why i ordered the large. However, the wonderful people at bayite read my questions about whether or not the large band was adjustable (it is not), and sent me the small band since the large was just way too big. My wrist measures (using a tape measure) 6. 5′ and this is holding the tape measure (the kind you use for measuring cloth/clothes) fairly snugly around my wrist. This is the upper end of the measurements for the small.

I will definitely buy this in other colors fits great just pull out the links. It will get scratched after a while so buy a couple and keep them on hand they’re worth the price.

Looks professional, but it’s clear the band was not made to last. The leather has come loose from the metal at all four points it was attached. I wound up super-gluing the straps back into plave in the metal parts and it’s fine and inconspicuous. Also, the metal sort of turns my wrist greenish.

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