I bought three, before seeing if they actually fit, because the description states that it fits wrist sizes 5. My wrist is slightly smaller than 5. 5, but you don’t want too tight, do you?. I have the band on the last possible notch, and you can see how far up my wrist it slides. This for a fitbit, so it needs to be in a specific position to record properly, which, clearly, it is not. In the second picture, you can see that the end of the band almost hits the side of the metal fitting. I am going to try adding another hole to the band, but that means i will have trim the band.

Bought this to replace original band that had started to fail to hold onto fitbit charge 2. I tried others but am happy to have this leather one. Clasp to fitbit is strong and smooth fit. Band itself is smooth and comfortable. It looks professional and an upgrade over the original. By only worry is it will eventually break at the buckle point from having to wedge extra strap under carriers. The first carrier is sewed in place close to the buckle so getting the extra band length in requires a fairly sharp fold (see photo) to allow it to slip thru – then it lays flat. I can’t tell if this is real leather or two nice fake leathers sewn together but for the price.

I was not expecting much from this other than an inexpensive band for my wrist since the rubber bands began to irritate my wrist. The clasps are the same rose gold color as the rose gold fitbit which was awesome. I give this 5 stars for what i got for the price. I don’t think it is actual leather though.

Very happy with this purchase. Very soft and comfortable, snaps securely in place and adds a dressier look to my fitbit charge 2.

Great quality, perfect fit on my charge 2. The only negatives for me are the metallic pieces at the points of connection, they seem over sized to me. On my wrist the leather band is not even seen these pieces are so large they, with the charge screen between span the top of my wrist. The band is also a “one size fits most”, my wrist is small so the length of band left over after clasping goes well up the side of the band and sticks up, catching on things.

This is an attractive band with a soft but sturdy suede leather. It’s a bit large though, my wrist is 6 1/4 inches, and i wear it on the 3rd to the last hole-that’s a whole lot of overlap so take note if you have small wrists. Also, the underside of the strap has handy little slide buttons for quick release of just the strap from the metal clip. This is great if you just want to replace the straps. I have two other fitbit charge 2 bands–one that came with it, which i find the clasp annoyingly difficult and the plastic/rubber material traps sweat. The other is metal mesh with a magnetic band which i love, but occasionally the magnet sticks to metal things i am working with or carrying so i have to take it off. Point is, of the three, this is the most comfortable and a good value. Update: i’ve had this a few months now, and the leather stretches slightly-i wear it on the 2nd hole now, an really wish it were available in a smaller size. I’m still pleased with it, very comfortable and i get lots of compliments.

This is one the best products i’ve ever purchased. I originally bought this on march 29th in 2017, i am only just now purchasing a replacement (the same one) on june 10th, 2018. Since attaching it to my tracker i’ve practically worn it nonstop, only really taking it off when either bathing (it’s by no means water proof, which neither is the tracker) or charging the tracker or when i’m attending a more formal outing. I even sleep with it because it’s more convenient to check the time on my tracker than roll over to look at a clock or check my phone. In all that time the external color (black) has not faded and the white stitching has not frayed or discolored. The underside, the part of the band that rests against the skin definitely changed shade in places because of sweat and wear and tear and contact with water. The underside of the band is also now cracked in places from the amount of use. I will also say that water frequently gets trapped under the band which has made the band very smelly and likely is the reason for the cracking. In the future i will be sure to remove the band while washing my face and such, which i hope will remedy the issue. With this band the clasps that attach to the tracker are black, whereas the other versions are silver.

I bought the tan color with stitching and it is absolutely gorgeous. The quality is very good and the color is absolutely beautiful. It blends well with my skin color and elevates the charge 2 from a sports device to a classy, modern piece of jewelry. I bought the small size and it fits snuggly, yet comfortably without a lot of extra band catching on things. I would absolutely recommend this to others.

  • Classy and functional
  • Excellent quality and appearance over time
  • Very nice band if you wear a size Large Fitbit.
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bayite Leather Bands Compatible Fitbit Charge 2, Replacement Accessories Straps Women Men

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Materials: Genuine leather Fitbit Charge 2 bands with brushed stainless steel buckle. Strong yet supple design makes it perfect for comfortable daily use
  • Design: Fitbit Charge 2 leather bands are adjustable to fit 5.5”- 8.1″ wrists. you can achieve the perfect fit for your slim or large wrist
  • Soft to the touch, our leather is gentle on your wrist while still being strong and secure in combination with the brushed stainless steel buckle. Charge 2 leather bands are flexible to avoid uncomfortable friction points
  • Easy Installation: Premium metal connectors seamless fit with the device as original. When you slide the band into your tracker, you could hear a “Click” sound, then “fell apart” issue 100% solve
  • 1-year warranty for a full refund or replacement without the need to return anything. Order your Fitbit Charge 2 band leather with absolute confidence

I love the color and the material of this fitbit charge band. Only negative is that the metal piece that sticks out from the fitbit attachment is somewhat scratchy inside of your arm. If i take it off at night it’s fine. It’s just not great to wear 24/7.

As another person posted and maybe i should have taken that more into account, it runs big. If you have a small wrist you might want to think again about this band. I have it on the tightest hole and it is still a little big. I do have small wrists but i measured my wrist and it was within the specs of what was listed on the description. Otherwise it is really cute and looks like good quality. I love the rose gold color and pink band. I will have to see how it holds up.

This is a very nice band and the only thing keeping me from giving it a 5-star rating (and buying one in ever color) is that it is a bit long. As you can see in the images it wraps around my wrist and back up the side. I feel a shorter band would look and feel better. As you can see in the photos it could easily be 4 notches shorter (1″ – 1-1/2″ shorter) and still be comfortable fit and i would not consider my wrist to be ‘small’. Otherwise this is very nice quality, well-made and nicely finished. It has a nice firm fit but snaps into place easily and i have had no problem getting it on and off my tracker with ease. If you wear a size large fitbit and would like some various band options i would say do not hesitate to buy this band. I also bought a stainless style from the supplier that was unfortunately not included in my package. I received a refund but haven’t repurchased yet. The fit on this band has me hesitating to do so but i’ll be looking to see if they offer ‘sized’ styles in the future.

I purchased this band because the original fitbit band was very ugly and the material made it difficult for me to unbuckle. This band put the style to my fitbit. It was very easy to connect to the fitbit and it is very easy to buckle and unbuckle. I have received several compliments on this band and i have only had it a week.

Purchased the white first -quality is great for the money and even i have small wrists and go in the second hole the length of the band does not bother me at all. Additional loop that holds it all in. Very happy with the purchase and i ordered 2 more colors as you can see. The brown with rose gold matches my rose gold wedding band. I have a silver fitbit but you cannot see the two tone unless you come way too close to me 😉 i recommend this item and delivery was speedy.

After i got my fitbit the band that it came with broke within a few weeks. I got a replacement band from fitbit and that band also broke within a few weeks. I have had this band for over a year with no problems. It looks great and makes it look like i am wearing a watch rather nice watch rather than a fitbit. I do switch it out to work out and it is very easy to do. Just push down on the clasps at each end of the fitbit face and the bands click off.

I’ve had this piece for about 3 months now and it’s holding up really nice. The rose gold part isn’t chipping, rubbing off, or fading, and it looks great. The leather is holding up beautifully, and has darkened considerably with constant use. Not sure if that would bother some, but i think it adds to the beauty of this piece. My only issue is that it’s sometimes hard to get the little clasp through the hole and to stay in place when putting it on, but i’ve mostly figured out how to manage that and it really isn’t a big deal. The clasp almost doesn’t touch the bar it’s supposed to rest on, but that hasn’t affected functionality. I’ve added pics to show what i mean, including the darkening of the leather.

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I’ve worn this band for about a month and a half, and so far it’s showing no signs of wear. It looks just as nice as it did the day i took it out of the box. I really like the black clips that connect to the fitbit. It makes it look more like a watch. 5′ and the band seems a little long, but it’s still comfortable to wear. Sometimes i even forget that i have it on.

I ordered it for work so my watch looks more professional. It looks amazing and feels amazing. Very soft and doesn’t stick to the skin. I even forgot i had it on at one point. Would definitely buy more colors or even the same one again.

The band while pretty, i do not think will wear well long term. The band is more of a suede like material, and due to the light color shows wear quickly. After only a few days of wearing it i decided this wasn’t the band for me. It already was starting to get dirty and i work in an office. I ordered a new band in the color elegant brown and am liking this one. This one is more of a normal leather material. I think it will wear better over time. I had an issue with one of the sides not latching correctly to the fitbit. So i swapped out a connector from the first band i purchased and now both sides latch appropriately to the fitbit. So i’m happy that the company designed these bands so that you could detach them from the connector piece.

Ordered this as a replacement band for my fitbit charge 2 (rose gold edition) and i have already received lots of compliments and others asking where i got it so they can replace their silicon bands. It makes my fitbit look great and a bit classier. The hardware is a tiny bit more pink than my fitbit but it’s really hard to tell and still looks great. I have fairly small wrists so i have to wear it on the 2nd tightest setting but it has two spots to hold down the extra band so it’s not a big deal.

I’m really happy with this band. It did not “click” into place, and was a little tough to get on, but i could feel the release buttons lift, so i knew it was locked in. I suspect it will get easier over time. And even thought it isn’t stamped, i am sure it’s real leather. The pink color is just like the picture. I have quite a few different bands — this is my new favorite. My wrists are small, and i appreciate that this band comes in the large and small options. I have the small, buckled into the second hole. The strap “keepers” keep the end in place nicely.

Light, comfortable, beautiful colors. The only thing that’s a bit meh for me is that fact that the metals don’t match, but there’s nothing that can be done about that.

Looks great and very comfortable. I have a very small wrist and it still looks good. It’s easy to clasp and take off. I really like that you can change the leather wristbands independently of the metal connectors. I also bought a black one so i can switch them and have a variety of combinations between both metal connectors and both wristbands. Slightly concerned that the metal connectors on the black one might get scratched easily but will see.

The band that came with my fitbit broke (a chunk of plastic that connected the fitbit to the band fell off). So i thought i’d invest in a couple replacements, because walking just isn’t the same without your fitbit. 😉 this new band is a lovely shade of light blue, is a good length (not to long, not too short) & is comfortable to wear.

I thought i bought a nice band for my wife. She had it for 3 days and the pin came out (lost it in the house) and now its junk. I get so tired of new stuff falling apart right out of the box. This company saw my review and without my asking they replaced the entire band free of charge. I gotta say that was very good of them. The band quality is very nice. Will buy again from these people.

I’m so happy i found this band. I really wanted a white band that was as thin and as feminine as possible. I bought another white band that was made out of the same old material that comes with the fitbit and it got so dirty looking (like within a few days). I’ve been wearing this for a week and it does not get dirty. I love that it’s a smaller width than most bands, so it has a more feminine look. Like others, i do wish they made these in two sizes – i wear a small, and this band is definitely big on me. Other than the size, i absolutely love it. I will likely buy another call when fall arrives.

These really change the look of the fitbit charge 2 into a much more elegant wrist band. They are nicely woven, not stiff and securely fasten on your arm. The metal connectors are very nice and i personally feel not only do they dress up the look but give added security to the breakage from the bands the come on the original fitbit. I decided to order these after my first original band that came on my fitbit broke in less than 6 months and after obtaining a replacement from fitbit (which was a nightmare to get approved), the second one broke in less than 3 months.My original size was a small and i was concerned how this one size would work out but it is fine. It does wrap further around my wrist but with the one strap band being stationary and the other adjustable, it fits me very well. The bands are even large enough to fit my husband’s wrist so i will be ordering one for him as well.

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Great quality and makes my fitbit look fancy. I have a very small wrist 6 inches and it fit. I was tired of having the same color band as everyone.

Like many others, i find the band pretty long. I definitely do not have the most slender of wrists and this fits comfortably on the 2nd or 3rd hole, so i have a long “tail’ of band left. Thankfully, there are two loops to keep the tail attached to the band, so it’s not a problem. If you do have slender wrists, definitely take the time to measure your wrist and determine if this will fit on the smallest hole. Some other reviewers had issues with the bulkiness of the metal attachment points, but i’m do not. I am replacing another metal magnetic band (keep snagging sweaters, although i liked the look) that had the same metal attachment point style, so this is fine for me.

Watch seemed to be well structured. I had concerns about whether or not it would fit. From the company i received assurance that it would fit — even if only in the last hole in the band. Well that was not quite the case. Was going to buy one for my dad who has an 8″ wrist — good think i did not. Would have had to return two of them.

I have small wrists, so it’s hard to size right with anything. I’ve tried a few metal ones to look more feminine, but they never fit properly. This band tapers in with the leather for a thinner looking design. The charge 2 is already so bulky, and this does help its mass. The strap is just the right size to be slightly snug on the last hole without modification. I thought i might have to do some cutting with the securing loops, but one is free floating which gives this another star. I would definitely recommend and buy again. With any leather band, it’s not meant to be used on construction sites, or heavy daily wear, but i hit it hard at the gym and it’s done great.

I’ve bought a few different bands for my charge hr since i got it, and this has to be my favorite. It snapped on no problem and feels comfortable and secure on my (size large) wrist. I love that the band tapers from where it connects to the tracker, making it look slim and delicate. The contrast stitching is beautiful. The leather is a little stiff upon first wear, but it’s soft and comfortable. It truly makes the fitbit look like a watchthis is also the most responsive to taps and wrist turns my fitbit has been, which i think means i finally got my sizing right. Overall, it’s a great looking and comfortable band.

Really happy with this purchase. The color of rose gold on the band does not match the color on my fitbit, but you can’t tell unless you look on the sides. I just put the band on so i can’t speak to the longevity of the band and the wear but so far so good.Great for work and dressing up the fitbit.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this band. The rose gold color exactly matches my fitbit and it has a pretty luxe look. With this band, it looks more adult than the rubbery bands provided by fitbit. I like those for when i’m working out or doing something physical, but this nubuck-like band is a pretty classy change.

I’ve worn it every day for almost four months now and it still looks the same as the day it arrived. Its comfortable and conforms to my wrist well. The smoke gray color looks just about the same on screen as it does in person. For me, this band is a nice way to dress up my charge 2 a little bit.

I ordered this wristband in black and red. After wearing the rubber one that came with it for over a year, my wrists were starting to itch all the time. (i would it back and forth based on which wrist was itchy each day. ) these leather bands are great, easy to attached and give my charge2 a much dressier look. When i’m ready to buy other colors, i’m coming back for more of these from bayite.

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