I honestly didn’t want a big fit bit to begin with but, since i got it for christmas and really like the features i kept it. I knew i wanted to dress it up to be ‘me’. I really like the look and it feels solid. It now looks more like a bracelet than a piece of equipment.

I like how this looks, but generally can’t get it on or off without help, and even with someone helping me it takes a few minutes. I often can’t wear my fitbit because i don’t have time to fight the clasp.

This is a christmas present for my daughter. They look great in the package and are of good quality. The test will be if they attach correctly to her fitbit and stay attached. Unfortunately, i will not know this until christmas. So feedback is a bit premature.

Loved the look of the band but it is super hard to attach to versa.

He bought a bracelet that matches and it keeps him wearing his versa and remaining stylish. Bayite was able to find a way to get his band extended so that he coud wear it comfortably. (large wrist) excellent purchase.

I love this band it’s so beautiful and well made, however that being said i did have to cut away some of the leather to get it to get it fit on the fitbit versa. I would have returned it but i loved the way it looked so much that i cut away some of the leather from the pin where it attaches to the fitbit versa to get the pin to lock in place correctly. After that very small glitch though, i have to say it’s very unique, i have received many many compliments on it. Aside from having to alter it a bit, it’s a very well made piece and it will be my favorite band for everyday wear.

  • Poor design, looks terrible when wearing.
  • Seller is quick to respond and cares about customers happiness
  • Unique and Beautiful Band

The quality is good and it really changes the look of my versa.

I love the look on my wrist of my new leather band. It is a little uncomfortable but only because of the size of my wrist. It is right in the middle, either its just a little to tight but the face comes on when arm is lifted or it is to loose and it won’t light up when arm is lifted.

This watch band is beautiful and well crafted. I get a lot of complements on it daily even after two weeks of wearing it. It’s a little tricky getting used to taking on and off, but once i got that down it was worth it.

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Really liked the detail work on it. It took some time trying to find the best way to put it on without help. Probably spent twenty sweaty minutes trying to latch it. And it’s so easy to adjust the wrist size by taking off links.

Features of bayite Leather Bands Compatible Fitbit Versa, Handmade Wristband Replacement Bracelet Straps Women

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Chic Design for Fitbit Versa/Versa Lite. Supple for comfortable daily use with a stylish look
  • Materials: Elegant genuine leather, won’t pilling or peeling off. With Premium Stainless Steel folding Clasp, not an inexpensive zinc or aluminum alloy, Never tarnish
  • EASY TO RESIZE: Simply remove the folding clasp to resize the band. No tool is needed. Fitbit Versa bands for women are adjustable to fit 5.5″ – 7.8″ wrists so you can achieve the perfect fit for your petite or large wrist
  • Easy tool free installation with improved quick release spring bars make changing the band a snap! We have reinforced the spring bar knob so it’s no hassle to switch your strap to change up your look
  • 1-year warranty for a full refund or replacement without the need to return anything. Order the Fitbit Versa bands with absolute confidence

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I purchased along with my new watch. Comfortable, easy to install to the watch. Loved it so much i order another color.

Beads feel like they are light and will discolor. Like the different look but would.

The leather band added a depth of individual style. The clean lines of the versa combined with the intricate metal and braided leather of the band provides a subtle nod to fashion.

Band was pretty easy to attach to my fitbit. The band is easy to adjust to my arm, only thing is there is no middle ground between too tight and the next adjustment of too loose. Other than that, it is very nice and i have received many compliments.

I love it more than i thought i would.

It was really challenging for me to get the band’s pin to connect, one side worse than the other,due to the thickness of the leather. I got desperate and shaved the leather a little with some scissorsin order to get one of the pins to connect and hold. I also had to take two links out in the middle which wasn’t too much trouble. It looks marvelous on, very attractive and unique, i’m enjoying it now. This is a rare design, which is a big reason why i wouldn’t pass it up. Just maybe manufacturercould make the leather a little thinner, other than that, love it.

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Chic Design for Fitbit Versa/Versa Lite.

Orderd this band to go with my wife’s new fitbit versa watch. While she really liked the looks of the band, it didn’t take long for her to become very disappointed in the design. The metal accent pieces on each side of the watch do not stay in the proper position. It appears the small rubber bands (o-ring) that are supposed to keep them centered are not adequate to do the job and the result is the metal pieces are always sliding up or down the leather cords on each side. (see my photo attached which is shortly after my wife took watch off). You can see in the picture the small rubber pieces that are supposed to keep the metal pieces in place. Was contacted by seller and they offered to replace or substitute a different band at no cost. They we very helpful to resolve this matter.

I got the brown and it looks so beautiful, i was afraid after reading some of the reviews but i got it and i love it, does’t look cheap, it looks like in the picture. I only have some trouble to get one side in because of the leather in that size is thicker but i manage, i just feel now like it will be a pay to have to change to other band often because is a little annoying to put that size back, so this is why my 4 starts are.

This band looks like jewelry. Light weight and the instructions on how to put it on the versa tracker were simple and complete. I was also able to resize the band to fit me by following the instructions.

Clasp could be a little easier to undo, but is okay.

I would give it 10 stars if i couldthis band is a band and a bracelet in one. It is absolutely gorgeousi had no problem pairing it to my versa watch. I have larger wrist and it is a great fit and an be adjusted to smaller wrists.

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Fits and feels nice but the strands by the fitbit is to lose and can’t be adjusted.

Materials: Elegant genuine leather, won’t pilling or peeling off.

This is really pretty, however the little o rings that are supposed to hold the silver decorative tubes in place are too big and let the tube slide all over. I would give it 5 stars if that part was fixed.

Looks great and is well crafted.

The sides don’t stay in place. Love the look, just always having to adjust it.

Super excited to finally be able to wear my new band. I was a little bummed when i received it and it was too small but i emailed the seller asking for more links and they sent me 2 more bands. I now have enough links and replacement bands in case this one is damaged. Looks great, fits well and matches my personality so much better than the plastic band the versa came with.

The clasp is horrible, and it takes two people to get it on. Once on, it wouldn’t lock. That makes it pretty much worthless.

Everyone who sees this band say ‘oh wow, that is so pretty’. It is easy to charge; i don’t need to remove the band. It goes with everything i wear.

Was hesitant ordering this, but i’m glad i did. Gives a whole different look for your fitbit. Sizing is super easy and overall feels good while wearing. Now i’m considering ordering more colors.

EASY TO RESIZE: Simply remove the folding clasp to resize the band. No tool is needed. Fitbit Versa bands for women are adjustable to fit 5.5″ –

Really pretty fitbit band /bracelet. It’s durable and great quality. The silver accents are really pretty and it looks expensive.

I am very pleased with my band, i attached it to my fitbit versa. I may order another color in the future.

The band is very tight at the leather to connect the leather could be a little thinner and shaved just a little in width. The left side of the band has a little extra leather rope that makes it bulge out more than the right side. Its pretty and good quality. I think i am the only one who knows the imperfections because i have to put in on the fitbit.

Easy tool free installation with improved quick release spring bars make changing the band a snap!

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