It really dresses up my fitbit rose gold versa.

Was skeptical as the reviews said instillation was tricky. I figured it out pretty quickly before getting frustrated or anything. Nice quality and it feels so much more comfortable than the band my versa came with. Oh and it got here earlier than promised.

I got this band for my versa and it works great. It was easy to put on and its nice sturdy leather. I have really small wrists, barely 6 inches, so finding bands isn’t always easy but i was able to adjust this one perfectly with some leeway for going even smaller if necessary. I think this band is great for women with little wrists and younger kids with smaller arms and wrists.

Just got this in last night and while it took me a few to finagle the band on the watch i absolutely love it. I will definitely going back for the black band.

I really like my my new versa band. It is much more feminine than the rubber one it came with. My only issue is the sizing. When i took 2 links out, it was much too snug and with only one link out its a little too loose. I guess i need to either gain or lose a few pounds to the right fit. For now, wearing it a little loose is not a deal breaker.

Just got this today and i love it. I’ve been searching and trying all kinds of bands for my versa that are both comfortable and fashionable. Easy to adjust, looks fantastic, lightweight.

  • Leather strap that can breath
  • Excellent customer service and good band
  • A must have for Fitbit Versa

I love red and black together. It fits perfect and was a breeze to put on my fitbit. Best of all, the links are easily removed to make it fit each individual. You can’t go wrong with this band.

Since i wear my versa all the time, i wanted a band that would be comfortable (breathable) and looks good. I no longer have sweaty, irritated wrists. Also, this band does not snag my long sleeve technical tops, which the metal mesh band did. My only gripe is the latch (or lack of a latch. ) each metal segment is easy enough to remove (or add) to make the band fit your wrist, but there is no easy open / close latch. So, it’s a bit of a pain to put the versa back on after charging it.

So happy i took a chance on this band. I am new to the fit bit versa and due to it’s size, the bands can be bulky looking. I’m a big boned girl so i don’t want something to draw more attention to it. This band is perfect for me because the cut-outs break up the band and the bulky look. I think it’s stylish and wears well with most of my outfits. It was a bit difficult at first to get the band to latch but after a few uses, it clicks into place easily. I also picked up the brown band and love it too. I wish there were more colors of this style.

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Cute band, but wouldn’t work on my versa. I was ableto get one side to fit, but after many tries (and with the help of my husband) i couldn’t attach the other sideupdateafter posting this review, i received notice from the supplier that a new band would be sent and that i needn’t return anything. I received my new band promptly and i love it. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service.

Perfect for “dressy” occasions.

Features of bayite Leather Bands Compatible Fitbit Versa, Handmade Replacement Bracelet Straps Women Men

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Chic Design for Fitbit Versa/Versa Lite. Supple for comfortable daily use with a stylish look
  • Materials: Elegant genuine leather, won’t pilling or peeling off. With Premium Stainless Steel folding Clasp, not an inexpensive zinc or aluminum alloy, Never tarnish
  • EASY TO RESIZE: Simply remove the folding clasp to resize the band. No tool is needed. Fitbit Versa bands for women are adjustable to fit 5.5″ – 7.8″ wrists so you can achieve the perfect fit for your petite or large wrist
  • Easy Installation: Tool free installation with improved quick release spring bars, makes changing the band a snap! We have reinforced the spring bar knob so it’s no hassle to switch your strap to change up your look
  • 1-year warranty for a full refund or replacement without the need to return anything. Order the Fitbit Versa bands with absolute confidence

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I like the band but i had a problem with the pins. Also i now can’t remove the clasp to shorten it. I also thought the it opened like a bracelet. Maybe i am doing something wrong. Right now it is not really tight but if i remove clasp i will not be able to take it off easily.

This was not as hard to put on fitbit as some had said. I was reluctant to purchase because of that very fact. It was not very simple but i had it on sooner then i thought without having to ask my husband to put it on. I have a large wrist and it is perfect.

It really does dress up my versa. Great quality, design and fit.

I did not like the bulky, stiff band that came with my fitbit versa. After looking at all the options for a replacement band, online, i decided on the bayite leather band. It’s soft, flexible and comfortable. This was a very good decision for me.

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I have the rose pink versa and wanted a brown leather band and i bought this one because i liked the style.

Everything arrived on time, was packaged well with easy instructions for removing links to get the right size. The band looks really nice and is a fantastic way to customize a look. If you hate the look of the rubber watch bands like i do – consider getting one like this instead.

Chic Design for Fitbit Versa/Versa Lite.

This leather band is so nice and really makes my versa look dressy. I also really like how easy it was to resize it to fit my wrist.

First and foremost, amazingly responsive customer service, but i’ll get to that. The band is charming and very comfortable. Attaching it initially felt a little iffy and i was concerned about the band coming unattached from the watch, but i have been wearing this configuration for several weeks, including sleeping (i only really take the watch off to charge it and shower). The leather is thick, but comfortable to wear. The metal part of the band has caused absolutely no green skin, and i’m real prone to that, so it much be quality metal used. The only issue i had, was that the band was just a bit too small, and here’s where the story gets even better. After the purchase i received an email requesting feedback, and i decided to ask about getting an extra link. And a representative from the company responded immediately that she would see what could be done. In very short order i heard back how she would solve the problem and today i received the extra pieces. This is clearly a reputable company, and my suggestion to the company would be to have a larger possibility for the woman’s band.

Loved the look and useability of this band. I really like the style as it offers more ‘breathing room’ around the wrist than the standard fitbit band. It came with instructions on how to replace a fitbit versa band as well as how to resize this particular band. The design of the resizing makes it simple to do. I read some feedback somewhere that this band is cumbersome to take off/put on, but if you are looking for this style band with the metal links, it works just the same as any other of this type. It is actually easier since all of the link can open.

I was looking for something to wear to work and in the evenings to spruce it up.

I feel like the links are too many- less links and more leather would make the band look even better. However- i still like it enough to give it 5 stars. I work out with the band on (i tend to sweat a lot)- band is not effected, looks like new.

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It’s unique, and because it’s a bit tapered in, it reduces the bulkyness that other leather bands have. Easy to take out links to size down. Great quality and comfortable.

Materials: Elegant genuine leather, won’t pilling or peeling off.

Love this band for my fitbit versa. It is dressy, yet also casual enough to wear with anything. It adjust very easily to suit any wrist size also. It’s well made and allows breathability because it has a thinner band near the clasps and an opening in the band on the upper portion. Truly enjoying this addition.

My arm aways developed a rash underneath my rubber straps but now my arm can breath. It was a bit difficult fitting it and also putting on but itlooks so good snd is very comfortable.

This band fits my fitbit versa great. It is easy to put on and adjust to size. It is a bit hard at first putting on by getting the band ends together but with practice and i sit down and lay it across mybthigh to put the bands together.

Easy to attach to my flawed versa. Band is beautiful leather it’s an elegant and expensive looking band without bling.

Excellent leather and clasps. However, i did have to use a nail file to file down the leather a bit around the posts to get it to insert. After that everything worked fine.

This band feels very high quality and looks great with my graphite fitbit versa. After a month of daily wear the band is still like new. I love the pink color, it’s a stylish nude shade. The band is a little hard to attach to the versa at first, but as the leather softens it gets much easier. The photos show pink strap after a month and white strap after two weeks of daily wear. I am amazed that the sensitive light colors have stayed so clean – i am definitely not very careful with my versa.

Just got it today, very pretty and i’m so happy with my purchase.

EASY TO RESIZE: Simply remove the folding clasp to resize the band. No tool is needed. Fitbit Versa bands for women are adjustable to fit 5.5″ –

I would recommend this fitbit versa leather band, perfect fit, good quality and ships fast. I will for sure be ordering again from vendor.

Arrived on time, looks great will update on fit and size when my fitbit arrivesupdate: the band fits and was easy to remove links and was easy to put on looks good on my versa.

Easy Installation: Tool free installation with improved quick release spring bars, makes changing the band a snap!

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