I bought this in rose gold to match my rose gold fitbit. The fitbit is a brushed finish, whereas this is very glossy, so they don’t match each other at all. Also, the band is just too shiny/flashy for me. Otherwise, it was very easy to adjust the size with the included tools and the band itself fits nicely and is comfortable and well made.

Fits great, looks great, love it. I originally gave this band 5 stars but reduced it to 3, after wearing it for a few months the silver shine is wearing off, particularly where it rubs against the skin, or is touched a lot, (like the clasp) and a sort of copper color is appearing. It is turning my wtist green. Have now ordered another band, different company to replace this one. Sad because i really liked the look of this band.

I received the fitbit bayite band timely. The band seems to be of good quality as i have worn it several weeks now and i haven’t noticed any discoloration as other reviewers mentioned. The band came with tools to remove any links, and i had my daughter remove a few as the band was a bit long and i am happy to say there is nothing that snags clothing or pulls hair. Although it has little bling bling on both sides, it sort of looks manly. I wish it would’ve looked a bit more feminine. Other than wishful thinking, i am happy with my purchase.

I want to give this band five stars but unfortunately, i can’t. It comes in two pieces, and although both pieces snap onto the fitbit easily, one of the pieces is almost impossible to get off. It took a lot of effort to remove it–i thought i was going to break my fitbit. Also, it comes with a took to help you adjust the band, but try as i might, it’s impossible to remove the little pins between the links and i broke the took in my attempt (luckily they include two more bits in case you break them). It’s a beautiful band and i’m sure i’ll use it on occasion–but i’m scared to put it back on my fitbit for fear i won’t be able to get it off, and the reason i love this fitbit is because of the interchangeable bands. And i still have to figure out how to shorten the length. Overall, however, i’m happy with my purchase (i just wear the band higher up on my arm).

A bit too big and i am not strong enough to remove the links so i wear more as a bracelet. My only issue is the class is way too hard to open and close so good thing it’s big on me. I slip on and off like a bracelet when i need too, otherwise i wouldn’t be able to wear it. Even my husband has a hard time closing the clasp for me and he’s super strong. I ordered this on silver as well so i will see how that clasp is. Seller can you maybe email me or respond to my review and tell me what you think i should do?.

I love the elegant look of this band, and most of all, i absolutely love how comfortable it is. I wear it almost 24hrs/day and it never bothers me in any way. It was easy to adjust to size with the included tool – just make sure hat you insert the tool into the side that has an slight indentation – not the perfectly flat side. The claso is a little tricky, but i figured it out and have no problem swapping out with original band when wanted. I highly recommend this stainless steel band to any one looking to make their fitbit more comfortable and versatile for work and play. No one believes that i am wearing a fitbit – they think it is an cool, expensive watch. I think you can’t go wrong with this band.

bayite Metal Bands Compatible Fitbit Charge 2, Replacement Accessories Bracelet Rhinestone Bling, Style C

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • NOTE: IT DOESN’T FIT THE CHARGE 3. Chic Design for Fitbit Charge 2. Fits all wrists sizes from 5.5″-7.5″
  • Fashionable and fits with different outfits. High quality metal material for added comfort and durability, Smooth and comfortable
  • Folding Clasp allowing for simple operation and security. Comes with a tool to resize the band, easy adjustment
  • Made of high quality Zinc alloy material with rhinestones, makes your fitbit like a jewelry watch, brings you lots of compliments
  • 1 year Warranty. Order with confidence with a 1 year warranty for replacement or full refund without return the item

Well, i was going to return this as soon as i got it. But – when i put it on my tracker to see how it would look, i couldn’t get it off. Since i didn’t want to miss out on tracking steps, i left it on and i got so many compliments that i kept it and i guess i kind of like now. I just wasn’t sure that i wanted a 12 dollar band. Seemed kind of cheap and the color isn’t a perfect match to my rose gold fit bit face. But everyone else seems to think it’s great so i am keeping it until it gets banged up and then i will go to the internet sight they send you to when you can’t get it off the tracker, take it off and put of something different. So i gave this four stars not because it’s awesome but because for the money it’s good.

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I wanted a band to wear in a more professional or formal setting. It’s very shiny and glamorous but doesn’t feel too over the top for me. I like that the crystals are small and delicate. I didn’t have any issue with the tool, but i had used one like it before and struggled my first time. I think the guidance arrows make it a little more confusing.

Beautiful, dressy, expensive looking band. It is in rose gold, but i wish it came in plain gold. In the picture, i have my much more expensive citizen gold watch next to it for comparison. It looks nice, and i have had people ask if i quit wearing my fitbit, or if i’ve gotten a new watch. Mine did come with a small scratch, but i am notifying the seller about it. Otherwise, very pleased, and i was able to change the band, and remove links myself.

This is a beautiful sturdy band that turns the plain fitbit charge 2 into a piece of jewelry. I couldn’t be happier with it. Very very easy to take the links out with the handy tool that comes with it also. It only took me about 10 minutes to put the whole thing together. Really dresses up the fitbit.

I like this style better than some of the other metal bands for my fitbit because it doesn’t snag my sweaters or other delicate clothes. I also liked how it’s dressier than a silicone band and it’s got an included link removal tool, which is simple to use. Having said that, i’ve had this on my fitbit for less than a month (i received this 9/26 and it’s now 10/15), and it’s already corroding and turning my wrist green. The style bayite carries that has the metal mesh webbing design went about a year before i had this happen, and i was hoping this band would be similar in quality to the ones i have previously purchased from bayite.

I received this as a christmas present to myself but had no time until recently to size it for myself. The band itself looks nice and sturdy. My issue is i have very small wrists so i needed to remove 6 links to make it fit. I tried using the tool that came with the band but after the first link the needle broke in half. I emailed the company and they responded after a day telling me there was another needle in the bottom of the box. So i was able to finish removing all the links with the 2nd needle. Just wished i knew it was there to start with. Also the band is completely wrapped in plastic which i did not realize until i was into to removing the links so be sure and unwrap it first. They give you a youtube site to watch on how to remove the links which is very helpful.

I wanted something besides the black band for my fitbit for a dressier look. This band had great reviews and was exactly what i was looking for. Upon arrival it was exactly what i was looking for. I don’t think it is overly shiny, it has a nice chrome look. It doesn’t look cheap, i would think i paid much more for it by the look. The clasp is nice, i am not concerned with it falling off. It has a nice weight to it as well. Solid, but not overly heavy. The bonus is the tool to remove the links. I have ridiculously small wrists and watches with links are such a hassle for me as i always have to take them to be adjusted.

This is a nice band to dress up my fitbit. Removing the links was easy after viewing the youtube video. The band is in expensive so i am not sure how long it will hold up. I have had it less than one week and i have already managed to scratch the top of the band where you tap the fitbit to see the different screens. This is my fault but i am hoping it won’t cause any discoloration. I am not confident it will hold up to regular day to day use. I will likely need to change it out and only use it for dressier occasions.

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It’s great quality and it’s much more breathable than the regular fitbit silicone bands. I’m able to comfortably wear it while i sleep and exercise. It doesn’t pinch my skin and i haven’t had any concerns with the clasp. I was able to easily remove the links with the provided tool and video link without any problem at all. The band now fits perfectly and goes well with my other jewelry and outfits too. It looks much more fashionable, which makes me more comfortable wearing my fitbit for all types of work meetings and social events.

This is probably better suited for the ladies. I didn’t like the highly reflective/shiny look. I’m returning it to get one of the other stainless steel bands from bayite. Wasn’t really fond of the clasp either (i like the butterfly one on my black bayite band better, so i’ll probably get the stainless version of that one instead). That being said, removing the links with the enclosed tool was extremely easy. Seems like a high quality band.

This is just what i wanted for my fitbit charge 2. My fitbit looks so nice, just like a elegant watch which that’s the look i was going for. I probably will order another one maybe a different style.

bayite Metal Bands Compatible Fitbit Charge 2, Replacement Accessories Bracelet Rhinestone Bling, Style C : Comes with tool to remove links if needed that was super easy to use. Very happy with my purchase.

Beware if you are allergic to nickel. I am super sensitive to nickel and within 2 hours i had a rash. Also, if you have hair on your arms, this will pinch and pull and possibly make you cry a bit. I liked the look of it so much i actually just considered shaving that one spot, but after the rash, i knew i couldn’t wear it anymore.

It’s very pretty and dresses the fit bit very nicely. The only draw back is the tool used to remove links. It’s not made very well and did not work to remove the pins. Luckily i had one from another band that is made better and worked easily. The ban itself is great tho.

The initial band i purchase would not ‘lock in’ on one side. I contacted the seller, who gave me a suggestion, but it did not work. They promptly shipped me a new one, which fit perfectly. The links were very easy to remove, the tool is provided, with instructions. Band fits very well after removing the links.

It makes my fitbit look more like a piece of jewelry. At first it seemed a little challenging to take out links, but once i got the hang of it, it was pretty easy. It was way too big, so i had to take a lot of links out. It was time consuming, but after the links were out, i was very pleased with the look. My only suggestion would be to have different sizes so that a person with a small wrist doesn’t have to take out so many links.

Purchased this for my wife’s fitbit charge 2 and it has the bling she wanted. Be sure to follow closely the instructions for removing links, particularly the part about there should be no resistance when pushing out the pin. If there is any, reposition the tool.

I think it looks sharp and have gotten several compliments on it. I tightened it pretty easily with the tool enclosed. The one thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars is that after a week it scratched a few places on the edges and the chrome is wearing off a bit. One thing that might be contributing to this is that i wear it all the time, including in the shower, so i can’t really complain. It’s good product for the price.

I have a large wrist and this fits perfectly. I rarely find bands that fit so well. The band is really stylish and will go great for any occasion. For those with smaller wrists the band comes with a took to remove links along with instructions and links to a youtube video. Everything came in a metal tin too. I will definitely buy again. As for how they hold up to sweat and general activity i don’t know yet.

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It really changed the look of the fitbit & makes it so pretty, especially with nicer outfits. It was easy to remove links to size. If you have questions about link removal, the youtube tutorials make it simple.

I loved my original fitbit but purchased the new charge 2 so that i could change the bands. It was a little snug the first time i tried to install it, but now it fits perfectly. The rose gold color is a new color that i am trying and so far so good. I love the look of my new fitbit with this rose gold band. The new fitbit charge 2 is quite a bit heavier than the charge hr and that coupled with a metal band does make it a little clunkier. But the best thing about it, i do have the option to change the band back to a lighter version.

I purchased one of these a couple years ago. I recently purchased another one. The clasp was wearing out and i figured what a jeweler would charge to fix it would probably be comparable to buying another band. I love this band because it makes my fitbit look more like a piece of jewelry, not a fitness tracker. Most people who see it think it is my watch. I have very small wrists and have to take out several links. The tool that comes with it and the youtube video instructions make it super easy to remove the links. I have had problems with the fitbit bands coming loose where they connect to the tracker. I have never had that problem with this band. I would definitely recommend this product.

I purchased this because i wanted something a little dressier for work while still being able to use my fitbit. Obviously i don’t expect it to last forever as some reviewers have pointed out it might start turning your arm green. But for the cost you can’t beat it. I was able to remove links easily by watching the suggested video and all in all it has fulfilled my expectation. I would be careful with any type of water around this and when exercising i change out the band to the plastic original band it came with.

This is more of a men’s sized band and it is being returned. It looks nice enough and is packaged beautifully and comes with a link adjuster but the two ends that clip onto the fitbit are too long and extends the top portions too far over my wrists for a bulky look. I’ll look for something that suggests a women’s band.

Very easy to adjust using the tool included. I took off 5 links, i have small wrists. I can see myself scratching it up if i wore it daily, however, i purchased it for a trip to vegas so i would have something a bit dressier. Love the look and feel of it. And it really sparkles in the sunlight.

I’ve gotten a few complements on my watch from people who don’t know it’s a fitbit. I notice the face is getting a bit scratched up though. It’s fallen off a couple times. Not sure if it’s a defect or because i haven’t latched it properly. I will be ordering more for sure. So glad i can change up the look without the functionality.

After receiving the strap i thought it was very beautiful. It seems to be very sturdy and very strong. The tool to remove some of the brackets to shorten it works great. I think people who have broken them is because they were rough handling it you need to be gentle with it and take your time. The only problem i had with this was the two bendy snappy’s that snap it onto the actual fitbit they both protruded out a little bit and was poking me in the top of my wrist. I thought about returning it. But after getting on here and seeing that no one else was complaining about it i figured i had just got one that got messed up a little bit somehow in the making. Not wanting to return the strap and get another one i decided to try to fix it myself. So i just took a pair of pliers like tools and very slowly and gently bent them in a little bit and voila no more poking and it still snaps perfectly and secure.

I love my fitbit charge 2 band. It came in a nice tin and feels very well made. I had an issue with the first one not locking onto the fitbit but the company sent another one immediately. I am going to buy more since i like it so much and know it will be covered by a great customer service team if it’s not right.

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