Packaged well in a little tin box, and looks good on the charge 2. My wrist is almost exactly between a small and large at 6. 5″ and this band wraps all the way around to within a finger breadth of the other side. I may have been better off with a small instead of a large. Just a heads up to anyone else who has a “tween” size wrist. I have another brand (in brown in the photo) and the way the adjustable band fits onto the clasp is much more elegant. But they did not have this color, so it is a trade off. I really like this color of gold, it is not too brassy, just a nice gold color. The photo that shows all of them is accuarate. So far the band stays on well, the magnet is strong and does not slip.

This was such a great buy, i still can’t believe it was only $15. I love my fitbit but don’t love the “sporty” look of the rubber bands it comes with. This replacement band is such a good alternative. It came in a cute little tin box, and was super easy to snap on, it clicks into place just like the original bands. A very strong magnet adjusts it to fit on your wrist, and i’m pleasantly surprised with how well the magnetic closure stays in place. I also like that i can easily adjust it if i want it to fit looser, like a bangle, or tighter when i’m about to start a workout and want to accurately track my heartbeat. It is very comfortable, i like the way it feels way more than the rubbery band, which sometimes would cause a rash on my wrist. The rose gold is very pretty and although i was worried that the silver-colored casing on the fitbit would make it look weird, it doesn’t at all, the difference in metal colors is not noticeable at all. I’ve gotten several complimentsthe one thing that i couldn’t really tell from the photo is that because the mesh part of the band is so thin, the part of the band that holds the fitbit in place looks like it sits high on your wrist. At first i didn’t like this but i’ve gotten used to it.

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Great replacement strap for my fitbit charge 2. It’s comfortable, and because it’s magnetic, even if it gets a little loose it won’t fall off my wrist. (i lost a similar misfit tracker and band with a different kind of attachment. ) it’s much less bulky than the plastic/rubber band that comes with the charge 2.

I really like how this band transforms the fitbit into something much more classy and professional looking. I had the charge hr for years and hated how bland and clunky it looked, especially in a business casual workplace. I love that the new charge hr 2 allows you to upgrade your band to what better fits your style. This case does a great job of taking a fitness devise and elevating it. The magnetic clasp is strong and i’ve only experienced one issue of the band slipping off and i think it was because my heavy purse bumped it as it slid down my arm. Otherwise it stays in place no matter what i’m doing. It doesn’t even slip while sleeping and i’m a very active sleeper. My only complaint is that i’ve only been wearing this three weeks and the from of the band is starting to get scratched. I’m really worried about what this will look like in another month or two. I haven’t been doing much of anything, so i’m not even sure what’s scratching it.

I love my band i bought this in 2 colors. I have been telling all my fitbit friends about you.

I have been wearing this band since february 15, 2017. Beyond having to open it up and adjust the clip on the inside, i’ve really liked this band. At first i felt like it wasn’t locking in the fitbit properly, hence tightening the clip. It’s so much nicer than the silicone band. I’ve worn it 24/7 since purchasing. I’ve posted pictures to show the wear. I ordered a new one and am showing them side by side. It appears the pink tone will rub off after a time leaving it looking a bit tacky. It’s a great product, performs wonderfully, but beware that after 5 months, this is what you’ll have.

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I bought this and the fitbit charge 2 band, umtele milanese loop stainless steel metal bracelet strap with unique magnet lock, no buckle needed for fitbit charge 2 hr fitness tracker blue, thinking they were essentially the same. They are not, so i thought i’d show both here so you can see the differences. Both are very good, but in my view this one is better, by a small bit. I like and use both, i think these pictures explain the differences, but generally, this one has a slightly wider band, the connection at the one end is a fixed piece (on the other band, it is a pin), and this one has slidable pins for easy removal – on both ends -. (i have the brown one, which is really more like copper). I use it all the time – sleeping, working out etc.

  • Looks nice but shows wear
  • Five Stars
  • Awesome buy

bayite Milanese Loop Bands Compatible Fitbit Charge 2, Stainless Steel Magnet Lock Metal Wristband Women Men Large Small

  • NOTE: IT DOESN’T FIT THE CHARGE 3. Strong magnetic clasp closure, easily stick and lock your watch band, even in extreme conditions making it the ultimate accessory for your fitbit Charge 2 fitness heart rate tracker
  • Durable woven stainless steel mesh loop makes for a band that is pleasing to the eye and to the touch. Replacement Band Only. The Fitbit device is not included
  • Simple operation and easy size adjustment with no buckle. Fits all wrists sizes Small 5.5″ – 6.7″ Large 6.7″ – 8.1″
  • With a simple latching mechanism your Fitbit Charge 2 is securely held in place with the option to switch out the band quickly for another look
  • Order with confidence with a 1 year warranty for replacement or full refund without return the item
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I really love the way this band looks. I bought it to go with my rose gold charge 2 and it matches nicely. It looks classy and the magnetic band is light and very easy to adjust.

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