I work 12-hour shifts as a nurse, and this is a fantastic bumper for my watch. All i ever have to do to take care of it is wipe around the edge of the watch screen every now and then.

This protection is better than nothing (for the price), but some improvements could be made. I didn’t care how the buttons were indented. It led to a lot of debris buildup around the buttons. It also made it nearly impossible to even push the buttons. It would also be nice to have some actually screen protection on it – that would make it a more versatile product. Some of the silver also wore off shortly after use.

Love this inonic protector it suppose to be black but it’s more like a clear protector. But it protects the device love it. The install was a little tough but the bayite is flexible.

I needed a good watch protector since i’m always knocking my arm into things andthe ionic is expensive. This is a great case and it’s not much bulkier than the watch itself. The only con is that if you want to buy a charging dock, make sure it says that it can be used with a case. Also, i can see how people complain that water gets trapped within the case, as it is a tight fit, but it looks so good on the watch though. Still, definitely a good investment for my new watch.

I previously had a clear case that covered the screen, which i thought i wanted. However, i run with my fitbit quite a bit and it always allowed sweat to get inside the case and on the screen. It also faded and became yellow. This case protects the ionic great and looks nice. Screen coverage has not been an issue and i don’t have problems pushing the buttons.

Originally, i wrote a lower review, attached below. However, the seller sent me a new ionic cover & i have had no issues with the new cover. Nice to see they care & replaced it. Metallic blue color rubbed off on one side when i wore this one time for a few hours. It is just painted on top of a clear plastic case. They should make these with a solid color, now i bought a watch band that doesn’t look good with anthing else but it. Too bad, i wanted this color more than any other bc my grandma loved it & she recently passed away.

I bought this cover in two colors, and i’m happy with them both. They look sleek, and i’ve gotten compliments for both the maroon and gold colors. I like the metallic look a lot. The price point is great too. My only concern is stretching or tearing these after they’ve gotten some wear, but i’m pretty content with my purchase.

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I was pretty pleased that this case went on so easily and was not as bulky as i had thought. Just like any device case, i do find that i need to take it off to clean the device from dirt/debris, but i do the same on my iphone. I would recommend this case to anyone who has the ionic and is a little careless (like me) with hands/arms and doesn’t want to scratch up the pricey device. I’m also thinking of getting another color just for fun :-).

Makes it look like a whole new watch. When i got a compliment on how pretty it looked. I bought a red sport’s band and it’s a whole new look. I will buy more colors in the future. Easy to put on and keeps the watch from getting scratched.

Able to use the buttons on the sides of the ionic without any problems. The clear protector doesn’t take away from the looks of the watch. It helps to take watch band off when installing protector.

Fits my ionic perfectly and looks great. I didn’t like the tpu style protectors because they look like cheap phone cases and tend to yellow. Just be gentle putting it on and taking it off as it feels like the strips that go around the bottom of the watch could break easily. That being said, i’ve installed and removed the cover many times and it shows no sign of wear if you’re careful.

I paired with with the magnetic band and they look great. Makes my fitbit look a little more feminine. Easy to put on and take off. Just make sure you put it on the right way. Didn’t damage the case but i was getting frustrated that it wasn’t fitting.

Love how this protects my fitbit. The only downside to this is that when i’m ready to charge my fitbit, i have a charger that only fits my fitbit without the tube case so i have to take it off and it isn’t easy to take on and off. Here are the specifications for the bayite Tup Case Compatible Fitbit Ionic:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compatible for Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch. Case only. Tracker is NOT included
  • Premium smooth. High quality TPU case
  • Defined fit stays thin and lightweight, not affecting the performance of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch
  • Soft and flexible, ultra-thin and shock resistant. Easy to install and remove
  • Protects your Ionic Watch from dust, dirt, scratches & damages
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Love that it’s clear and doesn’t take attention off of the watch. Buttons might be just a tad harder to push but doesn’t affect how it works. Also a little more challenging to place into a charging stand. It still works just have to make double sure the magnet attaches to the base right. With this added protector on it makes the connection just a bit looser/weaker. But overall i love it and am glad to have it on my watch to protect it.

This is a fantastic way to change the look of the watch. Also ordered the band that matches. The band was easier to put on than the band that originally came with the fitbit. Am very pleased with the craftsmanship and the ease in which it went on. Would highly recommend the case protector and the band’s with the buckle.

I bought this because i did not want to get my fit bit ionic face scratched. The produce came on time as they promised in a clear plastic zip-lock type pouch, but it was well protected with my other items. I got this gold color because of the wrist band. The item is soft and pliable. You have to remove both bands and apply some pressure in stretching it over the watch face. The only down side to it is, i don’t know if it’s a plus or a minus, but after putting on the face protection, the tab on the side are not easy accessible. I guess it could be a plus in that the tabs cannot get damage, but in order to push the tabs you have to reach into the space.

This fit my husbands fitbit ionic perfectlythank you so muchhe works with chemicals sometimes and a few drops splashed on his fitbit frame, not the band but the frame, around the facei looked everywhere to replace it and nobody replaces the framethis covered it so nicely, still looks very professional and now it’s actually a protectantit does not cover up the back, so the charging is perfect, thanks again so much you saved me $300.

Very happy with this product. It changes the appearance of the watch so i can match with my attire. Simultaneously, it is a very good protector for the edges and the glass. The differentiator from other similar products is that there are bumps for the buttons which match the watch’s button. This helps easily enable the watch’s buttons without the need to reach into any holes. Next i would probably buy a different color and add to the collection.

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I purchased the silver model. I was having a difficult time get it over the band. Once i realized how flexible it was, even with the silver coating, i had no problem. It has been holding up nicely. I also purchased the glass protector and that is also working well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Look pretty good
  • Good protector
  • This covered it so nicely, still looks very professional and now it’s actually

It is very bulky looking on your watch. I didn’t like how it looked on my watch at all. I took the risk of no case becasse this thing just looks bad. It is made of good materials. Its not a bad case it is just not good looking.

I was a bit mislead by this product. I thought i was buying a cover that protects the entire screen. Although misleading, i still rate this 4 stars, as it protests the outer layer of my watch.

I got the clear to go over the orange and slate blue model. In retrospect, i could have ordered the transparent orange to enhance the color. You will have to purchase a screen protector as well, this covers everything but the screen. It’s a flexible material that makes it easy to slip on the watch base.

Love the look this brings to the watch, really classes it up, especially the electroplated black, it gives it a real slick look. But the problem is that it fades upon the smallest scratch and gets worse from there. Looks like a silver underneath that makes it look really cheap. If it wasn’t for that i would have given this five stars as it really changes the aesthetic of the watch nicely.

Great little solution for the fitbit ionic. As soon as i received my new fitbit ionic, i said to my son; now i need to invent a protective shell so i don’t break this when i bump in to something. I then looked on amazon and sure enough someone had already come out with a perfect protective solution.

This offers the obvious bump protection from the fitbit whole still maintaining the original look of the fitbit. This is great and will pair nicely with a future tempered glass screen protector.