I’ve been enjoying my leaf urban for a few months, now. Overall, i’m very pleased with my purchase. There are a few things i would like her to do that she doesn’t. But i’m guessing such improvements are in the works. From reading previous early reviews, the company pays attention to customer feedback and has already added useful updates via the app. To be honest, i chose the bellabeat leaf urban over other similar devices solely based on aesthetics. If i’m going to wear it every day, it may as well be pleasing to look at. I like the weight of it, although for sleeping it sometimes feels a bit much.

I got this for my wife to help her during her recovery from several medical conditions. We wanted it to track her walking, monitor her stress, remind her when she hadn’t moved in a while and to record her sleep. Overall, we feel like it’s let us down. Here’s why:1) it does not appear to be sensitive enough to capture when she is walking. In her condition, she walks slowly but for about half an hour. Only once in the last 2 weeks has it recorded any of her walking and then only 5 minutes of it. 2) the stress monitor is not really a stress monitor; it is a measure of your stress sensitivity. We thought it would try to detect when you were getting stressed and let you know that you needed to address your stress. 3) it has yet to remind her (that we can tell) that she has been inactive for too long.

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I am loyal to my bellabeat leaf. I bought this a few months ago, and have only gone 2 afternoons without it on. I wear it non-stop, i don’t even notice it’s there. The tracker is great, if your being a lazy couch-potato, you can set it to where it gently vibrates to remind you to walk around. It wakes me every morning at 6:15, and it’s great to have that gentle wake-up. I have owned 2 fitbits, and i wore both for a period of a few weeks before i stopped. The issues was the batteries, i would take off to charge, and never put them back on. Or the would die mid-day and just annoy me. Also the aesthetics, the leaf is down right beautiful.

I discovered the bellabeat leaf in the early days. Back when you had to be on a waiting list to buy one when they’d release them in batches. I eventually was able to stop waiting and was able to finally purchase one on amazon. I wanted it because it tracked steps, your cycle, sleep and offered meditation options. Most of all it was a very female oriented business. I looked at the fitbit but didn’t want the bracelet on my arm all the time, this looked much prettier. However, wearing the leaf as a bracelet didn’t work out for my tiny wrists, the leaf is just a smidge to big for my comfort. I always wear it clipped to my pants which is the recommended best spot for calculating steps anyway. In the beginning they had a lot of hiccups.

I spent a lot of time and research on activity trackers, and was *this close* to purchasing the fitbit charge 2. However i didn’t like the thought of giving up my watch and always having to wear something on my wrist. I love the flexibility of the leaf options (bracelet, necklace, clip). I’ve received so many compliments on my ‘jewelry’ and enjoy telling people that it’s actually an activity tracker designed with women in mind. I adore the guided meditation capabilities, as i’ve been trying to incorporate mindfulness into my life (and failing miserably, before the leaf came along). Overall, i couldn’t be happier with this new introduction to my life, it’s helping me improve my activity level and sense of well-being. If you’re on the fence, get it, you won’t be disappointed.

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I’m happy with the purchase. Prior to the leaf, i’ve used two different fitbit trackers and i hated the rubber band. And my rose-gold leaf tracker looks much more like jewelry. The app has meditation downloads; some are effective and some are cheesy, but they are a good reminder of what i need more of. I really like the stress sensitivity tracker, a feature that calculates steps plus sleep plus meditation. Again, it’s common sense, but seeing the percentage climb if i did not sleep enough is a good reminder. Cons: the width of the tracker is thicker than i imagined, so i’m attaching a photo for others to see. I have not had the problem of the tracker falling off, and i have not yet tried wearing it attached to a necklace or clothes. The leather band that comes with it works well and is comfortable.

Key specs for Bellabeat Leaf Urban Smart Jewelry Health Tracker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bella beat Leaf products DO NOT NEED CHARGING. They include a coin cell battery that lasts for approximately 6 months. This allows you to track 24 hours a day
  • Package includes: Leaf Urban Gray/Rose Gold, Active Bracelet | Gray Wave, Infinity Necklace | Rose Gold, Battery Replacement Tool. Leaf works with both Android & iOS
  • Bella beat Leaf products can be re-synched to a new device at any time through the App
  • IPX grade 6 Water-resistant wood composite with stone-like appeal & hypoallergenic stainless steel clip/ 1 year warranty. Shower safe
  • Tracks your steps, distance moved, calories burned, sleep patterns, reproductive health, menstrual cycle and stress
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Comments from buyers

“I’d buy it again.
, Don’t assume the leaf has great defaults out of the box; you need to customize it
, Enjoying my new toy

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