Got my band and when i starting putting it together i was like oh no it is not going to fit then realize u had to remove a small casing when you remove the screws then put on the new band and it fit perfect.

Almost exactly like the band that came with my vivosmart. I bought this replacement because the little loop that you tuck the end of the band into broke. The replacement band came with everything needed to put it on, and the change was quite simple. The new band works great- my only complaint is that the little loop does not have a notch like my original one did, so the end of my band slips out very easily.

This is indeed the upgraded rubber that is much nicer to wear in place of the original band. The item comes with two screwdrivers and the replacement process is super easy and fast. If you wear your garmin everyday and run regularly, this band is the way to go. I replaced the original band because it broke, but would reco you to replace it anyway with this upgrade. Much more comfortable and durable. Fast delivery and good service.

It wasn’t too complicated to fit. I have one of the devices with serial starting in 4je. Keep in mind that you’ll have to remove 2 hard plastic parts that are attached to the body of the device, after you’ve removed the old wrist bands. It remains to be seen how long they will last, but so far so good.

This band fit very well, even onto the serial number of the device that was stated in other feedback that it would not fit. Reason it might appear to not fit is that if the watch band separates from the plastic holder that is really designed as part of the buckle end of the watch band, it might appear that the new band cannot fit. But that plastic piece needs to be removed from the watch, as there is another plastic piece of the same size glued inside the new watch band. The finish of the band is a little less glossy (flat black) and the buckle is shiny chrome instead of black, but the fit is very nice. The screwdriver tool that was included was unable to remove all of my screws (it stripped the teeth very easily), so i had to purchase the t5 torx screwdriver separately to remove and then tighten the screws.

The color is nice and bright (i got red) and it definitely fits my vivosmart hr. Thanks to some other reviews, i knew to take the plastic piece off of the button end when adding the new band. It was a bit difficult to get the screws started at the right angle on that end, but not too bad. Definitely couldn’t have done it without the included tool. The band is very long, much longer than my original band. I actually had to double over the extra and tuck it under again. I’m able to adjust it small enough for my petite wrist, though, so i’m ok with that. I wish it came in different lengths instead of the one-size-fits-all that this appears to be.

Luckily i read the reviews that said i needed to remove (& really just discard) two hard plastic pieces from each end of my viviosmart hr. Once i did that, it was a matter of lining up the screws & the band fits perfectly. I’m also glad for the metal ‘buckle’ because the rubber one that came with my watch was the first thing to break & i’ve been using a hair twist for months. I had also super glued one side of the band & thought i was going to have a problem with the fit but i didn’t at all. I received an email from the company customer service telling me to get in touch if i had any trouble at all – – and that was before i even received the productthanks for such a great product, especially including the screwdriver & screws. I guess i could have used my old screws but the new ones were pointed & easier to direct to the holes to line up.

Works, and honestly is better designed than the original band. The way it connects on the button side is much sturdier than the oem connection–one big thickness of plastic rather than the slender bit of band on top of the extra plastic nugget garmin used. Four stars because it doesn’t fit quite right around the button, doesn’t come in the smaller wrist size (i simply trimmed the excess with scissors), and has a truly crappy screwdriver for install. I’ve only replaced one side of the band and the little screwdriver is so worn down it may not work when i need to replace the other. I’ve not dealt with the buckle slipping since i haven’t replaced that side; i’d probably buy a watch repair kit and keep my original buckle since i prefer the dark finish anyway. Still, saved me a lot of money and trouble compared to shipping my vivosmart hr back to garmin for a repair.

  • Edited – Remove TWO Plastic Pieces
  • Perfect fit once you do it the right way
  • Works with Vivosmart HR (not HR+) prefix of 4VB even though the description says it does not.

BeneStellar for Garmin Vivosmart HR Band, Replacement Soft Silicone Bracelet Sport Strap Wristband Accessory with Screwdriver for Garmin Vivosmart HR(No Tracker, Replacement Bands Only)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • !!!NOTE!!! This band IS NOT suitable for the watch if the beginning of the series number is:S / N 4JE / 4JF / 4VD / 4VB. It fits for Garmin Vivosmart HR only ( NOT for Garmin Vivosmart HR + )
  • The size can be adjusted to fit 5.70″-8.26″ (145mm-210mm) wrist. Easy to assemble and remove through pins, with Screwdriver and Nuts
  • Using high quality soft silicone material, protects your Garmin Vivosmart HR from dirt and scratches and secure while running, dancing or working out, perfect for daily and nightly wear
  • Packaging Included: BeneStellar 1-Pack Soft Silicone Band for Garmin Vivosmart HR (No Tracker, Replacement Bands Only) + 1*Screwdriver + 4* Screw nuts
  • 18 Months Warranty: Hassle free replacement or money back during the warranty
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With so many negative reviews related to not fitting well i was concerned, but for $8 why not try it. It fits perfectly to the vivosmart hr. The only differences from the original is the buckle is silver (as pictured) and not black, and the no buckle band is about 3/4 ” longer. Most time consuming part is cleaning out all the gunk accumulated under the old band where it meets the watch.

The band on my vivosmart hr ripped so i needed a replacement, i figured for the price, i’d give the band a shot. My original band was an xl, this band is a bit smaller, i’d say the size was large. Installation was easy using the provided screwdriver. I removed the 4 original screws and the both sections of the band. Since my vivosmart was only about 18 months old, the original screws were still in good shape so i reused them. Installing the new sections were easy and they fit just like the original. I see some reviewers had problems with fit and had gaps, i didn’t experience any problems. The band looks almost identical to the original with the exception of the buckle. My original had a black buckle, this one is silver. The buckle color doesn’t bother me, just adding the information for those who want a black buckle.

It would get 5 stars if it wasn’t wrapping around my wrist. If u have changed your bands before its not a big deal, takes like 3 minutes. It’s a great color, super light weight and so far durable. I’ve learned not to shower with it on over the several years i’ve owned different garmin’s bc they get gunk in them. Bad enough your skin and dirt gunk them up. But just know its a super long band.

I needed a replacement for my broken strap, and for the price figured this would do the trick. It’s perfectly fine, the color is true to the picture, and while softness wasn’t my concern, it really is soft. The only downside is that i have a small wrist and the band is extremely long, so i ended up having to cut it, which backfired on me because now it wings loose sometimes. No big deal, but i do wish it were normal sized.

The band has a slightly different feel than the oem band (more grippy, more stretchy) but is both snug and comfortable. In most cases, it dries underneath quickly, but does require removal from time to time. The kit also includes the screwdriver needed to uninstall/install the bands. Two things reviews often mention: one, the band cannot be installed to the vivosmart hr, and two, the band is too long. One, just remove the little plastic piece that comes out with the removal of the oem band, and this one fits fine. Two, the band is indeed too long, but it is easily doubled over (see images. )overall, an inexpensive and effective replacement for the oem band.

I really like this bad, with a few caveats:the ‘button-side’ strap is longer than my original strap, which was size small, so probably this was molded from the l/xl original. Also, it did not fit onto the watch until an extra plastic piece (on the garmin) was removed. It came off all on its own for me, actually, so that wasn’t a problem. The ‘buckle-side’ strap fits the charging side of the device well, but the screws alone are not enough to keep it flush. I’m not sure if it’s a difference in the mold or just a squishier, stretchier silicone. I tried super-glue at first but it did not stick to the silicone band at all (and be warned, depending on what superglue you try, it might ‘melt’ the plastic of the garmin). Next i tried a little dab of leftover aquarium-safe silicone sealant, and that’s done the trick of keeping it nice and tight. The included screws and screwdriver were very handy. I could have reused the original screws, but they were so filthy, and so tiny and hard-to-clean, that i just used the new ones. Why not?it’s comfortable, vividly-colored, and does the job of keeping my garmin on my wrist.

I was afraid to purchase for my garmin vivosmart hr serial number starting with 4je as others said did not fit. This fits just fine and i didn’t have to remove any additional parts, not that my vshr had any additional parts to come off. Could the tolerances be a bit tighter, yes, but i am not paying 3. 5 times as much directly from garmin for an exact match. The band length is size large so i have 2. 25 extra inches past the buckle. I could cut the length but i just tuck it into the tail loop. The material is silicone and not whatever the oem plastic is so it has a different feel. If the silicone was a bit stiffer, it would hold tighter tolerance to the watch. Works for me but does attract lint since silicone is a bit tacky, but at the same time keeps it from twirling on my wrist and i don’t need to sinch it up so tight.

Fits my vivosmart hr 4je perfectly. There are 2 hard plastic pieces on the original band that need to be removed prior to installing the new band – see the photo showing those small pieces. Once you take them off, the new band fits perfectly as pictured. Those 2 pieces come off easily once the screws are removed, but they do fit well enough that they can appear to be part of the main piece of the watch rather than part of the band.

Update: i increased this review to a 4 because the customer service has been fantastic. As soon as i sent in my initial review, the company contacted me within a few hours. Apparently the vivosmart hr are made at several different locations and that is why the serial number is important. The company explained this to me and is refunding my purchase. make sure to check your serial number_____________________one side of the band did not completely connect to the watch face so it is flimsy. The band itself was super long. I cut almost half of it off after attaching it.

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I like the color and the band is durable, however it’s really long and the band is always slipping out of the piece that holds the excess band to the watch. I’m always putting it back in – and it’s annoying. I like that it’s easy to clean. Wish it cam in a smaller size. I would consider my wrists to be a normal size, i’m not super thin or excessively overweight. If you have large wrists, this might work okay for you. There are 21 notches on the band and i wear mine on the 7th hole. There are ***14*** extra holes. Easy to change, it included new screws and a screwdriver.

This fits my garmin vivosmart hr with a s/n prefix of 4vb. It says in the upper description that it will not fit a 4vb prefix. They are wrong and i’ll describe why. There is a insert on the factory installed band. That insert is made of hard plastic and sometimes won’t come off easily with the elastic band. So some people experience that problem thinking it does not fit. If you remove the old band, make sure that hard plastic stub also comes off from the body. As long as you have that insert (hard plastic portion) removed, this band fits and installs easy and fits just fine. I can’t comment on the longevity of the band yet since i just received it so i’m rating it a 4 for now. Again, it does fit the garmin vivosmart hr with a suffix of 4vb.

__updated review____band does fit the hr, but after removing screws from the side with the “teeth” the entire black bracket with the “teeth” can be removed, and must be removed for band to fit. Band is very long, and i have a large wrist. ___original review below___band did not fit on watch on the button side. The side of the watch has three small spikes to grab the band, but this band doesn’t have a place for the spikes to fit. As a result, the only way for the band to possibly fit would be to cut holes in it or snap off the spikes, but i’m not willing to break part of my watch.

While searching for a band to replace the one that didn’t fit (see original review below) i read several reviews that said the screws and a piece of plastic had to be removed from the button-end of the hr device before the band could be attached. This worked, but the other side of the band still didn’t fit. It then occurred to me that i might have to remove the screws and a second piece of plastic from the other end of the device before i could attach the band. This workedthe sn of my vivosmart hr fitness tracker begins with 4je. The description indicates the band won’t work for sns beginning with 4je, but one of the answers says it will. Original review: the replacement band didn’t come close to fitting.

The installation was simple, though i only had to install the side with the button. The package included extra screws and (more importantly) the particular screwdriver needed. Keep in mind that this band is very long (5. 26′), much longer than the ‘regular fit’ (5. 40′) band and comparable to the ‘x-large fit’ (7. The minimum circumference when clasped does allow for smaller wrists, but it may leave the end of the band loose. The texture feels good to me, much like any other soft silicone product. Durability remains to be seen, but it comes with an 18-month warranty.

Installation of the band was easy since i had read a number of reviews and knew ‘the trick:’ that the hard plastic piece needed to be removed from the device before attempting to install the replacement. This was helpful as it is not initially obvious that there is that extra bit of plastic still attached to the device after removing the old band. Quality of the materials appears excellent and the fit is perfect. As others have noted, the band is a bit long, but even on my wife’s delicate wrist, it is manageable. Inclusion of the torx driver and screws is a nice touch.

This is a nice band, i like the flat black color. It is actually the second replacement since i have had my vivosmart. One thing i noticed is that the 4 screws that came with the band are smaller and pointed. They don’t fit the actual watch very securely. I retained the original screws and used those instead. Would have been 5 start with the correct size screws.

I just received my second one of these. With the first one, strangely enough i had some trouble getting the holes in the band correctly aligned with the holes in the vivosmart hr. One day the band just popped loose. I finally got it attached correctly, and my son used it for three months with no problem. About a week ago, the metal clasp fell off. I checked the band, and the band was intact with no breakage or cracking. There is a small metal pin that holds the buckle in place, and i’m guessing that the pin just fell out. I ordered a second one and received it yesterday. I attached it today with no problems. It’s a good fit for the vivosmart hr, but we’ll see if this second one lasts any longer than the first one did.

I had a 4je serial number and was worried it would not work. I read the reviews that said you had to take part of the unit off to get it to fit. The side closest to the serial number (mine is 4je9) was able to fit without taking anything off. The other side obvisously was not going to fit. It did not look like there was anything or anywhere to remove a piece of the unit. . So i just pulled and it came off. A small piece like shown in another review picture. Than the strap fit on no problem. Total time to put on the new strap was less than 5 minutes.

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This band is at least as good as the original. Replacing the band is trivial since they include the tool for the tiny torx screws. The best for me since i am afflicted with the model with a serial number starting with 4je is that this band does work. The trick is to remove the small plastic part under the original band. See the photos attached to see the two nose pieces that need to be removed to have the new band fit. The one photo shows the piece just being snapped off the watch and the other shows the two nose pieces after being removed. I emailed the great support folks at soulenusa to get this key tip. I highly recommend these folks and this product.

Nice color (aqua), easy to install with screwdriver included. Strap is much larger than the original garmin band and the material feels softer. I might have to cut the band shorter or loop it. Update – the seller contacted me and offered to return the product if i was not completely happy. I chose to keep the product rather than search for another similar item. This one is the exact color and softness i was hoping for. Plus, i was able to stretch the loop enough to move farther up the band and hold the end in a good place. Very happy with the results. Knowing that the seller cared about my satisfaction was a big factor. I know that this company will stand behind their product.

First i think my rating is more like 4 1/2 stars. The fit is not as tight as the original but it is very close – 1/2 star. At first i didn’t think it fit at all but as i was trying to put it on a hard plastic part of the original band fell off. At that moment i realized two things. The hard plastic piece was bonded to the original band and that bonding is what fails. Second, some of the reports of not fitting at all may be because the hard plastic part of the original band is still in place. Once you remove that piece the fit is almost perfect because the replacement does not need it. My buckle side failed first and i did have a hard time with the screws. I used the original screws so i don’t know if the replacement screws will fit or not, i’m just keeping them as spares. What i found out while trying to replace the buckle side band was the angle that the screws go in needs to be correct or you will struggle.

This is a nice replacement for my broken band without having to buy a whole new watch. It was easy to install and i appreciate having the screwdriver that came with it as it is a small odd size. The band is soft and plyable. The only downside was the was no sizing option so the band is long with excess strap. Update: the seller reached out to me and offered a partial refund for the sizing issue that i wrote about. I thought that was a very honorable thing to do. That is business integrity done right to go above and beyond like that.

I’m satisfied with this replacement band for my vivosmart hr. At first, i thought i’d have to send it back as i couldn’t get the side without the button to fit. Then i read several reviews where i learned that there is a plastic extension that needs to be removed before the band will fit. It doesn’t look like there’s anything removable there but if you pull on that end hard enough, that pesky plastic extension pops right off. I actually used pliers to pull it off as my hands are not strong enough and that worked like a charm. Once that piece is removed, the band fits on nicely. There is a small gap on that same difficult end that i’ll have to keep an eye on and keep cleaned out but that’s better then having to buy a whole new vivosmart. I just wish there were installation instructions that would have explained this whole thing.

So far i’m impressed with this watch band. I felt it was decent priced. I actually like this band better than the original garmin band. I like the texture of it and it fits the wrist well. Easy to change out to this band and i will likely buy another if the time came that i needed to.

This band fits the garmin vivosmart hr tracker and looks quite similar to the original one. This was a much better deal than the replacement on the garmin site for $25. As other have noted, there is a slight gap on the charging end of the band between the device and band. Not too noticeable but i wish it fit a little better. I was able to install the new band in about 15 minutes. Nothing complicated about it once you remove all 4 of the original screws. I ended up using the original screws since they were easier in get in and a bit larger. Update 12/11/17: the seller soulenusa reached out to me via email to try to solve the gap problem. So, here is a bizarre thing that happened while i was taking photos of the gap issue. I was wiggling the band back and forth and it seemed to ‘lock’ in place.

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