The metal band around the charge port on my fitbit charge hr came loose and i thought i’d have to get a new one since it was out of warranty. Since it has a snug fit it holds the metal band in place.

Before ordering measure your wrist. 2” and the small size fits comfortably with a secure 3rd rung buckle closure. Color same as visually depicted. Easy exchange took less than 5 minutes. Now, there’s little to no struggles getting a locking strap tip through the single band loop.

If your reading this review chances are we share a similar history. You purchased a fitbit charge hr it worked great but the band began to bubble until it finally broke within the first year. Ater that happened you called fitbit customer service and they sent you a new charge hr. Unfortunately the problem with the charge hr was never corrected and the bubble appeared again. Your warranty had expired and fitbit did not make a replacement band. Fortunately for us the people at benestellar have come up with a solution. This band that looks exactly like the band on the charge hr actually works. I found a youtube video that showed me how to install the band. It took me about 10 minutes to replace the old band and the charge hr looks as good as new. For 17 bucks this seems like a great short term solution.

It arrived today and my fitbit looks like a new one. Just a note- put a magnet on the table before you start unscrewing the mini screws.

The product came in a timely manner. Unfortunately the band was too small (and i have small wrists). It would have been nice if this also came with replacement screws. When i was attempting to put it together two of my original screws fell out and are no lost in the abyss of carpet.

Changing the band took a bit of work, but i absolutely love it. I feel like i have a brand new fitbit, in an even better color than the original. The only thing to watch for is that the small is a bit smaller than the fitbit small, and the large is quite large for a female – it would be nice if there were a medium size.

No i took a chance on this because other than throwing up my fit bit for my husband and buying a brand new one for $150 was my only other option i thought for a little more than $10 i can give this a shot and i’m so happy i did i don’t know what other reviews are saying about it not fitting it fits the fit bit hr perfectly it snapped right in granite it doesn’t come with any instructions which i thought was gonna be a problem because i don’t know how to figure stuff out but it was so easy to do i was able to just pop the screws off snap at in pup the screens back on it looks like a brand new fit bit i am so happy with this just an awesome awesome thing to be able to find save myself over $100.

The replacement band works as expected and it’s nice to have a different color band after wearing the same one for over a year. My only problem was that the clasp fell off around the first week. I was able to fix it and it hasn’t fell off again but i am careful with it just in case. 5 if i could so had to round down to 3 stars. Update to above review: the company gave me a $5 refund since the clasp fell off. I’m not working with them on getting a replacement band and will update this review again when that is complete.

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This band is definitely lower quality than the original- the plastic feels cheaper, the metal clasp isn’t as smooth and doesn’t look as sturdy, and the little plastic band that holds the overlap of the band is flimsier. The package doesn’t come with directions, but it was easy to find a simple youtube video. I had already tried to superglue my old band in an attempt to prolong its life after it started to bubble, so it was a bit hard to get it out of the old band. I cracked the band that goes over the charging port while taking it out (the part behind the display), but i’m not sure how i would’ve gotten that out without cracking it even without the old superglue. It’s still attached immediately after installation but i’m not sure how long it will last. Another thing to note is that the screen covering the display seems darker in the new band (i have the dark purple color in both old and new bands). The fitbit still seems to work normally after installation. Overall it seems like a good choice if your fitbit works fine but the band is at the end of its life, but i would caution against it if you’re just looking to change up the look, because installation is tricky and you are risking ruining other parts.

My original band from fitbit started to bubble quite a while ago, and then finally splitting in half. I didn’t think to call fitbit about it until last week. Last week i called them and was told that my charge hr was out of warranty and that i could purchase a new fitbit with replaceable band at a discount. I was very dissatisfied with that answer since the unit was just over 2 years old and it was working just fine. I decided to order the new band from amazon prime after viewing several youtube instructions. Yesterday the new band was delivered (same day that my original finally split in half). I replaced the band as seen on youtube in about 10 minutes and it looks like the original. I can’t give a long term report on this band, but as of now it is perfect. I do advise purchasers to view the youtube videos since there are no instructions with the new band. Be careful when removing the screws since they are very small.

This is such an awesome thing. The band on my fitbit started bubbling and then just detatchef. I thought i’d have to get a whole new fitbit. Instead i ordered this replacement band- which works amazing and eas very simple to put together. It’s like getting a whole new fitbit- i am seriously over joyed. Absolutely great quality and great price.

After the band on my hr snapped off, i checked the fitbit website for replacement, no luck. Found this replacement band on amazon. They provide a screwdriver to remove the very small 4 phlips screws that hold the body of the watch. Clean the screw heads if you can before putting the screwdriver to them. The reality, your body scum and sweat filled in the screw slots and will cause the screwdriver to slip when you try to take them out. You don’t want to strip these. Put a white paper towel or tissue down for the screws to fall on. Very small and easy to lose.

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I’ve been using this replacement band for about 6 months and honestly it works great. The only reason i’m not giving it 5 stars is it was a little difficult to switch the bands out and there is very minimal directions to do so in the packaging. I think i watched a youtube video, which helped tremendously. Quick tip for install: the screws you remove are tiny, be very careful removing them. The original manufacturer’s band ripped in half after a couple years and after 6 months of wearing this replacement band all day, every day, it is just now starting to show a little wear and tear. Either way, i would definitely purchase this band again if i needed to. Here are the specifications for the BeneStellar Newest Fitbit Charge HR Band:

  • Delighted varied color bands make your Fitbit Charge HR more personalized to fit your mood and outfits in daily life
  • Comfortable,durable silicone materials make these bands your go-to accessories through exercise,sweat, sleep, travel and beyond
  • Please select the right size (Small is for 5.4″-6.2″ while Large is for 6.2″-7.6″)
  • Package Includes: 1-Pack Fitbit Charge HR band and removal tools
  • 18 Months Warranty: Hassle free replacement or full refund without return during the warranty

I was very pleased with this. I almost didn’t buy because of the negative reviews but the fitbit wasn’t any use to me the way it was so i either had to take a chance or throw it out. One review in particular was very informative and i followed his information and it worked great (sorry i don’t remember what one it was) my only problem was (and it was my fault) that i broke the little button that you push in to light up the screen. I didn’t realize that that section around the fitbit casing was permanent. I fixed it with a little super glue and it’s fine. Also i didn’t get any extra screws but was careful and was able to reuse the old ones.

I did not get instructions for this product with it. Took me a while to find instructions on amazon but was able to eventually on a competitor’s site. It was easy to remove the fitbit with the tools supplied and secure it to the new band. The band is great and i love it.

I’ve only had it installed for about 72 hours, but so far so good. My fitbit still tracks steps, heart rate, and charges. There were no installation instructions. Not even a slip of paper pointing me to a website. I found a video on youtube – which probably was not for this exact replacement band, but it did the job. The screws are extremely small – make sure to keep track of them. The button fell out of the button charging clasp as i was replacing the band – watch out for that. It was a miracle i found the button in my carpet.

I love that companies have finally come out with interchangeable wrist bands for the fitbithr. I love the color and how it came with the tools needed. Be careful when taking the screws out the back of your fitbit, they are extra tiny and you can easily lose them if your not careful. I love the durability of the band as well.

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An exact fit and made the fitbit look brand new. This is not a ‘glue on’ type of band replacement. You remove the four t-3 torx screws from the bottom of the fitbit, it’s easy to do and the replacement band includes all the tools you’ll need. Once you remove the fitbit from the old band you’ll notice a small mylar antenna stuck to the top of the band. It’s held in place by adhesive and peels right off allowing you to put it in the replacement band. All in all, couldn’t be happier.

It fits like a medium if there was such a size. It is slightly bigger than the small band that comes with the fitbit but it is by no means as big as the large, which is disappointing. It works, though, so i gave it three stars. Be careful when putting your fitbit “guts” into the new band, it’s really easy to bend your button and near impossible to get back into place if you bend it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works perfect! A few suggestion
  • Put New Life Into A FitBit
  • you purchased a Fitbit Charge HR it worked great but the band began to bubble until it finally

There were no instructions but after watching a youtube video i was in business. Pretty cheap repair compared to buying a new fitbit. Make sure you remove the fitbit components gently as to not break it. Also watch that little side button.

I’m not sure whether it was the screwdriver that wasn’t great or if it stripped the screws, but i couldn’t get the screws out with the supplied screwdriver. The tip of a utility knife did the trick, though, a magnetized screwdriver would have been nice as the screws were really hard to handle but overall this was a great solution to the horrible bubbling and peeling charge hr problem. I would definitely recommend this product. After-market service was terrific.

This band fits my fitbit charge hr like a glove. It was relatively easy to change it out with the original band, which bubbled and then fell apart. For ten bucks, it’s like a new unit – saved me from having to spend big $$$ to replace it. I couldn’t be happier with this product. The color is pretty great too, much nicer than the boring black original. A bit of advice – have a magnet handy to hold those microscopic screws to keep from losing them. They are the tiniest screws i gave ever seen, and the hardest part of swapping out the bands was getting them back in the screw holes. Letting them sit on a magnet while i worked on getting the unit out of the old housing magnetized the screws slightly. This let me pick up the screws with the tip of the screwdriver and made reinserting them much easier.

This totally exceeded my expectations. I just took the guts out of my fitbit, reinstalled them in this band (both of the needed screwdrivers were included), and i was all set. Totally gives me time to save up some money and decide what fitbit model i might purchase next. The band is not quite as supple as a true fitbit brand, but the price difference makes that easy for me to put up with for a while. Have already recommended it to some friends.

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