What i like about the tracker is that it transfers the data directly to your iphone and plots the history of your activities. You can also track different activities from the list that appears on the iphone. What i don’t like is that i have to track those different activities with the iphone instead of being able to select them specifically on the tracker.

This is the second one i have purchased because i love mine so much i have started buying them for gifts and will continue.

The package came to my door within 3 days of ordering. Very fast shipping, great product, looks great, and feels great for the price. Definitely a 5 star rating, and would recommend for a great present for someone.

I’ve had this watch since october 2018 and so far, it’s been good. But there are things that annoy me about it. I notice that it adds about 30-40 steps each time you wash your hands, so i’m not sure about how accurately it’s keeping track of steps. Also, i use public transportation and whenever it’s a bumpy ride, steps get added. And sometimes, it doesn’t record steps, or maybe there’s just a really long delay before they get added?. It’s quite annoying, but this is the only activity tracker i’ve owned, so i’m not sure if other brands do it, too. Also, the screen is cracked. I don’t know how that happened. I just noticed it two weeks ago (august 2019). I’ll still use it, for now, until i get my watch fixed.

Gave this to my daughter for her bday. She has an easy time using it. Only challenge is it has to be hooked to my phone because hers is older.

After going through 2 of the fit**its i gave up because they just didn’t hold up. It does what i want: steps, hr, clock. Going to get one for my mom as a gift.

It is just the right size for my son. He has been wanting to track his fitness. This seemed to be the right fit for all that it offers.

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My wife lost her last fitness tracker, heart rate monitor. The strap came apart from the monitor and dropped off without her noticing. This monitor has a strap that is hard to separate from the monitor (that’s a good thing). For the most part this unit is easy to operate, and we’re hoping fairly accurate.

  • I guess it’s OK
  • Great value
  • Almost Perfect and for a Great Price

Bicol Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer for Walking IP67 Waterproof Activity Tracker for Kids Women Men Wristband Bracelet Calorie Counter Smart Watch Bracelet

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • FULLY CHARGED FAST: ◐1- 2 hours ◐ .Charging using USB port on one end is quick and easy.
  • LONG WORKING TIME: ☀ 5 -10 days ☼.The battery life is amazing on this fitness tracker.It only used no more than 20% energy for 3 days.
  • ☎[Call Alert],[SNS Alert],[SMS Alert.Sedentary Alert],[Alarm Alert],[Remote Camera Shooting],[Wrist Sense].You will never miss calls,messages and various of alerts on your wrist.
  • ❤ HEART RATE MONITOR ❤. Not only dose it track your steps,sleep and monitor your heart rate accurately but also it’s easy to operate and sensitive to touch.
  • It is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.It’s a slim and fashion wristband.And the band is adjustable so either gender can wear it.

The item is exactly the same as i saw online. Many times we are disappointed when we order online and the item we receive is different than what we see online, poor quality, different color, etc. I am very happy and excited to start using my device. It came with easy instructions which is always a plus and i’m ready to rock.

It tells you whose calling and can hang up on the phone call. Dose heart rate fairly accurately. Has a few different sports mode. Its on 12 hr time and tells u the date as well. The app is very user friendly. For the price its a great buy. And fyi i tryed 4 or 5 low cost fitness trackers and this is the only one that dose what it says in the description.

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The person i gave it to loves it. He runs and so he counts steps and distance.

I have a fitbit charge 2 and this item is exactly the same. Same features and the app is basically the same for your smart phone. It’s very easy to charge as well. The charging on this is really cool too. You just need a usb plug in for your outlet.

Doesn’t take long to charge, fits nicely. Keeps track of all your steps, messages, heatrate and much more.

Connected easily with my ios with the veryfitpro app. I do think it’s not 100% accurate with walking steps that’s why i can’t give it a 5 star. But for me, it’s worth the price.

Works well and easy to setup. So far it has a long battery life. Great quality for the price.

Easy to use, bought it to keep track of my burned calories.

Old daughter bought this for herself and loves it. It fits all her needs and for the price, it can’t be beat.

Excellent and worth the money.

Its soo good my kids are enjoying a lot. They are using everyday since they got it. And also i would like to say that price are soo good, i can’t imagine.

This is really good and reliable product. My kids enjoying a lot everyday. My kids are happy to count thier steps and running. Thanks again for this kind of product.

It does everything i was looking for, at a great price. Easy to charge and lasts a long time.

I bought this watch for my husband who is very hard on watches. This watch has proven to be tough enough to with stand the abuse. It has an amazing battery life which is a plus the watch was easy to set up. You will need to download an app to set it up properly you can’t beat the quality of this piece for the price and it does so much more. He also uses it to count steps but there are many possibilities with the app.

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The battery lasts a long time before needing recharged and it is super easy to use.

I do a lot of walking at my job and wanted to see how many steps i was actually doing in a day, hoping this would encourage me to set goals and increase my daily exercise. So far it is working as expected.

I use this mostly for tracking steps. I try to get in a walk everyday (not always successful,) but at least i know how many steps i have logged and then i adjust myself to at least take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk around the office more, etc. I do wish that different alerts could have a different alarm buzz or tone. I get buzzes all the time reminding me to get up, drink water, a text message or phone call is coming in and so on but the buzz or tone is the same. There may be a setting to adjust, i just haven’t taken the time yet to figure it out.

The app is neat to follow to see where your progress is.

This is a great tracker especially considering how little it costs. I liked mine so much i bought another to give to a friend. I find it accurately counts my steps and it’s functions are easy to use. Integrated with the free app it gives useful and details regarding sleep quality and duration, calories burned and more. The battery life is about 3 or 4 days for me and settings include a handy reminder you can either toggle on or off to get you to get up and be active.

Overall this is a great product. The only problem experienced is that there is no notification when the battery needs to be recharged. Therefore it was worn for a few days without that information being recorded on the phone even though it showed up on the device itself. This is suc a minor issue and the price is so great, that it can be overcome.