The battery lasts about 5 days. The only complaint we have is the app and sometimes the clock will change itself to military time.

Cute little tracker i am using for my running. Actually got it to motivate myself. I can easily remove the belt to charge it. The charge is lasting long time (a few days already).

I gave this a 4 star just because of my ocd. I knew something was on top of it and i just felt like i wasnt getting a correct reading. However, my friends and co-workers have one for their fit bit.

Everything works well with my phone its the same a fitbit but different name and different style. Its simple and tracks everything like any other device.

I recieved a tracker with a problem. I sent it back for a new one and they added a band for the trouble.

The tracker worked great but the part that attaches to the band only lasted 4 months.

I like the product but sometimes the time stops working or it just has issues.

Comments from buyers

“Great watch, great customer service, but so so fitness tracker
, Love this
, Bingofit fitness tracker gr

The screen is nice and clear. There are two things i don’t like however. First there are no real good instructions included. You have to go online to figure out how to work it. Second i found the bands were hard to remove so you can charge it. For the price its still a very good deal.

I got my bingofit fitness tracker and i love it, is very eady to use, i downloaded the app and got it working in seconds. I received my notifications from fb, calls, everything. Great affordable price, good quality. Fast shipping, great customer service.

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I have that to a bday gift, and it works really good. It has a lot of functions, such as pedometer, heart rate and many others, so it is fun to use them.

I like the blue tooth earbud,good job at that but some times sound quality is just not there. Not visible enough when going out on sunny days.

Simple , economic and good display. Really liked the fitness tracker. Did not want to spend heavy price on the tracker, this is perfect budget fit.

This is well a made fitness tracker. It has a good strap that is easy to fit, and is comfortable and lightweight. Very clear digital display makes for easy viewing. Pedometer lets me know how many steps i have taken during the day. You can link the watch to your phone by downloading the app everyfit. Using the phone app allows you to use more functions and settings. And easy to charge with a usb connector in the strap. The sleep function is great, which i use every night. Great fun to use, and i horoughly recommend this device.

First unit died after a month. Messaged bingofit and they sent another unit. It’s not a full functioned smartwatch, but if you expect one for what you pay for this, then you’re living in lala land. Customer service was awesome. When i’m ready for more functions, i’ll be sure to check to see if they make a higher end watch.

The charge last for about a week.

It is a stylish looking watch and comfortable fitting. I fell asleep with my watch on and it actually monitored my sleep cycle. I am going to buy another one as a gift.

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The app kind of sucks and the device feels weird at first, but it does it’s job.

Ordered 2 as xmas gifts for my grandsons. Arrived very quickly, looks to be good quality and it was packaged nicely.

11/30/18i have had my fitness tracker about a week now. The company reached out after my initial review post and apologized for the issues i was experiencing. They offered to send me a new fitness tracker, which i am waiting to receive. The tracker still counts arm movements as steps. But, the sleep tracker seems to have calibrated now. It stays charged about 2-3 days. I gave an additional star for good customer service. 11/25/18 i received my fitness tracker 3 days ago. It tracks arm movements as steps. Both mornings i’ve miraculously had 60+ steps before even getting out of bed.

Use for work, love knowing how many steps i put in, during a shift.

This is a good tracker it tracks steps sleep and you can get text message alerts as well as facebook alerts definitely worth the money.

This fitness tracker is just what i needed. It came with an instruction book that is very clear to follow. It was easy to download the app and set up plus it has some great features that i did not see on many of the trackers that i reviewed prior to selecting this one. And i must say the customer service is just outstanding.