It’s not made for the fitbit charge hr, but it sort of works. Was able to stretch it over the metal clasp.

I have been losing a lot of weight lately and my garmin vivofit band has been getting looser. As i have been getting smaller, i have been adjusting my band, but sometimes i am just between sizes. Because of this, the band came undone the other day and i lost my fitness tracker. As often as i use it, i was really distraught. Luckily, someone turned it in. I bought these immediately after that, and i haven’t lost it again. Last night when i was getting out of the car i noticed my band was really loose. It had come undone, and this bitbelt was the only thing holding it on. It prevented me from loosing it right there in the parking lot.

Not as well fitting as the original garmin keeper that came with my vivofit. It’s a tad too big to be really assured that it won’t let the clasp open and let the bracelet fall on the ground unnoticed.

My fitness band was constantly falling off and i had to use tape to keep it on. I am a nurse and was always worried i would lose it in my patients’ bedding. I was about to give up wearing my band when i found this bitbelt. It is rubber so it doesn’t slide easily and that means that my fitness band stays on my wrist.

My fitbit was falling off regularly to the pint that i lost my first one on vacation and couldn’t find it. I got another and it fell off several times so i discovered these belts. I haven’t had a problem with it falling off.

I know many people who have lost their fitbits on multiple occasions​, so when i bought mine i made sure to order these. My fitbit has never fallen off my hand and the belt blends in with my black band, so you can’t even notice it there.

You have easily spent over $100 to track your fitness and achieve your goals. Wouldn’t you want to spend the extra few dollars and protect your investment?. This is the perfect little band that discreetly protects your investment. I didn’t want one that stuck out and said ‘look at me’.Which is why i ordered the black fitbit and these perfect black little bands. They slide on perfect to my fitbit charge and stay in place. Overall, this product is great and helps protect my $130 investment to help track my fitness. For how cheap this product is, it would be stupid not to buy it for your fitness tracker. Don’t be that sad person that loses there tracker because they didn’t spend the extra few dollars to buy this.

I lost a fitbit when it fell off my wrist without me noticing. I was very upset, and was determined that i would not lose the replacement. After typing a question into the search engine about how to secure the device, i found the information about bitbelt on amazon. I now feel that my device is safe, and i no longer have to keep checking for it.

  • Buy this to protect your investment!
  • I have been losing a lot of weight lately and
  • Something that shouldn’t even be necessary, but will save you a lot of money.

Bitbelt (Black (Black)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Protect your Garmin Vivofit, Fitbit Force or Adult sized Disney Magic Band from Loss
  • Dont trust your clasp to secure your $100 dollar tracking device
  • Light Weight
  • Hypoallergenic
  • American Company with impeccable customer service

Had it for few weeks now and find no problems with this item. Takes a little effort to slide on but it fits tight for secure placement. I would recommend this bitbelt for all fitbit wearers.

Once less thing to worry about when wearing my fitbit charge.

The band keeps the fitbit on but does slide forward quite often requiring adjustments. My fitbit has not fallen off since i started using the band, which is great. It’s definitely worth getting something like this so you don’t lose a $100+ product.

Fits perfectly on my purple fitbit charge hr. The original one broke and this is an excellent replacement. I like that it comes with more than one too, but my first one is still going strong.

Really useful little contraption, no losing my fit bit again. The material could be better quality but for the price is ok.

Great little gadget that keeps my fitbit from falling off. The bands are very tight at first but stretch a small amount with use. Bands are slim enought not to add any bulk to the watch band.

Not quite what i expected but it works fine. It should have been included in the original fitbit.

I would have given it a 5 start but because it was so tight i had to change all 3 after 3 months of use. I gave a good and tight fit which in turn caused the bitbelt bands to tear quickly at their edges and fall off. You can see the point from which it tears in my picture because of the constant pulling to remove it or hook it. Each band lasted about one and half month. Otherwise, several times it has prevented my fitbit charge from falling off my wrist even when pulled by force.

Lost my original fitbit because the poorly designed clasp. They did replace the fitbit for free, but wanted to ensure i did not loose it again. Tried the bandcuff first and it was too loose and fell off when taking off and on fitbit. Found this product and works great. It is made of elastic rubber that remains in place when on a single band. It is important when i continually remove to charge and swim.

They wear out though so buy extra if you are out and about alot like i am. Just change them out right away if they get a tear.

These little bands are a lifesaver for keeping the clasp closed on my son’s fitbit charge.

Finally i feel secure that my fitbit won’t get caugh on something and fall off as it has done in the past.

The loop for my fitbit charge hr completely came apart and after a quick search i saw that a lot of people recommended these. It stretches enough to fit over the metal clasp but tight enough to hold the excess band in place. It’s good quality so it seems like it’ll last longer than the fitbit one. I like that it’s a 3 pack, although i’m not sure i’ll need the other two but it’s good to have them just in case.

This is a great little invention. Very sturdy and a wonderful safeguard to keep from losing your fitbit. I would definitely order another set if mine wears out.

Simple solution to a vexing problem. The ‘design’ of the fitbit charge is absolutely stupid. There is no way to avoid losing it if you use your wrist for anything except carefully wearing the charge. Daily activities will inevitably dislodge the ridiculously designed charge strap and you’ll be out a bit over a hundred bucks. This little gadget will keep you from losing the thing. Too bad it was necessary for someone to sell it.

Since a new fitbit charge that cost $130 was in danger of falling off every time my wrist brushed my waist, this tiny bit of plastic proved to be an inexpensive – and invaluable – insurance policy. If you don’t want yours to disappear into the great unknown — apparently fitbit’s version of planned obsolescence — get a packet of these little guys and keep your wristband on your wrist, where it belongs.

Before getting the fitbit belts, my husband and i both had several occasions where our fitbits came off and we lost them (thankfully it was around the house). We haven’t had that issue at all since purchasing the fitbit belts and i no longer worry about losing it. I think fitbits need to come with these.

I found i had to use two bitbelts to hold it on; using just one, it fell off again. So far, with two, it’s staying on.

This product looks great and keeps my fitbit from falling off. It’s very sturdy and doesn’t show one bit of wear after months of daily use.

Having had it come off a couple of times when i didn’t put the bitbelt on, i am confident it has saved me from losing it several times. Well worth the costalso, after receiving, i discovered that i had ordered the wrong size. I contacted the company and after an initial delay, they were more than happy to accommodate me getting the correct size.They were friendly, gracious and promptshould mine wear out, i would definitely order again.

This has kept me from losing my fitbit at least twice, and stopped it falling off other times. I’m counting just the times where i’ve noticed the clip being disengaged, but the strap is still in place.

My husband lost his first fitbit and then discovered the bitbet. We have purchased two packages and we both now use this product. Haven’t lost another fitbit since we started using the belt. They do break after much use, but that is to be expected. And when they do break it is when you are trying to put them on or take them off. Highly recommend this product.

The securing strap broke on my fitbit hr. I had been taping it with electrical tape, and that would hold for a few days, but i was getting frustrated. I am cheap, like beyond cheap. My fitbit is several years old,and is literally being held together by super glue. This product fixed my strap problems and nowy tracker stays securely on my wrist. Thank you for a simple cheap solution to my problem.

Item is great for keeping your fitbit securely on your wrist. Before these mine would pop open sometimes and fall off but with these i don’t have to worry. They do were out after awhile with sliding them back and forth but they last quite a while and you get multiples. This is my second time purchasing them and will buy more when needed, its cheaper then replacing a lost fitbit.

Keeps the fitbit from getting lost. Have been using it for almost a year and still in a great condition.

After losing my fitbit a week after i got it and searching the house until i was exhausted i finally found the tracker and promptly bought these little doohickies to keep it on my wrist. They work perfectly and i no longer worry that i will lose the tracker again. . Oh and i downloaded a tracker finder app to my phone just in case.

I would have saved $120 if this thing automatically came with the fitbit (my husband lost his & i had to buy him another). It’s not easy to put the band on but it does definitely prevent it from popping off your wrist unnoticed.

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