These charge my fitbit one just as well as the fitbit brand charger. I have had no issue so far, but i haven’t had them for very long, either.

Lost the charger that came with my fitbit one. Ordered these and they are great.

I lost my original charging cable. Now i have one at work and one at home.

Works perfectly, fast shipping.

These work just as well as the cable that came with my fitbit one. I really like having a ‘spare’ and am glad i ordered these.

It works – the fit is a little tighter than the fitbit charger, but it’s not a problem. And now i have spare chargers for my travel kit.

I honestly can’t believe i made it this long without losing my original fitbit one charger. But when i finally did, i took a chance on these off-brand chargers, and fortunately they’re both just as good as the real thing. The fit’s the same, the charging time is the same, the size of the cable is about the same (it might be longer if anything). Everything is the same but the price.

  • Just as good as Fitbit Brand
  • Just as good as the real thing
  • Duh, I have to turn the Fitbit on

BlingKingdom – (2pcs in Pack) USB Charger Cable Lead for Fitbit One Band Wireless Activity Bracelet

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Replacement USB Charger Cable for Fitbit One Band Wireless Activity Bracelet
  • Conveniently Charge Your Fitbit One From Any USB Port
  • Compatible for Fitbit One Wireless Activity Wristband

Finally caved and admitted i need a million of these chargers. They’ve been great, will be buying more.

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Attachment is a little tight on fitbit but not too bad.

At first i thought they weren’t working but it turned out i just had to hold the button down to turn the fitbit one back on. I guess i’d never let the battery run all the way down before. Once i corrected this operator error i discovered that the chargers were working just fine.

I had lost my original charger while on vacation. These work exactly like my original and now i have a backup.

Works well but you must make sure you push the fitbit hard so that it locks.

Quick service and a good price.

Charged our fitbits and still works now.

Have not difference with original.

I don’t have a problem with the charges. You get two for a low price, which is great if you want to keep one at home and one at the office, or have a back up in case one gets lost.

Work perfectly and shipped quickly.

I had lost the original charger and these work just like the original charger cord. It is nice to get two at a reasonable price.

Exactly what i expected and it was delivered quick and at a great price.

I panicked when i couldn’t find my charger for my fitbit. Not only do these charge just as fast but they arrived very quickly which is what you want if your fitbit battery is showing red.

I ordered 2 twin packs and have one at every place where i would charge my fitbit including both of our vehicles.

Arrived quickly, charged my one, i’m happy.

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