I’m gentle on cords and these have lasted four months thus far. Occasionally i don’t get the watch connected properly so make sure it charging when you plug them in.

The cords are much longer than charging cord that comes with the fit bit. Much nicer than having fit bit hanging from the short cord that comes with it.

My daughter lost her original charger for her fitbit. Bought this as a replacement since it was inexpensive and she most likely will lose this one in the future.

When my fitbit alta charger went mia i decided to try wm and found one charger was $19. 99 so i went to amazon and was amazed i could get two for less half the price. I was a little apprehensive since they aren’t fitbit brand but decided to give it a try. It arrived in two days, thank you amazon prime, and when i plugged my fitbit into the charger and then in the wall nothing happened. Maybe it was because my fitbit was almost completed dead but i waited a couple minutes and check it again and had started charging. Would recommend it to anyone – just make sure you have alta as i read it won’t work for the hd.

My fitbit had been lost for several months. I finally found it but really didn’t believe it would charge. I connected it to the cablor and it reached full charge in about 3 hours. That was 2 days ago and its still going strong. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a charger.

I like the length of the cords. Unfortunately, they do not have a reset button like the authentic cables. I saved my old charger (clamp was broken) in case i ever have to do a reset.

I was able to revive my alta once i bought these. It doesn’t have a reset button but i didn’t find it hard to sync up my alta to the app and it reset itself.

Key specs for Cablor Charger for Fitbit Alta ,2PCS 1m Replacement USB Charging Charger Cables for Fitbit Alta Band Wireless Activity Bracelet:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Replacement Charging Cable for Fitbit Alta only, not for other models. No reset function. Keep your Fitbit Alta fully charged and ready to go.
  • Advanced Safety. It has a voltage regulator inside (PTC) to protect your Fitbit from being damaged by overcurrent.
  • Convenient & Fast Charging. Clip design fits your Fitbit Alta perfectly. Simply plug it into any USB port on your computer to charge your Fitbit Alta quickly and steadily.
  • 100% New and Durable. Based on 1000+ times insertion-and-extraction tests, it can be trusted for long time use.
  • 2 Pack. Cable length: 1m. One is for home,the other for office or travelling. Keep it always fully-prepared and never miss any step.
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Comments from buyers

“Quality Charger
, Vendor makes good

Needed a replacement charger for my alta. I like the longer cord on these and it seated immediately into charging position. I’d previously purchased this item from the same seller but with the shorter cord. Over time i suspect that i will need to fiddle around to get the pins seated properly for charging, but that’s not any different from an oem product.

These work fine, but they seem kinda cheap compared to the original one that came with my fitbit alta. I have a metal mesh band for my alta and the original charger would work with the band charging my alta without having to remove it from the band, but with these i have to take it out of the band for charging. It is a good price, so it’s hard to complain too much.

The charger that came with my fitbit broke after 1 year. I purchased these and they work great. It’s nice to have two and the price is right.

Only 1 issue, no button on charger to reset fitbit. Had to purchase fitbit charger from fitbit, but your chargers work & are good to have on hand & price was right.

Love the design of these chargers – much nicer than the one that originally came with my fitbit. The longer cord means i don’t have to prop my fitbit up to charge. I also like that the charger portion that attaches to the fitbit is longer and more stable as well. The item came packaged nicely from the seller and arrived as planned.

I would love to see this same product makes better and not plastic. Something sturdy that will last. I don’t mind paying for any excellent product. For the price these are great, but again i hate buying things over and over again.

The original charger fell apart. This charger looks different, but it seems to work. 2 chargers come in the package. They appear to be for slightly different models. The new charger also arrived quickly.

I leave one in my travel bag so i don’t get somewhere to find i forgot to bring it.

They seem well constructed and the clamping action is actually more secure than the factory fitbit charger was. Love the fact you get two for less than the price of one fitbit branded replacement. The extra length is great and it charges my alta without any issues.

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Careful make sure you order for alta – (plain original) only not alta hr i ordered wrong charger. Gave it to a friend who had one. In the description it says alta model only. I had no idea the alta hr was not an alta. . But read the full description before ordering.

Cablor charger for fitbit alta ,2pcs 1m replacement usb charging charger cables for fitbit alta band wireless activity bracelet these chargers arrived on time, well packaged and functioned as described. The cablor charger for fitbit alta ,2pcs 1m. Are quality products at a great price that earned them ‘amazon’s choice’ therefore, i recommend the cablor charger for fitbit alta ,2pcs 1m, to others.

I bought this two-pack of charging cords. One of the two did not work. I wasn’t very upset because it was still worth the price, when i reviewed as such. I immediately got an email from the vendor offering to replace the two-pack, within two days, i received the replacement. But the vendor made good, so i would recommend the product.

Finally a cable long enough to use. The one that came with the fitbit alta was very short and broke easily so i held it together with rubber bands until these arrived. Now i can keep one in the car and one at home.

I don’t like having to pay the extra money for a name brand product when there are quality oem replicas available. I’ve tried two other fitbit alta chargers and have had issues. Per the reviews on these, this was my last ditch effort before forking out the cash for the real deal. Much cheaper alternative, with longer cables and have a snug fitment just like the factory one. These do not have the reset button, so be weary of that. I could not be happier with this purchase. If you found my review helpful, please click helpful to let me know i provided a useful review.

The price is great and it works. I’ve only had it/them for a few months, but so far, so good.

I lost my charger for my fitbit alta last week and i was so happy to get these replacement chargers in a couple of days. It took me a minute or two to line up the charger to my fitbit corrrectly (it felt slightly different than my original charger) but once everything was in place i had a fully charged fitbit again. It’s nice that two come in a package. I read in other reviews this charger only fits the fitbit alta so i was sure to check which fitbit model i had before i placed my order.

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My wife lost her fitbit charger on vacation. I bought the 2 pack so we will have a spare at any time. They work great and i don’t have to worry about it anymore. I got fast shipping and a no hassle transaction. I heartily recommend these for your use.

Charger works with the fitbit alta. It comes with 2 chargers so we have one for home and one for travel. They came in a nice little resealable bag.

This charger fix my fitbit alta. It is sturdier than another clip on charger sold in amazon. Two for a small price, it no braineryes it works.

Was pleased with the quality. A good alternative to paying a higher price for a ‘name brand’. The reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is because i haven’t had it very long so i can’t comment about the durability.

It connected perfectly and replaced the original fitbit alta cord that had broken. I’ve had it for months now and have had no issues in connectivity.

Perfect and now i have one that stays with my travel items and one where i check my fitbit stats each day.

I needed an extra charger for the office and these fit the bill. There was mentioned in some reviews of various chargers for the alta that they wouldn’t line up but i have no issues with these.

Fits much better than the charger that came with the fitbit. I have only used it once but so far i am very happy with these chargers. The cord is longer and at times i have had trouble with the original charger seating correctly and actually charging the fitbit, so this is some much better.

Arrived promptly and has done a good job charging my fitbit. Like the longer cord and the fact that the clamp is larger than the original and really holds on to the fitbit. I think it should last longer that the original.

Seems to be working well and my wife likes the extra length compared to the cord that came with the original fitbit.

The first charger seemed to work fine, but completely stopped working shortly after we got it. Luckily there were 2 chargers, so we are now using the second one and so far so good. Fingers crossed that the second continues to work fine. Happily, the seller contacted me and promptly replaced the charger at no charge and even sent me an extra. The seller has been very gracious and so far i am extremely pleased with the working chargers and with the kindness of the seller. I am immediately changing my rating from 3 stars to 5 stars.

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