I have been using this activity tracker for about 10 days now and it is great. My wife also has the same devise and she likes hers as well. On occasions mine will loose connection with the app but hers never does so i think it might be a function of my phone which is a bit older than hers. The sleep monitor function is great and i think it accurately reflects when i get a good night sleep and when i do not as the nights i do not i will be tired during the day and the activity tracker reflects the sleep as not so good. I initially had some issues with my activity tracker but after i contacted the seller things were fixed. I highly recommend this activity tracker for those who want a nice devise but do not want to spend big bucks on the name brand trackers. I hope this review is helpful. If so, please hit the helpful tab at the end of this review.

I was a little hesitant to buy this product because it was so reasonably priced that i didn’t think i was going to get such a good quality item but by far i was shocked it’s actually just as good as those higher price name brand items as you know what i’m talking about it’s nice if week it’s easy to clean and it’s easy to charge it does just about is everything the other brand names do you get notifications from your cell phone all the notifications you can set up just like all the other higher brand items it’s simply amazing it’s stylish looking i can’t say enough about it i’ve had this product for a few months and i like to wait a couple months before i review my products but it’s still working i’ve had no issues with it and i am definitely amazed i love it i’m going to actually be buying a few of these some for holiday items as well so i can’t say enough but thank you and i would definitely recommend this to others and some people are going to be having a very happy christmas with this as one of their gifts so go out and get you one save a lot of money from spending hundreds of dollars on the ones that you don’t need just because it’s a name brand you get the same type of quality and a less expensive brand and it all does the same stuff save your money people you don’t have to walk around with name-brand stuff because it doesn’t make you any cooler trust me.

I loved this tracker for the time that i had it. This was better than my fitbit. It synced so well with my phone. I could see weather and all notifications. I only had it a week because the way the band is designed, there is nothing to stop from coming apart and knocked from your wrist. It was so easy to set up and use and the simple usb charging was cool.

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This is a nice band that looks good and performs well, but is plagued by poor instructions and software support. The step counting is very accurate (as accurate as my old garmin vivosmart), when walking on hard floors. Yes, it may count additional ‘steps’ when you are washing the dishes, but so did the garmin. If your daily goal is say 10,000 steps, then it shouldn’t make much of a difference. The band automatically detects if you are running or playing sports, and tracks those activities. However, it only counts steps and duration of activity, and not the calories or anything else. The display is clear, bright and crisp. It even features different dial face choices. The display comes on automatically when you rotate your wrist (as if to see the time on a wristwatch), and turns off automatically when you rotate your wrist back. This feature is called ‘palming gestures’ in the app, and can be turned off.

It’s been good don’t totally understand it tho. Clock will not stay on setting i want.

I got this tracker for my dad. He just needed something simple that can tell him how many steps he’s walked, i was surprised at all the other features this tracker has. He is loving it and i’m glad. And the price was just great. It does everything that you need.

I like love this fitness tracker. It works as good as the more expensive ones. Accurate and does everything it states it does. It stays charged for about a week. Would have bought 2 at the discount i got.

Key specs for I6 Smart Waterproof Bracelet for Walking, Sleep Moounter Call Reminder Wristbands Fitnenitor Calorie CSS Step Trackers with Touch Screen Watch:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ALL DAY ACTIVITIES RECORD FOR ANDROID AND IOS SMARTPHONE, INTELLIGENT RECOGNITION EXERCISES TYPES, SMART MULTI-SPORT RECORDING MANAGEMENT, TRACK YOUR STEPS, DISTANCE, CALORIES BURNED – With multi-sports function, i6 smart band records more than 20 kinds of types of sports; Automatically recognize Running, Walking, Basketball, Cycling, and other exercises types; All you have to do is going forward without additional manual operations; Supporting GPS record, you can share on the social network.
  • INTELLIGENT SLEEP QUALITY TRACKER, ALARM CLOCK BY VIBRATION WITHOUT DISTURBING OTHERS, SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT SLIM DESIGN – For your better sleep, i6 smart bracelet analyzes your sleep quality by tracking the time of deep sleep & light sleep, makes your sleep data clear at a glance, displays your sleep charts in the App, and provides individualized suggestions to help you sleep better. Also, it supports alarm with a silent vibration to wake you up slowly, not disturbing your beloved one.
  • THE PERFECT DESIGN AND COMFORTABLE TEXTURE WILL BE ALWAYS WITH YOU – Structurally integrated and curved frame design concept, alumina material, high-speed CNC machining, all of these make the wristband is a perfect combination of design and technology. The curved bottom can be snug against your skin, quite match ergonomics. The visual thickness of the band is breathtaking 5.6mm. Skin-friendly, the hypo-allergenic material makes i6 comfortably around your wrist so you can wear it day to night.
  • PERSONAL SECRETARIES AND A HEALTH ASSISTANT, NEW WAY TO PRODUCTIVE LIFE, NOTIFICATION ALERTS, READ ON SCREEN, CALL ID DISPLAY AND REMIND, SEDENTARY REMIND, ANTI-LOSS OF MOBILE PHONE, REMOTE CAMERA CONTROL – Message, notifications from twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp…all can be displayed on the screen, keep you stay in touch with everything you need; Set up your To-do List in the App, i6 will remind you on time. The bracelet has all the functions you can think of, what a great value!
  • IPX67 WATER RESISTANT for Sweating, Hand-Wash, Light Water Contact; USB PORT CHARGING, LONG BATTERY LIFE and Low-Energy Consumption, you can wear it to 5- 7 full days and nights without needing a charge; RAISE TO WAKE, Easy-To-Read 0.96” OLED SCREEN with High Sensitive Touch Sensor, Easy to Use by GESTURE CONTROL; REMOVABLE STRAP; Bluetooth 4.0, Suitable for Android 4.4 Or Higher Devices and IOS 8.0 Or Above Devices.
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Comments from buyers

, Great Fitness Tracker
, Good battery life

Initially everything was going great, and i loved it. Then i left it on while giving my baby a bath, i wasn’t worried since its ‘ waterproof’ but i noticed that it turned off, thought i needed to charge it but that didnt work either. Im almost certain its damaged from water since i had never got it wet before. ::update a friend recommended me to place it in a bag of rice for a couple days. I thought it was a silly idea but it actually worked. So its fully functioning now. But i wont take a chance on getting it wet again :).

Unlike the fitbit, it does not track non step activities like riding my motorcycle so, i get a true count on my steps for the day. The only oddity is that it records height and weight in metric units so you have to do a quick conversion, easy with the computer. I love this tracker and would buy it over fitbit again.

This is a nice inexpensive fitness bracelet. It’s kind of like a smartwatch and fitness band in one. It vibrates when my phone rings and i get my text mesages there too. It doesn’t have too many features but gets the job done. Took off one star because sometimes bluetooth connection with the phone is not great.

Seems to be easy to work but beat to charge if someone knows let me know.

Good battery life, fits fine, and it does what its supposed to do. Would have been 5* if the device was easier to use. The menus arent very intuitive. The sync with the phone took a bit of work.

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I wish i would have gotten the i6 with the heart rate monitor.

This watch smartband is a great idea, but can’t make this work as i can, the swiping to left & right, up & down is confusing me. Cool design though, i use this only for work so that i won’t ruin my expensive watches. The watch saves battery life thus the screen is black all the time, unless i move r wrist as fit checking for the time, then watch will be on. I find it not as receptive at times i need to keep shaking it & embarrassed the time won’t show up. Like the features for pedometer & calorie burnt. The concept is good, but i think needs more tweaking to use this as a savvy functional watch. I need to hook it up once in awhile at my computer to update the time. There was a time my battery died & after i charged it the time was off, so i couldn’t find the function to adjust while wearing unless i’ve got a computer to synchronize my time. Maybe the maual is just too much to remember?.This isn’t recommended for non tech savvy that can memorize complicated swipes & gestures for a watch.

I’ve been wearing it for about a week & it has preformed well. The battery lasts 5-6 days even when you are using push notifications (getting texts, emails etc to the watch) when you first get it everything is metric you need to install the app and you can change it to imperial. You can change the way the ‘dial’ looks at least one of the options will give you the temperature as well as the date and time. You can so a simple track of activities training & running. I wish there was a way to remove the activity tracking because there has been one time where it started tracking and when i looked down to check the time it was saying i was running. I also love that the charger is built in to the device so you don’t have to remember anything to charge it up. Overall for the cost this is a great little fitness tracker.

I received this yesterday and so far so good. It actually does quite a bit more than i had initially expected. It wasn’t too hard to figure out. If you are looking for an inexpensive tracker i would recommend this one. I received this at a discount for my unbiased opinion.