Timed kickboxing rounds at my gym.

Its cheap in quality and value. If thats what you want it is great.

Works great but there’s a learning curve. Which of the three topside buttons do what?. What combination takes you to the stopwatch feature. Which for the alarm (which i still haven’t figured out). But, it’s made well and i expect a long life.

I use this in my speech therapy practice to time voice exercises. It’s pretty lightweight so i’m not sure how it would hold up in an athletic setting.

We needed an inexpensive stopwatch to time water sample evaluation. This watch works quite well for that purpose. We don’t use it to tell time or time laps. Just use it to monitor sample times.

These are a great stop watches for what they cost. I bought them for a small sports team my friends and i started. We have only used them a hand full of times but they are accurate enough, none of us are usain bolt, so fractions of seconds don’t mean much to us. I bought 4 of them set them all to the same time, and are all still in sync. Would recommend and would buy again.

I wanted a simple, basic stopwatch without all the extras that so many others have. I’ve found it, it does exactly what i want it to do, and the price is very reasonable.

Key specs for Economy Stopwatch – Black:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Single event watch
  • 1/100 second precision with lap counter (1st 30 minutes)
  • Beep, beep alarm with chime and snooze
  • 12/24 hour display option
  • Count up to 23 hrs, 59 min., 59 sec.
  • Detachable lanyard
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Comments from buyers

“Very accurate description
, Great for the price
, Works well but very lightweight

Easy to use, and works great.

One thing i didn’t like about the stopwatch, in the beginning, was that the stopwatch beeps every time i press a button. After i made it a silent stopwatch by blocking the ring that produced the sound inside, it was perfect. To make it silent, i took out the casing and inserted a paper to block the current that was coming from the spring to the metal ring. Put the casing back on and the stop watch is silent.

For the price this is a good stopwatch. . Works well & simple to use.

In two modes – watch and stopwatch together. The control buttons are so light to touch, that they get pushed with the slightest pressure, so it cannot be carried in a pocket, where all the controls get screw up. Essentially you have to carry it in your hand all the time to measure time.

Has the basic stopwatch functions.

All i wanted was a stopwatch. You know, something that, when i pushed a button, would begin registering elapsed minutes/seconds. I’ve never used (or had any use for) any of the other functions of this unit, so i can’t comment on any of them.

Good basic stopwatch that serves it’s intended function. Others have higher functionality but cost more.

Perfect size, easy to use, easy to install new batteries (when needed. ) i needed a really basic stopwatch, and this one is perfect. It comes with directions, but i didn’t even have to read them to use the stopwatch function. It’s laid out nicely for easy use. I’m satisfied with this purchase.

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Easy to use, easy to hold, and easy to see. I hate watches that have so many little words and buttons and are hard to use. I actually ordered a second one.

Not sure why this product has not received good reviews in some cases. I have used these (i ordered 5) many times, and have had zero problems.

It seemed easy to figure out, but it wasn’t. I spent fifteen minutes setting up the time, and then try to figure out the timer functions. My daughter is expecting and we want to help with timing early contractions. My hubby took just as much time and ended up looking online for tips.

Gave it to my dog einstein to go back in time.

As a college baseball umpire, i just needed something that would be very simple to operate for the 90 & 20 second rule appliation. This watch is extremely simple and inexpensive. Unfortunately, it is also very cheaply constructed. The ‘time’ function of the watch is completely innefective unless you reset the clock time before every trip on the field, and hope that it doesn’t ‘reset’ on you during the time it is in your pocket — if that is important to you. It’s fine at simple start/stop/reset. Just think it would be nice to actually be able to tell time with it once in a while.

So far it’s been working fine. Poor operating instructions.

I kind of want to give this one star for how cheap and unpleasant to use this thing is, but then that is kind of the point if getting the cheapest stopwatch around. I couldn’t deal with it and upgrading to something better two days later.

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I wanted a simple, basic stop watch and this product gave it to me. I didn’t want any unnecessary bells and whistles to complicate things. It is a bit cheap looking but for what you get, it is a great buy.

I needed several stopwatches to use in my classroom. These really work great, and the price was very reasonable.

Also has an alarm systemstop start timera function where you can pause the current time without stopping the timer itself (good for people who are timing people running around a track)has a clockdate and timeevery hour the thing will beep until you turn the sound offgood price, good quality, comes with a battery (uses a little watch battery)don’t know how to turn the thing off without taking the battery out so i just leave it on. . Battery last a long time thankfully (like a typical watch battery would).

Love it – simple to use, nice shape for the hand, well-priced.

Everything the description says is what it does. I don’t use it as most people would. I bought this to time 0-60 and 0-100 runs so i could determine my exact hp for my car. This stopwatch does just that and more. The buttons are very precise, you only have to gently press the button. It comes with a strap, so that’s convienent. Has time and calendar, also alarm/snooze option to keep you on track with time. Optional 12/24 hour display. 1/100th of a second precision and lap timers. Would be ideal for those that go to fitness centers, since you can set an alarm to keep you on track.

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