Ordered these for our k-12 cross country team. They were individually packaged with instructions. Each stopwatch comes with a black cord that is tied at the end. I had no problems turning off the alarms. I will update if/when they stop working. They were easy to use, and inexpensive to replace :).

When i first got them i did not think they were worth it because they looked chunky, after i use them a little bit they were not that bad.

I bought these for my lab with students in a graduate healthcare profession. It was a bit foreign for them to use an actual stop watch instead of their cell phones, but important for practice keeping their eyes on their clients and not on their phones.

I bought a set of these last year, and they worked well. After a year of use, two stopped working, but i was able to open them up and fix them. I just bought another set to replace other aging stop watches. This new set seems to be having problems. One did not work out of the box, and by the end of the first day, two had died. However, two of the dead ones randomly started working again the next day, and another one died. So rather than 6 new watches, i only have 4, though one of them works as long as i hold it right. I am going to try to pull out the batteries and see if i can get them to work. Also, i hate that this manufacturer, like every other stop watch manufacturer, makes the keypress sequence to turn on the alarm so easy for someone to accidentally do. I don’t even know what person uses an alarm on a stop watch.

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These are fine for a small event. They do not last long, but work well and worth the price you pay.

We have used them for swim meets for two months and they have held up great. Will be keeping them for next year too.

Love the colors but went to use them today and all the others works fine but the blue one doesn’t work 🙁 and i really needed all of them.

Perfect price for 6 stopwatches.

  • Stood Up to a Year of Use and 157 Kids
  • Great if they work
  • Just right, in all the ways that matter for casual users

Champion Sports Stopwatch Timer Set: Waterproof, Handheld Digital Clock Sport Stopwatches with Large Display for Kids or Coach – Bright Colored 6 Pack

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Shock-resistant durability for outdoor activities
  • Water-resistant for aquatic competitions
  • Takes measure of the competition up to 1/100 of a second

As advertised, work well for what we need as back up timing watches at swim meets.

Simple, easy to hold and actuate, and the battery isn’t draining before it arrives. They are perfect for volunteers with little experience or interest in advanced functions. Cheerful colors make them easy to see and collect after our events.

Bright colors (easy to find when misplaced) and easy to use.

Purchased for science and pe student timers but too complex to reset, etc.

These are easy timers and very light weight. I used them with my students and it made many activities very simple.

Best standard stop watches for the price i’ve found.

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I picked these up for use with our middle school science olympiad team. No problem setting them up and easy to use. Stopwatches are shipped with a pull tab on the battery to preserve the battery life prior to use. Great product at a reasonable price.

One of them won’t stop beeping on the hour, despite following directions to turn off the chime feature. Everything else works great. Bought for tracking wrestling injury time.

Bought for work and it works as advertised.

So i’m writing this review with about a year of experience with this set. I’m a science teacher and these are used in classroom activities to record time. Students enjoy swinging them around by the strings, which occasionally causes them to impact nearby furniture at significant velocities. After a year out of the six, one stopwatch had issues. The lcd screen was damaged/disconnected so only the lower part of the display still functioned. However simply opening it up and loosening a screw (the opposite of what i thought i needed to do) caused the stopwatch to regain full functionality. Oh, in terms of accuracy, after a year the most accurate watch was off by ~51 seconds. The least accurate (that hadn’t been tampered with) was in the 2-3 minute range. I had calibrated each stopwatch to us naval time at the beginning of last year, so it’s fairly easy to tell how far they had strayed. So if that’s a concern (wasn’t for me as i mostly ignored the clocks), then there it is.

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