I like this tracker for the price. Good quality and the features works accurately.

Perfect tool to monitor your health. It does everything that you need for a fitness tracker and the phone app is easy to use. Following instructions i download an app to my phone and add the device on. The time is s corrected automatically. It can record steps and heart beat etc. Battery life is insanely good and durability is excellent. Very comfortable and easy to use.

It’s my first smart watch and i didn’t know it has all the features it does. I’m able to know how much water to drink and get reminders. I love reviewing how i did that day.

24-h heart rate monitor is enabled. Battery life is very goodlastly, the user guide is very informative.

I see all my steps, msj , sleep time and heart beats. I never used a clock in my life and i love this one.

It’s simple and colorful and does a lot for what it is. Only wish i could by more wrist bands for it and it would be the perfect budget tracker.

I own the previous version and was completely happy with it. I snapped up the chance to write a review on the newest version after i tested it out for a few weeks. I am more than pleased with this version. The display is large with the temp and weather symbol at the bottom. I’ve charged mine twice and i’ve had it for almost three weeks. The band is more comfortable than the previous version, but even still i had no problem with the old one. I’ve used it overseas- no problemi don’t live for my telephone, so i won’t be using the notification feature in the future, but i did try it out to write about it in the review: it is sufficient. Not all of the message is displayed sometimes, so i had to scroll down to get the rest. My absolute favorite feature is the reminder to get up in move. I have a sedentary job and sometimes i’m so bogged down with work that i’m literally at my desk the whole day. I’ve tried online timers and my phone, but i switch them off and keep slugging away. The buzz on my wrist motivates me to get up and walk, even if it is for five minutes, at least once every 45 min. I get in my 10k steps quite easily this way.

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Easy to read instructions for functional operation. Loose 10 pounds in the first week with that device.

  • Good price,good product
  • Makes great Christmas gift
  • Good watch – bright displayeven at night setting.

CHEREEKI Fitness Trackers, Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker Fitness Watch with IP68 Waterproof, 14 Sports Modes Smart Band, Color Screen, Calorie Counter, Sleep Monitor for Kids Women Men

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • COLOUR SCREEN – The latest 0.96 inch colour screen offers vivid visual effects. The brightness of the screen is adjustable in the app(From level 1 to level 5), which enables you seeing the text clearly under sunlight and avoid dazzling light in dark environment
  • 14 EXERCISE MODES – It supports 14 exercise modes including walking, running, cycling, hiking, fitness, treadmill, basketball, tennis, climbing, badminton, dynamic-cycling, yoga, football, dancing (Note: only 3 modes showing on the fitness tracker. To change exercise mode, please set it on the app)
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY – Download and install the free App “VeryFitPro” by scanning the QR code or searching in Google Play or Apple App Store. Support iOS 7.1 or above,Android 4.4 or above (not for PC, iPad or Tablet,Samsung J3, J5, A3, A5, HUAWEI P8).
  • SIMPLE AND FAST CHARGING – Built-in USB plug design. Simply connect it to any universal power adapter, PC or power bank without requiring a particular adapter. Battery lasts for over a week for moderate use
  • MORE FEATURES – The fitness tracker supports more accurate heart rate monitoring, distance, speed, calories, sleep monitoring, SMS, SNS message, sedentary remind, incoming call, alarm, remote shutter and more

Updated: cs has reached out to me and is replacing the tracker, giving me a full refund and said to keep the one i currently have. This was just off my simple comment which follows. They are totally going above and beyond what was expected to make this correction and making sure i am satisfied. Use and get used to however, i get a random text notification several times throughout the day that just says “hey”. I do not receive this on my phone and when i called the number- it was some edicational center. I cant eliminate the text notificatupon since it doesnt show up on my phone. I have yet to track down any customer service to ask.

Arrived extremely fast, as usually, what i love in amazon. First it shocked me, as i didn’t find charger))) then i know you just need remove the strap from the watch.   there is a way to charge it, without any extra chargers, which is brilliant))) i really like it. Slim and compact as i wanted, can receive notification from my phone, counts my steps and track sleep.

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This is very easy to use, simple design and useful functions,battery life very good,light weight,quick to charge,smart phone app is really good.

I think i would have liked this but it is not compatible with android phone.

I bought it for my daughter, thought it can help her arrange her time and courage her move around. The surface looks neat, easy to charge.

This is a great fitness tracker. I’m it challenged but was able to set it up ok n.

Love this for my steps, the clock feature is nice to.

I like simple user interface and how straightforward this is. Does what is required and doesn’t have unnecessary apps.

Works w my iphonedoes it all just like a fitbit but lot less expensive.

I like everything about this tracker. Especially like the large numbers and the ability to touch it and it responds. My last one i had to tap it numerous times to get it to respond.

I have wore since i got and i’m in love. Was not hard to use or set up. Its tracks everything with ease. I’ll be ordering more as gifts.

So i’ve gotten some of this fitness trackers for friends and family and i always said i’ll keep one well today is the day and i got my tracker it’s amazing it fits nice it’s not big as some i’ve had before and that’s a good thing i have small hands so i’ve always been kinda concerned everytime i get one for a love one it never fits my hand i’m a very i mean very smal handed person but this fits perfect is light weight and easy to use comes with a guide book in case you need help setting up i have to say it’s a must for me.

Looses connection from app though.

This one is good enough for me, i used it daily and the battery can last 1-2 weeks on one charge. The design is very fancy as well.

When you sweat it irritates your skin.

This does everything a fitbit does and way cheaper.

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It was for my son in law from my daughter for his birthday.

I brought this watch as a cheap way of tracking my fitness when at the gym or playing football. This product has exceeded all expectations and is astonishing for the price.

I like it and it works very well. It can check my heart beats. It can help me train by walking, running ,and biking.

This watch has been simple to use and working great for the month or so i’ve had it. Until today when it randomly took away 1,200 steps 🤦‍♀️.

It syncs up to any phone with its own app. The only problem i have with it is the heart rate monitor that says my heart rate has never gone over 110 even during a workout lol otherwise it is very helpful.

The app for watch was easy to download and is easy to use and set up. The band is comfortable, the display is adjustable from the app. But here is the only thing i don’t like. At night even on the dimmest setting the watch will luminate when you move your hand (adjusting a pillow or blanket) so if you are a light sleeper. And it shows in the sleep report. I no longer wear this little guy to bed. So far a great product, would love the instructions to have gone over the features better. But the website might cover the issue i have.

We bought this watch for my daughter for christmas. She wanted a fit bit type watch but didn’t need many bells and whistles as she is only 7. I loved that this brand is waterproof since she is in the swim team and swims almost every day. We were very satisfied until this week when her band tire right where the silver pole connects to the watch. I was somewhat surprised because it hasn’t even had 3 months of wear yet. And i usually took the watch on and off for her since it is a little tricky for her to get it in the last buckle hole herself. Now i have to try and see if you can order just the band replacement. Other than that we were satisfied with this product.

It was easy to set up and i am enjoying being more aware of my daily activities. I would recommend this to anyone.

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