I bought this because i was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The doctor said i need to change my diet and exercise. The set up was incredibly easy.

Honestly, i love this little thing. It’s comfortable, not too big or bulky. The screen is wonderful, the text notifications are kinda wonky but still legible and is enough for me to be super satisfied. The app is extremely easy to use, also binding the tracker with my phone was simple and quick. I haven’t had any issues at all. Also, the battery is excellent. Now, i will say that i mostly just bought it for the sleep and step tracker and text notifications. So, i haven’t used the in depth exercising stuff that it does feature. Anyway, now i’m just rambling so i will wrap this up and say that i do recommend this fitness tracker.

First one was great and i lost it after 2 years of use. 2nd one was a lemon half the time not recording the other half not holding a charge. I saw this wrist chianruey fitness tracker and decided to give it a try. The charge lasts several days, it syncs to its program and so far seems pretty accurate. For the price i was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with what i got.

I loved my fitbit till i lost it. Ive been wanting to replace it for a while now and this one seemed to be the closest. Received a few days ago and i set it up. It paired easily to my htc phone and i can’t tell you how easy it is to use. One single button and an impressive color screen. The tracker charges fast and was ready to use. I downloaded to app from google store and its monitoring everything, heart rate, sleep movements, fitness, workouts, everything and maps it. When you are not connected to your phone, it stores data and then dumps it when connected. I have used it heavily last few days and still battery is near full.

I like the weather on the front screen which i have not found on other fitness watches. It’s also waterproof whis is a real selling point. Easy to use, you can pick the brightness on the watch, my only disappointment is the description states clear to see in sunlight, i went out and can’t see the face at all. Wish i new how to change so you can see the face outside.

Been using all different kinds of fitness trackers for 3 years (including fitbit & apple watch), i was very surprised how good this one came out with this very reasonable price compare to other “name brand”pros:it’s slim and comfortable to wear (i have very tiny weirst) it has a little “stopper” to hold the end of the wrist band so it well secured. Really like the color screen showing not only time but also weather and temputure in the main screen (but have to switch c to f from the app). Just wish if it would also show the date. Bettery life is good, i have been wearing it for almost a week now, do not have to recharge yet. App is well designed to show activity, sleep and heart rate, can set personal daily goal and sleep time but had to manual sync sometimes. Con:*tracker is kinda senesitive counting the steps. I would be working in office whole day and still got 3000 steps??*wish if they sell the wrist band too so i can interchange different colors to match my dress.

Works well just have to pay attention to charging it the first time. Had no problem pairing with phone and the sortware works great. At this price point a bargain.

Key specs for Chianruey Fitness Tracker, Color Screen Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor,Steps Counter IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch with Calorie Counter Watch Pedometer Sleep Monitor for Kids Women Men:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【Excellent Weather Display Activity Tracker】The Fitness Tracker with Updated sensor and Great quality tracks your data accurately wherever and whenever, specially design to be your Sleep Monitor, Step Counter, GPS, Sports, Built-in Continuous Heart Rate Monitor, Temperature Display, Calories Track etc more than 14 Sports Mode.
  • 【IP68 WaterProof Colorful Screen Watch¡】Curved Color Screen extends your vision and experience, Strong Water Resistence helps you swim and shower freely within 2 hours and 2 meter depth.Via the high speed steady Bluetooth 4.0 Connaction, The Fitness Tracker will remind you all messages such as Calls, SMS, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook etc, you won’t miss anything.
  • 【Enhanced Accuracy】All-new hardware architecture enables faster processing and more accurate workout data, ineffective data filtration makes Chianruey activity tracker even smarter than ever;Tracks real-time heart rate automatically & continuously and automatically tracks your sleep duration & consistency with comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data, helping you adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle
  • 【Built-in USB Charger & APP Support】Built-in USB simplifies the way you charge Chianruey Fitness watch, simply connect to any universal power adapter, PC or power bank without requiring particular adapter; Recommend to download apps”VeryFitPro” for a longterm data record and Tracker Function Expansion.
  • 【WARRANTY AND SUPPORT】Only compatible with smartphone systems iOS 7.1 or above and Android 4.4 or above;Chianruey¡¯s 7*24 online support standing by, RISK FREE 100% money-back guarantee, 1-Years Replacement Warranty and life-time technical support
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Comments from buyers

“Fast, convenient, good app
, good

It is convenient for getting alerts when someone texts or calls me. The step tracker seems to work well. It is a pretty dark purple color. I’m not sure that the heart tracker is accurate though. It gives random measurements.

It gives me tons of information that helps motivate me to be even more active. Love that it’s waterproof. I highly recommend this outstanding smart watch.

Battery doesn’t last very long, 3-4 days max. Not clear how to use/access some of the features on the app and tracker. With daily use, face broke after 6 months, could no longer attach a band.

If you’re looking for something durable and affordable tracker wristband. It need $150 for repair screen. My job that i need reply text and email right away. This tracker fulfill what i need basic. In general, it’s great product, light-weighted, and easy to read the message. There are lots similar product on the market. I have to charge it with screen facing downward. Their customer service is great.

With this price, it worth to purchase. I would buy another one for my best friend too.

I like it, n seems to work really well. I’m nt sure if the steps counter is correct but it could just be user error lol.

Every time i get a black fitness tracker it seems like 1 of the grandkids want it, so this time i got 1 in a color. I really like that the weather shows on the front with the time. I also like that it all automatically set once i got it all hooked to the app. Pairing it was very easy to do on my android cell using the veryfitpro app. I also really like that i don’t need to have cords anymore, i can charge it straight to my laptop or straight into any usb port. I have recently lost a lot of weight, so now i like keeping track of steps, calories burned and how long i did the certain exercise. I am into walking, hiking in the woods and cycling, so this fitness tracker should work well for me. I am pretty excited about using the mobile gps tracking with my cell, especially since i walk in the woods a lot with my dog. It will work with 14 different sporting activities. The color on the screen is new to me and it is very nice.

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I used fitbit hr and xiaomi before. Fitbit hr’s battery is super bad, can only last for three days. Xiaomi’s app is not that good even tho it has strong battery. Chianruey one is super good so far, because it’s app is very fast and easy to use, their charger usb is inside of the band, so i don’t have to worry about losing my charger.The battery can last about ten days, reasonable for me.

I bought this watch for my sister becuase it was water proof completely and she is a lifeguard durring the summer months. It has yet to be tested out in a pool but so far it works great in the shower/bath and does everything she wanted it to.

Perfect sizes for me , the color display looks good and the bettry is strong enough to support my use.

I bought a fitness tracker myself last december and i love it to set a target for myself. My husband who doesn’t like to wear watch told me that he wanted one too. I searched online to find a more updated version with new features such as waterproof and multi sports modes since he is very active in sports. He loves it and wear daily to keep track of his heart rate, steps and sport activities. He likes the color screen and sleek design. Fast shipping and highly recommend seller.

I had waited a long time to buy one because of the price and if it really worked. I even bought one for my husband a week later. It is consistent with heart rate and sleeping. It can be off a little by the steps because of the motion of your arm, but if your moving your arm enough to count as a step, you are most likely moving. We both love the alarm feature too, a nice added feature.

Works as described and appears to be accurate, at least enough for my purposes. Its a basic tracker which shows date/time, heart rate, steps, calories and distance and it periodically syncs to the app which gives you a view of historic fitness and heart data as well as sleep patterns. Works well up to now so have to say good value for money.

It does everything i wanted it to and some. I do wish the face didn’t get scratched so easy. But other then that it tracks your sleep, heart rate, steps and it can do mini work out sessions with walking, running, biking.

I really love this fitness tracker. As far as features, this watch has everything that i need and even some things i probably won’t use. I love the heart-rate monitor that is built into the tracker. This feature, alone, is worth the price of the watch. I really like the way the tracker also has individual programs built in that allow for timed activities and monitoring.

I wanted to get a simple fitness tracker for my kid but dont want to spend hundred dollars on it. I liked the look of this band so i gave it a try. First thing i like about it is the charger is built inside the belt, so i don’t need to carry a seperate cable when i travel, which i always forget. The operation of the band is super simple and straight forward, and so is the app another plus. I went out for a 7-mile run with this band and my garmin 235 to compare. Both steps and heart rate tracking data are close enough. So i would consider it accurate enough for my standard and purpose. But the gps may need to connect with the phone app to be more accurate. I don’t like wearing bands or watch when i sleep, so i havent tested out the sleeping function yet. So i wouldn’t comment on that.

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The product was very good in condition and came in a frustration free box. It was very easy to use right away, i am very satisfied with this product and the price it’s sold at.

Good fitness tracker, now i have been completely accustomed to wearing in my hands, can easily understand my movement, for my health has a good monitoring.

Very reasonable product for children. Not only the appearance is simple, a lot of effects. Automatically call for sleep time and sports.

While wearing the tracker if i left the area where my phone was out of range then returned i would have to reconnect it to my phone. Tried to reboot many times and i couldn’t get it to work. Disappointed because i really wanted this to work.

I bought it by myself last week. It has a setting when you walking and running and lets you know how many miles you have want. You can also connect it to your phone and set your goals.

The problem that i have with this is that it doesn’t have an elliptical exercise app, also, the screen goes blank from time to time and it takes a few minutes before it comes back on. The temperature seems to stay at 66 degrees so that needs fixing. The other features of the watch work well.

It works, but it’s kind of annoying. It’s waterproof, but i’ve found that warm water in the shower ‘presses the button’ and sometimes messes with the settings and turns on/off alarms and workout settings. The weather is usually inaccurate and the steps tracker usually counts 2x the steps actually taken. However it is sleek and tells time. Next time i’ll either spend more money for a better product or just get a plain waterproof watch. Also surprised how quickly the face scratched.

I like the way it fits and charges. However the weather feature is very inaccurate, and i question the sleep monitor part sometimes. The company will not get back to me and iv written them three times. Wish it also monitored your blood pressure too.

Long last battery, no hassle built in usb charger function, reasonable price, encourage me to reach my daily goal, 10,000 steps.

I bought this for my birthday back in july and i gotta say i love it. The charge last about a week or so, the app is easy to use, it keeps up with my steps and heart rate, notifies me when i get a message and more. The only complaint that i have is how easily the screen was scuffed up. Granted im a bit ruff with it with my job but that only messes with the appearance of the watch not the over all function.

Love this watch/fitness tracker. It’s simple and it works and its waterproof. I chose to set it up to receive instagram notifications and text messages as well. Great way to still be ‘ connected’ without being on top of my mobile all the time. Although i cannot respond to messages its nice to see them. You do have to be close to your phone for this to work. However, i have surfed with this in the ocean with my phone in my bag on the beach and it worked perfectly. The sleep tracker seems nearly 80% accurate as well as the step counter. The other fitness modes are simple and effective too.