This no longer works and i’m pass the return period, signed unhappy customer.

Pros:the watch looks good, has quite accurate step and distance counters. Has usb connector as a part of watch, no extra cable is needed. Cons: totally fake blood pressure monitoring values – no matter what you do, how hard you exercise, how deep you sleep, the blood pressure values are always around 124/79. Just almost flat line in the chart through the whole day. Interestingly, when measured manually, by pushing the button on the watch, the blood pressure looks more realistic and reflects my activities (more or less), but the monitoring software ignores all this, and it seems that it just fakes the numbers. Absolute values of bp are quite different from the measurements done by serious bp equipment, so i started to ignore that functionality. Heart rate is measured ok, but again, when talking about continuous monitoring, the values are noisy and it is difficult to see the changes throughout the day. Notifications (call, sms) are useful though.

I like the quality of the product.

Set up was very easy, the app it uses is ‘fitcloud’ on the google play store. It syncs time, date, location, etc with your phone. I am impressed with the areas it monitors. I am taking it to the gym for the first time tomorrow, it will be in the pool, hot tub, steam room and sauna if there are any problems i will update this review. The reason it didn’t get 5 stars was that it didn’t come with the charging cable, it says here that it should have as does the packing list of the enclosed manual. It has a male usb underneath the lower band so i’m not sending it back but i’m concerned that constantly pulling the band off will lossen it to the point i could lose the watch.

Can’t adjust the steps reads too many. Blood pressure not real accurate.

I purchased different fitness tracker to give as gifts during the holiday season. Among all of them, this one is the best so far.

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Easy to use with the fit software. I would buy again without hesitation.

Band is great charger works great but cannot get app for computer need better set up institutions.

Love the tracker but the instructions that came with are lacking. My advice: do not pay any attention to the illustrations in the instruction booklet.

Oxygen, bp , sleep and everything else . Wish battery would latest longer though.

Going to give it a full review tomorrow as i got this opened up after i got off work and apparently it’s automatically in sleep mode at 8pm (-1star). Also the instructions on the app and in the manual, are not very helpful. The grammar is awful and even some words are misspelled. I wouldn’t normally care as long as i understand it, but it leads me to believe it’s cheaply made(-1 star). I hope i’m wrong, and if i am, i will come back with a better review.

Instructions were straight forward and easy to understand. I pre downloaded the fitcloud app and with the push of a few settings. Bluetooth and so forth watch was synced and i was well onto my medical measurements. Blood pressure, pulse, oxygen level and breaths per minute. And the levels were really pretty spot on to the cuff. I don’t have any way to check my o2 levels. You can easily change the settings on the phone app to switch from metric to imperial. With phone on silent, you can use settings to inform you of instant messages and phone calls.

So far, i am very pleased with this item. All of the functions work, appear to be accurate, and easily connected to my phone (my previous one from another supplier didn’t). It arrived on time and well packaged. The instructions were clear enough, although the person who wrote them was clearly not someone whose first language was english, but i have seen worse. As long as this device continues to work (i’ve only had it for 4 days), i will be delighted. It was very well priced for what you get. Here are the specifications for the Collasaro Fitness Tracker Watch:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • MAIN FUNCTIONS – Use this revolutionary new device with Heart rate monitor, blood pressure, pedometer, calorie counter, sleep tracking, message notification, call reminder, smart alarm(wakes only you not your patner)! You can also remote control your phone camera, and use anti-lost to find your phone.
  • HEALTH ANALYSIS REPORT – Use the phone APP to view your health status report with diagram and analysis of your walking distance, sleep quality, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and fatigue index.
  • WATERPROOF AND SUPER COMPATIBILITY – With waterproof grade IP67 (highest level), you can wear the wristband when swimming or diving. This smart watch band supports most mainstream smart cellphones with Bluetooth 4.0 or above. Support system: iOS 7.0 like iPhone 7 6s 6 SE 5s or above, Android 4.3 like Samsung LG or above.
  • SKIN FRIENDLY – The wristband is made of C9 high class silicon gel and PC, multiple strict tests were run to ensure its skin-friendliness.
  • ADVANCED DESIGN – Uses Built-in CX900 polymer lithium battery.15 days Standby time or 7 days working period. Uses the latest concept of colorful OLED enhanced UI display, and is slim, comfortable and easy to wear.
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For the price, i am really impressed with all of the health and fitness features this watch contains. I have no idea how accurate the blood pressure monitor is, but it seems realistic. The battery life seems to be pretty awesome compared to my android wear watch. My wife’s was only at 50% after a week of use. I am still looking for how to change the clock setting to 12h vs 24h though.

Works great in and out of the water i love the sleep tracker and the heart rate monitor and it even checked my blood pressure. It vibrates when i get a text and shows me it on the screen also when someone’s calling love that feature. It’s also a great pedometer and to know how many steps you’re taking a day and how many calories you burn doing so and the distance that you walked.

The watch is nice and works as expected, however, the color of the band is not green as advertised; the color is more of a teal or bluish green. Because the band isn’t a true green, i couldn’t give five stars. I got the green band since the person i bought it for loves the color green.

The fitness tracker offers a variety of trackers including activity, sleep, heart rate and blood pressure. I especially pay attention to the sleep and activity functions.

My daughter has another brand that is was more exspensive than what i bought and my has more features and nicer than hers.

It worked awesome for a couple of months but now it won’t communicate with my phone via bluetooth and the time is now 7 minutes slow. I had previously had issues linking to the phone when it was 5 minutes slow about a month ago but somehow got it to link. I tried a similar method this time around and still nothing. Cool band for awhile but i will be looking for a different band to replace it.

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Reviews from purchasers :

  • Packaging was fine. Instructions were straight forward and easy to understand
  • Good but no charging cable
  • The watch is nice and works as expected

I wanted it mainly for the blood pressure monitor and it is not even close to accurate. I know this because i had a dr’s appt, and compared my new purchase with what the dr’s reading was, and it was way off. The directions show how to set up and read, but not how (if i could) calibrate it or set to regular time and not military time.