Wished you could get a smaller finger sleeve. It’s a hit or miss when you are outside doing anything.

I am a 64 year old male who was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary hypertension 2 years ago and am taking vasodilation medication. I was an avid bicyclist before my health issues arose and i am still able to do some bicycling although at a significantly lower level of intensity and duration. In order to ride i use an oxygen tank in a backpack and my rides are limited to around an hour. I suspect i am not the typical user of this device. I am very focused on my exercise regime and aggressively do workouts that are at the edge of my cardiovascular endurance. This is important to keep in mind related to notes further in this review regarding heart rate, having said that, i looked for an oximeter that i could use while bicycling outside and this device has met my minimum requirement. I have been using this device for a year now. The devices operation required a little playing around to understand it’s operations, such as setting o2 alarms, but was not too difficult, speaking for myself, to figure out. I did find that the devices display was difficult to read in the sun. I found the finger probe to be very comfortable and stays on the finger without any issues.

I think this is a pretty good device to use if you suspect you might have sleep apnea. It’s simple to use, although don’t expect it to work with other software besides the official software that comes with it. The included software isn’t the best, but it’s enough to get an idea if there might be something wrong with your quality of sleep.

Seems to work good and pretty simple to operate.

Yes, not for medical use, bla, bla, bla. The clunky one actually made for medical use, provided by my oxygen supplier, got the exact same readings but the readings had to be extracted at the office by a technician. I put this on at night, set record and get me full night oxy and heart rate on a nice chart. The program will print out several medical reports for the night that you can take to your doctor. Fits nicely on your wrist with a short finger probe attached. All on one hand, free to move around. It was a bit tricky to operate the screen functions at first but once i learned, it’s fine. Short press to move the menu, long press to select – simple.

06/13/2018/wed — upgraded from 2 to 3 stars due to its overall effectiveness in experiments. Clunky old but proven useful device with absolutely horrific poor instructions. Must turn record mode on via device menu. Q: after recording a session, how to view the results on pc?a: via spo2 assistant software, one must download it from device onto computer then open it via file|open before you can see the report & graphs. If the designer just field test it, they would discover all these annoying issues in using the device. Given the high price for old hardware with poor instructions plus un-intuitive software layout, 2 stars only. Of course there is no instruction to replace the rechargeable battery. To be fair, here are the strong points: big easy to read screen, comfortable finger probe (jacket) that stays on finger overnight. Too bad fitbit spo2 sensors aren’t working as of june 2018.

CMS 50F for Using After Sports or Home Daily Use Adult Wrist Pulse Oximeter Rechargareable by USB Cable

  • ■Small in volume, light in weight and convenient in carrying
  • ■Olock Function,Alarm setting by self
  • ■Operation of the product is simple, low power consumption
  • ■Screen brightness can be changed
  • ■With SpO2 value and pulse rate value of storage, the storage data can be uploaded to computers

It makes it easier to read rather than using the oximeter.

I need to redo my first review and say this device can be used for sleep study after you learn how to pull up the stored data on your pc. That being said i am very satisfied with the device and the price.

The device and the spo2 assistant software are actually pretty amazing in my opinion. Was very impressed with the quality of the reports. What is lacking is good instructions. The instructions that come with the device were clearly written by someone who does not speak english or translated by a computer program. Allow me to offer some basic instruction that may be of help. Press the button to turn it on. You should see the screen that shows the data. If you want to rotate the screen, tap the button one time very quickly.

Perfect for conducting your own o2 desaturation test. This provided me the printable test results necessary to get my primary care manager to request a take home test. I now have an oxygen concentrator at home.

This item is more than expected and great~ it gives really good data.

Device provides excellent readings of my heart rates and oxygen levels throughout the night. Also, i print off the results for use with my cardiologist. The finger reader could be a little more secure since it sometimes gives bad readings from movement during sleep. I know because i’ve purposely worn one on each wrist and seen differences when the hand is jostled.

I’ve been using this for 5 months now and it has worked really well. The software is somewhat clunky but the device itself works great. 9 and i am able to retrieve the data without a problem and view reports. I wish they would come out with a linux version of the software.

This is a very accurate device. I work for a neurology clinic and put it up against a medical grade pulse oximeter and the heart rate and oxygen saturation readings were identical. It has an alarm to awaken you if your o2 drops below a level you set or if your pulse goes above or below set parameters. The alarm is loud enough to wake me up though some reviewers think it is not loud enough. A vibration finger sensor would be a nice enhancement for the manufacturer to consider in the future. The software is very good though a bit difficult to learn to use at first. In any case, the data reporting and analysis are excellent once you learn how to use the software. The price for this unit is extremely reasonable at $83. It came very quickly, new in box. Similar units are priced at up to twice as much as i paid for this unit.

Works well, however i bought it to monitor my sleep apnea, the instructions say to only wear for 2 hours on any one finger. The usb cable is pretty loose fitting, not sure it will last,.

Once i figured out how to set it up, it’s great. I can do major parts of a sleep study with this recording the session. During sleep, finger sensor can come off easily unless firmly seated. However, finger might get sore after several hours, per manufacturerscaution (and verified by experience).

My dad has severe copd, heart failure and is on oxygen 24/7. I got this as a gift for him and he loves it. We took it to the doctor to compare how accurate the oximeter is against their machines and it came within 2% every time.

CMS 50F for Using After Sports or Home Daily Use Adult Wrist Pulse Oximeter Rechargareable by USB Cable : My daughter has severe special needs and oxygen problems. I love that i can let this on her and it records for me while she is in school and wherever i need it too. (she is 9, and non verbal)it’s made hovering over her less of an issue.

Really hard to stay on while sleeping. Cant use outside as the light outdoors affects the oxygen monitor. Reading for heart gets funky if you move, bend, or elevate wrist too quickly.

Works good a little bulky and spendy.

Very fast shipment and works great.

Bit cheaply made for the price. The alarm not enough to wake the wear let alone someone in the next room.

It does what i wanted, to follow my oxygen and pulse rate on a hourly rate.

This is a professional, industrial quality pulse-oximeter and the exact same overnight sleep test unit that oxygen ads c-pap suppliers use across the country. Despite what some of the reviews say, i had excellent results and performance with my unit. The software downloaded from provided mini disc and worked like a charm on my acer laptop running windows 10. It takes a little patience and time to learn how to use it at first, but it’s not a complicated program and it provides full results and graphed waveform read-outs of your blood sat and pulse rate behavior for up to 24-hour periods. Each time you record a session, you must download the results before starting another session because it erases the previous session upon starting a new one. However once downloaded, you have a permanent record of that day/night’s session, complete with time stamp. You can set parameters of high/low blood sat and pulse rate thresholds and ceilings and note when you stayed within those parameters, dipped below them, or exceeded them. More, you can also set the alarm to sound and wake you when your blood sat or pulse rate goes above or dips below your set parameters. This has been very helpful for me in monitoring my breathing performance during sleep, as well as serving as my go-to daily pulse-oximeter. As for accuracy, it falls within one percent consistently when tested against two other finger pulse oximeters.

So it does its job, it reads pulse o2. My mom is notoriously bad to get a finger reading from and i started looking at wrist pulse oximeters. As this says its a wrist i thought it would be great. Unfortunately it is a finger pulseox with a wrist read-out.

My wife bought this for me for christmas, to use in the gym. My only complaint is that with some of my fingers the reading is erratic while exercising. But after investigating, it seems i can’t blame the product; it’s a result of damaged circulation in my hands from chemo. If you don’t have that issue, it should work fine for you.

While this does seem to work well, the manual is obviously written by someone who’s first language isn’t english. The manual is a bit hard to follow, and not very clear. They really need to have someone fluent in english create a new users manual. I have been able to figure out what i wanted to so far, but i’d much rather have an easily understandable manual. It also seems to be written for someone who is fairly familiar with all settings and readings, and how to use and interpret everything. Having a non-medical professional explanation of what everything means would be very helpful.

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