The product appears very well made, and has a great battery, which could go up to 2 weeks between charges. It is especially focused on running, swimming, and biking, of which i do two, swimming and biking. It does a good job for both swimming and biking, but the hr monitor isn’t very accurate during swimming. It does better if you strap it tight, but still isn’t perfect, and produces some results i know aren’t right. I have a minor complaint that it refuses to attempt to evaluate fitness until you’ve done 3 runs. Now, i used to run some back in college in 1977, but i haven’t run for over 40 years, so i guess i will have to do without a fitness rating. Next comes the sleep monitor. It’s interesting, but inaccurate. One night it reported me asleep for an hour, and then awake for an hour, and then asleep again at the time i actually went to bed. It thought i was asleep, though, for an entire hour while i was awake, but on the computer.

Does everything and more for virtually all sports.

This watch is the bees knees for sure. Love how quickly it syncs, connects to gps, and the battery life is absolutely on point. It’s had a few updates since i got it, and while i don’t mind them in general, i hope it isn’t every 2 or 3 days. Kind of kills the joy of not waiting for gps or syncing when you wait forever for an update. Definitely glad to see them improving an already amazing product though.

The step counter doesn’t work for junk when the watch face is on the inside of your wrist. I want it there to protect it from getting beaten up, but can’t do that if the watch fails to function properly there. The app has lots of grammar errors and seems superficial. The watch looks nice though.

Looks great, feels great, and does all the things. Tracks steps, heart rate, sleep, etc etc. Has a built in barometer, gps, and comes with sapphire glass. And the software and algorithms make this thing sing. Delivers all kinds of training feedback from vo2max, lactate threshold, threshold pace, to stamina levels. Lots of great feedback for training and training long. Oh, saving the best for last. But let’s talk gps and battery. This watch has 35 hours at normal gps mode.

Just recently switched to coros apex from the fenis 5s. I really needed a much longer battery life than what the 5s offered (10-14h). The coros is lighter, sharper looking, and last up to 25h in the gps mode. This product is incredibly user friendly. The initial set up is seamless and all watch-face customization are one on the app which was a game changer for me (no more fiddling with watch buttons to adjust settings). Syncing is activities crazy fast and all go straight to my strava. The wrist based hr sensor is a bit off. I think it reads slightly high at all times, but im not overly concerned about that feature. I would recommend this product.

It’s a great watch, super long lasting battery life compare with my garmin fenix 5 plus. I like the design of 42mm, but ended up getting the 46mm due to its overall size and longer battery life. Coros please work on to add more exercise profile like outdoor waking, hiking, and cardio exercise.

Comments from buyers

“Most amazing multi sport watch
, Great Battery Life and GPS
, Well made, very waterproof, HR monitor is imperfect

La pantalla es poco brillante. El reloj me atrasa un minuto por día. Espero que me puedan solucionar este problema. La duración de la batería es espectacular. Más de 15 días usando el gps 30 minutos diarios. Faltarían mayor cantidad de opciones para las esferas.

The battery life is terrific and it’s so nice being able to go so long without charging it. I bought it mainly for ultra running, so i won’t have to charge the watch mid race but it’s also so handy for shorter training runs because it tracks so much data and stays charged for so long. I am petite but the 42mm watch fits so well, in fact i never take it off. It’s beautiful and is so easy to use. The gps is extremely accurate and also finds a signal super quickly. This weekend i ran into a problem, in that i forget my charger at home and i’m away for a race. The customer service i received from coros through email was incredible. They were so helpful and responded so quickly to my cry for help.I will never wear another watch again.

I heard a lot of good things about coros before i made the purchase, after 2+ weeks of extensive use, i’d say it lived up to all my expectations. I’m still exploring their features, i will list a few things i have tried out so far. Battery lifethis is the most important reason i set my eye on coros. I’m sick of worrying about watch is going to die anytime. Also if you have plans for 12+hrs races, battery life is the thing you have to consider. Charging during running is not an option for me. For the 42mm apex i bought, coros claimed 23 hrs battery life in gps mode. I used it for ~4hrs in running mode, ~16. 5 hrs in hike mode and wear it everyday (except sleeping) for one week, then battery finally died to 3% before i shut it down. Other comparable watches in the market can easily cost you 500+ bucks.

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I bought this watch solely based on the battery life and it’s lived up to expectations. I run 4 days per week and i end up charging it every couple of weeks. I love the other features as well. I didn’t intend to get something that had so much technology (for a non-tech person like me) but really do enjoy getting texts and emails on it. Very happy with my purchase.

Since it is my first smart watch purchase i did a lot of research into which watch would be best for me. I am a runner and currently training for my first 50k race. I like that it is simple to use and has exactly what you need. The battery life on it alone makes it a great buy. I used it for 2 weeks and then checked the battery and it was still at 78%.

Extremely responsive support team at coros that makes the purchase even better. Comparable to other watches that are $200 more. I’m using it to train for an ironman tri and it’s been great. Also the battery life is top notch. Weeks without a charge needed.

I charged it for the first time after 12 days. I had run 8 times, for about 30 miles in that time. It took 12 days to hit 20% life left and i decided to charge it then because i’ll be running 3 of the next 4 days. Very happy with my purchase.

Coros apex is definitely a great watch for this price. The battery is amazingly good. It still has 71% battery left after a 9 hour 39 minutes hike, so it probably can last a little bit more than 33 hours with gps mode. The heart rate monitor and altimeter is also very sensitive and accurate.

My first run with it was a 35 miles of trail and it was still ready to do more even though i was not. The gps was as accurate as one could expect running in and out of the woods in rural maine. It is very comfortable–i have tiny wrists and have been wearing it to bed without any discomfort–and very intuitive. It syncs quickly with the app and the data is as accurate. The only thing i wish it did was allow for time intervals in a run rather than just as a workout, but it does allow mileage alerts so i have been able to figure it out from that. Overall i’m completely satisfied and recommend this watch enthusiastically.

I just bought the coros apex to replace the garmin vivoactive 3 i returned after only 2 weeks as it could not maintain a gps signal in a major metro suburban neighborhood and the battery wouldn’t last a full day. This watch is a complete 180 from the garmin. It locks easily onto gps without any extra set up (just hit run>start and it does the rest). Also i’ve charged it once in the week i’ve had it, but not because i had to, only because i thought it wouldn’t hurt to do it while i showered. I believe that was day 3 or 4 and it was still at 94% charge. It has a ton of notification settings and is easy to use. The metrics on the app are great. Shows me avg pace, pace per mile, avg hr, hr per mile, elevation, aerobic zones, etc. The only drawback in my opinion is that the watch face options that are bright enough to limited, but they are always adding more via updates.

I bought this in preparation for an ultra-marathon (100km). I needed a device with a long battery life and wanted to find the most affordable option that gave me the features i needed but without all the extra fluff and inflated price tag. I have been happy with it so far, it worked great during my race and i have not had any problems with it. The battery life is phenomenal and the single dial control is simple to use while running. Routes can be saved to the watch with a bread crumb trail and elevation is displayed which was very helpful during my race. I have been using it now to train for a marathon and there are different running modes for a variety of training sessions (aerobic, anaerobic, interval). I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the heart rate monitor, calorie metrics, and other data trackers as i have nothing to compare it to but i have not noticed any anomalies that seem unrealistic. The app that goes along with it is also nicely designed and it can be synced with third party applications like strava. Overall it seems like a great value compared to similar but much more expensive watches.

Battery life, battery life, battery life – none of the garmins can match the battery life if this watch, but the trade off is less features and an app that’s not as robust. On a typical run using an ant + heart rate monitor i lose about 2% of battery per hour. I had a garmin fenix 5x that would lose about 10% per hour on a run. I traded in my garmin for this guy because it was half the price, has much better battery life and also has sapphire glass, which were the main features that were important to me. Biggest downside of this watch for me is that there’s no back to start feature, which i’ve read is coming with future firmware updates.

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I was looking for a watch with more battery life than the garmin 235 and the durability of the fenix 5 but without the weight. The 235 didn’t have the battery life i needed for ultras and while the fenix 5 has the battery life it is heavy and just under 100g. I definitely feel that weight until it becomes an annoyance. After reading some of the initial reviews of the new coros apex i decided to give it a try. I just returned home from running the rock and roll events in arizona and used the watch in the 5k and half-marathon. I like the two ‘button’ interface and i was able to customize the screens to get the data i wanted. Gps locked in quickly and was very accurate on the hm course. The mile splits were right on with the course mile markers and really helped me stay on goal pace. Ohr seemed to be accurate during the race and on some tests runs the week before the race. I had intended to put the 235 on the other wrist but forgot to pack it.

I’ve had this watch for roughly four weeks. I’ve tracked 232 outdoor miles through some pretty extreme weather. Cold winter runs lasting as long as 28 miles at -6 f. My phone can’t handle this weather and shuts off, but my coros keeps going. I wear it 24/7 and have only charged it three times (i could have probably squeaked by with only two charges). I was a little reluctant to buy coros because i had been previously unaware of the brand. I’m happy with my experience so far. The watch came in two business days after my purchase.

Slim enough to be worn at work when compared to garmin fenix, a lot of functionality and good app interface to review data. I can take my own pulse while sitting and register a 63bpm while the apex concurrently reads 100bpm. It has meant i need to continue to wear hr chest strap while running. Mostly pros but a pretty significant con.

I have the apex 42 and it’s very feminine for my wrist compared to the suunto ambit3. I love the intuitiveness and ease of use when i go out for trail runs. I love the stats and the sleep feature.The battery life on this thing lasts longer than my suunto as i went on several runs over the course of a week and the battery still had juice left. The only thing i wish it had was workout modes for when i’m taking classes at the gym or hiking. There’s no way to log exercise other than running, biking, swimming but was just told by the company that skiing, hiking, and gym modes are coming in this coming year😊 i will use the indoor run mode at the gym in the meantime.

I like that this watch has about 70% functionality of the garmin 935 at about 50% of the price of one. I’ve had the watch for about one week and the things i like about it are: sleep tracking, lots of cool data graphs, watch is visually appealing and made of premium materials. However, unfortunately, there are some things i do not like about this watch and wish to see it improved upon: the watch bezel is overly sensitive so when i wear long sleeves it’s often activating my watch, figuring out how to toggle to ‘finish’ was difficult because you actually have to scroll up from start even though finish is downstream from the start option, the watch strap colors available for the 46 mm and 42 mm are mutually exclusive. I have the 46 mm watch but unfortunately the colors i’d like (light pink, hot pink, baby blue, white) are only available on the 42 mm watch. I also would like to see the graphs to be interactive. Currently, the graphs of heart rate, steps, etc are only available as is. It would be nice if i could find out the exact number of steps i took in a point in time by hovering over the bar or touching it. Because of this, one has to guess based on the y axis scale. Id also like to see music functionality with this watch. Currently, there is no way to control music playing from your phone on the coros apex.

It has a lot of options and has met all my triathlon needs.

Enjoyed mine so much that i got one for wife.

I was always in search of a gps watch that lasted as long as my races. Along came apex with battery life for 35 hours with gps. Bygone are the days of needing to charge my watch or change watches mid race. Coros pace and apex deliver all the functionality offered by many other brands in the gps watch space, but also much more. The app platform is easy to use and provides at a glance detail to help manage your training and recovery. The sleep function is one of my favorite elements. I am petite and was concerned that the apex 46mm may overpower my wrist but wanted all of the functionality the 46mm offers. The design is as good as the function, apex is streamlined and comfortable, i forget i’m wearing it. If you are looking for a gps watch with features to help optimize your training and simplify your racing (run, bike or tri) – you can’t go wrong with apex or pace. Coros has changed the game for gps watches.

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The battery is by far the best feature on this watch. I ran a marathon, did a couple of short runs and then used it for activity tracking constantly over the course of a couple of weeks. . Didn’t charge once and still had 65% battery. I’ve recently just got a warranty replacement since the waterproofing failed on mine. The customer service was excellent; they paid for me to ship my old one back and straight away a new watch was on the way. I also feel like since it is a new brand they take the customers needs/wants into consideration when releasing new software. Since i’ve had mine they’ve released a trail running and hiking mode.

All my friends have garmins and i feel like i found the secret better watch at half the price.

I previously had some problems with this device (i. Not locking onto gps) and left a three-star review. However, i contacted the people from coros and they determined that my unit had a problem and sent me a replacement. I will be trying the new unit out in the next few days and be updating this review. If the few problems are solved, it’s a five-star product, thus the change in rating.

Fantastic battery life, 35 hours non stop recording use, 3-4 weeks of normal watch use. 100 hours on energy saver style tracking. Some things are not exactly the same as be garmin or whatever brand you’ve come from, but once you get passed that, you’ll learn to love it. +1 for not being that big or bulky. I have the 46mm and not the biggest wrists in the world, but fits fine. Extra +1 for being a responsive company, making changes to software as they go. Recently added breadcrumb trail, and hiking and trail running functions.

I have been using this watch to track my running for the last 2 months. I wear it all day every day and it has been a very comfortable and easy to use watch. The biggest downside that i have run into has been the gps tracking under tree cover. When under any sort of canopy the pace readings and gps tracking are way off. I can be running at a 9 minute pace and as soon as there is any cover it jumps up and down and the track is way off after uploading the activity. It hasn’t been bad enough to make me want to switch back to my old suunto but it’s pretty close.

I picked the coros watch for the indoor swim function. I haven’t used any of the other exercise functions yet. I have two slight issues with the watch. 1 – there is no way to increase the backlight. It seems a little dark when i am inside. 2 – not a big deal as i don’t care about steps taken but my steps increased while sitting at a baseball game and clapping for the home team. At times i forget it is even on.

I like this watch and what i was able to do with it right out of the box. It tracks my mileage well, it looks great on my wrist, it’s user-friendly, and the gps seems pretty accurate. Also, i’ll be running my first 100 mile race within the next year, so i was looking for a watch that would last the whole race (24-36 hours) without dying on me. And after hearing about camille herron and her recent record-breaking run while wearing the coros apex, i was sold. Plus, the apex is much less expensive than the other watch i was planning on buying – the suunto 9 baro. I do have to add, however, that i’m hoping there will be more firmware updates in the near future to make the functionality more like my experience with my old garmin 220 and the garmin app, but so far i can get by with this watch. Some updates i’d like to see are the ability on the coros app to track the mileage of my running shoes just like i was able to do on the garmin app. Also, at the end of my runs i would like to have the ability to see a list on my watch that shows how fast i ran each mile (ex: mile 1 – 10:01/ mile 2 – 9:58 / mile 3 – 9:45, etc. Finally, the ability to track my daily weight on the watch/app would be great, too.

This watch is seriously magical with an incredible battery life. After i found out i got into western states in december i knew i wanted a watch with a long battery life that could measure things that were important to pacing myself and surviving this race. When this watch arrived it was like christmas came early. Super easy to navigate and set up and it syncs in seconds with my iphone. I only take it off to shower and sit in the sauna. It’s not only comfortable but beautiful, i’m i’m love. Thank you for a great product that will last for 100 milesalso. You can change the display on this watch so many ways. If you want different colors, the time in clock form, etc. Also uploads to strava take about 2 seconds, seriously a fast watch in many ways.