Using this on a vivofit 1 that a roommate gave to me. The original band that came with it finally broke after several years, this replacement from creategreat bands works very well and does what it’s intended to do.

These are perfect for my vivofit. I found that the band that comes with the vivofit is annoying to remove. I love the clasp for these bands, now taking off the vivofit is so easy. The vivofit pops right in the band – just takes a few seconds and i get lots of compliments on my “watch”. Inexpensive and exactly what i wanted.

These are very pretty and just right for spring and summer. I love that i can change my band so easily on my vivofit. They were also shipped very quickly and arrived days before the due date. A word of warning: dogs love to chew on silicon watch bandsluckily, mine chewed up the original band and not one of these pretty ones.

I was skeptical about these bands but price was so good i tried anyway. I’ve been wearing the white band for about 4 months and it’s still perfectly white and looks and feels brand-new. It’s soft and clasp is secure. No staining or turning brown. The vivo fit 1 is a perfect fit for opening. I wear 24/7 even while swimming and running. Thinking of buying more colors because they look so good.

These bands are far more secure than the original vivofit band. I lost my first vivofit because the clasp of the original band kept coming loose. When i got the vivofit i have now i had to put rubber bands or o-rings over the clasp to keep it from coming apart, and even then i was never confident that it was secure on my wrist. With these bands i never have to worry. Also, it’s nice to have a choice of black or white to mix things up a bit. The price was quite reasonable also.

These are pretty good quality but the little strap holder thingy (i mean really, what do you call that?) broke on three of them. Over time, which is why we ordered more. The strap itself is very durable, i just wish the little strap that keeps the big strap down was a little stronger. But we got our money’s worth so there is that.

This review would have been 5 starts if one of the anchors (holds the vivo in place) on the black band didn’t break the first week i got my order. Thank goodness i have the other 2 bands. I’m still using the black band, just staying mindful to keep it tight on my wrist. Sellers response time for delivery was great.

They fit the garmin vivofit 1. I have worn 2 colors so far and they are comfortable and hold the tracker really well. The material is soft and flexible. The small band that goes around the strap, so the excess strap isn’t flopping around has a small indention on it to lock into the band itself so it doesn’t move. I was using my band that came with my tracker and it started to come undone a few times so it made me paranoid i was going to lose it. These were the perfect solution to my problem.

  • LOVE these bands!
  • Great wristbands!!!
  • Cute but will not last!

CreateGreat Bands Compatible with Garmin Vivofit,Soft Silicone Replacement Accessory Band for Garmin Vivofit/Garmin Vivofit Band/Garmin Vivofit Bands

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • for garmin vivofit/garmin vivofit band/garmin vivofit bands/garmin bands,No Tracker
  • Free size Garmin vivofit band : Free size suitable for most wrists,replacement for lost or damaged Bands
  • The Garmin vivofit band Material: Soft silicone material,comfortable to wear for sporting time
  • Watch buckle design help secure your garmin vivofit band,no worry of losing your garmin vivofit
  • for Garmin Vivofit Bands,CreateGreat Soft Silicone Replacement Accessory Band for Garmin/Garmin Vivofit/Garmin Vivofit Bands/Garmin Vivofit Band

The product is good, great value and the 3 colors are great. The only dislike i personally have is the closure. It might be meant to wear on the right hand and i wear mine on the left and as the tail faces towards me, it gets stuck on mostly everything.

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I wish that these were able to come in different sizes. I need a small these all seem to be large. The black one with the silver flowers was the first one that i used. The flowers flaked off after the first 3 days. But the band was still comfortable. After about a week and a half the band broke on the bottom side where it holds the garmin product itself. Now i’m onto the white one so far so good. It’s holding up longer and is easy to clean. Again just wish they came in small or large.

I love the fact that these creategreat garmin vivofit silicone bands have a buckle so that i don’t have to worry about losing my vivofit tracker, which i have done a few times with the old band. I am also thrilled to have the colors that i like. Finally, the bands are the perfect size for me. The only problem i have is that when i removed the tracker to change the batteries the left side notch that holds the tracker in the band broke. I hope this doesn’t happen with the other bands.

And i have to say i’m very pleased with this strap. What triggered my to write the review is that the little retaining loop broke today, but i’m impressed that it lasted this long. Nor does it really matter, as i’m also using one of the larger retaining loops from another vendor with this strap. The reason i’m impressed is that i am very hard on my watches and straps. They are constantly banged, bashed, pulled, and bathed in all sorts of chemicals. The strap is comfortable, effective, and lasts pretty long. Even though this loop failed (the strap itself is still fine), i still have another one from the other strap. I’ll order again when i finally go through all of the straps. Which is probably longer than the vivofit will last.

They are great quality and since they are more like a watch band, i don’t have he issue of it coming undone throughout the day like the band that originally comes with the vivofit. I highly recommend this and i will buy from them again.

I am wearing the light blue one, and it really stays on my arm. The wristwatch like buckle mechanism is different from the typical vivofit tab and hole mechanism, so it takes some getting use to, but it’s worth it. I no longer have to worry about my vivofit coming off, which has happened several times in the past with the tab and hole type of band. This kind of band is just what i was looking for, with the wristwatch like buckle mechanism.

This replacement band fit my garmin vivofit2 perfectly. I like the buckle versus the type of toggle closure that came standard on the vivofit when it was new. The colors are vivid and the plastic is a soft variety that flexes easily.

This band is super comfy and ‘softer’ than the original band that came with my vivofit 2. It is more of a flat dull blackish gray. I was hoping it would be darker. The vivofit 2 seems to fit very well although it is more loose at the attachment points than the original. That being said, i wore it while swimming and the vivofit 2 stayed attached at the points. I wish it would fasten the vivofit 2 more snugly into the band. I like that it is easy to take off and put on. I really struggled with the original band that was on my vivofit 2.

These fit my vivofit perfectly and i like the buckle instead of the snap band that originally came with it. The only problem is that i broke the loop to hold the tail of the band down within a week of using the first one. I switched to another one and it has lasted for a few weeks so far, so hopefully it will continue to hold up.

I purchased this as a gift for a friend. She was thrilled because the band had a clasp similar to a watch. The downside was that the band started to break after she removed and reinserted her garmin device. She declined my offer to return it because there were two bands. The downside is that the band is not as heavy duty as the one available from garmin.

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I needed to get a new band after the original broke. I liked the idea of going to a watch band style because the original style popped off. The band fit my garmin perfect. I had no problem pushing the button. I was disappointed at how much extra band there was. I don’t have the smallest wrist and i’m using the 2nd hole and its pretty lose still. I was also disappoint how quickly the design rubbed off. After 2 weeks of never taking it off, there was not design left on the side by the button. After a month of never taking it off, most of the design was rubbed off. Good thing this came with 2 in it.

I had purchased other vivofit bands, but these have lasted the longest. I love that there are notched that keep the band secure as well as the latch. I wasn’t sure i would like the look, but i prefer the watch end not to slide. Great price for 3 for a quality product.

I bought the solid color bands after reading the reviews where the printed design bands suffered from color loss quickly. So far i have been very pleased. The replacement band is very easy to switch out and the bright colors make great accents to coordinate with my clothing. The buckle style of this band is more secure than the original version. I have had the bands for about 3 weeks and so far the bands are sturdy. Will update if that changes.

I love the bands; however, i have been wearing one for a couple of months and it seems to have stretched a little. I have a small wrist and if i go to the tightest setting, i will have no other options for making it tighter. Because of that i had to give it 4 stars. I haven’t tried any of the other bands yet. In the spring i wil try a flowery band.

I love most things about these bands. They are fashionable, functional and so far are withstanding some tough wear. Let me first tell you about the things that i love:pros:they were shipped quickly and delivered in tact. The colors are vibrant, the prints are adorable and i love the fact that i can now add something different to my wardrobe, rather than continuing to wear just plain bands. So much easier than the rubber clip-on closure of even the original band that came with my vivo. No irritation, no rubbing, etc. The fit the vivo perfectly and are super easy to attach.

These bands work just fine for me but i only wear mine on occasion since i’m a stay-at-home mom. My husband has to wear his to receive points to lower our healthcare costs. He doesn’t shower or sleep with it on but with the constant wear throughout the day, the band breaks very quickly. He’s had 2 of these bands do this.

I love the regular watch buckle. Both my daughter and i have lost garmin watches with the old bands. It’s fun to change the band depending on what i am wearing. The numerous bands also came in handy when i gave my daughter my watch (when she lost hers) and i took my husband’s plain black one and still had a choice of a nice colorful band to put on it.

I have an update to a previous review. I initially gave the product 1 star because i had a reaction to the band. C2djoy immediately contacted me with great concern. They refunded my money and sent a new leather band at no cost. I am impressed with their customer service and happy that they expressed concern. I do not know why i had a reaction to the bands but am pleased with the resolution. The bands themselves are well made, the colors are great and they fit well. Unfortunately, they weren’t the right ones for me.

I’m pleased with set of 4 bands for my 3 yr old vivofit. I’ve only used the blue band. It was easy to change from the old band. I do like that these bands are like a ‘watch’ strap rather than the original bands that had to snap together. Lots of room for those that need a larger band.

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I am very pleased with this purchase. The band has a “normal” buckle to close the band on my wrist. It is a “one size fits all” and i have a small wrist, so i added one of the security rings from another band so i have two on this band, which keeps the extra length from bulging. You could also just cut off the extra length, but i didn’t want to do that. I will no doubt purchase again. In a follow-up, one of the bands recently split in the piece below the hole where you connect one side of the unit. It still is usable, but i’ve never had that happen with other bands, and i’ve used my vivofit for nearly two years. I’ll reach out to the seller.

This was exactly what i was looking for and it fits great even though i have a very small wrist. I gave one to my friend who has the same garmin vivofit as i have and she also was extremely pleased. I now know that i will definitely order this again in different color/pattern. It sure beats the band that came with my garmin in the first place. I can put it on and take it off easily especially on days when my right thumb is swollen and painful.

I ordered these bands to replace the in store bands i purchased when i got my vivofit. I found them comfortable and more stylish than the original, with the added bonus of better security on my wrist. Look closely at the picture of the product, and you will see they actually have a standard watch clasp, instead of just a tab that fits into a slot. Since i have a problem keeping this on my wrist when i’m active, i like the added security of the clasp. And the colors will go with any business attire.

I was so thrilled when these bands came, they have a buckle rather than the little metal gizmo the band that it came with had. I kept losing my watch, and finally found these, there are 4 very pretty different bands, i am so happy with this purchase.

I ordered these specifically for the pawprint band. There are plenty of adjustment holes so that it should fit most people’s wrists. I really love the design and my garmin vivofit fits into it perfectly – however the quality is lacking. The band meant to hold the excess strap has already broken off and the pattern is beginning to fade in sections of the band. The price isn’t bad for these so you get what you pay for in terms of quality. I imagine that swapping between the two bands might also extend the life of each.

They’re much better than the wristband that came with my garmin. I had so much trouble getting the clasp to close on the original wristband and i did have a problem with the wristband coming off unexpectedly. These new wristbands are awesome.Easy to remove and easy to put on and they look much better than the original.

The small piece that holds the extra band flat broke in less than a week on the first band. Which means it is pointless and looks awful. While the one piece of the band broke after a week. Customer service quickly reached out and refunded me for the band within days.

Love how the band secures closed, and is easily adjustable. The little thing that anchors down the strap broke after months of wear – got good life and value from this product. Cost effective to replace after a few months, or to change out the band with other designs.

I liked the closure on the newer band but they just aren’t as substantial as the original ones. I used it for awhile then went back to the older one. I do need a different color though so will continue to look.

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